Strange: Turkey Moving Against Israel in East Jerusalem

Investing in organizations and institutions based in East Jerusalem reportedly remains among Turkey’s efforts to increase its influence in the city.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz cited sources as saying that in separate moves, the Palestinian Authority as well as Saudi Arabia and Jordan had warned Israel over Turkish President Recep Tayyip’s plan “to claim ownership over the Jerusalem issue” by expanding Ankara’s clout in East Jerusalem.

Amman, in turn, blamed Tel Aviv for “sleeping at the wheel” and failing to duly react to Ankara gaining momentum in East Jerusalem, something that Jordanian officials said can be explained by Israel’s reluctance to endanger the reconciliation agreement it clinched with Turkey in 2016.

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Israeli security services, for their part, claim that they have closely watched Turkey’s increasing activity in East Jerusalem in the past twelve months, according to Haaretz.

The sources told the newspaper that there are several steps that Turkey is using to boost its East Jerusalem clout, including donations to Islamic organizations in Arab neighborhoods, organization of tours for Turkish Islamist groups and the participation of activists in Temple Mount protests.

Also, Turkey is trying to inject investments into a spate of organizations and institutions in East Jerusalem, using Islamic groups related to the ruling Turkish AKP party.

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“They’re trying to buy real estate and strengthen their political standing. It’s also a source of concern for the PA (Palestinian Authority), which doesn’t want to have another country claiming responsibility for East Jerusalem,” a source in the Israeli Police said.

In May, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged “to evaluate our relations, especially economic and trade ties [with Israel] again. Earlier, he recalled Turkey’s ambassadors to the US and Israel, accusing the two countries of “state terror” and “genocide” related to the situation in the Gaza Strip.

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At least 60 Palestinian protesters were killed and more than 2,400 injured in clashes with the Israeli Defense Forces in the area on May 14, when the US embassy was opened in Jerusalem.In 2016, Turkey and Israel signed the reconciliation deal, which stipulated Tel Aviv paying compensation worth twenty million dollars to the families and relatives of those killed on the relief ship Mavi Marmara.

On May 31, 2010, Israeli forces attacked the Turkish humanitarian aid ship as it headed to the Gaza Strip, blockaded by Israel, something that substantially deteriorated bilateral relations at the time.

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6 Replies to “Strange: Turkey Moving Against Israel in East Jerusalem

  1. Turkey has diplomatic, trade and all other ties with Israel. Did they review them ? they keep making noises on every issue but do nothing.

  2. Yes, at least Turkey is buying the land instead of stealing it like Israel has been doing for some 70 years and getting away with it with impunity!

  3. Oh boo hoo hoo Israhell. Crock-of-shit tears coming from the crocodile queens.
    You didn’t hear crap from Jordan, The House of Sand and Fraud and/or the Palestinian Authority about Turkey.
    * Donations to Islamic organizations in Arab neighborhoods . . . oh, and when U.S. Zionists “donate” to AIPAC for their Jewish settlement expansions, which are both illegal and squatting . . . I don’t hear a peep from Jordan, et al. Just sayin’
    * Purchasing real estate in East Jewusalem . . . WHO CARES?!?!? At least they’re PURCHASING the real estate, inside of squatting on it with illegal settlements, or having schmeckle suckers in Britian sign off on “Declarations” like Balfour.
    * Organizing tours of Turkish Islamic groups . . . Again . . . WHO CARES?!? As if Israhell is the only one that can organize a tour? We organize tours in the U.S. to go to the 9/11 ground-zero bitch slap of our Nation, and I’m SURE as the summer day is long . . . there’s a bunch of ZIONIST organized tours. OH OH . . . and how about the “organized” tours of the “gas” chambers on the Holohoax tour in Poland, and Germany? Yeah, the only people that can organize a tour are the Israhelli Zionists?!?!?

    And last time I checked, the Ottoman Empire expanded into the area. Just saying.
    The “Holy Land” bullshit tour is o’tay . . . but NOT the Ottoman Empire tour?!?

    1. I posted too soon . . . my bad.

      I wanted to expand on this comment: “You didn’t hear crap from Jordan, The House of Sand and Fraud and/or the Palestinian Authority about Turkey.”

      And the reason you didn’t hear crap from ANY of these entities is because . . . drum roll please . . . it’s ALL PUBLIC RECORD, you double-speak nebbish Unmensch-enables.

  4. Erdogan is one of the very few leaders not bought or emasculated. No wonder the U.S. tried to overthrow him with Gullen.

  5. At least under Erdogan, Turkey is doing something to counter Israeli expansion. Is this a bad thing? NO! The Palestinian government needs to be doing the same as Turkey, buying real estate. There’s a good reason why physically owning land is referred to as REAL property. We will never see crypto property.
    Is this article designed to foment a divide between the Palestinians and Turkey, or the Western people against Turkey? Erdogan is one of the very few leaders who condemn Israel for their treatment of the Palestinians.

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