Child Immigration Detention: You Cannot Take it Back Trump

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Health Editor’s Note: The global issue of the detention of children is condemned by organizations throughout the world, beyond the borders of the U.S. There is a legal framework in place for the protection of children’s basic rights which has been ratified by every country in the world, except for the U.S. Why? What is wrong with our policy makers?  Another reason to be ashamed to be an American.

Imagine the conditions that the children have already been through, that have caused their families to flee their own country. It could be living in war conditions. How would it feel to not be able to go outside the house, go to school for fear of being shot? Houses are not so safe either as they are often bombed.  Compound that with a often arduous journey to get to the U.S. and then to be taken away from the parent(s) and placed in a situation of feeling afraid, lost, hopelessness, abandonment, etc.

Even if Trump has backed down on his original concept of isolating children from their parents, there are still children who were separated and no one can make that go away.  Trump’s orders to remove these children from their parents was an incredulously heinous move from the get go. Cruelty knowing no bounds. Children are not immune to stress and as far as I am concerned there could be no worse cause for stress than being separated from the person or people who have taken care of you for you entire life.This goes far beyond cruel and unusual, but then again Trump lives to be a bully whether toward another country or a small baby. He sees no difference…..Carol        

Physicians Unhappy with Child Immigrant Detention Policy

Trump walks it back, but what happens to families already separated?

by Shannon Firth, Washington Correspondent, MedPage Today

WASHINGTON — Despite President Trump’s executive order to stop immigrant children from being separated from their parents at the border, the physician community has kept up its attacks on the former policy and questioned whether the new version adequately addresses the concerns.

For starters, Trump’s order didn’t indicate how, if, or when the approximately 2,300 children who have already been removed from their parents under the earlier policy will be reunited with them.

“The fact that the president is now saying we are not going to separate parents and children … that’s a good first step. But there’s a lot of ‘now whats,'” said Colleen Kraft, MD, MBA, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“Once they’re reunited, we cannot put these kids in a situation where they’re re-traumatized,” she stressed, panning the idea of families being held together in detention centers.

Families should be housed in a community setting “which is much more healthy for the developing child brain and for the health of these children,” Kraft said.

Calls for Immediate Reunification

Ana María López, MD, MPH, president of the American College of Physicians, said she viewed the order as a “stop-gap” measure.

It does not correct the administration’s continued “zero tolerance” policy for illegal immigrants, under which they are all to be detained for prosecution, nor does it provide a “permanent end” to the policy of parental separations, she wrote in a press statement on Wednesday,

“While the order intends to end family separation, it calls for children and parents to be detained together ‘throughout the pendency of criminal proceedings for improper entry or any removal or other immigration proceedings,” wrote López. This directly contradicts the 1997 Flores v. Reno settlement (now known as Flores v. Sessions due to continued litigation) that aims to prevent children from “prolonged detention” in situations where their parents face immigration violations. She expects the order to be challenged in the courts.

López also said the children needed to be reunited with their families immediately.

“Any delay in reunification will exacerbate the negative health consequences inflicted on the children and their families,” she said.

With regard to their health, immigrant children have “a baseline of significant trauma” before even reaching the U.S., said Judith Cohen, MD, chair of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s Child Maltreatment & Violence Committee.

Many have been exposed to domestic violence and gang violence in their home countries, and many have endured sexual violence and deprivation, including hunger and hot weather, on their journey to the U.S., she told MedPage Today.

Médecins Sans Frontières, which has provided medical treatment to immigrants along Mexico’s migratory routes for the past 6 years, echoed Cohen in a press statement detailing the hardships their patients endured: “death of family members, assault, kidnappings, extortion.” The violence and “mental trauma” are akin to what MSF has observed in war zones, the group wrote.

In April 2018, Kraft visited what’s known as a “tender care” shelter, where the youngest immigrant children are kept and observed the care in a room of about 15 children.

“Normally with toddlers, you see kids running around and playing and exploring and getting into trouble,” Kraft told MedPage Today, but most of these children were not interacting at all.

“One little girl was in the center of the playmat … wailing,” Kraft said.

“The staff really tried to be very caring to these children, but they couldn’t hold or comfort them, or soothe them at all and it was just so sad to see,” she added. A MedPage Today report published in April, about a pediatrician group’s visit to a Texas border detention center in 2016, included virtually identical observations.

Cohen stressed the potential harm to children following separation from a parent.

“We know that parental support is a critical protective factor for preventing the development of mental health problems … and it can mitigate the negative impact of trauma,” she said.

“When you separate children from their parents you’re depriving them of this protective factor … then you’re adding a potentially third level of trauma,” on top of the harsh home environments and the journey to the border, she noted.

Beyond proper medical care, what children in detention need, if they can’t be physically reunited with their parents, is to speak to their parents by phone or by video chat.

“Just giving them food and a place to lie down, and something to watch on TV is not reassuring the way a parent’s voice can be,” Cohen said.

Impacts on Child Health

Psychiatrist Gabrielle Shapiro, MD, of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, recalled studies of Romanian infants and toddlers separated from their parents. Those children generally had less white matter in their brain and lower IQs.

“Our concern about the refugee children … being put into facilities where staff are not allowed to touch them is that the lack of a primary attachment figure during early stages of development can lead to long term psychiatric, biological, and social sequelae,” she said.

“The youngest children are the biggest concern,” because older children already have the experience of developing an attachment to a parent or parent figure.

Studies by René Spitz in the 1930s and 1940s showed infants who were given food and clothes, but weren’t touched, developed “anaclitic depression” (a term no longer in use).

The infants were put in incubators and weren’t touched a lot, and some became depressed and showed a failure to thrive, she said.

“Some of these kids actually died of heartbreak,” Shapiro said.

Neural endocrine responses are affected by early loss or separation from parents, she noted.

“Oxytocin is thought to mediate social bonding and protect against stress, anxiety and depression symptoms,” and a situation where there is no personal contact can impact infants later sensitivity to oxytocin.

Moreover, having an attachment figure, typically a parent, helps children develop a sense of safety and security in the world, and children’s own sense of self is dependent on that relationship, explained Shapiro.

“With these kids, their own sense of self will be disturbed because they don’t have anything to model,” Shapiro said.

“The government must immediately assess each child in its custody and reunite them with their parents as soon as possible,” she said.

For those parents that have already been deported, the government should attempt to connect the children with a family member or friend or place them in a culturally appropriate environment, she said.

“The longer they’re in custody and the longer they’re in … an attachment-deprived situation the greater the ramifications on their later development,” said Shapiro, including their immune system development, cognitive development, and social and psychological development.

In addition to concern about depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder cited by the American Psychiatric Association, the ACP’s López wrote that children removed from their families are more likely to engage in “risky behavior” including smoking, alcohol abuse and drug use and have an “increased likelihood to develop preventable illnesses like heart disease, cancer, or stroke.”

Allegations surfaced this week that some children in detainment have been forcibly injected with antipsychotic drugs, including before the separations policy went into effect, but these remain unverified.


  1. Hi Internet Friends,
    Hmmmm. This never seems to end.
    When you commit a crime and are arrested as a result, and you have children that can’t be immediately be delivered to, or picked-up by relatives, your children will be put into temporary custody pending disposition of your case.
    Why is this so hard to understand ?
    We Americans owe nothing to anyone from Mexico or any ‘Latin-American’ country. These parasites need to stop coming to America.
    The only reason for them to be here is to provide cheap labor for corrupt businesses, especially multi-national conglomerates, voters for the democrat party and to drain the tax base so that America can be bankrupted and taken over by the IMF and World Bank.
    Zionist s**t-bag democrat Lyndon Johnson started this disaster and it’s time WE end it !
    NOW !

  2. Yea, the ,..”as soon as anything happens, the people in charge should be ignored and the past leaders should be brought up” argument. If a person kills another person, we do not say, ” yea but that other guy did it too”
    It is the argument of children. Many battles of humanitarian causes are dependent on timing and opportunity. You must have missed the historical fact, that American troops and allies, caused the migrant surges in Europe, and now the flood of Evangelical hordes that have invaded Central America are encouraging the current situation on both ends. They say to the people, we are here to save you. Well, here is the evangelical administration. Do you feel saved yet ?

    • It’s the Zionist, Zio-Bolsheviks and Sino-Bolsheviks who have caused all of these problems.
      Not American troops.
      America should ship these ILLEGAL immigrants to Israel, Russia, China, North Korea and Venezuela……
      Where they belong.

  3. As young as 2 years old, children are separated from their parents in Sunday school and taught stories of how a Man God got mad at people and killed them all except for 1 white guy and his 3 sons, the names of the women are not important. The Christian creation story pins all sin on a woman. All the most famous women in Christianity are whores or Virgins. At the age of 5 or 6 children are forcibly separated from their parents and forced to attend compulsory education where they are “conditioned” for the following 13 years. This entire thing is Patriarchal, reinforced by religions, and it is always exacerbated when a Patriarchal religious cult gains power. This latest example is a symptom, not a root cause. American culture is brutally violent. Has been since the beginning. Especially when it comes to women and children.

  4. DJ C, Obama did not have children separated from parents. That was an intentional lie told by the current secretary of homeland security. Families were detained together, sometimes indefinitely, in an attempt to deter more illegal immigration. Of course the decision to do this was addressed in both the court and public system with a court finding this a violation of the 1997 Flores settlement which stopped the federal government from keeping children in detention for more than 20 days, even if with parents. So if children could not be kept in detention for more than 20 days and their parents were kept in detention, the children “had to be taken away.” Being separated from a parent, and put into a unfamiliar environment would be far more of an emotional stressor than being in “detention.”

  5. More of 150 years ago Charles Dickens in his novel Great Expectations wrote…. “In the little world in which children have their existence whosoever brings them up, there’s nothing so finely perceived and so finely felt, as injustice.”…. The years go by and basically nothings change, only minor cosmetics changes to fake the people….

  6. Hybrid vigor? Are you telling me when you mix an IQ 80 person with a 90 IQ person you get a 100 IQ person? Plants have heterosis or hybrid vigor. If mixing 2 different races produced superior offspring, why have our vaunted researchers not reported on it, notably the Rockefeller health klan?

    • With in-vitro you can design your own super kid. Just order the egg and sperm from the super kid menu. Beauty, intelligence, atheletics, it’s all there for you.

    • Duly noted, Mandoo.

      Organisms other than plants experience hybrid vigor, though. The idea is that dominant traits from both distinct “races” show up in the first generation(F1) of hybrids.

      But as you know, anything could show up in the F2 or F3 generations. We would need to selectively breed for traits, in this case intelligence. This means sterilizing or killing off the undesirable genes. I dont see that happening.

      There would be a fuss.

      If you’ve read my posts, I actually believe that with multiculturalism, we are in danger of losing all the distinct and wonderful varieties of humans. I’d like to see all peoples have homeland strongholds, for preservation.

      How to cordially DO that, I have NO idea…

      In subtle ways through media and entertainment, hybridization of humans IS promoted… And since the hybrids are portrayed in a positive light, this can be seen as a promotion of hybrid vigor.

      And I DONT like it.

      I forgot to mention erasure of cultural identity and ancestry, along with the benefits and baggage they come with, is also a goal of multiculturalism.

      Those wacky Yids…

  7. obviously none….nada…seems strange that Mueller’s shenanigans in PanAm/Lockerbie and Noriega are also ignored too

  8. hmmmm….was this detention of children not exercised under the Obama regime also….but let’s not talk about that shall we???…..just sayin’

  9. What kind of “staff ” are working at these facilities that they are not overwhelmed with the milk of human kindness upon seeing these poor children and cannot take a crying child into their arms and try to comfort them? The rules and regulations for everything in this country from swimming pools to prisoner visiting rooms regarding touching or embracing a child, your child, is pure rot. I am so sick of this I could scream from the rooftops.

    • When I worked in mental health I was told by an old salt to ‘be yourself’. If you were a touchy huggy type person around the patients, then fine. The kids could tell if it was just your nature. If you weren’t the huggy type person, don’t try to be one. You can just sit with a child for a spell and listen. You’ll be surprized what they’ll tell you by just being there. Also never never deny them their primaries; food, sleep etc. no matter what their behavior. Stress and burnout of the staff is highest working with children and teens. I used to take a break by working with the most violent of the adults or sometimes the geriatrics. The staff refered to in the article are jailers not mental health workers. The children are in detention.

  10. Here in America, children are less that second class citizens. They’re not even considered people. They have no status and they can be kidnapped by CPS for any or no reason what so ever to be placed into abusive foster care homes or worse.
    There is a massive lawsuit against the CPS of Minnesota right now by 1200 people.
    The right only considers children as future soldiers to fight, bleed and die for Pisrael. They scream and cry about abortion yet, when that child is born….you’re on your own now…..
    And the government run brainwsahing and indoctrination centers, known as public schools treats children even worse with lock downs, shooter drills and jail detention for the smallest infraction….ZERO TOLERANCE! Public schools are nothing more than stepping stones to prison.
    So children in America are only third class citizens with no rights.

  11. The people are held in DETENTION CENTERS.
    These detention centers are privately held corporations.
    They charge the U.S. government for the board and care of the detainees.
    They make HUGE profits off the people being “held” / detained.
    It’s a FOR PROFIT business that is milking off tax payers hard earned.
    People do not know how the cycle works . . . and it’s NOT HARD to understand.

    Coyotes, con men, go into the impoverished areas and paint the American “pie in the sky” to these poor, uneducated, under-educated people. They arrange the transportation, knowing what will happen next. ICE makes the sweep, and these people are now “detained” . . . they will never see the Coyote again. They were sold the “Wolf” Ticket, and believed whatever they were told. It was so con-vincing.

    These coyotes are plants to “round ’em up” and cattle drive them INTO the open arms of . . . Lady Liberty?
    OMGOSH — that bitch is long gone. She’s DOA after 9/11.

    The round up is into the arms of ICE, and into the detention centers . . . which are privately held corporations (GEO is one of the largest). The corporation BILLS our drunk Uncle Sam for each person “detained” . . . the longer the detention, the more shekels.

    This is why Humpty Trumpty wants to cut off funding for due process. THEY WANT the black hole to keep billing U.S.

    They launder large amounts of TAX PAYER money through these CON operated “detention” centers.

    It’s not that complicated.

    This is the new “slave” trade.

    • Yup and American corporations who are involved as well.
      America is no longer the land of the free.
      A police state that benefits only corporat power where the cops are no more than corporat thugs, gunning men, women and children down.
      America has become a s***hole.

  12. If you have to flee, be prepared to face hardships, even death. WW2 refugees spent YEARS in Displaced Persons Camps, in far worse conditions.

    Running from the problem only allows tyranny and oppression to grow unchecked.

    Colonists could have run off into the woods in 1776. They didn’t, and built America, a great country for at least a few years…

    Those people are all economic opportunists. MEXICAN AMERICANS told me the “pinche jue’s” who come here illegally are scamming the system to save up $25,000 in cash, which you can retire on in Mexico if you are a citizen.

    The problem is easily fixed. Arrest, confiscate goods, auction off goods to pay for deportation, deport.

    All within 24 hours, except for the auction.

    • It’s a shame what these economic opportunists are willing to put their kids through, in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

      I suggest they do what everybody’s ancestors did in the past; make a stand and fight. Fix your country, don’t expect someone else to do it.

    • well said Johnny…….same with the EU migrants….99% men…..yet we should let them in according to the wealthy and brainwashed….at taxpayers expense….not the expense of the tax dodging Caymen Island account holding billionaires

  13. The Truth is, these immigrants are fleeing the repeated hammering of Multinationals and their economic hit men driving them into poverty only to run into the anvil tRump has for a heart.

  14. The world of geopolitics and diplomacy is a cynical and vicious one but, nevertheless, imagine what the national leaders who have to ‘glad hand’ and ‘parley’ with Trump will feel now, in the knowledge that he is doubling down on the horror he has created for immigrant families – keeping digging the hole he is now in, instead of pulling out all the stops to restore the hideously-broken,-irremediably-traumatized lives of some of the most innocent and vulnerable people on the planet.

    It is one thing to vaunt what a ‘hard case’ he is to Korean President Kim, but an all together different ‘kettle of fish’ to glory in crushing the innocent and totally vulnerable, as a sign of his political ‘machismo’.

  15. How many times in the past two thousand years let alone throughout time, did whites drive jews from their nations because of their evil doing? 109 times are verified with records, yet here they are trying to swamp whites with dark races from every angle. Darkness trough the jews trying to snuff out the light, the Israel of God scattered throughout white nations as Paul said it was doing 2000 years ago. Nothing new.. As in the days of Noah, so are things now.. Noah had a perfect Adamic, white geneology. Jews hate that. They love to be called liberals.

    Isaiah 32:5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.
    6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.
    Ephesians 6:12
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    • P… Please read again what you wrote “trying to swamp whites with “dark races from every angle. Darkness trough the jews…” and tell me if you are not projecting. If you don’t know what projecting means study up on it, you will learn to hold your own when you realize it is the White colonialism of today that is driving these “Dark Races from every angle.”
      Let us see. When the Darkies ran the world with hospitals that seperated patients based on diseases, libraries and gardens, what were the great European hoards doing? Washing and spiting from the same bowl or calling Darkies infidels. Think about what the Darkies did in Spain as occupiers for Whities dark ages and then look at what the Whities did to the world and are doing until this very to Africans.
      Pick your words or shut up you big ignorant baby. I know both the Darkies and the Whities very well and you are both too stupid to be granted a life. However, our Lord’s first name is the Merciful.

    • OMIGOSH — you do realize JESUS was a “dark” skinned, middle eastern, Semite. He came AFTER NOAH, and last time I checked “Noah” wasn’t the Messiah. Why are you usurping Noah for Jesus?!? And prove that Noah was “white” . . . just when I think I’ve heard it all.
      WOW — get off the Aryan Pride. They use this to divide, and it seems they have already conquered your mind. That was too easy!
      Let me guess . . . you’re “Christian” {rolling eyes}
      Didn’t you sing “Jesus Loves The Little Children”? in Sunday School?
      I bet you did!
      And the little children are all races, creeds and colors. Matthew 19:14.
      You have no clue what you’re inciting, but I will tell you this . . . it is NOT Jesus’ Ministry.
      But, if your skin color makes you feel superior, you are indeed a racist. The classic definition.
      Now . . . go light your torch, don your hood, and hide. Fearful of people YOU HAVE NEVER MET!
      Ever travel outside the U.S. of A? You do realize the U.S. of A. is only 5% of the world population. That means . . . 95% of the WORLD aren’t U.S. citizens.
      I’ll ask again . . . ever travel outside the US? You should try it . . .
      Free your mind! Your ass will follow . . . probably NOT into the Kingdom of Heaven. You MISS the words, and they are right there. Your racism blinds you. Pity.
      Matthew 6:33
      You are WAY WAY too fixated on the bullshit of this world. Yours is the Kingdumb!

    • Ease up there, Philadelphian. It ain’t easy being white anymore, but I don’t believe the issue is purposefully based on race.

      Jews infiltrated European societies because they were the easiest the blend into, and had economic stability through Royal Cousins taxing peasantry. This is very attractive to parasitic money skimmers.

      Once people started to notice the Jews and their activities, other “outsiders” were brought in for distraction. The more different the new outsiders look, the better.

      PLUS, there are few white foreigners to import. America isn’t much better than other Euro based societies. The Jews would probably encourage their immigration too, if they could. But Whites don’t leave their countries in large numbers anymore. Too equal to America. Others leave their countries.

      If they are fleeing oppression from the effects of America Oligarchs, it seems funny they would move to their headquarters, the USA, and expect better treatment.

      It would be like me moving to Israel.


      There are some Jews who flat out promote race mixing because they believe mixing the white race with others will dumb them down. They must be unaware of “Hybrid Vigor”.

      Don’t let them cloud your judgement. Preservation of ALL races is important, along with their culture, as long as it isn’t predatory or parasitic. You can even have favorites. Favorite, but not superior.

      The best cure for “us vs. them”… make friends and see that “they” are “us”.

    • “If they are fleeing oppression from the effects of American Oligarchs, it seems funny that they would move to their headquarters, the USA, and expect better treatment”. Best quote of the week, month, year.

    • Khalid…the white colonialism of today is jew funded and white cutouts/puppets…to divide and conquer…keep up with the program matey

    • oops…..Khazarian funded……the fake jews of the 6 million fables and tales….bars of soap and lampshades

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