Al-Quds is NOT Jerusalem

Middle East will never escape colonial project and resurrect true identity unless history and religions are freed from politically and religiously manipulated and erroneous Torah narrative.


By Dr. Elias Akleh

The Zionist Israeli state calls on the Old Testament/Torah as a historical document to prove its legality to “re-claim” Palestine; their god’s promised land. To assert this legality and the myth of the promised land Zionist Organization, since its establishment, had recruited the science of archaeology, employing western Christian biblical archaeologists, to provide the required “historic” proof of the right of the Jews; alleged modern Israelites, to Palestine.

This became very critical after Julius Wellhausen; the biblical scholar and Professor Ordinarius of Theology and head of the German School of Biblical Criticism, published his 1883 book “Geschichte Israels”, later titled as “Prolegomena zur Geschichte Israels” claiming that the Old Testament/Torah stories were invented during the Babylonian exile to serve certain theological and political purposes.

American biblical scholars and archaeologists, such as William Fox Albright, were recruited to refute Wellhausen’s claims. Albright was endorsed by covertly Zionist financed Biblical Colloquium; a scholarly society devoted to the analysis and discussions of biblical matters, and the preparations, publication, and distribution of biblical literature to brainwash readers and students with a specific theological ideology.

Albright, as well as other biblical archaeologists like him, was also honored (bribed) by the American Friends of the Israel Exploration Society. His writings; such as “Why the Near East Needs the Jews”, are flagrant racist Zionist propaganda ignoring the vast archaeological history of the indigenous Palestinians while emphasizing the fake unproven Israelites’ narrative in Palestine.

The western Christian biblical archaeologists and scholars were mostly Judeo-Christians believing that the Torah/Old Testament was a real historical precursor for the New Testament. Influenced by this biased theological training they needed to confirm the Torah’s narrative as a real history in order to authenticate their own distorted Christian belief.

Their lack of understanding of the ancient Middle Eastern dialects, cultures, geography and social habits, had distorted their interpretations of the archaeological findings by attributing them to the Israelites and to Solomon and David eras based on their own interpretation of the Torah rather than on the true scientific archaeological research and investigation.

Through their distorted writings and teachings these false biblical scholars had perpetrated a historical genocide against the Palestinian history by ignoring the hundreds of thousands of years of history of Palestine before the reported Abraham’s immigration to the land. They considered Palestine as a mere empty background theater for the Israelites that gained importance only when Israelites occupied it.

Although many archaeologists and historians have their own innate personal private doubts about the biblical stories, due to lack of any true archaeological evidence, they did not dare to publish or to openly state their doubts for fear of Zionist reprisal.

Thomas L. Thompson; a biblical scholar, theologian and university professor, who dared in his books such as “The Historicity of the Patriarchal Narratives” in 1974, “Early History of Israelite; People from the Written and Archaeological Sources” in 1992 and particularly “The Bible in History: How Writers Create a Past” in 1999, to cast doubts about the Torah’s narrative as a reliable historical evidence, and to suggest that the bible should be considered only as a literature rather than a historical book, was severely criticized by contemporary archaeologists dubbing him a biblical minimalist, and was kicked out of his teaching position from the Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since the establishment of the colonial Zionist state of Israel, especially between 1950 and 1960, archaeology became an Israeli national obsession seeking proof for their alleged roots in Palestine to justify and to assert their military occupation of the land. After 70 years of continuous archaeological excavations under and around the Haram al-Sharif and al-Aqsa Mosque (the alleged Israelite Temple Mount) looking for the alleged Solomon’s Temple, not a shred of evidence was found to substantiate the temple myth.

Many Israeli archaeologists spent many years digging one site after another to be eventually disappointed due to lack of any evidence for any Jewish roots in Palestine. All the archaeological excavations revealed only the history of indigenous Palestinians and other invaders of the country such as ancient Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and Romans.

Jewish Israeli archaeologist Ze’ev Herzog, a professor in the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University, had joined Yigael Yadin; an Israeli politician, military official and archaeologist, in conducting many excavations throughout Palestine. Finding no evidence of the alleged Jewish roots in Palestine he eventually agreed with Wellhausen’s findings and argued that the Exodus from Egypt probably never happened, the Ten Commandments were not given on Mount Sinai, and Joshua never conquered Palestine. He casted serious doubts on David’s and Solomon’s monarchies, stating that if they existed they were probably no more than tribal chieftains. He stated:

“The many Egyptian documents known to us do not make any reference to the sojourn of the Children of Israel in Egypt or the events of the Exodus … generations of scholars tried to locate Mount Sinai and the stations of the tribes of Israel in the desert. Despite all this diligent research, not one site was identified that could correspond to the biblical picture.”

A more devastating blow to the Zionist/Judaic myth was dealt by the revelations of the Jewish Israeli historian Professor Shlomo Sand in his lectures and book “The Invention of the Jewish People”.

Professor Sand argues that the so-called Jewish people had never been one nation with one race, rather they came from different groups of people from different countries and different races (white European Jews, black African Jews, brown Middle Eastern Jews, and so forth) who adopted Judaism as their faith. He affirms that the contemporary “Jewish people” have no connection at all to ancient Israelites, and their history is just an invented myth. In an interview with the Israeli Ha’aretz he stated:

“The Romans did not exile peoples (Israelites) and they could not have done so even if they had wanted to. They did not have trains and trucks to deport entire populations. That kind of logistics did not exist until the 20th century. From this, in effect, the whole book was born: in the realization that Judaic society was not dispersed and was not exiled … There are no scientific evidence or record about the exile of Jews two thousand years ago.”

He also stressed his views that the present Israeli state is just a product of Zionist colonization and concluded that:

“Jews have no origin in Palestine whatsoever and therefore their act of so-called ‘return’ to their ‘Promised land’ must be realized as invasion executed by a tribal-ideological clan.”

Another Jewish Israeli archaeologist; Israel Finkelstein; the director of the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, states in his book “The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology’s New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of its Sacred Texts” that many biblical stories had never happened but were written by what he calls “a creative copywriter” to advance a political agenda. He disputed the biblical description of Israel as a great empire with Jerusalem as its capital, where King Solomon had built a splendid temple, and stated that Jerusalem was just a small village with a small tribe and a small temple.

He states:

“There is no archaeological evidence for it. There is something unexampled in history. I don’t think there is any other place in the world where there was a city with such a wretched material infrastructure but which succeeded in creating such a sweeping movement in its favor as Jerusalem, which even in its time of greatness was a joke in comparison to the cities of Assyria, Babylon or Egypt.

It was a typical mountain village. There is no magnificent finding, no gates of Nebuchadnezzar, no Assyrian reliefs, no Egyptian temples – nothing. Even the (Solomon) temple couldn’t compete with the temples of Egypt and their splendor … Contrary to what is usually thought, the Israelites did not go to pray in Jerusalem. They had a temple in Samaria (today’s Sabastia) and at Beit El (Bethel).

The science of archaeology clearly shows that Jews have no roots in Palestine. Palestine was never ancient Israel, and Palestinian al-Quds was never Jewish Jerusalem. Many books of the Torah specifically and clearly mention this fact.

Many Arab historians, such as Dr. Kamal Salibi, Dr. Ahmad Daoud and Dr. Fadel Rabi’i, have written historical research books disputing the biblical narratives. This article will quote Dr. Fadel Rabi’i; an Iraqi Arab linguist, anthropologist and mythologist, since some of his books focused specifically on Palestine and al-Quds particularly; “Al-Quds is not Jerusalem, A Contribution to Correcting Palestine’s History” and “Imaginative Palestine: Land of Torah in Ancient Yemen” (two volumes) in Arabic. The geographical and historical accuracy of these two books were authenticated and confirmed by two present-day prominent Yemeni historians; Dr. Hussein Abdullah Al-Umari and Dr. Yousef Abdullah.

As his main references Rabi’i relied heavily on the Torah in Hebrew language published by The Society for Distributing Hebrew Scripture, pre-Islamic Arabian poetry, “Geography of the Arabian Peninsula” by Jewish Yemeni Arab Hamadani; Hasan Ibn Ahmad Ibn Ya’coub al-Hamadani; an eighth century well-known geographer and traveler, and on the Greco-Roman geographer Ptolemy’s “The Geography”.

To understand Rabi’i’s studies one needs to have a thorough knowledge of the Middle Eastern geography especially of the Arabian Peninsula, understand the importance of the pre-Islamic poetry, and a thorough understanding of the ancient Semitic languages and most importantly the local dialects, without which translation into western languages would cause grave mistakes.

Arabian tribes in the Peninsula were identified by different attributive names. They were identified with the name of their chief; banu Israel or bani Israel as the children of tribal chief called Israel. Another identification was through their religious faiths; Jews or Yehud for worshipper of Yahweh, others are identified as Phallustins of Philistins (plural in Hebrew and totally different than the present-day Palestinians) for worshipper of the Phallus; the male sexual organ.

Another identification was through the area of their residence; e.g. beit Yebose meaning the house of Jebusites, beit Lechem meaning the house of Lechem, or Hasidim who live in Hasid valley, and Hasmonim/Hashmonim who live in Hasad/Hashad area, or Mesrim/Mesraim who live in Mesrin in Yemen.

Relying on his references Rabi’i asserts that banu Israel and the Jews/Yehud were two separate Yemeni tribes, who fought among themselves, thus the Torah’s war story between kingdom of Israel (banu Israel) and kingdom of Judah (Jews/Yehud); (2 Samuel: 2). The Islamic Qur’an as well differentiated between banu Israel as a tribe and the Jews, who worshiped Yahweh. Arab poetry of pre-Islamic, of Umayyad and of Abbasid eras also mentioned banu Israel and Jews as separate Yemeni tribes.

Authentic Judaism/Yahudia is actually an ancient Arabic religion sprang in southern west Arabian Peninsula. Jews were Arabs, who worshiped Yahweh. In pre-Islamic and Islamic eras no one would consider being an Arab and at the same time a Jew was paradoxical. The same applies on Philistin Arabs; worshippers of the Phallus. Jewish Arabs and Philistin Arabs are no different than Christian Arabs.

Rabi’i’s main theme is that present-day Palestine has never been ancient Israel and that the city of al-Quds has never been Jerusalem, and that biblical stories took place in south western area of the Arabian Peninsula, mainly in Yemen. He uses geographical locations described in many biblical books and compare them with locations mentioned in the references he relied on to prove his theory.

The first three chapters of the book of Nehemiah tells the story of the Persian king Artaxerxes releasing Nehemiah and other Jews from exile to go back to Jerusalem (ur-salm) to build its wall and the temple. Nehemiah 2:12 – 3:30 give detailed description and names of the damaged walls, gates and towers of Jerusalem/ur-Salm.

The book mentions 10 gates; Valley Gate, Refuse Gate, Fountain Gate, Sheep Gate, Fish Gate, Old Gate, Water Gate, Horse Gate, East Gate and Miphkad Gate. Al-Quds city has only eight gates with totally different names. Other locations mentioned in Nehemiah, such as Serpent well, Broad wall, Pool of Shelah, King Garden, tower of Hundred, tower of Hananel, tower of the Ovens and governor residence beyond the river, are places and a river that do not exist in al-Quds. Apparently, Nehemiah was describing a different city (Yemini ur-Salm) than al-Quds.

Rabi’i also quotes other Torah books, particularly Joshua, that describes a totally different geography of another Jerusalem and another land. Joshua 12 lists the names of the kingdoms, whose kings were defeated by Joshua; Ai, Jarmuth, Lachish, Eglon, Gezer, Makkedah, Aphek and others. Present day Palestine never knew these kingdoms, many of whom were known in ancient Yemen. Joshua 14 – 21 divides the land among the tribes. The names of these divided territories were never known to and never existed Palestine.

Rabi’i also examined the names of Jewish tribes released from Persian exile. Ezra 8 has one list and Nehemiah 7 has another. The names in these lists are also detailed in Hamadani’s book as Yemeni Arab tribes. Palestine never knew these tribes. All geographical locations and names of Jewish tribes mentioned in the Torah’s books never applied to Palestine, but to ancient Yemen as described in details by Hamadani.

Examining the ancient Egyptian, Persian and Roman records Rabi’i could not find any mention of a “Palestine” until 330 A.D. mentioned in the ancient Roman Land Administration Records after Rome occupied the Levant area. Al-Quds was a small outpost on a hill called Elya/Eulia; a Roman name. Palestine then was populated mostly by Monophysite Christian Ghassanid and Nabatean Arabs. When emperor Constantine converted into Christianity he decided to enlist the local Christian population in his wars against the Sassanid Persian empire.

He renamed the area Phalastine/Palestine and Elya/Eulia Jerusalem citing the names from the Torah. He also ordered the Torah to be translated from Hebrew to Greek. The translations were carried out mainly by Yemeni Jewish Rabbis, had many linguistic mistakes and political manipulations adopting the newly-named Palestine and Jerusalem as ancient Israel/Yehuda and ur-Salm.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Rabi’i argues that since the Torah was written around 500 B.C. and the name Palestine was first invented in 330 A.D. then Torah’s Philistin could never be present-day Palestine and Jerusalem/ur-Salm could never be al-Quds. Through lies and manipulations history is written by politicians, theologists, and military victorious leaders.

Judaism/Yahudia is a religion adopted by groups of different nationalities. We have Jewish Americans, Jewish Britons, Jewish French, Jewish Africans, Jewish Chinese, Jewish Khazars and so on. They have no national origin with Jewish/Yehud Yemeni Arabs.

Zionism, a colonialist ideology, has hijacked Judaism, as well as Christianity in the form of Judeo-Christianity, to lure Jews and Christians into the construction of the Great Israel project on the ruins of the Arab World starting with the occupation of the mischievously called the Holy Land; God’s Promised Land of Palestine.

The whole Arab World, with Palestine as its front, will never escape this colonial project and resurrect their true identity unless their history and religions; Christianity as well as Islam, are freed from the politically and religiously manipulated and erroneous Torah narrative.

About Author:  Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab writer from a Palestinian descent born in the town of Beit-Jala. His family was first evicted from Haifa after the “Nakba” of 1948, then from Beit-Jala after the “Nakseh” of 1967. He lives now in US and publishes articles on the web.

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  1. King David and Salomon rued area of present day Yemen and some parts of Saudi Arabia close to it. There are number of archaeologists who have found proofs of it and can be seen by any one interested. The Jews came to Palestine at a much later date with trade caravans and started living there.
    If you read the description of temple build by Salomon it does not match the area the Dom of Rock or Jerusalem.
    May be one day the better sense will prevail.

  2. The structure and content, of Genesis, Numbers, and Exodus even in it’s present manipulated state, does in fact correlate and match perfectly with the ancient practice of conveying the essence of time in story form.
    It is no coincidence, that the current version of the Zodiac of Dendera, was birthed in 18 CE, with the skillful additions of the Roman and Greek zodiac. The Aztec sunstone (as it is known) is the companion stone, and they are designed to fit together. One is male, the other is female, one is east and the other west. One accentuates the 36 decans, the other the 20 days,.. and we know both cultures had both, as the Dendera does have the days in the second row, and Altar 5 in Tikal is clearly the decans.

    • Thus, when the correlation between the 20 days, of the Quiche Maya is examined with the first 20 hexagrams of the I-Ching, and the order of trecenas is known, the entire historical layer of the OT is ripped away and shredded. It is 50 in a row for Genesis, 36 in a row for Numbers, and forty in a row for Exodus. It is hundreds and hundreds of years of collaborative study of time, and the correlation with human behavior, and not just human behavior but biology. time is pervasive, and each day is different from the next, and it is discernible, tangible, provable, and demonstrable using unlimited ways. There are many things that will come to light, and it is inevitable, because of the pervasiveness. To follow the order of the trecenas, is very rare, and obscure, and cannot possibly be a coincidence. Likewise, to follow the decans Numbers proves it origins of thought and structure by placing the correct 4 unique decans at the end out of order, as they should be. Also something that was not done with the new version of the Dendera. This makes it transparently obvious that the Romans sought to alter it to combine two schools of thought. The new being much less sophisticated and watered down.

    • We follow the crime scene, and it is noteworthy, that Central America was marauded by the Catholics, and the Pope ordered everything containing wisdom destroyed. The stone itself, was stolen and recovered two or three times. The Dendera likewise sits in the Louvre. A 20 year journey from Egypt.
      The hexagrams of the I-Ching Legge translation 21-56 are the 36 decans. In very fine detail. In the order of the trecenas after 17 in a row, Chapter 18 Genesis is concise and has verbatim correlation with both Hexagram # 5 of the I-Ching, and the decan of Scales, the 1rst decan of Libra. It is as plain as day, as are the other 49.
      Weigh that feather and see if it passes.

    • I understand that lately, the toll collector at Harvard for all things Maya, David Stuart, considered by them to be a genius, has asserted that the face on the sunstone was a King and it is some sort of ego driven sculpture.
      Nothing could be further from the truth, and the work to maintain the narratives regarding history continue, in a shameful deliberate march toward protection of lies.
      If Stuart is so brilliant, how can he not see, the order of the trecenas in Genesis ? It is elementary work. There’s only 20 days. Same as the English alphabet, sans vowels. Part of the narrative being protected, is global travel and exchange of knowledge, being much older and more prolific than proposed by established colonizers, eliminates the colonizers claims, and destroys the credibility of useful mind control.

    • Can you link some of the topics you refer to?
      I find your comments interesting, but not something I can explore since I don’t know what you’re basing them from.

  3. Well, maybe current Jerusalem it was not the original ancient Jerusalem described in Old Testament/Torah but, there is too many credible historic documents and sources from romans, greeks and even Europe middle ages countries that support at least since the first century the location and existence of current Jerusalem and already was a city with joos and the current Palestine lands was inhabited by hebrews..

    • Read the links I provided in my comment (below). The Hebrews are dead. They were made dead in 70 A.D. when the Romans destroyed them. They have not existed for 2000 years. The word “Jew” isn’t found in the B-I-B-L-E. It’s a construct and hybrid of the Judea. Hebrews were not “Jewish” They were from tribes. There is no “collective” Jewish “tribe” found anywhere in the scriptures.

      Ask any “Jew” in Israhell what TRIBE they are from . . . and they don’t know.
      Hmmmmm . . . that’s weird. The entire Torah is a history of their “tribes” and all of a sudden . . . they don’t know?!?!?

      The want the world to believe they went up to Europe. Not only didn’t they do that, but had they . . . then where is their DNA proof?

      If you understand them, then you know, they are inbred. They DID. NOT. MIX. They self-segregated, and only married other “jews” Their bloodline should still contain their roots. LMGAO. It does not. There is no SEMITE DNA found in them, because they were never in the middle east.

    • The majority population in current Israhell is AskeNAZI. They have no SEMITE DNA. And yet . . . had they been from a tribe — any tribe — from the area, their blood-line would have been preserved. It is not, has not, and was not. Keep in mind, and this is very important — they self-segregated. They were so cloistered, even being in Germany for hundreds and hundreds of years . . . many “German Jews” didn’t speak Deutsche. They read, wrote and spoke YIDDISH.
      So in the petrie dish of life, we have a sub-sect of people who “claim” to be historically ancient Hebrew “roots” — again, pick a TRIBE . . . any TRIBE . . . and they can’t proof it by the one thing that ALL OTHER NATIONALIZATIONS CAN . . . their blood.
      This is such a sub-sect of people . . . the AskeNAZI . . . who did not mix. They cloistered.
      It would be very easy to trace the blood line . . . and they CAN NOT!

    • The Romans “sacked” (and that’s putting it mildly) Jerusalem, and the inhabitants were slaughtered. The Romans took no prisoners. They were ruthless, and history is replete with cultures that didn’t make it when the Romans came to town. The Teutonic, aka the Teutons one such example. When the Romans destroyed the area, they “let” people migrate to . . . oh, I don’t know . . . what are the Jews regurgitating? They went into France, Spain, Germany. OMIGOSH . . . rewrite history much?
      The current day “Jew” comes from the mass conversions of the Khazars. THEN they went into France, Spain, Germany . . . They contain no Semite DNA, because they are not Semitic people. And with their “ENDOGAMY” they should have very clean alleles to the Semitic area.
      They. Do. Not.

    • This is from their own people, I will quote it from this site, and my comments will be in [brackets]:
      The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

      “Ashkenazi Jews
      . . .
      Ashkenazi Jews, that is, those Jews of Eastern European origin, constitute more than 80 percent of all world Jewry. The early founders of the Ashkenazi community made their way to Europe during Roman rule, but the majority of the founders of the population came more recently from the region of present day Israel, moved to Spain, France, and Italy, and then in the 10th century into the Rhineland valley in Germany. It is estimated that prior to 1096, the first Crusade, the entire Jewish population of Germany comprised 20,000 people.
      [So, if 80% of the world’s “JEWRY” are AskeNAZI, they why, pray tell, don’t they have SEMITE DNA? 80% of all the JEWRY . . . and no SEMITE DNA? HUH!?!]
      . . .

    • “The Ashkenazi Jewish population is a unique population in terms of its demographic history and genetic architecture. The singular demographic history of the Jewish Ashkenazi population includes emergence from a limited number of founders, exceptional expansion and contraction of the population size and a long history of marriage within the community and the faith (endogamy). In addition, the unequal reproduction rate between the social classes of the Ashkenazi Jews made the effective population size much smaller. This means that the current Ashkenazi population did not originate from all of the founders living many centuries ago, but selectively from a small fraction of wealthier people.

      The consequence of the unique demographic history of the Ashkenazi Jews is that they have a more homogeneous genetic background compared to the general population. “

    • [So . . .let me get this straight, by their own words, 80% of the world “Jewry” is AskeNAZI, they didn’t breed with others (i.e., endogamy) so their blood line must still be intact, right?

      Oh, but they explain it all with this — kids get your George Orwell 1984 decoder app out, this is the best double-speak I’ve heard in a long time, and I quote: “. . . a more homogeneous genetic background . . .” and they STILL CAN’T tell the world what tribe they are from, or where their SEMITE DNA went to? Who knows, maybe their DNA is still wandering around the wilderness?!? Maybe their usurp that story, and make it so.

      And I love this . . . “the current AshkeNAZI population did not originate from all the “founders” living many centuries ago . . . ”


      How can their even BE founders of the AskeNAZI? They from the “scriptures” right? Those “founders”??

    • Where, exactly, is the “wealthier people” allele found on the DNA charts?

      They have a homogeneous inbreeding — endogamy to clean that up a little — make up 80% of the world’s JEWRY . . . and yet somehow, not only can’t they figure out what TRIBE they came from, when everything was documented in the B-I-B-L-E, but they didn’t “originate” from the founders living many centuries ago, AND they have some “wealthier people” to prove their Semitic?!?!?!?

      And this is from their own website!!

    • So on the one hand, we have a highly inbred, err I mean “endogamy” group of AshkeNAZI . . . who can’t find their DNA, since it must still be wandering around in the wilderness, they have blood diseases.

      “There are several rare genetic diseases, which occur with a particularly high incidence among Ashkenazi Jews, including Tay-Sachs, Gaucher disease, Bloom syndrome, Idiopathic torsion dystonia, Familial dysautonomia, Factor XI deficiency, and more. For many of these disorders in which a causative gene has been identified, a specific mutation was found to be the cause of most cases of the disease in Ashkenazi Jews.”

      I’m sure some AskeNAZI scholar will write a paper on how these blood diseases have wiped out their DNA, all together. Pity them some more! They are so “endogamy” that are now are devoid of DNA . . . and since they are devoid of DNA they can’t possibly show they’re from the middle east. How convenient. But, this is their exact M.O. Maybe they’ll get the Putz Puller Award in Chemistry, like the German Jew who was known as the Father of Chemical Warfare!

    • The Roman army took no prisoners in 70 A.D.
      They did not “let” anyone scatter to parts unknown.
      The Christians left the area before the siege.
      The Arab inhabitants later became Muslim.
      The phallic worshiping Khazar tribe, mass converted in the middle ages. They became “Jews” and later they were the AskeNAZIs . . . and with 80% making up the current world JEWRY population . . . does anyone see how blood lust survives?
      The ruthless nature of the Khazar WAS NOT BRED OUT!
      Geez, at least some of that was diluted with the Romans . . . some.
      But, not this sub-sect. Full blown 100% street rat crazy.

    • And I can just see the glean in the Zionist eyes, “Yeah, that’s the ticket! We’re so homogeneous, we wiped out our own DNA. It’s our blood diseases that did it. We have the bluest of blood . . . and it erases our past.”

      The NYTs will run the story . . . just wait!

      [Of course, no other culture has this “affliction” . . . it will be the New Jew pity party — and we’re all invited!
      Meanwhile, in reality . . . we still schmeckle suck Israhell]

    • MOAB – It is incorrect to say that the Ashkenazi Jews are not from a known tribe, as they are of course members of the 13th Tribe.

    • @Worker Bee . . . since I am going by what is claimed to be “scripture”, can you show me in the Torah or B-I-B-L-E where this “13th” tribe is mentioned? What lineage do they have to Abraham?

      I’ll wait.

      But, you were kidding with that comment, right? The “not known tribe” was written as jest, mockery of their prefabrication, right? Because you don’t actually believe that, I’m sure.

      People believe in Santa Claus too . . . those are immature people, aka Children.
      Then they grow up, and realize there is no way Santa Claus exists. They’ve been lied to. The myth is never explained and spoon fed to them from the time they can crawl. It’s a pleasant happy myth.

      Myth just in: Santa Claus is not REAL, neither is the “13th” tribe.


    • @Worker Bee . . . I apologize. I didn’t know about this:

      If that’s what you mean by “13th” tribe, I get it now.

      While there is no ancient middle east tribe the AskeNAZI stemmed from, the Khazarian tribe is still in tact, then, under a different label.

      Santa Claus is still a figment of the collective conscious imagination, and
      so is AskeNAZIs containing Semite DNA.

      Thank you for your comment, I really had not heard of the “13th Tribe” . . . I understand your comment now.

  4. The Torah is “Old Testament” for the Christians. The first five books of the B-I-B-L-E are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. For those that believe in Jesus, His ministry on earth was the “new” covenant . . . of course, they didn’t like to hear that, so he was murdered.

    Torah has prophets.
    Talmud has Rabbinic rule, no prophets.

    Babylonian/Talmudic/Khazar/Bolshevik/AnkeNAZI/Zionists . . . pretty much in that order.

    I found this to be an interesting read:

    “Modern self-styled Jews are of various origins: Ashkenazic, Sephardic, Samaritan, European, African, Iranian, Indian, etc. Therefore, they are nothing but converts to Pharisaism, now known as Judaism.” Cited from:

    The true Revelations:

    Ask an AskeNAZI what tribe they come from.

    I’ll wait.

    “The Ashkenazim misappropriated the name Jews in the 18th Century in order to appear Hebrews and steal Palestine with a view to turning the Arab country into their new homeland, following the loss of their country Khazaria.”

    Jude 1-25 is a good read.


    • The correlated order is over the top precise and easily provable.

      This can also be applied in the NT. It is more of the same. The four “gospels” are distinctly purposefully varied according to the persona of the 4 “inside” decans. Crafty compilation of manipulated material, that did not belong to them. We know this, because it is awkward to watch them use it. They don’t know it thoroughly. Their brains aren’t wired to understand it. A couple popes have. and a few others, such as Langton.

    • Agreed 100%. It is awkward to watch them use it, their brains aren’t wired to understand it.

  5. well written, and compelling. But to quote your colleague, “Lies have become the new religion…..It has never been money or power, about control of resources….The motivations are esoteric even inter-dimensional, they transcend physical existence…” or “welcome to how the world really works”.
    To hide the esoteric within the exoteric, so the real truth is unbelievable to the mind, which it always has been , but much more so now that most people don’t go past what you have outlined above.
    Your colleague was slightly wrong though, lies have always been the masses religions, just ask that grey-bearded man sitting on that cloud over there

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