Prince William says ‘Occupied Territories’

Uri Avnery shares with us how Uri was recruited into the Irgun


Princely Visits

by Uri Avnery, … with Gush Shalom, Tel Aviv

Prince William did not play the role of anyone’s puppet

[ Editor’s Note: Oh my, the Prince goes to Israel, mentions “occupied territories”, and is not smeared as an anti-semite and/or a holocaust denier. Maybe the “Royal blood” has some special immunity cells working for it.

As he often does, Uri uses contemporary news as a vehicle to take modern citizens on a “back in time journey”. Today he chose the time when Gush Shalom was among the first group to call for a two state solution, which was considered a heresy at the time.

One of the things we like about Uri is that he has not been sitting in the bleachers on the Palestine-Israel conflict. He was on the front lines, like when he met secretly with Arafat in Beirut during the Sabra-Shatilla camp massacre and the Israelis were trying to kill Arafat. Being around him at that time was a risk.

We also like Uri when he gets his fish-filleting knife out but uses it on people, like his critics, but never personally, just their political positions. We do the same, except that we get personal, too.

He knows how to use satire, too, which we love. This statement of Trump being a genius was a joke, and so was Prince Jared Kushner, way in over his head with Papa Trump, bringing nothing to the table other than being a hustler like his father-in-law.

Trump stage-managed the daughter and son-in-law, just like the reality TV show we had expected

Without overtly doing so, Uri slices the Trump-Kushner secret plan to ribbons. It is DOA because Jerusalem was taken. Trump’s pull out of his butt plan was to take Jerusalem, thus taking it off the table as a done deal, and then put the Palestinians into a “get something or nothing” corner.

With Trump seeing the Arab money behind him, and Sisi in Egypt still consumed with playing the new Pharaoh, who else do the Palestinians have to turn to? This is how gangsters think and operate.

As for William, I am wondering how he pulled off not getting savaged, if not by the Likud government itself, then its junkyard dogs in the media that it can sic on anyone they want. Inquiring minds want to know Jim W Dean ]

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Is Prince William channeling Lord Balfour for advice?

– First published … June 30, 2018

“The Big Plan is just another prescription for eternal war”…Uri

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, second in line to the British throne, visited Israel this week. He seems a likable person. He looked like a prince should look, did all the right things, said all the right things, and even ate a watermelon with our mayor on the sandy shore of Tel Aviv.

If the British had not left Palestine 70 years ago, William would now be my prince, too. I remember having a day off from school on his great-grandfather’s birthday.

The British had obtained the League of Nations “mandate” over Palestine by posing as the protectors of Zionism (with the famous “Balfour Declaration). But they did not like us very much. The picturesque Arabs, gracious hosts by nature, attracted them much more strongly.

My own relationship with the British crown has always been a bit complicated. When I was 14-years-old, the economic situation of my family compelled me to go to work. I found employment at a lawyer’s office.

The boss had studied at Oxford, and all our business was conducted in English, a language I had to learn in a hurry, and that I have loved ever since. Some of our clients were members of the British administration.

A few months later, the British hanged a young Jew who had thrown a bomb at an Arab bus. I decided to fill his place and got in contact with the Irgun underground. I was instructed to present myself at a certain school building at a certain time.

When I approached the building, it seemed totally deserted, except for a young couple kissing in the doorway. I was shown my way in the dark and ushered into a room, where I was seated facing a dazzling light. I felt, rather than saw, people around me.

A voice from the darkness asked me several questions, and then it asked: “Do you hate the Arabs?”

“No'” I answered truthfully. Working in the courts I had met a number of Arab colleagues, and they seemed nice people.

For a moment, the people behind the projector were dumbfounded. Then a young woman’s voice asked: “Do you hate the British?”

Foolishly, I told the truth: “No! I rather like them.”

Behind the projector, there was a deep silence. Then the female voice asked: “If you don’t hate the British, why do you want to join the Irgun?”

“I want them to go back to Britain and leave us alone.” I answered.

Somehow, this answer seemed to satisfy them, and a few weeks later I was received into the organization.

Why did the British leave Palestine?

King David Hotel blown up… just after the bomb went off

There are several possible answers. Former members of the Irgun and its smaller sister, the Freedom Fighters (known to the British as “the Stern Gang”) are convinced that it was their daring assassinations and bomb attacks that did the job, including their bombing of the King David hotel in Jerusalem, which served as a British HQ.

Ninety-one persons of both sexes, British, Arabs and Jews, were killed there on July 22, 1946. However, the official Zionist leadership believed that it was their clever application of political pressure that did the job.

I believe that it was the general change in the global situation. After WWII the British Empire was weak. It could not keep its hold on India, the jewel of the crown, and without India the Suez Canal became less significant. British Palestine was a fortress for the defense of the Canal, and lost its importance without it. With all the violence in the country, the British thought that it was just not worth the candle.

When the bus of my comrades and I in the pre-state army was on its way to our first battles, we sometimes passed buses of British soldiers on their way to Haifa harbor. The usual obscene jokes were exchanged. And that was that.

While the British prince was touring the country and uttering the fitting phrases about a “just peace”, another prince from overseas was doing the same. Jared Kushner, the Jewish son-in-law of President Trump, was also touring the country. He was accompanied by Jason Greenblatt, another Jewish emissary from Trump.

This holy pair, who make no secret of their utter contempt for the Palestinians, is supposed to make peace. How will they succeed where dozens of other initiatives have failed? Why should they have more chance than the dozens who preceded them?

Well, they have a Big Plan. A Plan so Big that cannot be refused. A Secret Plan. Secret from whom? From the Palestinians, of course. Binyamin Netanyahu was a partner in shaping it. If not actually its author.

Years ago, we had a celebrated theater critic. Once, at the premiere of a new play, he got up after ten minutes and made for the exit.

“How can you write a review if you have not seen the whole play?” demanded an actor. “I don’t have to eat the whole apple to know that it is rotten,” the critic answered.

The same is true of a Big Plan. The details that have already leaked quite suffice. It is not a plan to be accepted by the two sides. It is a plan to be imposed on one side. The Palestinian side.

Jerusalem Holy sites almost on top of each other

When the British left in 1948, there was already a UN plan in place. Palestine was to be divided into a Jewish and a Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as a neutral unit, all these parts united in a kind of economic federation. The Palestinians rejected the plan. They considered the whole country their homeland, and hoped to regain it with the help of the Arab armies.

The Jewish side accepted the plan without hesitation. Like everyone who was alive in the country at the time, I remember the wild jubilation in the streets. But David Ben-Gurion did not dream for a moment of remaining satisfied with it. He knew that a war would break out, and hoped that our side would enlarge its territory decisively. As indeed happened.

The day after the 1948 war ended, the Partition Plan was dead. A new reality had come into being. The war had partitioned Palestine into three units: Israel proper, the West Bank – which was now a part of the Kingdom of Jordan – and the Gaza Strip, which was governed by Egypt.

Today, several wars later (who is counting?), Israel dominates in different ways all of historical Palestine. And peace seems far, far away.

In theory, what are the alternatives?

Right after the 1948 war, in early 1949, a tiny group of young people in the country, including a Muslim Arab, a Druze Arab and myself (curiously enough, all three of us later became members of the Knesset) devised a plan for the solution: the so-called Two-State Solution. One country, two states – Israel and Palestine, Jerusalem as a joint capital, open borders between all parts, a joint economy.

We found no takers. Everybody was against it: the government of Israel, the Arab states, the USA, the Soviet Union (until 1969), Europe, the Muslim world. That was 70 years ago.

And see the miracle: today that is almost a world consensus. Everybody is for the “two-state solution”. Even Netanyahu sometimes pretends to be. There is no third alternative. It’s either two-states or a colonial Jewish state in all the country.

Jared Kushner may well be a genius, just like his father-in-law. But even his brilliant Jewish brain will not find another solution. And all the power of the United States will not suffice to keep the Palestinian people down forever. The Big Plan is just another prescription for eternal war.

I wish that Europe, including the post-brexit Britain, were willing and able to prevent this catastrophe. If I had met the prince on the sandy seashore, I would have told him just that.


  1. I’m frankly disappointed! After all these years you still haven’t told us the identity of the Original Israelites yet VT has managed to tell us of aliens and the real instigators of perpetual war and endless planetary fraud. Here goes: they were culturally,ethnically,linguistically and racially identical to the Ancient Egyptians.
    Even Israeli experts themselves admit it:

    “These are actually the true original inhabitants of Palestine-the Natufians who migrated from Africa between 10 to 15 kya.. They have been variously called Kushite/Nubian/Nilotes but were unmistakably African as even Israeli experts admit. “microlithic forms such as arched backed bladelets and La Mouillah points” as well as the parthenocarpic figs found in Natufian territory originated in the Sudan. ”

    In fact Ashkenazis and the Ghanaian Ga Adangbe people share first names! OR RATHER THE ASHKENAZI FOR SOME REASON USE GA ADANGBE FIRST NAMES.

    Ga-Dangmes Names Hebrew Names

    “1. Aryeh Aryeh
    2 Afra Ofra
    3. Otto Yishai
    4. Aryelle Aryelle
    5. Ofei Ofer
    6 Ada Ada
    7 Tema Tema
    8 Nunu Nun
    9 Dodoo Dodo
    10 Ashi Ashi”

    There are 40 Ghanaian derived names and a pic of a traditional priest using unleavened flour at this link.

    Please,VT,help demolish old myths justifying crime


  2. Helen,

    Why do you let yourself get upset by this supremacist murderer? He is simply carrying on his fight with a pen, now that he is too old for “throwing bombs at Arab buses”.

    You should instead be asking why VT publishes him.

    • Or maybe they are just another USIA Kool-Aid dispenser posing as a news outlet and public forum.

      That seems more likely.

    • VT publishes Uri because there are very valuable insights in his writings, despite his obvious Zionist mindset.

      Honestly, if people are looking for a website that caters to their own personal bubble, where everyone has to have the exact same ideology on a line item basis, you are screwed.


      Do people NOT understand what VT represents? A forum for international journalists to criticize the most taboo subject on planet earth; Israel.

      Positive aspects of Israel are “PassedOver” because the PRO Israel Schpiel is OVERdone. It isn’t necessary, here. This is “the other side of the story” that completes “the WHOLE truth”.

      Criticism comes from many sources and many angles. All focus on a MAJOR source of human suffering high on the tiers of global domination hierarchy.

      A major source, but not the top.

      Israel ITSELF is a cutout for the Sabbatean Frankist Messianic International Bankers. Are THEY the TOP?


      Who IS?

      If I knew…it would make International News…

      Happy Fourth.

      Live Free or DIE. 😉

    • Uri’s Insight du Jour is that the Stern Gang should be rebranded as “the freedom fighters”.

    • My take, is that Uri has the mindset of a SOLDIER.

      He is among those who has seen battle, has been to hell and back, is alive thanks to the bravery and guts of fellow soldiers, and who respects ALL soldiers of every race, place, color, country, county, or CREED. If you have ever risked your life for a friend, or been saved by one from the jaws of death, you can kind of understand…

      Yeah, he sees the Stern as freedom fighters. And he respects the Palestinians as freedom fighters, as well. He’s got that instinct to cheer for the underdog. A virtue.

      He’s a 90+ year old soldier, still living in the SAME battle zone. The weight of reality, dictated by his experiences can’t be dismissed, and you can tell he has internal conflict.

      Take what you can get, this avowed Zionist has given major insights into large cracks in the foundation, of the house of Zion.

  3. “Avnery”:

    It is not only the Palestinians but the entire Arab and Muslim peoples that detest you migrant-squatting-predatory-foreign-European presence on our land. Palestine is not your grandma’s land, is it? What connects you to our land except greed? When we look at you, you look like the British tourists in Kenya – so out of place, so alien! And you have been squatting on Arab land for 70 years only because the Jews secured guarantees from the most powerful nations to come to their aid when threatened. If it takes 1,000 years, we will continue to detest your colonial presence in our midst.

    • H4Y… These Ashkanazi uoos are satan’s helpers. They are like satan, wanting to destroy what is left of mankind.
      Their plan is to have us fight a WW3 while they sit like “Effendis.” So please remember this. They want us to fight each other. They want us to fight everything that is good and decent.

      We are all victims. Those that felt the pain of the bullet and those that felt the pain of their conscious after they fired the bullet.
      These Talmudists consider murder, rape, theft, usury, pornography as Halal except when carried out against Talmudists. They have seperated themselves from the rest of humanity. Uri is not a Torah Jew he is a Talmudist Uoo.
      I am starting to think that Mr. Dean loves to make us laugh and that is why he gives us Uri the Uoo’s monthly rants.

  4. Paedo hunter:

    I use “white man” to describe the Ashkenazi because they hate being referred to as European or the white man. What else are they? Israelite? C’mon!

    “Netanyahu” said that they found a ring that dates back 3000 years and the name “Netanyahu” was inscribed on the ring. Then “Netanyahu” said what more proof does anyone require that Palestine belongs to the “Jews”. Hilarious! His Lithuanian dad changed his name of Mileikowsky to Netanyahu. These are a people without shame.Must watch this video.

    • Helen….I watched your video but had to turn off after the speech by Nutteryahoo was half way through……not because I didn’t want to listen, just the childish rubbish that comes out of his mouth is almost hilarious….if it weren’t so life changing for those suffering under his boot, or those that bow down to his will like the US Congress….he needs a good kick in the teeth, just wish he would visit a pub in East end of Glasgow where the Celtic fans have a strong loyalty to Palestine….he’s be bottled and slashed like a piece of ham… like

  5. Please understand that the Jews in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria were
    French Jews who came with the French when they colonized the
    North African Arab countries and they left with the French back
    to France when the North African countries gained their independence.

    1962: “Of the 3,907,000 Jews in Europe, 2,385,000 were in the Soviet Union,
    340,000 in the countries of the Soviet bloc, and about 1,180,000 in the nonCommunist
    countries. After the establishment of the independent Algerian
    state, the mass movement of Algerian Jews to France transformed the French
    Jewish community. It was estimated that by the fall of 1962 this migration,
    together with the previous influx of Tunisian and some Moroccan Jews, had
    raised the number of Jews in France to 500,000, making the Jewish community
    there the fourth largest in the world and the largest in Western
    Europe. The United Kingdom’s 450,000 Jews formed the second largest
    community in Western Europe.”

    French Jews

    1950 … 235,000
    1951 … 235,000
    1952 … 235,000
    1953 … 235,000
    1954 275,000
    1955 … 300,000
    1956 300,000

    1956 … Morocco and Tunisia became independent

    1957 … 325,000
    1958 … 350,000
    1959 350,000
    1960 … 350,000
    1961 350,000

    1962 … Algeria became independent

    1962 … 375,000
    1963 … 500,000
    1964 … 500,000

  6. Adrian2MiL18: your comments lack knowledge

    Palestinian population

    Year … Muslims … Christian … Jews …….. Total
    1851 … 300,000 …. 27,000 …. 13,000 ….. 340,000
    1861 … 325,000 …. 31,000 …. 13,000 ….. 369,000
    1878 … 386,320 …. 40,588 …. 13,942 ….. 440,850
    1879 … 390,597 …. 41,331 …. 14,197 ….. 446,125
    1880 … 394,935 …. 41,089 …. 14,460 ….. 450,484
    1881 … 399,334 …. 42,864 …. 14,731 ….. 456,929
    1882 … 403,795 …. 43,659 …. 15,011 ….. 462,465
    1883 … 408,318 …. 44,471 …. 15,300 ….. 468,089
    1884 … 412,906 …. 45,302 …. 15,599 ….. 473,807
    1885 … 417,560 …. 46,152 …. 15,908 ….. 479,620
    1922 … 598,177 …. 71,464 …. 83,790 ….. 753,431
    1924 … 627,660 …. 74,094 …. 94,945 ….. 796,699
    1926 … 663,613 …. 76,764 … 149,500 ….. 889,877
    1928 … 695,280 …. 79,812 … 151,656 ….. 926,748
    1930 … 733,149 …. 84,986 … 164,796 ….. 982,931
    1932 … 771,174 …. 90,624 … 180,793 … 1,042,591
    1934 … 807,180 …. 99,532 … 253,700 … 1,160,412
    1935 … 826,457 … 103,371 … 320,358 … 1,250,186
    1936 … 848,342 … 106,474 … 370,483 … 1,325,299
    1937 … 875,947 … 109,764 … 386,074 … 1,371,785

    • Helen, you comment confirms my allegation, 1851 = 300,000 muslims, it’s when I say mids 19th century.

  7. OH if only Prince William had a good wig or better a blanket for his head like his crypto Jew tribesmen

  8. “The Palestinians rejected the plan. They considered the whole country their homeland, and hoped to regain it with the help of the Arab armies.” Really? Who was in the Palestinian leadership?

    • Yea, it is like saying the Algerians rejected to partition their land because they considered Algeria to be their land! Why does “Avnery” think the Palestinians would not consider Palestine to be their land? That it is the land that belongs to European migrants from Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania?

  9. How many times must it be said for those that don’t know…..Prince William Saxe Goburg Gotha… a f**kin’ jew….an Ashkenazi descendant via Princess Di’s bloodline….mama was a jew so that makes son a jew……Di’s mama was a Goldsmith……hence William da jew and Kate Middleton being a ‘son of a jew’ (well, daughter) makes little Prince George a true jew with both parents being jews…..hence the invincibility against anti-Semitism ‘smears’….plus the Ashkenazi know how to play the game… some sympathy for the ‘oppressed’ to show the ‘humanity’ they have ….so we can all sympathize with the 6 million ‘carers’ of lies….meanwhile the sniping and droning continues….against those pesky stone throwing terrorists

    • Maybe Prince William visited Palestine in a quest to better understand the motivations of his mother which would reach well beyond any loose ideological or religious ties and which ultimately may have resulted in her death. When Diana partnered her lover Dodi El Fayed born Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Mena’em El-Fayed, she learned of the plight of the Palestinians. Fresh from world success in the banning of land mines, her power to unite a population behind a just cause was renounced and was now turning to the Palestinian occupation.

      Israel could not allow their Zionist dream to be destroyed by Diana or the many “suicided” individuals who have attempted this. The Mercedes driven by ex Mossad agent Henri Paul, under the influence of alcohol and drugs was serviced just days before the fatal “accident”. A Mercedes just like the one journalist Michael Hastings supposedly “suicided” in at 140 miles per hour. Remote cruise control is not rocket science and as always with these incidents the “cleaners” are the first at the scene.

      I wonder what deep down thoughts William has?

    • Good insights, Robert.

      Wireless remote ECUs in cars in 1997…possible.

      We had wireless remote planes in 2001…

      At first, car ECUs had electronic sensors that were “read-only” and hooked up to mechanical linkages, like the gas-pedal-to-throttle-body-blade system.

      By the mid 90s, cars had FULL electronic command-control from sensors. The blade on the throttle body was NOT controlled by your FOOT on the GAS, anymore. Your gas pedal now TOLD the sensor that the pedal was being pushed, and the SENSOR CONTROLLED THE THROTTLE, like a “middle man”

      Some brakes work this way as well. This means someone can override the driver and “fool” the sensors AT ANY TIME.

      Accelerate WITHOUT pressing the gas, and DEACTIVATE brakes no matter how hard you press on them.

      Airplanes followed soon after. Hydraulics for steering are even sensor-commanded.

      Legitimate reasons for these developments are elusive.

  10. And see, this is why I dislike the Yiddish, AshkeNAZI mind: “After WWII the British Empire was weak. It could not keep its hold on India, ”

    More’s the pity.

    Oh poor British Empire. It was “weak” . . . After the most bloodiest, death and destruction on the planet . . . oh, poor British Empire. It was “weak” and couldn’t keep its hold on India.

    It shouldn’t have been holding on to India . . . in the first place. A-hole.

    The crowning jewel was constructed out of: colonization, oppression, 100 years of British Raj.
    They used that Nation for a corporate trading stock, nothing more.

    And all India got out of it was: CRICKET

    India better be careful . . . round two is coming if they’re not careful.
    Step away from the Zionists.

    • Round one has not stopped Zion is still in the ring , I think at least since Waterloo

    • India is in the Commonwealth, as a former Realm which identifies the Queen as head of state. It is now considered a Dominion, and that is the root of Christian domination history. Dominionism.
      Gotta keep knowledge down to promote and spread religion, “How does one begin to explain India’s economic performance over the past hundred years? The Indian nationalist blames the first fifty years’ stagnation on British colonialism.”

    • Also why every rape in India is announced, while local rapes are not mentioned pretty much anywhere in the US. They are under “Domination”. It is a process that is not complete until all are subjects and spiritual wisdom is stomped out. This is an agreement between the 3 Abrahamic religions and the ‘sovereigns” .

    • Britain has been Jewish owned since Cromwell……he was financed by them to let them back in and begin the centre of the worlds financial base….the RKM City of London, not London the City, but the City of London, one square mile of Rothschild owned real estate where UK laws are not adhered to…..just like Vatican City and Washington DC…..separate from the land they reside on…..the British ‘Empire’ was not British… was Rothschild and his cult cronies…..they bought ‘Britain’ after Napoleon’s defeat….by crashing the stock market (with false information of course) and buying everything on the cheap…..the Shylock way…..Shakespeare told us how they work…..The Merchant of Venice…..but nobody listened

    • There he goes off again. He can’t seem to ever seperate the message from the abuser of the message.

  11. And Helen, you won’t be up for any diplomatic positions any time soon, now will you?

    • Again, you is not being realistic, there are in Palestine around 6 millon joos , at least the half of whole them are descendants arab joos, from the same Palestine, Yemen, Egipt, Syria, Irak , North Africa and so, where you want send they ?? to Europe or America ?? as same more half current palestinians are arabs descendents who they came too at the end 19th century pushed by Abdul Hamid II arabs resettlement policy in Palestine from other places of middle east and the economic reborn of zone and they are not native palestinians. Yo can read the statement of arab historian Philip Hitti in 1946 in front to Anglo-American investigation commision where he say there not one Palestine in the history. During ottoman empire there never was some thing as administrative zone called palestine. The same Hafez Al-Assad he said to Arafat one time there not exist anything like palestina, the occupied lands by inmigrant joo’s are a part of Syria from ancient. In mids 19 th century there was not more 300.000 arabs in current called palestine lands.
      First start separating true History from your political wishes.

    • Adrian….ironically you say there are “6 million joos in Palestine”…..bit of a coincidence that, the ‘6 million’ reappearing after the 6 million turned into bars of soap by ‘der Krauts’….man that number sure gets over used in this subject…..maybe that’s the answer to the jewish ‘question’?….6…..six pointed star, 6 million….all we need is another 6 and we have the mark of the beast, the synagogue of satan

    • Paedo hunter, the current around 6 million come from official censuses and population statistical verifiable, in contrast with the other 6 million in holo-tale what come from a fevered joo imagination and historic lies….

  12. Well, although I’m agreed with our talk guest `helen4yemen` but he forget something important, the reality and the history. The colonialism it’s a part of history and the zionist entity it’s the result of this. Now, he believe can be undone and send all joos back to Europe and America it’s not be realistic, as same, it wasn’t realistic send all white’s back in South Africa to Europe. Sadly, the only way out of the current unworkable predicament it’s get a fair solution to all based in the real facts irreversible

    • Where are the French who colonized Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia. 1962, over 1,000,000 French were forced out of Algeria. Why must Arab land be used to settle the European Jews that the European Christians hated and wanted removed out of Europe?

    • I, too, agree with Helen. I do believe Helen is female, hence her name. And who knows my dear Adrian, she may be hot too! {wink, wink}

      All kidding aside, I agree that we need to deal with the cards we are currently dealt. And those cards came from a very marked deck, 100+ years ago.

      Time to reshuffle.

      I found much of this site to ring true for me.

      I read a lot of the articles, and the current day “Jews” are a prefab construct. I don’t have any issue with “religion” per se . . . hey, if people want to worship at the Church of Elvis, I’m okay with that. However, what I don’t like is . . . lies. The premise of modern day Israhell is based on massive distortions.

    • “Now, he believe can be undone and send all joos back to Europe and America it’s not be realistic”


      What about all those Jews from Russia?

      I couldn’t help but notice you “conveniently forgot” about the few million Jews that need to go back to Russia, Komrad-nik-ski…I mean, Adrian…😁

      Send Jews to America…Gee, thanks! What do I owe ya?

      Nice try, Chief. You just made the list, buddy…

    • Johnny America, the russians joos are included in broader terms when I said Europe… far far east Europe…

    • Nice save Adrian. Quick thinking. he HE!

      Notice Helen, Adrian, and I are all attempting to avoid Jews…

      Like playing a game of “Hot potato” or maybe “Group Hackey Sack” with a Scorpion…

      They might try making friends, this next thousand years or so. See how that goes, maybe…?

    • Johnny America, why not send all they to America ?? 😀 … there is a hidden plan just in case sometime joo’s were forced out from middle east to give they a little portion in Texas for resettlement, by the gulf shore.. Be happy !!! 😀

  13. Mr. “Uri Avnery”:

    I am Middle Eastern and you are not!

    I am a Semite and you are not!

    I am indigenous to the region and you are not!

    What the hell does a German Jew want from us?

    What is it that makes you feel you are entitled to our land?

    When I look at your German face, I see the white man,

    the same white man who had colonized parts of our region

    such as the British, the French, the Italians, the Crusades.

    But I find you to be the most offensive of all our past

    colonial invaders because in addition to our land, you also

    appropriated our food, our music, dance, art, clothing. You

    did not even spare the camel and brought (or rented from a zoo)

    a camel and introduced it as “Israeli camel”. A people without

    shame! I feel nothing but DISGUST!

  14. 7) “Uri Avnery”: the solution: the so-called Two-State Solution. One country, two states – Israel and Palestine, Jerusalem as a joint capital, open borders between all parts, a joint economy.

    Me: How do the Palestinians benefit by having millions of foreign Jews on their land?

    8) “Uri Avnery”: Yared Kushner may well be a genius, just like his father-in-law. But even his brilliant Jewish brain will not find another solution.

    Me: “Jewish brain”? They call that in Yiddish “Yiddishe-kop” and non-Jewish brain is “Goyishe-kop’. That simply means idiot, stupid, retarded. That is what they think of all non-Jews. You see, when “Uri Avnery” said “his brilliant Jewish brain”, it just slipped out of the force of habit. He did not realize that he is telling us “Jewish brain” are different from non-Jewish. Question: is the Yemeni Jew’s brain as competent and as brilliant as that of the German Jew? What about a Ugandan or Chinese or Indian or Iraq Jews’ brain? Are they all equally calibrated and equally “Jewish” and equally superior brains?

  15. 5) “Uri Avnery”: With all the violence in the country, the British thought that it was just not worth the candle.

    Me: Yea? But it was worth the candle for other white Europeans, the Ashkenazi? The British opened the doors of Palestine to white Jewry whereas had the Ottomans remained in power that there would not be what they call “Israel” on stolen Palestine today.

    6) “Uri Avnery”: WHILE THE British prince was touring the country and uttering the fitting phrases about a “just peace”, another prince from overseas was doing the same. Jared Kushner, the Jewish son-in-law of President Trump, was also touring the country.

    Me: And the reason the American Jew became a “prince” is because he married the Trump’s daughter?

    7) “Uri Avnery”: the solution: the so-called Two-State Solution. One country, two states – Israel and Palestine, Jerusalem as a joint capital, open borders between all parts, a joint economy.

  16. “Uri Avnery”: If you don’t hate the British, why do you want to join the Irgun?

    I want them to go back to Britain and leave us alone. I answered.

    Me: Haha! A white German telling another white man from Britain to go back? Hilarious! This is the first time in history when two white European colonists colonized a land inhabited by people of color at the same time. And the German “Avnery” was telling the British to go back because the German thinks he is a Hebrew! Haha! I am on the floor – rolling with laughter. Does the German realize how European and how out of place he looks in my region. He looks like the British tourists in Kenya. May this picture may help him to understand that he is an alien colonial invader and nothing else.

    • I appreciate reading your comments. I disagree about it being the “first time” the “white” colonists colonized a land inhabited by people “of color” at the same time.

      In the U.S. of A. — the British partitioned off 1/3 of the land to England, 1/3 to France, 1/3 to Spain.
      The U.S. of A. and our “First Thanksgiving” is all about the “Native” people feeding the white people, and kept them from starving. 100 years later . . . look at the mess we made. First, our Revolutionary War — and we “celebrate” ?!? OUR FREEDUMB on July 4, coming up. Then with all our new found independence, we fought France, and Spain. Then Westward Ho . . .

      I can understand the “white” people who have been very aggressive in their land grabs. It’s a pity.

      But, please look at the “leaders” of these nations that haven’t done shit for their own people lately. Ever been to India? Be very careful in pointing a finger at a proper noun. There may be three pointing back.

      We can name call, and color code the entire world . . . but it doesn’t help.


    • I notice the “white man” keeps getting a mention…..a bit like “not all muslims are terrosists” phrase….well I’m white, Scottish (not jewish thank the lord), have never invaded anyone, never stolen from anyone, bought my own ‘land’ in what could be deemed ‘my own land’… stop using ‘white’ to describe the ‘land grabbing colonist’s’……at the end of the day they are Khazars, or descendants of Khazars, or fake Khazars who ‘adopted’ Jewishness to get ahead in life…..the British Empire was RKM…they took over Britain after Cromwell let them back in to Britain, Cromwell was financed by them for this very purpose…’s not white ‘cockneys’ or Geordies’ or Brummies’ or ‘Jocks’ that instigated this….it was Khazars….they may be white in complexion…but they ain’t me…..

    • Worker Bee…..well, they should have made an appointment instead of turning up unannounced

  17. 1) “Uri Avnery”: If the British had not left Palestine 70 years ago, William would now be my prince, too.

    Me: And what if you – the German – had not arrived in my region 70 years ago?

    2) “Uri Avnery”: I remember having a day off from school on his great-grandfather’s birthday.

    Me: Was this while you were in Germany?

    3) “Uri Avnery”: The British had obtained the League of Nations “mandate” over Palestine by posing as the protectors of Zionism (with the famous “Balfour Declaration). But they did not like us very much. The picturesque Arabs, gracious hosts by nature, attracted them much more strongly.

    Me: This is so funny the German is comparing himself with the Arabs! The Europeans hated the Jews which resulted in 100 repulsions and pogroms. For some odd reason, the German feels as if he is a part of my region and not his own German region. He simply does not seem to get it that he is in my region only because heavily armed security forced guard and protect him 24/7. How a European feels entitled to Arab land can only be described as delusion.

    4) “Uri Avnery”: If you don’t hate the British, why do you want to join the Irgun?

    I want them to go back to Britain and leave us alone. I answered.

    Me: Haha! The German wants the British to go back! I am on the floor rolling with laughter.

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