Britons prepare to greet Trump with scorn and derision


[Editor’s note: We Britons are not known for our subtlety nor for our tolerance of annoying foreigners and it appears that both of these traits will be on display when the bloviating orange pussy grabber slithers his way onto our shores next week.

I hope Trump gets a good view of the orange Baby Trump blimp while he’s in London and I hope he’s deeply offended, which is highly likely, given the immense size of the scumbag’s ego. Ian]

Daily Mail
Anti-Trump protestors get green light from London Mayor Sadiq Khan to fly their massive crowdfunded blimp of the US president as a big baby over capital when he visits

A giant balloon depicting Donald Trump as an angry, orange baby will fly near Parliament during the US president’s visit to the UK next week.

London mayor Sadiq Khan’s Greater London Authority has granted permission for the 20ft (6metre) inflatable, dubbed ‘Trump Baby’, to rise above Parliament Square Gardens for two hours on the morning of Friday July 13.

Mr Trump is expected to arrive in the capital the evening before the planned stunt and is likely to visit Blenheim Palace, meet the Queen at Windsor, hold talks with Prime Minister Theresa May at Chequers, and travel to his golf courses in Scotland during the trip.

Around 50,000 people are expected to march from the BBC building in Portland Place to Trafalgar Square as part of the ‘Stop Trump’ protest.

A group behind the balloon have raised £17,000 through a crowdfunding website to pay for the huge balloon and take it on a ‘world tour’.

The group stated: ‘If we can troll Donald from the skies wherever he goes for long enough, he’ll start seeing “TrumpBaby” in his dreams.’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the American leader have engaged in a long-running war of words over issues like crime and terrorism.

The row between the pair began last June when the US President accused Mr Khan of having a ‘pathetic’ response to the London Bridge terror attack.

He tweeted: ‘At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack,’ the president wrote on his personal Twitter account, ‘and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’

But critics pointed out that the London Mayor was saying residents should not be alarmed at the increased police presence – not at the terrorists.

Speaking about Mr Trump’s visit earlier this year, Mr Khan said: ‘I think there will be protests, I speak to Londoners every day of the week and I think they will use the rights they have to express their freedom of speech.

‘But they must be peaceful, they must be lawful.’

He added: ‘As the Mayor of London it’s probably inappropriate for me to join a protest when foreign leaders come into the UK. It’s important though for me not to be scared to express my views about some of the things he’s said.

‘It’s ironic that the architect of the hostile environment policy in this country has invited the architect of the hostile environment policy in the USA to London.’

More than 10,000 people signed a petition calling for the ‘baby Trump’ inflatable to be given permission to fly, activists said.

Speaking about the balloon decision today, activist Leo Murray said: ‘We didn’t get off to the best start with the Mayor’s office over this, who originally told us that they didn’t recognise Trump Baby as legitimate protest.

‘But, following a huge groundswell of public support for our plan, it looks like City Hall has rediscovered its sense of humour. Trump Baby will fly.’

A spokesman for the Nona Hurkmans group, which is behind the protest, said: ‘We are just a small group of friends who set out to use humour to take a stand against the rise of racist and fascist politics both here in the UK and over in the US.

‘We have been genuinely overwhelmed and touched by the incredible levels of support we have received for our project.’

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  1. Wonder just who or what is “Nona Hurkmans ” certainly does not have much of an Anglo-Saxon ring to it.
    Maybe the coloured kids will stop stabbing each other and devise methods to stab the blimp. Just wonder also if it’s interfering with the flight path to Heathrow and the city airport, and a quick injunction could spoil their petulant Frankfurt school play book action. Finally I can see a Mossad or CIA agent early one morning with a pair of bolt cutters and off will go this thing on it’s world tour.
    One should always remember the scene from Band of Brothers you salute the rank not the man. He is a Head of State not a man, he only becomes a man again when he is no longer president.

  2. Baby…really! Babies are usually innocent looking and adorable, I don’t see anything like that about Trump. Baby brains may be but but* ugly. Try looking at him before he wares his make-up & that ridiculous toupee.

  3. I like the blimp. It makes me wonder if it would be allowed here in the states, or if one of the Queen would have been allowed to fly over the wedding ?

    Outside of all nationalities or interests, it is a unique thing, and I’m not sure it has precedent. Often protests are around but cordoned off, so the visitors can just avoid them, but this will be right there.It will be interesting to see the actual height it is allowed to fly at, certainly the promotional image is not correct unless major variances were approved. For drones here it is 500 feet. I have to believe it will be below that.

  4. If they left that far back, it was likely for one of two reasons – either they were deeply religious and wanted total religious freedom, which they didn’t have in England, or they were dirt poor and sold themselves into indentured servitude.

  5. We should seeing in detail with whom Trump play golf , there is where important decisions are taken and who say to Trump what are your orders….

  6. Good on them!!

    Can we “borrow” it for the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade?!? I’d love to see Baby Bloviate in this year’s . . . lineup.

    I too, dislike “annoying foreigners” . . . and he’s the most ANNOYING foreign thing around the cesspool I call Washington D.C. Remember kids, he NEVER held public office until he was 72 and then . . . he’s erected into the highest office in this Nation?!?!?!?

    Foreign to me . . .

    When a man like Bernie Sanders who dedicated his life to being a public servant . . . only to see this happen — to have this balloon man get pumped up, I just don’t get it. Although my passport says I’m a citizen of the U.S. of A. I’m a foreigner in a foreign land. Exodus 2:22

    But, sadly it goes much deeper than this. Prince Willie was waggle dancing in Israhell the other week, so these visits are timed and planned. The contraband, contraband, contraband, This is America . . . don’t catch you slippin’ nah.

    My guess is they’re going to start another bitches brew . . . and need vulture capital.
    These wars, false flags, and utter destruction of proper nouns cost money!!

    What’s a helium filled balloon mockery when it comes to some kind of payola on the back-end? He’s a sell-out by sock pocket definition. Prince Willie was the Currier and Ives. Yeah, he went to schmeckle suck as a cultural . . . . . . exchange. {wink, wink} Watermelons for ALL. (I write this because that boy forgot who murdered his Mother! Pity)

    Jeremiah STILL has the Blues . . .

    • why didnt they do that to satanyahu when it came
      i guess the britties have already become zio-brainwashed

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