Fighting Back: Gerrymandering, Redistricting and the 2018 Midterm Election

With full support from the editors of VT and all patriotic real Americans. Gerrymandering is the RKM's way of keeping you under the boot.


To restore America:

  • Overturn Citizens United v. FEC
  • Disband the Supreme Court
  • Declare the Bush/Trump presidencies “null and void”
  • Immediately redistrict congress, eliminating gerrymandering
  • Create Senate “districts” based on population.  No for free ride for Rhode Island, Montana etc
  • Term limits
  • Reduce the military to 250,000 active duty and a budget of $100m
  • Close all overseas bases
  • Withdraw from NATO
  • De-recognize Israel
  • Nationalize Google and Facebook
  • Revoke Rupert Murdoch’s citizenship and close his holdings in the US
  • End the electoral college
  • Audit and then close the Federal Reserve
  • Repudiate all government debt not held by private citizens and recognized institutions with public ownership
  • Hunt down the perpetrators of 9/11 and the War on Terror, domestically and the nation states involved
  • Open the files, UFOs, 9/11, World War II, all of it, tell it all
  • Enforce the Wanta plan, national high speed rail, national public transportation, full employment
  • End all narcotics use in America beginning with shutting down CIA operations in Afghanistan
  • End drug cartel control of America’s banks and government
  • Hunt down everyone involved in narcotics and human trafficking, inside the US, inside congress, inside law enforcement and around the world.  Make them pay
  • Expose the cults at the center of Washington and fake evangelical “Christianity”

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  1. Great list….if it could be done but, pretty much impossible with the way the system is set up and the fact that “most” people do not have a clue what is being done to us. Meanwhile, the Stasi States of Amerika march forward on a daily basis causing more and more harm to the average citizen. Pretty depressing…only thing we can do is take the cutouts down(or us being taken down trying) when they show up personally to tell us what we “must” do or else! Live Free or Kill and/or be killed!

  2. The list reads just like the Libertarian one.
    This would be how to make America great again.
    The SCOTUS has been nothing more than a yes man for the police state and tRump’s pick to replace Kennedy is even worse.

  3. Mr Duff,

    If I might add to your list we should shut down Amway and their money spigot to the Republican Party and the alt right Christian wingnuts and reign in the Devoss family.

    What utter scum the religious right really are!



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