German Bundestag Committee: Russia’s Syria Campaign is Legal, US Should Leave


The US-led coalition’s military intervention in Syria is under increasing levels of scrutiny, with critics arguing that the coalition has no mandate to conduct military operations in the Arab Republic as it doesn’t have Damascus’ approval to do so.

A committee of the German Bundestag headed by Die Linke politician Alexander Neu found Russia’s military presence in Syria to be “considered permissible in international law” as the Syrian government requested assistance from Moscow, the ARD public broadcaster’s Tagesschau news service reported on Tuesday.

Specifically, Mr. Neu noted that Russian forces are operating in Syria with “explicit approval from the Syrian government.”

The committee described the US-led coalition’s ongoing role in the Syria crisis as more complicated, noting that supplying arms to militants in the country was a potential breach of international law.

US’ Syria Policy is Encouraging False Flag Chemical Attacks, Prolonging Conflict

Furthermore, they said that intervening in Syria to fight Daesh* and other terrorist groups is legal, but only if Syria is “unable or unwilling” to do so itself.

As the Syrian Army has been tirelessly battling the aforementioned groups for years, some of which have received military support from Washington, the parliamentary committee highlighted that many international law experts think the US’ intervention in Syria isn’t justifiable.

Moreover, according to the Bundestag committee’s report, Daesh has largely been defeated and no longer exists as an organized military force in Syria, so the US-led coalition’s “self-defense law is increasingly difficult to justify,” and the US should consider ceasing its military campaign in Syria.

Damascus has often condemned the US-led aerial coalition for intervening in the conflict without its approval, and is particularly concerned about the construction of US military bases in parts of Syria, which it considers to be a violation of the country’s sovereignty.

Russia began providing direct military assistance to government forces in late 2015 after the Syrian government asked for help in its nationwide fight against hardline Islamist terrorists.

In the space of almost three years, the Syrian Army has recovered swathes of territory throughout the country, including the ancient city of Palmyra, the entirety of the Damascus Governorate, Deir ez-Zor’s provincial capital and southern areas of the wider province.

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  1. It takes 5 minutes for the Western world to establish that
    a) a chemical attack took place
    b) the name of the poison
    c) the exact amount of people who died from it
    d) the next thrill-packed, Hollywood-produced, Rita Katz-distributed episode of White Hellions rescuing a child/children on Youtube
    e) establishment that “international law” (& other jokes) was breached by u-know-hoo (Assad)
    e) assignment of blame – ditto – what a surprise
    f) the lovely West’s decision to drop “humanitarian bombs (how’s that for patent oxymoron?)” on humans in Syria


    establishing whether or not the US storming the territory of Syria, putting boots & weapons on the ground, firing at Syria’s government troops and all other living things in Syria takes years to conclude that there might remotely be a slight possibility that Holy God of the White House could possibly be seen as somewhat illegal according to international law blah blah blah blah …

  2. My question is: are they saying all of this because of the row between Trump and Merkel? Are they saying this because of the energy deal between Germany and Russia? If they feel this way, why didn`t they say something before all the hoopla? They are correct but I question their motives. They knew the US was in Syria illegally at the very get-go.

    • Surely, they are not so stupid and know this well. But the old style and the trend to hide the truth, making stupid claims from the tribunes was convenient and well-paid. The same we hear from the Baltics and Ukies. For the first it is a way to pay attention at them and earn money on russophobia, for the second it was a profitable role-playing, but now it has become their essence.

  3. It sure took them a long time to arrive at this conclusion. Many writers at VT have been saying this for years. Frankly the U.S. should be bombed out of Syria. Isn’t that what would happen if the roles were reversed?

    • No, M.O.A.Bitches , it speaks nothing .
      Linke party has very low voice in Bundestug . Sara Vagenknecht not once has spoken about American
      íllegal involvement in Syria , but Merkel and Germ. press do not want to hear her.
      More, Germany is Israeli slave , much more enslaved and influenced than any other west country.
      — 25: 06 !!!

    • Finch – Sara has bright speech, but it changes nothing in global.
      Today on NATO summit all those EU leaders just put their eyes down. Bravada has gone. The only man who feels ok constantly was Juan Clod Junker – today he was drunk as a harlot ))

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