World Youth Day Similar To New Age “Tomorrowland” Gatherings

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World Youth Day Similar To New Age “Tomorrowland” Gatherings
By: Eric Gajewski
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We are getting closer to the next “Katholic Woodstock” and the modernists are getting all “fired up” for this new “cult of man” gathering. The January 2019 edition will take place in Panama. It is sure to be filled with more exaltation of human dignity while all types of immodesty and lewdness are occurring.

Several months ago, the heretical novus ordo website, “Crux”, ran an article in which it indicated this next world youth day would actually be led by the youth! Hold up folks you heard me right.

You have a Pope who doesn’t get the faith right. You have prelates and bishops who do not and now we are handing over the keys to the “party” to the youth! Sounds insane but then again, we are talking about the novus ordo. If you have been following this apostolate for some time you know that I have covered “similar” New Age gatherings such as the “Maitreya festivals and “Tomorrowland”.

Let me discuss further.

Sacraments, sacramentals and Gregorian chant? Not hardly as this will be another gathering that is sure to be riddled with sex, drugs and modern music. I recall some time ago a young lad here locally who was a summer time employee for Franciscan University and how he used to carry around condoms for the summer conferences. He was some type of leader I can’t recall but the point is this. You put a bunch of youth together in this fashion and there will be an awful lot of occasions of sin readily available. It will just give the youth another opportunity to be put in danger.

I have seen how some of the youth dress at Franciscan and if it is bad here (supposedly conservative) I can’t imagine what Panama will be like! Can you?

I am not suggesting that World Youth Day is at the level of these New Age gatherings but they sure are a precursor to what is coming next in the revolution. The Vatican II sect with their cult of man principles are preparing the way for the Antichrist just as the world is.

Yes, the Pope worshippers, hippies and John Lennon pacificist types will all be present in this man centered celebration where Jesus is painted in a totally protestant way.

The modern day false peace movement will carry on as Jesus looks down in sorrow.

Interfaith and ecumenism will be the main course and desert will certainly not be silence and solitude.

Transformation through the Youth? It was suggested in the aforementioned article by Crux that the youth are leading the “church’s transformation”. I am sorry to break the news but the Church keeps on in Tradition and the Vatican II church continues to rupture. There is only transformation in the sense of this Conciliar Church being like a Frankenstein experiment gone totally wrong. How can the youth lead when their own parents don’t transmit the true Faith?

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