Hero Cop Runs to Russia to Bust Trump’s Pedophile Express

Why was he welcomed so quickly?


Editor’s note:  Dougan’s personal vendetta is with Sheriff Bradshaw, a Trump asset that protects the operations at Mar a Lago, the pedophile whore-house “by the sea” that operates much as the “W” Bush White House in Washington did, “hot and cold running buttered little boys.”

Trump and Sheriff Bradshaw, the Sergeant at Arms at Mar a Lago

If only we were making this up.

Russia today: Add to this Sheriff Scott Israel in Broward, another Trump tool.  Defended by Roger Stone and InfoWars.  Want to see something really sick:

John Mark Dougan resigned from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and started a one-man crusade against what he saw as pervasive corruption there. Years later his home was raided by the FBI and he made an escape to Russia.

Dougan is former Marine, who turned to police work after resigning from the military. What he found, he says, was a corrupt system which operated to protect the interests of the rich people of Palm Beach County, Florida, the home of President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and cover up the misdeeds of the police itself.

He was forced to resign and went on to create a website for whistleblowers, through which he led a crusade against veteran Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and his associates in the office. The people Dougan targeted say he is a liar and a slanderer. Some of the materials he published are pretty damning, some dubious, some amount to doxing – which even Dougan agrees crossed the line.

In 2016, his home was raided by the FBI, who seized his computers as part of an investigation into alleged hacking. Coming shortly before Dougan was supposed to testify in a case against a PBSO officer, who crippled a man by shooting him in the back, the raid made the whistleblower fear for his life. Dougan entered Canada and fled to Russia, which eventually gave him political asylum.

Watch RT’s documentary ‘Breaking Bad Wolf’ to learn more about this extraordinary story.

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  1. Scott Israel is a sock pocket with their fist so far up his ass . . . just the way he likes it.

    On Jan. 6, 2017 there was that crap going on at the Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale airport. Remember that?

    A few reasons I bring it up . . . they used a VET who has mental health issues as the “shooter.” I, personally, believe the event was staged. And it just so happens, the airport is located in the Sheriff’s county, and he was front and center, all mic’d up and ready to spew.

    Next, two key players of the 9/11 bitch slap – Ari and Bernie – were also at the 1/6/17 event. What are the odds?!?

    Ari Fleisher . . . Bush’s press secretary on 9/11 — who held up the instructions “Say nothing. Do nothing.” while Bush sat like a sitting duck for minutes on end (where was his secret service detail to whisk him away to safety?!?) TRAITOR and TREASONIST

    Bernie Kerik . . . the NYC Police Commissioner on 9/11 — who cut loose the Israhelli “art students” being held. Later he became . . . the Interior Minister of IRAQ! In Oct. 2016 Kerik had his ankle bracelet unshackled, yeah he’s a FELON. Less than 3 months later . . . he’s at the Hollywood FL shoot ’em up?!? And MSM hires him as their “security” expert! They had him yapping on the tell-a-vision regarding the Paddock event last Fall, too!

    They plan these events in areas that have their agents in place … the controllers “handle” it.

    YES, Florida is tooled up, and ready to go.

    Glad Mr. Dougan got out in time! He tells the truth.

  2. Florida is also known for its plethora of rehab facilities for drunks and drug addicts. I think they have more of these than any other state. Back in the late 90s, two corrupt New Brunswick, NJ cops were popped for running a whore house and busting local drug dealers and then releasing them, taking their dope and what they didn’t use for themselves they would sell. They astonishingly were not criminally prosecuted (cops are a privileged class, like lawyers and judges) but they were kicked off the force losing all accrued pension and other benefits. One was white, the other Hispanic. The white cop (known by the locals as, “Crater Face”) moved to Florida and got a grant to open a drug and alcohol rehab. From there, he got more grants and opened and ran a chain of them. Today, he is a millionaire. A retired New Brunswick police sergeant I know who knew both of them told me this about 3 years ago. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

  3. Ponce De Leone and his Fountain of Youth. Modern Florida began with genocide and debauchery of Taino and other Indigenous peoples. Florida is odd among the states and has long been a “hideout with modern amenities”. Frivolity and lawlessness are attracted to it, and spring break is just one example. Guys like Trump are sharks swimming in the minnow tank. The entire real estate joke of ‘swamp land to sell you” originates there. The legacy of Florida is barbarism, real estate fraud, and a place to release ‘inhibitions”. It continues today, with the death count from the hurricane in PR being covered up , with links to Florida. On the geographical overlay of a time map, it would be noted as a place to find nudity, without ever knowing what is there. I’m betting for police 14 is the age of consent.

  4. The sheriff’s sheltered in place while a team of active shooters, not a 17 yo boy, did their despicable work.

    • Meanwhile his boys hid behind the car while all this was going on. Maybe they were instead to shoot anyone who tried to run out of the school.

  5. The ultimate takeaway from this is that cops cannot be trusted. What there is of the few remaining good people inside law enforcement, will soon be forced out and replaced by nothing more than thugs and deviants.
    America’s police force is not only corrupt and rotted to the core but a danger to all Americans.
    Do not interact with cops. Do not become on any terms with them, do not speak to them. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to have an attorney present. You do not have to answer any question asked by a cop.
    Just remember: as an American you are guilty of violating at least three federal laws that can find you guilty of a felony and you do as such every day from the time to get up from bed to the time you go back to bed. You are guilty of committing three felonies without ever knowing it.
    America is a police state. freedom is an illusion. The truth is an enemy and those who speak it are considered criminals.
    ” There are none so enslaved as those who believe they are free.” Goethe

    • The only thing i say to cops is this question.”Which side do you plan on fighting for?” The ones that respond usually say for his neighbors.The assholes that don’t respond i think would shoot you dead if given the order.As for Parkland school i figured it a false flag right away.The news crews in their rush to get their stories on the air is where you find the truth.There was one student that said there were three shooters dressed military style.Two others claiming more than one and even one who was with the suspect as she heard shots fired.I have a video of David Hogg rehearsing his interview with CNN.Take all that along with a live drill that day and the incredible speed of this march for our lives campaign.I may be stretching it a bit when i say the CNN van got there before the shooters but it gets my point acrossed.

    • Andrew, it could be any of the more than 4,500laws passed by the U.S. congress that create felonies for violating.

  6. By this time, this week, ex sheriff Scott Israel should be out looking for a real job, that is if anyone will hire him. He is finished. The incident at the High School where four Coward County cops hid behind their car on Israel’s orders has turned people against the sheriff’s department there.
    Israel is history. Maybe tRump will offer him a job guarding Mar A largo or rounding up children.

    • should be out looking for a real job or maybe should be better that his ass be taken to a place of imprisonment…..

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