R U in a Patriotic State? (4th of July special)


Super-patriot and Veterans Today Editor Kevin Barrett, who sacrificed his academic career for the Constitution, interviews Jill Gonzalez of WalletHub.com about the relative patriotism of various American states.

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  1. I don’t know if GW was a willing supporter of Hamiltons ambitions. My reading is that GW cabinet was a rancorous affair with only John Adams providing an outside breath of fresh air. Adams had to make a tough choice with the alien and sedition acts because the french were over here stirring up all kinds of trouble. A final word, BLIND FAITH in ANYTHING, be it a government or a religion is a sure path to slavery.

  2. Education is good, until religion get’s it’s paws on it. Civility in governance, is continually hampered by it. The examples are endless. One, family , that fled to America , did so, because due to the content in a book, the mans nostrils were slit, both ears cut off and SS branded onto his face, for simp0ly speaking out against the church in Ireland. This is a common theme for many who fled here, from Europe, and it followed like a stain, conducting witch trials, lynchings, public shaming, and all manner of brutality and subversive idiocy. Today it is conducting ethnic cleansing through assimilation programs disguised as humanitarian efforts, and serve as the flag bearers for the religious /financial based wars of foreign opportunism. Nothing has changed. They are financing the West Bank settelements, cheering on debauchery, and wearing false piety with disgusting arrogance. Separation of church and state must be maintained.

  3. So, you listen to guys like Pence, when he says, ‘in that order’. If your religion comes before your people and land, then you are not a Patriot. If your loyalty lies with a foreign power, then you are not a Patriot.
    To be patriated is to be wedded with a land or people, not a religion or system of finance or family or any power system that has not been agreed upon by the majority of the people of this land.
    Christians are Loyal to Rome, and Jews are loyal to Israel. Muslims are Loyal to Mecca. Unless a person lists them in a different order. The real America first. Which would of course mean, religion is secondary, and submissive. It is an easy question.

    • If I say, who is the christian that is not loyal to Rome, ..then bring me the book they follow. If it is Romes book that makes a Jewish man the son of God, then I say, no. The person is a Loyalist. They are loyal to Rome first, the Jews second, and America last. Probably even after their political party. So America fourth does not work for me and my ancestors. Honor our treaties. Honor our agreements. Honor ourselves and what everyone claimed to die for. protect this land, and all the people on it, and especially our hosts. Those who died, and had lived here for thousands of years. It is the honorable thing to do. There is no more discussion about it.

  4. Um, the question is “What is a Loyalist’, the opposite of a Patriot. The enemy in the Revolution. Trump demands loyalty, and loyalty leads to blind acceptance. Loyalty to religion or foreign countries or states, or families of Monarchies, all encompass Loyalist.
    The ideology was Patriotism to the new land, but more than that, the idea of being free from oppression of Oligarchs, or Monarchies, or freedom from the dictates or edicts of any religion. A new start. Fresh.
    Loyalists, are loyal to their political party, religion or foreign states, over the ideology of a free and democratic country that prevents any religion or family or corporation from taking over. It also meant solidarity with the indigenous people and not transposing any previous oppression upon them. We adopted Iroquois law as our constitution,. .. and then Loyalism stepped in and slowly crept back in. And we now have a Loyalist president, and a loyalist two party system, and loyalist religions with millions of dollars worth of lobbyists loyalists.

    • So the question 200 + years on is not,.. are you a Patriot, If you are an American citizen, then you have been patriated. The question is are you a Loyalist ? Are you loyal to a separate Ideal or foreign state ?
      Would you like to be free from oppression of foreign power, or domestic power, religion or monetary Oligarchy of any kind ? If the answer is no, then you are a Loyalist. Your Loyalties are not to the original ideology and purpose for formation of America. Patriotism would be incomplete.

    • Shout out to my unit 23rd TFW Supply SQ POL
      Shout out to uncle John Kervin who served on a ship in the Bay of Pigs
      Shout out to all my ancestors ,..Holmes who served in WW1 and the Cavalry under Pershing
      and shout out to Col John Odell, of the Greenburgh Guides and Grandfather Benjamin Odell who kept the roads
      hope all you guys didn’t do it all in vain,
      over and out.

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