PMF says will respond to US deadly airstrikes

Is Israel now ISIS's air force?



Iraq’s popular mobilization forces or the PMF has vowed to respond to an air raid that killed 22 of its members on the Syrian border this week.

The spokesman made the remarks during a funeral ceremony in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Another PMF official said America and Israel know the important role the force plays to cleanse Daesh remnants along the Iraq-Syria border. He added that the message of the airstrike was clear. A Syrian military source accused the United States of conducting the strike. The US has rejected the accusation. US media reports, citing American military sources, suggest Israel was behind the killings. Both Syria and Iraq condemned the air raid. The PMF is an integral part of Iraq’s security forces.


  1. S300 or S400 deployment would end this in a blink, or maybe that would give an excuse to start WW3 in a blink? Looks like Russia would rather see Assad forces winning this war slowly on their own, and draw out the real enemies from the shadows…

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