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Trump issues outrageous lie about Russian control of Germany

Trump: How much of Germany’s gas comes from Russia?

The claim: Germany imports 60% to 70% of its energy from Russia.

Reality Check verdict: Germany relies on Russia for most of its imports of natural gas. But gas makes up less than 20% of Germany’s energy mix for power production.

At a Nato summit, US President Donald Trump criticised Germany for importing so much of its gas from Russia while expecting the US to pay to protect it from Russia.

“Germany is totally controlled by Russia because they will be getting from 60% to 70% of their energy from Russia and a new pipeline,” he said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has responded by saying that having had experience of a time when part of Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union, she is now confident that the whole country is independent.

Mr Trump is right that Germany relies on Russia for most of its gas imports. Eurostat estimates that Russia is responsible for between 50% and 75% of Germany’s gas imports.

The commodities brokerage Marex Spectron told Reality Check that about 60% of Germany’s gas was imported from Russia, with most of the rest coming from Norway.

But that does not mean that 60% of Germany’s energy comes from Russia – Germany’s energy mix for power production is about 40% coal, more than 30% renewables, less than 20% gas and 10% nuclear, according to Marex Spectron.

The country is trying to reduce its use of coal and cut out nuclear altogether, which means its use of gas and renewables is likely to increase.

Some of the extra gas is likely to come from Russia as a result of the building of a new pipeline under the Baltic Sea called Nord Stream 2, which Mr Trump referred to.

The German government has stressed that the €9.5bn ($11.1bn; £8.4bn) pipe from Russia to Germany is being funded by private companies and that no German taxpayer money will be spent on building it.

Nonetheless, President Trump pointed out that former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was involved in the leadership of the project.

But even with the new pipeline, the use of gas in Germany will not increase by nearly enough to mean 60% to 70% of energy will be coming from Russia.

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23 Replies to “Trump issues outrageous lie about Russian control of Germany

  1. splitting hairs about whether it’s 60% of gas or 60% of energy, it’s irrelevant. Point is that Germany is paying billions to Russia at the name time NOT paying billions to NATO and their tab is being picked up by USA. Trump is effectively saying that US taxpayers are paying Russia to supply gas to Germany, which makes no sense if Russia is the evil empire.

    1. Germany has no obvious threat from evil Russians. And all EU, too. If i smoke US Marlboro, light up with Cricket by Swedish match Co. and eat Italian spagetti – FSB should come and arrest me for being a latent agent of USA, Sweden and Italy? We all consume the products of different companies of all countries. So, it is a pure lobby. We don’t argue the fact that 99% of comp.processors are US made, and the US software dominates. We just can’t refuse it. Global trade is full of lobby. And when there becomes no room at the market, the sellers may start a fight.

  2. Stop the presses everyone! Now hear this: a professional liar told another lie. Uh, yeah and…

  3. This is so non-news Since when have US presidents spoken the truth about any MFing thing. Since when? The last one who spoke even a smidgeon of truth,… well we all know what happened to him & his brother.

    1. Over by Alaska the Russians received a shipment of Barbidolls, maybe 30 years ago. They cut off the yellow hair and made fishing lures. The Russians offered oiled seal skin fishing wear as trade. This is how real trade should start. Everyone sitting down and benefiting. The Gov. should foster trade. Not stick it up our, oh well.

  4. All Trump’s words are a clear and expected logic: stop purchasing Rus gas, buy LNG from USA. It contradicts the laws of open market, meaning that Germany is occupated.
    I wanted to ask some personal questions to my American collegues.
    What is the average salary of an ordinary oil/gas industry worker (like metal-worker, operator at platforms or pipelines) per month?

    1. andrew
      that should be “occupied”
      like jew israel “occupies” christian america, or as the great brother nathaniel kapner, former jew himself turned russian orthodox priest over at the great truth website “realjewnews” calls it JEWMERICA

    2. and why did Russia leave germany after the wall came down ? Since then the USA had broken every promise given to Russia

    3. And, we all acknowledge, – very talented and wise crooks from USA establishment. Otherwise, they all needed to find a firm basement and the idea to justify the landing and coming, at the second role to the Berlin. Talented. Or how they could explane to any Michael from Oklahoma why the hell there was the need for him to drag to some war in Europe (at least Michael didn’t care about war and Europe at all) and to fight against Hitler, instead of any French soldier, who didn’t want to fight, but prefered to save his beacon. And after 1945 to find another firm basement why USA had the need to stay in Europe. Up and coming guys!…

    4. When I lived Alaska the wages took a hit – I’m thinking its around 8000.00 per month – 7 days a week Xs 12 hrs. The Corporations started to lay off the Alaskans and brought in the Lower forty eight guys that worked cheaper and didn’t have any solidarity. I think 20.00 an hour is a normal non- union pay scale.

    5. Thanks, Garry. But as far as i know, you have to pay taxes from these $8000. Well, it is better than $1500 tax-free salary per month for a metal-worker or $1700 for hand welder in Russia.

  5. What a lying piece of s–t, does anyone believe the usa anymore?
    Germany has been a vassal state of America/israel since the end of WW2, and there presence in Syria is to stop the pipe line from Russia to Europe, and isolate Russia.
    Why would Europe want expensive gas from the usa that comes mainly from Canada?

  6. In 2016, 97% of all U.S. natural gas imports came from Canada. So according to Trump’s logic, the US must be totally controlled by Canada?

  7. Before you jump out of your friggin’ skins over this, consider what Pres Trump was saying is they import 60-70% of their GAS from Russia. By saying “energy” he meant gas. Give the guy a break for once!

  8. The fiction that Russsia is going to invade Germany is a whopper. Who believes this crapola anymore? You want some natural gas from the US that’s cheap; ha! another whopper.

    1. We won in 1945 and set a symbol of Liberation, the Soviet solder with a little German girl on his hands in Treptov Park, keeping the sword down. And gone away. USA came and stay there in Germany, giving orders to Germans how to live and what to do…..

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