WikiWars Part Trois

Michael Shrimpton continues his counter-offensive against Wikipedia and manages to work in a reference to Henry VIII!


Wikipedia are about as fair as World Cup referees, no offense to either intended. (Good luck to England in Russia by the way, and congratulations to Harry Kane on his brilliant hat-trick against Panama today!). I return to the attack this week against ‘Psychonaut’ and the other anonymous editors using the Wikipedia entry about me as cover for an attack piece.

Conspiracy theories

The very heading is indicative of bias. I am often accused of being a conspiracy theorist, not least by those with a vested interest in concealing the truth that I have uncovered. Once again the language of “claims” is used. Nothing will persuade Wikipedia to admit the awful truth that I have standing in the Intelligence Community.

I have a powerful network of defense, intelligence, aerospace and political contacts, but I have never claimed that my house was some sort of intelligence headquarters. That would be absurd. The reference to Court News simply recycles a media smear about me. Here again we see Wikipedia editors resorting to outright fabrications, without any attempt at fact-checking. It is noteworthy that there is no direct quotation of anything I have said.

When the rozzers unlawfully raided my new apartment in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, without a warrant, in April 2012 they seized a treasure trove of defense and intelligence contacts. These included direct dial or cellphone numbers for the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, Vatican and MI6, along with contacts for senior MPs and peers, including Baroness Thatcher. Once again Wikipedia dare not acknowledge the truth. Suck it up guys – I had those numbers and they were seized.

This goes way beyond a mere misunderstanding. I am quite sure that Wikipedia and the anonymous editors they are shielding know that those numbers were seized. Although I was prevented from completing my evidence at my trial by former Judge Alistair McCreath some of these numbers were referred to in open court, albeit without giving away the details. These guys are lying, no offense intended.

The master terrorist himself – the jihadi outfit was strictly for the cameras, in private he wore a business suit.

They haven’t begun to get to grips with what happened to Osama bin Laden. He was taken out by the DVD in 2009 in Waziristan, having been lured to a meeting. Nobody ever captured him and I have never suggested that he was captured, partly, no doubt, why this idiotic claim is wholly unsupported.  Wikipedia are committed to maintaining the deception that bin Laden was captured by Seal Team Six in 2011. That claim is and always was a lie and Seal Team Six, sadly, were murdered to help cover it up. You won’t find the truth in the Wikipedia entry on the late terrorist, not even a reference to Spyhunter.

Wikipedia then go on to deliberately misspell Deutscher Verteidigungsdienst  and have the cheek to insert “sic” after their own error!  Whilst it is right to say that the first proofs of Spyhunter misspelt the name of the DVD in German (I don’t actually speak German) the error was quickly spotted and corrected.  Since the Intelligence Community, the police and the Cabinet Office saw those early proofs, as well as the publishers, it is possible that ‘Psychonaut’ got his or her information from within INTELCOM or from Thames Valley Police or the Cabinet Office. Try and get it right, boys, and don’t blame me for your own mistakes!

Only my late friends Sir James Goldsmith and Christopher Story FRSA were murdered using weaponised cancer, pancreatic in Jimmy’s case and liver in Chris’s case. Each was a painful way to go and a particularly egregious crime, using a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Hugh Gaitskell was assassinated using weaponised lupus, nothing to do with cancer. A courageous man, he was murdered because of his opposition to British EEC entry and replaced by the DVD’s sleazy Harold Wilson.

The late, great Airey Neave, a brilliant MP and intelligence officer.

Airey Neave and Ian Gow were blown up, in each case by Irish republican terrorists, on German orders. Airey Neave’s assassination was designed to clear the way for the 1982 Heath/Pym internal party coup against Margaret Thatcher, whilst Ian was murdered to clear the way for her removal. Nothing to do with weaponised cancer.

Wikipedia are using a technique used by propagandists since the days of Joseph Goebbels. Invent an absurd claim about your opponent and then ridicule him or her on the basis of your invented claim. I have never suggested that either Airey Neave or Ian Gow were the victims of weaponised cancer.

Wikipedia dare not set out the basis of my analysis on for example Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis or the assassination of Dr David Kelly. This is a backhanded compliment, impliedly conceding that there is no answer to my points. No one since the publication of Spyhunter has actually tried to engage me on the merits of my arguments. The emphasis has been on suppression of the book or personal abuse.

The offensive “intelligence nuisance” claim has effectively been demolished by MI5, who have produced the documents Thames Valley Police officers destroyed in order to advance it. Wikipedia know this, but are too afraid to publish the truth. So far as I am aware no court official has commented on my case. Had they done so it would have been highly improper and grounds for appeal.

The claim about my leading counsel, William Clegg QC, is untrue. Bill was referring to the report from a court-appointed psychiatrist, who found no evidence of mental illness, suggested a figure of 185 for my IQ in interview and made no finding of a personality disorder. This part of the Wikipedia entry is deeply unpleasant and shows that Wikipedia are not only willing to be untruthful they’re willing to be nasty.

Poor little Madeleine, murdered by the DVD.

Madeleine McCann

The truth about the kidnap of Madeleine McCann – that she was kidnapped to order by a DVD-controled pedophile ring with the intention of supplying her for sexual abuse to a senior European Commission official and was sacrificed by the Cabinet Office and the New Labour government in order to appease the EU – is so shocking that Wikipedia could never bring themselves to acknowledge it. The same goes for the EU, the Cabinet Office and the MSM.

They’re in trouble, because the truth is likely to emerge at my Bar disciplinary hearing in September. You may be hearing more about Annex AZ to my witness statement.  AZ consists of my working notes on the McCann case. It includes a request to the Pentagon, copied to the NSA, to move a bird as Madeleine was being held on a boat outside satellite coverage. The jury never saw it, indeed there was no point trying to get it in, as I was banned from submitting virtually any intelligence material. It’s highly sensitive, but I’m tired of being lied about and fed up with the suppression of the truth about the McCann case.

I have never claimed to represent Madeleine’s parents, indeed I’ve never even met them. Sadly, they were apparently taken in by Leicestershire Police’s smears about me, which included an invented conversation with my friend Major-General Julian Thompson RM, and an entirely false claim that I was forced out of the Military Commentators Circle. This is simply another lie by Wikipedia. Again, it’s unsourced, unsurprisingly, since the claim is invented.

The claim about the meeting with His Holiness Pope Benedict has more substance, since I was in touch with the Vatican throughout. Where’s the beef? Madeleine was a Catholic, Pope Benedict is a good man, with respect, and was genuinely concerned for the young girl’s welfare. He also knew that German Intelligence’s decision to kidnap a British toddler for sexual abuse by an EU official threatened the peace of Europe. Of course I was hoping for a private briefing, but I had the British Ambassador to the Holy See, Francis Campbell, to content with.

The unsourced assertion that I claimed to have authority to issue DA Notices is a fabrication, pure and simple. Wikipedia know this, but don’t care, with respect. I was in contact with the D Notice Advisory Committee, as the press had got wind of the fact that the Gerard Group team, led by myself, knew where Madeleine was. I did not want a possible rescue mission to be compromised by media coverage, although I needn’t have worried. The papers in question, in particular the News of the World, behaved responsibly, far more so than the government, the police or the Cabinet Office. Annex AZ contains a direct dial number for the Committee, together with the home and mobile numbers of its secretary.

I was in touch with the Palace of course, but so far as I know they made no comment on the meeting with Pope Benedict. Even Leicestershire Police made no public comment – they were in a tricky position, because they were in possession of an e-mail chain passed to them by the Cabinet Office, passing on a complaint from GCHQ, who wanted to know where I was getting my satellite piccies from.  Since I’d already told Leicestershire Police, they knew!

Olympics ‘Bomb Hoax’

Barry Burton, Philip Hammond’s Principal Private Secretary, contacted me, not the other way round! This was common ground at my trial, where Burton gave evidence. The broad summary of what I call the Vulcan intelligence is accurate, but I have no idea where the ‘friend of Pope Benedict’ bit came from. That was never part of my defense case and is another lie. The intel went via Belgrade, Tokyo and Folkestone. It never went anywhere near the Vatican.

The idea of a ring-back bomb hoax is so absurd that people and organisations smearing me invariably reverse the facts and invent the claim that I contacted Barry Burton. Until he rang me I’d never heard of him, let alone met him, indeed the only time we ever encountered each other was in the with respect musical comedy proceeding at Southwark Crown Court, the most corrupt Crown Court in England, no offense intended.

The Vulcan intelligence, as one would expect from any intelligence coming from the late Major-General Igor Sergun, was accurate, as Gordon Duff and others have confirmed on these pages. It’s true that I stated in interview that my arrest was a “colossal cock-up” – indeed it was.

The CPS smeared me during the trial and were desperate to prevent any intelligence material going before the jury. They also agreed with Judge McCreath’s decision to stop me from completing my evidence. The CPS also successfully blocked the jury from seeing Spyhunter – like Wikipedia they were happy to smear me as a conspiracy theorist but desperate to prevent any part of my analysis from being given. No offense, but the CPS prosecuted the case like they were representing a gold-digging wife in a Russian divorce. The organisation needs to be broken up.


If I didn’t respond to Wikipedia’s attack piece about me people would say that I was conceding it to be true. It isn’t – it’s an outrageous piece of propaganda, which desperately needs fact-checking, like almost any entry on Wikipedia in which the DVD have an interest.

I have tried using Wikipedia’s dispute resolution mechanisms, but they’re a joke. Wikipedia know full well the piece about me contains inflated and invented claims, but they’re happy to let it run, for political reasons. As an organisation Wikipedia need to discover a respect for the truth, no offense intended.

King Henry VIII

I am rightly reminded that today marks the 509th anniversary of the Coronation of His late Majesty King Henry VIII at Westminster Abbey, a great event in the history of our Nation. King Henry’s break with Rome was in many ways a precursor to Brexit. He was a great King and the foundation of the Church of England was a key moment in the history of Western Civilization.

This Week’s Movie Review: Ocean’s Eight (2018, dir. Gary Ross)

Unlike a full-time move reviewer, I only go to watch movies I think I’ll like. It’s no coincidence that you’ll get more favorable reviews from me than negative. I also respect talent and don’t believe in slagging people off just for the sake of it – I’m not Guardian journalist!

I’ve no plans to review Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation, for example. It’s not really my thing – it’s more aimed at Court of Appeal judges and Cabinet Ministers.

Ocean’s Eight (or Ocean’s 8 if you prefer, although the ‘8’ is spelt out in the credits) has received mixed reviews. Some feminists have claimed that’s because all the lead roles are played by women and most critics are men. I’m no feminist (this will not come as a surprise to regular readers!) but equally I’m no misogynist. On this occasion I think that the feminists have a point.

Ocean’s Eight is well-acted, superbly scripted and really well directed. The start is a bit slow, but that’s usually the case with heist movies, where the action comes towards the end. Sandra Bullock is lovely, as always, and there’s plenty of humor. Sandra is a really fine actress, with respect. (A lady actor to me is an actress.)

There’s a nice twist to the plot, which I won’t spoil by revealing, as the movie is still in theaters. The girls get away with it, which won’t upset viewers, given the criminality of banks and insurance companies and their role in the 2008 Global Crash. Almost all banks and insurance companies actively conceal the truth about offshore high-yield trading programs.

I strongly recommend Ocean’s Eight. I think it’s huge fun and don’t agree that it’s not as good as its predecessors. I think you’ve got to go back to the Frank Sinatra original to find a better Ocean movie. Old Blue Eyes was a tough act to follow, indeed he was a bit of a tough act himself. (I once slept in the same bed as Frank Sinatra, not at the same time, of course, since he wasn’t gay and was of a previous generation anyway – when the Mob were applying the heat to him he used to stay with a man who became my friend, whom the Mob wouldn’t dare touch, as he was CIA.)

My next column will come out in two weeks – I’m in Germany next weekend. That’s always assuming that the DVD don’t assassinate me of course, which would be a nuisance.

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  1. The so called ‘DVD’ is unfortunately either Shrimpton’s delusion or a deliberate attempt to protect the Synagogue. The “nazis” are the Jews and not the Germans of today.

  2. Bin Laden made it past Dec. 2001. Did I miss something? If he was alive, why all those fake videos? Rita Katz could of just interviewed the real Bin Laden.

    • The fake Bin Laden was needed to keep the “war on terror” going and to prevent spotlight falling on Israel and Israelites.

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