FFWN: False flags are getting highly unsubtle

"Novichok" smears the World Cup..."Iranian bomb plot" smears Rouhani's trip to Europe...do we see a pattern?


Russia is reaping a PR bonanza at the World Cup—and suddenly “Novichok” magically appears next door to Porton Down.

Iran is about to rally Europe against the sanctions—and just as Rouhani is touching down in Switzerland, an “Iranian bomb plot” explodes into the headlines, triggering a Bibi Netanyahu barking fit.

The Syrian government is about to take back the southern part of the country—and suddenly….well, tune in next week and see if the false flag warnings currently making the rounds turn out to have been prescient.

Here is the link to the stories we covered this week with special guest commentator Jonathan Revusky:




  1. July 12, 2018
    The following is an excerpt from Graham Summers’ weekly investment service, Private Wealth Advisory.

    MAJOR problem … The entire debt bubble requires interest rates to remain LOW in order for it to be maintained. If bond yields continue to rise, bond prices will collapse.
    If bond prices collapse, the Everything Bubble bursts.
    The Fed now has a choice… continue to support stocks or defend bonds… and unfortunately for stock investors, it’s going to have to choose bonds.
    Put another way, I believe there is a significant chance the Fed will let the stock market collapse in order to drive capital BACK into the bond market to force bond yields down.
    Yes, the Fed has screwed up with monetary policy. And it is doing so intentionally to try to sustain the Debt Bubble. Currently the downside target for the collapse is in the 2,300-2,450 range.

  2. I just wonder about the wall to wall BBC coverage of the Thai soccer team and whether that is some sort of smoke screen to take significant other events off the agenda. Any thoughts about Ambulance Chasing and such trivia? They don’t seem to chase ambulances in Yemen for example.

  3. It’s true that they are getting more careless and transparent, I know this because I was recently a victim in a blatant false flag terrorist attack.

    Just last week I was walking in Lakeview on Chicago’s North Side, and a guy with super thick Kissinger eyeglasses wearing a kippah, rolled down the window of his brand new Mercedes-Benz, whipped a half eaten schmear at my head, and yelled…

    “Allahu Akbar… You Fakakta Schmegegge Goyim Putz!…”

    I mean, I was lookin’ right AT him…

    That’s just lazy.

    • Hehehe…

      I made up this story for fun…😁 For all the rudeness I put up with when formerly living in a Jewish neighborhood, they are usually pretty safe, I have to admit.

      Punching people has become a big deal in America. Just spitting on someone is assault. If some Jew actually threw a bagel at me, it would also be called “assault”, he could get in trouble if I complained to the police.

      There are attempts by lawmakers of some states to make punching someone in the head “Attempted Murder”.

      It has taken a lot of fun out of American Society.

      Basically, fighting is now seen as something ONLY for self defense IF you are physically threatened. If the police get involved because ANYONE made a complaint, they MUST arrest SOMEBODY.

      You have to choose your battles wisely, now.

      What I would like to know, is how much trouble a Russian Citizen would get in for Cannabis. Any insights would be helpful!

    • Cannabis…. Many smoke cannabis as natural relax drug. But if the police finds cannabis (more than 1 gramm) in your pocket you will get several years behind the bars. If they prove that you sell it (when the quantity is large) – if i’m not mistaken, you will be sentenced up to 7-10 years of prison. Cannabis grows in many regions, but this kind of crop is illegal. Several times i smoked cannabis, but i didn’t understand this kind of joy. But i 100% agree that it is preferable as natural, differ from hard drugs and all modern chineese chemistry that turns people into idiots. Narcotics in Russia are officially prohibited.

    • Thanks for the information Andrew!

      It sounds like I would have to leave my “stash” of cannabis at home when visiting Russia…


  4. See and hear Susan Lindauer’s ‘cognizance stance’ as reference for archived Historical Documentation: “Soviet Criminal Act” @ mark 1:10:15.
    Her statement “CIA has track record of False Flags on Itself” @ mark 47:15.

    The San Francisco-Victoria,BC,Canada pungent AM sodomy stories …

    US forces leaving al-Tanf…and Syria: Russia remains in the Levant https://tinyurl.com/yc5mmgsa (photo)
    Trade war begins: https://www.rt.com/

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