EXCLUSIVE: Assad Drops Bomb on Putin/Trump Confab

With Russian-built air defenses, this is not the kind of enemy America is used to. Imagine if the Taliban had real weapons?

By Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini

President Assad has issued a secret order to fire on any American units or aircraft that approach the Syrian Arab Army. Since that order was issued, a small-scale war is underway between Syria and the US, with American dead unreported, killed aiding terrorist units, ISIS and al Qaeda inside Syria.

Assad is doing this, we are told, to put Russian President Vladimir Putin “on the spot” when he meets with Trump in 6 days. Putin will either have to stand by Syria against the US and Israel or back down and admit that Russia, despite rising oil prices, will have to bend to the will of Washington and the weight of sanctions.

US special operations troops operating west of the Euphrates River, well inside Syria, well away from any quasi-recognized American zone of interest, fired on units of the Syria Arab Army last week.

None of this was reported.

Clooney went loony on the White Helmets

This wasn’t the first time. Americans illegally inside Syria have long recognized the de facto policy of the Assad government not to respond/retaliate against Israeli and American attacks. That policy is over, Assad told his closes advisors last week, one of whom told us.

Things have changed. ISIS is gone, and Israel is going to be watching the Syrian Arab army crush the remaining ISIS pocket that Israel has been protecting adjacent to the Golan Heights – occupied Syrian territory.

Nothing Israel can do will make a difference.

Israel underestimated Syria and underestimated President Assad, believing he was going to be civil and statesmanlike in the face of mindless belligerence from Tel Aviv.

The Syrian Arab Army is far more powerful than any time in its history, battle proven but also bolstered with tens of thousands of former “moderate resistance” fighters who have seen the writing on the wall. America and Israel can’t protect them, they can’t win and betting on Syrian reforms and staying alive is far better than being hunted down.

Despite the fact such acts are increasingly obvious and useless, US-backed terrorists, aided by Reuters news agency and the Clooney White Helmets, have been observed stockpiling chemical weapons for renewed false flag attacks which Trump, Netanyahu and Pompeo will blame on Assad.

This time, however, it is quite likely that one of the “sitting duck” American ships in the Mediterranean or elsewhere will likely catch missiles and torpedoes.

This scenario is what Putin and Trump face; and Trump is inexorably heading toward a showdown that should well see the United States back down, just like the US did with North Korea.

White Helmets

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  1. Jewish debt money is no experiment. The Jewish bankers have been the object of pogrom after pogrom when the usury system shifts a nations wealth from people to the money changers. Sure, they have aligned with the US government, but there are mathematics in play that cannot be stopped. M3, if it were kept would be following the simple math curve of compounding interest that eventually requires exponential yearly growth to sustain it’self, flooding “money” made from air into the world economy….not unlike what the Wiemar Republic did in Germany. Rothschild is no experiment…the debt money system is doing exactly as planned….funneling wealth to the money changer.

  2. I would rather see IDF hangars blown up than USN ships sunk – when is the former going to start happening in retaliation for Israeli aggression?

  3. Interesting but inevitable move by the Syrians and one of many that they will now make as they gradually regain control of their whole country as they have said they will. Whilst the USAF could flatten the SAA/SyAF it would lead immediately to the potential destruction of Israel as Hezbollah/Iran as a minimum responded and once Russian dead were confirmed goodness know what.

    Even if the US just takes it silently on the chin, this is just one situation that is making the US position more difficult. Another is that the German equivalent of the Congressional Research Service has just ruled that the US being in Syria is against their interpretation of International Law, whilst Russia/Iran is OK. This could well lead to the collapse of the Coalition as the German Parliament will probably withdraw their mandate for the PR Tornado and other forces.

  4. This is good news. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the tables turn and the Syrian Army move on into Israel and put these international criminals under martial law, and also release the Palestinians from the criminal Israeli bondage?

  5. But Assad have by himself without russian help enough fire power to shoot down USAF planes ??

    • JohnZ, i’m not so sure about that, i think that the missiles by himself are not enough, the syrian air defense, they lack of the powerful radar network information that russians supply with wich should be directed these missiles against their objetives…

  6. Nexus it’s a fine line between fear and absolutely batshit crazy. Americans (USA!) roll that way. Apparently we have to stand with our hand over our heart everytime we hear Jimmi’s song. We are used to fighting Isreal’s wars after all. And by the way, I’m fully confident – in your estimation.

  7. They (Hezbullah) stuffed the Israelis they will will certainly trash the US military who are fearful of casualties.

  8. The man who starts many fires, has many fires to tend. In the case of Trump and the Republicans, I’m not sure the brand “conservative” is fitting for their current methodology.
    The clown bus is glancing toward the fuel gauge.

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