Monsanto ‘bullied scientists’ and hid weedkiller (Roundup) cancer risk,

As ill California man’s landmark case begins, attorney attacks Roundup maker’s response to researchers’ findings

Thank you Republicans.  50 million dead and counting….(ed)

Monsanto has long worked to “bully scientists” and suppress evidence of the cancer risks of its popular weedkiller, a lawyer argued on Monday in a landmark lawsuit against the global chemical corporation.

“Monsanto has specifically gone out of its way to bully … and to fight independent researchers,” said the attorney Brent Wisner, who presented internal Monsanto emails that he said showed how the agrochemical company rejected critical research and expert warnings over the years while pursuing and helping to write favorable analyses of their products. “They fought science.”

Wisner, who spoke inside a crowded San Francisco courtroom, is representing DeWayne Johnson, known also as Lee, a California man whose cancer has spread through his body. The father of three and former school groundskeeper, who doctors say may have just months to live, is the first person to take Monsanto to trial over allegations that the chemical sold under the Roundup brand is linked to cancer. Thousands have made similar legal claims across the US.


The case is significant in part because the judge has allowed Johnson’s lawyers to present scientific arguments. The suit centers on glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide, which Monsanto began marketing as Roundup in 1974, presenting it as a technological breakthrough that could kill almost every weed without harming humans or the environment.

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  1. Monoculture is a threat to national security. Food grown locally should be diversified and sufficient to feed the people without shipping a tomato that tastes like cardboard from Chile to Pennsylvania. Folks worry about guns being taken, but cannot feed themselves with what is grown on the land in their town or county.
    In any contingency, food source comes before ammo. Now, any moron with a whim, can crash the economy with the snap of their fingers through agriculture, or cut off the entire food supply by closing a port.
    Diversified agriculture does not need herbicides.

  2. Just as bad is Monsatan hiring the likes of that fat, drooling , draft dodging gibbering Rush Limpballs to spread their B.s. I know people with engineering degrees who hang onto every word that lying sack of S**** says.
    I guess a college degree means little in the way common sense.

    • Don’t forget friend that college degree by himself do not fill his pocket fast with money…. 🙂

  3. And let’s not forget, kids . . . Agent Orange, the defoliation agent used in Vietnam to kill the forests/vegetation . . . was manufactured by . . . drum roll please:


    Agent Orange DDT — the VETS got sprayed too.

    “Agent Orange. DDT is a colorless contact insecticide, toxic to humans and animals when swallowed or absorbed through the skin. In the Vietnam war, DDT was used by the U.S. to kill off the living jungle. … Agent Orange was the most commonly used form of DDT”

    Don’t worry . . . Monsanto also owns, or has tentacles into our FOOD SUPPLY . . . so we’re all safe!!

    Where do folks think GMO (genetically modified organisms) come from?

    My Saint. Mon Santo . . . and the death cult keeps marching on. Agent Orange kills insects, birds, animals, pollutes water supplies, made Vets sick/dead, made Vietnam. Laos and Cambodians sick/dead.

    “Round Up” is their homage to their “Operation Ranch Hand” code name for the deployment of Agent Orange /DDT. Round ’em up, boyz.

    • When I say that our Constitution of the United States of America is being usurped, derailed, edited, back-handed, undermined . . . I’m not making that up. I refer to our #4 and #7 . . . GONE! I remind folks that #1 is getting close, and they’re gunning for #2.

      This is why #7 is on the death nail:

      “The chemical companies involved denied that there was a link between Agent Orange and the veterans’ medical problems. However, on May 7, 1984, seven chemical companies settled the class-action suit out of court just hours before jury selection was to begin. The companies agreed to pay $180 million as compensation if the veterans dropped all claims against them.[78] Slightly over 45% of the sum was ordered to be paid by Monsanto alone.[79] Many veterans who were victims of Agent Orange exposure were outraged the case had been settled instead of going to court, and felt they had been betrayed by the lawyers. “Fairness Hearings” were held in five major American cities, where veterans and their families discussed their reactions to the settlement, and condemned the actions of the lawyers and courts, demanding the case be heard before a jury of their peers. Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein refused the appeals, claiming the settlement was “fair and just”. By 1989, the veterans’ fears were confirmed when it was decided how the money from the settlement would be paid out. A totally disabled Vietnam veteran would receive a maximum of $12,000 spread out over the course of 10 years.”

    • “Furthermore, by accepting the settlement payments, disabled veterans would become ineligible for many state benefits that provided far more monetary support than the settlement, such as food stamps, public assistance, and government pensions. A widow of a Vietnam veteran who died of Agent Orange exposure would only receive $3700.”

      And the COAL MINERS died their “fish out of water” death — with BLACK LUNG, because “science” and med’sin told everyone that the miners’ black sooted lungs WASN’T caused by coal mine dust.

      Just so the mine owners didn’t have to spend money on protective gear, or proper ventilation, or “health” / death benefits to the widows.

      BREATH DEEP THE GATHERING GLOOM . . . watch lights fade from every room.

      And this is how WE the People are treated . . . by our own: government, corporations, VA’s, judicial, doctors, lawyers. OUR OWN WE the People treat US this way. Think of how the rest of the world has been treated by US.

      Yeah, we’re a good “Christian” nation . . . like HELL we are!


    • I worked with a Viet Nam vet who had to retire because of heart problems brought on by exposure to agent orange. At least he got full disability.
      My older brother also a Viet Nam vet with the 1st Air Cavalry died two years ago from brain cancer from exposure to Agent orange.
      No telling how many Viet Nam vets died form it. Dow chem is as evil as Monsatan.

  4. Arrest and jail all their lying rich executives and all their Ph.D. Chemists producing this poison to destroy our population and the world with. While they are at it also arrest all the Ph.D. Physicists,
    Engineers and Mathematicians making nuclear weapons to wipe out the population of the world and destroy our planet too, as well as all the criminals in our government approving these crimes against humanity.
    Arrest and jail all these destroyers of life on Earth and throw away the key. Name and shame every one of these cowardly selfish criminals of the human race and the race of animals too.

    • We could release all those on drug charges and instead send those real criminals in their place. Would probably have to build another prison or two.

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