Gathering of Iranian Assassins and the Bribed American Speakers!


President Donald J. Trump

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20500

Subject: The Gathering of Iranian Assassins and The Bribed American Speakers!

Dear President Trump:
Happy Independence Day!

Giuliani (file photo)

On June 30th, attorney to the President, Mr. Rudy Giuliani, called once again for regime change in Iran at a gathering near Paris, France. A group of Iranian conspirators headed by People’s Mujahideen of Iran (MEK) organized the meeting. Politico published an expansive article (Giuliani, Gingrich to address controversial Iranian group – POLITICO) two days before this meeting. The article offers good background material for the President who may not know this terrorist cult.

Of course, this was not the first time Mr. Giuliani has mingled with crooked and criminal political figures for hefty fees. For years, he traveled to Paris to stump for MEK. These terrorists assassinated six Americans in Iran during the 1970s. Later, they became mercenaries for Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war and slaughtered Kurds in 1991. Robert Fantina, the author of Empire, Racism and Genocide: a History of US Foreign Policy has stated in one of his articles that MEK has killed 12,000 Iranians in terrorist attacks since the success of Iran’s 1979 Revolution! Yet, the U.S. government does not consider it a terrorist organization. Note that the U.S. has officially avowed Hamas, the democratically elected government of Palestine’s Gaza Strip, is a terrorist group!

The U.S. government has double standards for naming “terrorist” organizations. If the organization follows our orders, they are a democratic people in destroying a country. Yet, the US does not back the same goal if another organization is opposed to our polices for good reasons!

In his infinite wisdom, the ‘America Churchill’ orated the end is close for the Islamic Republic of Iran! “Freedom is right around the corner … Next year I want to have this convention in Tehran! When the greatest economic power stops doing business with you, then you collapse … and the sanctions will become greater, greater and greater.”

The important questions concerning this conference are: who were the (1) participants, (2) sponsors, and (3) speakers?

(1) The Participants. Nearly 4,000 people participated in this meeting. One half of the listeners or onlookers were Iranians. The other half consisted of a pool of disinterested, turned off, or blasé Czechs, Germans, Poles, Slovakians, and Syrians who had resorted to a Facebook drive assuring accommodation, food, and travel to Paris for a meager $30! Several Syrian refugees from Germany also appeared. Snoozing and snorting during speeches made them visible and amusing.
Half of the throng, transported in to join the gathering, was swathed in the MEK flags. Others sported yellow sun hats flaunting Maryam Rajavi, the so-called yellow President!

(2) The Sponsors. One can surmise Israel was in charge of the whole process behind the scenes. Based his track record, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directed his old friends (Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirate leaders, neocons, and Mr. Jared Kushner, your son-in-law) to fund and execute the orders.

Bill Richardson (file photo)

(3) The Speakers. A large American deputation participated in the occasion. This included neo-Conservative Republicans such as Newt Gingrich (former speaker of the House of Representatives) and a few Democrats such as Bill Richardson (former US Ambassador), Fran Townsend (Homeland Security Adviser in the Republican presidential administration of George W. Bush), and Linda Chavez (Chairman of the Center for Equal Opportunity). Other individuals included Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata (Italy’s former Foreign Affairs Minister), John Baird (Former Canadian Foreign Minister), Stephen Joseph (Canadian retired politician), Ingrid Betancourt (Colombian-French politician and former senator), and Bernard Kushner (Former French Foreign Minister). Well, “Kushner” characters are everywhere!

Certainly, your sanctions are designed to cheat Iranians to riot against the government they elected twice! In the last election, President Rouhani received more than 57 percent of the votes. His main hard line contender received 38 percent. For comparison, in the U.S., the Democrat outdid the President by nearly 2.9 million votes, with 48.2% to your 46.1%! Who dares to say there is no democracy here? Votes of the majority of Americans do not count. Only the votes of chieftains are important.

The Iranians recognize that the President has accepted an unfaithful role, serving as the proxy of Israeli Prime Minister, to suffocate Iranians through severe sanctions. Is not this an unpatriotic decision considering that you keep kissing the flag at your rallies? In contrast to your claims, the President is not opposed to the Iranian system of government! The real aim is to mug Iranian oil and its abundant natural resources similar to the coup in 1953.

The dream of regime change ultimately will lead to nightmare for the United States. It is against the fortunes, peaceful destinies, and the aspirations of majority of average Americans. Relatedly, the US government will certainly expedite weakening our pretending “allies” such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, and the occupiers of Palestine. For average Americans, this is indeed the only benefit of sanctions!

The President’s main allies have spoken at similar occasions in Paris in the past. Your national security advisor, Mr. John Bolton, following concepts formulated by “Bonaparte Hitler”, spoke at the same conference last July before taking his new position at the White House. Apparently, he has bought his ticket to fly to Iran before 2019! In so doing, his true unspoken intention is to destroy, quickly, with the least of outlay and of American personnel, an utmost number of Iranians he considers inferior to himself. With all due respects to the President, this jingo surrogate of Israel is exceptionally senseless. For 16 years, he has advocated regime change in Iran, making outrageous statements you should listen to in its entirety.”

Of course, as the Supreme Leader corrected said, six U.S. presidents before you tried regime change. What was the consequence?

Mr. Giuliani and the other jokers already know his dream is dead. Of course miracles may happen as discussed in the New Testament. Considering you are Christian, the dead are supposedly brought back to life in connection with the end of time! This is indeed the central code of Christian eschatology,

In reference to European support of the Iran Deal, your attorney said, Europe should be “ashamed” of itself!

Obviously, any American who believes individuals such as Misters Bolton, Giuliani, and Gingrich are trustworthy folks is a fool, a jester, or a dupe. The President must recognize these men are certified villains. They know well Europe is bolstering Iran. They are aware most Americans and Iranians know these crooks were/are behind-the-scene assassins and sponsors of terrorism in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. They are the same ones that repeated Vice Cheney who said, ‘We Will, In Fact, Be Greeted As Liberators’ – Cheney.

As to the Iranians, they are fed up with the President and your allies who are wasting American tax dollars and the U.S.’ capital on destructive ventures, not only on Iran, but in Iraq and other countries our government has attacked or is assaulting now. The current situation in the Middle East exists because of our government’s conducts.

The Americans that spoke in Paris should read a very interesting article (Trump’s Iran Gambit Won’t Pay Off | Foreign Policy Journal) that was published on July 2nd. The article offers more wisdom than your entire foreign policy team. I ask the President to consider reading it.

Interestingly, the President of Mujahideen-e-Khalq, traitor Maryam Rajavi, told the reporters, “Regime change in Iran is within reach as never before … The wheels of change have started turning”.

This shallow statement reminded my colleagues and me of the German author and statesman, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He wrote words that reply to The Assassins of Paris. Goethe was enthused by Persian literature. It prompted him to inscribe his West-Eastern Divan. Goethe said:

“When we turn our attention to a peaceful, civilized people, the Persians, we must—since it was actually their poetry that inspired this work—go back to the earliest period to be able to understand more recent times. It will always seem strange to the historians that no matter how many times a country has been conquered, subjugated and even destroyed by enemies, there is always a certain national core preserved in its character, and before you know it, there re-emerges a long-familiar native phenomenon. In this sense, it would be pleasant to learn about the most ancient Persians and quickly follow them up to the present day at an all the more free and steady pace.” How wise the man was!

We urge the President to revisit the early American history to resolve the conflicts between Iran and this country. C. James Taylor, Former Editor-in-Chief, Adams Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society has an excellent short article (John Adams: Foreign Affairs | Miller Center) on President John Adams in dealing with France.

Adams job was expended with difficulties that resulted from the French Revolution. The same was true for President Washington. Through the fall of 1798 and the winter of 1799, he heard intelligence signaling a French inclination for dialogue. President Adams declared his intent to send an official diplomatic group to France. After several weeks of compromise, the American envoys and Napoleon signed the Treaty of Mortefontaine. This simple action ended the Quasi-War. President Adams later said the policy was a prized jewel in his crown after almost 25 years of public service. In relation to Iran, the President must send a civilized signal to Iranian leadership simply because you were the person that violated the Iran Deal.

The 1979 Iranian Revolution has never been your cup of tea. Yet, we encourage you to drink it if you wish to finally have peace in Middle East, particularly between Israeli and Palestinians. Without Iran, you can only create more wars, something you promised to prevent during your campaign.

Thank you for your service.

Akbar Montaser, Professor Emeritus
The George Washington University, Washington, DC

From The noble 13th century Persian Sufi Poet Rumi:
“I go to a synagogue, church, and mosque, and I see the same spirit and the same altar.”

Vice President Mike Pence
The Honorable Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
General James Mattis, The United States Secretary of Defense
General Joseph Francis Dunford Jr., Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
General John F. Kelly, White House Chief of Staff
Mr. John R. Bolton, National Security Advisor of the United States
The Honorable Members of the United Estates Senate
The Honorable Members of the House of Representatives

Brief Bio

Akbar Montaser is Professor Emeritus, The George Washington University (Washington, DC) where he taught and conducted research for 32 years (1981-2012). He also served as a Program Director in the Division of Materials Research at the National Science Foundation for 9 years. Born in Esfahan, Iran, he received his BS degree from Shiraz University in 1969 and his PhD in 1974 from Michigan State University. As a postdoctoral fellow, he investigated high-temperature plasmas at the Ames Laboratory, a major US Department of Energy Federal Laboratory, located on the site of Iowa State University (ISU). He taught and conducted research as the faculty at Sharif University of Technology (Iran) from 1975-1979. After the 1979 Revolution, he immigrated to the US. For two years, he was a research Professor at the Ames Laboratory – ISU before joining the faculty at GWU in 1981.

Professor Montaser is globally acclaimed as one of the top three experts in plasma spectrometry for trace, ultratrace, isotopic, and speciation analysis of materials, such as, nuclear wastes and semiconductor materials. The US Department of Energy, several federal and state agencies, and instrument manufacturers strongly backed his research for over 30 years. His expertise is centered on fundamental studies, modeling, simulation of plasmas and aerosol systems, development of smart plasmas and smart aerosols, instrument design, and the applications of aerospace, mechanical, electrical engineering, theoretical astronomy, and optics to the chemistry and the physics of novel plasmas.

Professor Montaser and his team are the authors of over 500 articles and presentations in diverse areas such as chemistry, medical sciences, forensic science, and engineering. His discoveries have graced the Cover Pages of several scientific Journals.

Professor Montaser is the co-author/co-editor of six major books that are famed as the “Bible” of the field. The books have been translated into, for example, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. His three new books on plasma mass spectrometry are due for publication in 2018 and 2019. The techniques described in these comprehensive volumes have revolutionized the practice of analysis and led to the development of new devices, such as cell phones, high-speed laptop computers, and other high-storage devices.

Currently, Professor Montaser serves globally as a consultant in areas such as intellectual property, development of novel chemical instrumentation, hand-held laboratories, and invention of innovative and transformative techniques for chemical analysis of nanomaterials, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food, nuclear substances, biological, environmental, geological, petroleum, forensic, and works of art. These studies not only address current challenging problems, but they are vital for tackling likely difficulties that could arise in the future.

Professor Montaser is an antiwar devotee of human rights, an advocate of nuclear disarmament, and a partisan in the elimination of weapons of mass destruction. He writes on political subjects pertinent to Iran and the United States.


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