EPA Chief Pruitt Forced Out in Massive Scandal

Lock him up!!!


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Pruitt alone may sink Trump.  He is a “huuge” screwup and fraud.  The last of the dozens of fraudulent and criminal acts by Pruitt involved his “secret schedule.”

Hillary was investigated for years over using a private email “server,” instead of the one Wikileaks/Mossad was monitoring and regularly leaking from.

With Pruitt, you have private servers and, beyond imagination, a private real schedule, where he meets with big polluters to take payoff for Trump while showing the public that pays his salary and furnishes his lavish office a fake schedule.

Like he was doing actual work…

The folks Pruitt was paid to watch actually drafted his emails.  No private server problem, he simply sold his office to the biggest scumbags out there.



  1. This IS the biggest ongoing worst problem on Capitol Hill . Everyone is beholding to everyone else . They ALL know and have known each other and know the pay to play game and the other game of I know know know what a liar you are . Its these games that have created a clique , a clan , a dirty circle of insiders that know how to please each other or how to destroy each other . The whole of Capitol is in need of a purge . Short of a revolution what else could be the fix ?

  2. The philosophy of Pruitt is actually a threat to national security. The premise is that, all animals and land and resources are put on this earth which is also a resource itself, by their god, for the sole purpose of their use, as chosen receivers of it. No amount of extraction or pollution invalidates their claim, because it is by virtue of the Creator of the Universe that they have been endowed with position and right to take whatever they want.
    This was applied to our money and the entirety of our land and resources.
    He should be a gleaming example, of a serious need to update our qualifications for appointed offices. If an idiot like this can be appointed to that office, there is something wrong. It is separate from the presidency.

  3. Anymore doubt that Israel lover liar con artist draft dodger Trump is indeed a liar con artist, draft dodger, cheater,… with his hand on the nuclear trigger waiting to start WWIII! Americans are the biggest lunatics and fools on planet earth for electing this known crook to office of president. Americans deserve their plight.

    • I sure as hell didn’t vote for that clown. I will agree with you about Americans in general being the biggest lunatics on earth. After the English jaols were emptied and many were sent to the colonies, many of whom were obviously psychopaths.
      The American public edumacation system has done the rest: turned Americans into zombies.; military worshiping zombies.

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