Ireland: Not Afraid of Israeli Bullying Anymore, Duff on Press TV

As usual, VT "tanned, relaxed and on our game"


Israel’s man in Ireland, Alan Shatter coming out with the usual Garbage.


  1. Thanks, Gordon.

    When enough of humanity stops feeling sorry for, or intimidated by, these vile shysters, their arrogant demands will be met with only laughter.

    And a huge long-delayed serving of justice.

    It’s only a matter of time.

  2. Don’t be fooled by Irelands ‘stand’ against the Khazars……..dig deeper and find out…..another dog and pony show by Liberalism in Ireland

    • Paedo hunter – regards! I think it ironic that if Israel is kicked in the ass by liberal Irish politics well is it not a case of coming full circle as Liberalism is one vice that Jewry instigated in large measure in Western society across the globe unleashing a considerable amount of filth in its slip-stream. Personally, in many respects I do not imagine Irish anger at Israel’s heinous disregard for Palestinian people is confined to the liberal wing of elected Irish officials. That any Irish politician would condone Israel’s actions is an indictment of logic and common sense.

      The Irish learned the art of politics down to a fine art tangling with the British. Not that Irish politics are any better under a democratic system but the Irish have the art ascerbic wit and razor sharp repartee honed, as if by a fencing master who – as Alexandre Dumas comes to mind, would find himself the butt of ridicule as “Dumb Ass” in quick order if he were to confront a politicking “Paddy” or “Mick”. Or to quote Flann O’Brien about how these ‘cute hures’ enjoy the cut and thrust of politics: “What you think is the point is not the point at all but only the beginning of the sharpness.” But that only relates to the cream of the pint. The remaining seven-eights are merely average to quote Flann O’Brien a second time: “The majority of the members of the Irish parliament are professional politicians, in the sense that otherwise they would not be given jobs minding mice at crossroads.”

  3. There appears to be a slight crack developing in the Zion’s veneer. It reminds me of what an investigator said after a 747 crashed. A stress crack developed in the turbine causing the engine to destruct in flight. The flaw was so slight it couldn’t be seen, even when magnified.
    Bravo Ireland. Years of British occupation have made the Irish very sensitive.

  4. Mr. Duff , I thank you sir for the video and your open and truthful assessment of the ILLEGAL trade that is for the benefit and enrichment of an occupying military on stolen land !

  5. Israel has again been found to be meddling in foreign affairs . This time its selling weapons , made in Israel , to the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine . They have course denied this but the article was on RT news . Study their history only for a few hours and you will discover what 2 faced liars and pickpocket hoodlums they [ the Tribe ] really are ….

  6. Good for Ireland! I hope, as Gordon suggested, that other nations in Europe follow Ireland’s lead and do the same.
    It’s time for israel to begin felling the heat. They’ve gotten away with everything and when they get caught they scream the holocaust fairy tale.

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