Trump Squad: Those Darned Police Do It Again!


By the Senior Editor

The story is always the same, a cop hopped up on meth, right out of Fear and Loathing:

Like we can’t tell when we’re dealing with someone stoked up on the nasty stuff.  If only cops would stick to marijuana or booze.

The situation behind the video, mom calls the cops when dad threatens suicide.  The cops arrive, ready to kill dad, terrified out of their skulls, totally out of control.  A tiny dog, sitting with a frightened little girl, barks and growls when strangers with guns approach….shoot the dog and wound the little girl as well…then try to lie their way out of it.

Watch the friggin video.g

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  1. Used to be , atleast till the 1960’s that Cops would Only Shoot in the Legs so as to subdue for an Arrest BUT Noe These Fkers they Shoot to the head or Heart aiming to Instantly Kill …… That’s the Difference

  2. How many times does this have to happen before someone decides to take action and begin cleaning out the police departments of these thugs?
    For that matter do we even need police departments? It appears the cops are as dangerous to the public as any other criminal. In truth they are nothing more than goon thugs with badges. Low IQ, hopped up on steroids and trained by Pisrael to shoot and kill as well as abuse for sport….no different than the IDF.
    America’s police force is now an occupying army. Trained to regard the rest of us as threats to their very existence, given license to kill, rob(civil asset forfeiture), rape and abuse at will. They are the new thug on the block.
    Don’t speak to them, don’t associate with them, and when stopped refuse to say anything until you have an attorney present. Do not trust them. Do not go near them. They are the enemy.
    This latest outrage is indefensible. period.
    How many children have to die at the hands of these murderous goon thugs?
    And Jethro Sessions, that little backwoods, hill billy, ignorant, outhouse born, mental midget, wants more civil asset forfeiture and the cops to abuse more people.
    Time to drag Sessions form his office and taze the s*** out of him.

  3. This is the trained police in the zionist entity ready to shoot to anything all time… police made in joosland

  4. Dressed as Ninjas, we entered the house cautiously with our attorney. The children were terrifying and we could tell they were just waiting for a chance to kill us. Before we knew it, they released a giant bear disguised as a dachshund which had previously been painted like the carpet for camouflage. As I helplessly fired at the beast with it’s fangs inches from my throat, I had not noticed the child riding on it’s back directing it’s every move. It was a set up from the beginning. I’m telling you chief, if we don’t start separating these children from their parents, we will all be killed. It is very fortunate we’ve made it this far alive.

    • Mow relax boy and take a tranq. We’ll send out another SWAT team and finish off the rest of the family. Then we’ll threaten any lawyer who files a lawsuit agin us.

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