Melania’s Language Skills, Good Enough for an “Escort?”

Inquiring minds want to know, except of course at the National Enquirer, owned by a friend of her husband....


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  1. Descending to the level of gutter press and fake news… Melania was in a happy place before becoming FLOTUS and now, subjected to smears and constant attacks she has no way to respond. But hey, go for it big guys (pussies), and kick her while she is defenceless.

  2. a guy who spent his entire life being a fraud certainly doesnt attract an accomplished honest woman.
    melania by all accounts and even using her own pictures with/without tRump in them…has been….selling herself her entire life….her face teeth etc…are totally unrecognizable to what she used to look like and her pictures strongly suggest overt sexuality as if she were presenting herself to the highest bidder….she seems totally uncomfortable talking to tv heads or talking to children…this video is important as it stress again that there is no penalty to lying..and she has certainly learned that as well..since there is no need to pretend to speak languages when you can not.

    one telling tape of her idiot husband has him proclaiming that her breasts were the greatest he had even seen… it beyond comprehension that he doesnt know her breasts like her face are enhancements?
    combine the vids we have of there public spats starting on the steps during his inauguration and you conclude she is just as much as the freak show as anyone else… the twilight zone white house.

  3. The video is all about Lies in the Trump administration – even the MSM has showed it – now we can see that his wife is one too. But, no surprise the Damned Government is nothin but a Lie. I’m just wondering when Putin will stop Trump from using Russia has his War Mongering Whore to collect money from the European people and the Americans

  4. What a BS. One should let people alone. Nobody who speaks 5 languages can speak the languages as the mother tongue. If you do not speak a language every day or so, you will lose most part of them. This is my experience

    • Factually IF the concept of multi Lingualism is Introduced at Toddler age then Those grow up to Speak multiple languages Flawlessly ……… IF the Languages are taught early then Children soak up like a sponge …… Most here are Only English Speakers but some astonish me to see some Idiots can’t even spell the Only language they know , English …….

    • We had a functional illiterate in the White House in the name of George W. Bush, a man who couldn’t build a proper sentence if he tried.

    • Yup and it was a functional illiterate called George W Bush that Proudly Declare that a Grade C Student can now be the President of USA ……. So Basically advocating Grade C and the People Cheered on ……Once he even Declared Himself ” the Decider “

  5. This trivia is not worthy of VT, don’t know who put it up but the ‘Senior Editors’ should be ashamed.

  6. Why are you trying to smear the First Lady? She’s a damn sight better than Moochelle!

    • No one needs to “smear” the First Lady. She does that all by herself.
      Cue Sinatra: That’s Why the (First) Lady is a Tramp.

      Yeah, and that’s what I want to find in a “First Lady” — being a “damn sight better” than another person.


      Those who has eyes, but can not see.
      Jeremiah 5:21
      Psalm 135:16
      Mark 8:18

      Go back to sleep, and count sheep. When you see yourself, be sure to let us know.

    • If we are grading First Ladies, Michelle is way out of Melania’s league. If you compare their platforms, Melania : cyber bullying, Michelle : children’s health, …Melania loses big time. On proper presentation and decorum, Melania loses big time. On fashion , (which is usually only a big thing if that’s all they have) Melania loses big time. I don’t see a single category Melania wins with Michelle except nude photos. And that is not a good category to win if we are talking about First Ladies. On the point of Inspiration, which is for my own grading of First Ladies, Melania cannot even complete the entry form. Michelle inspired more people than any First Lady since Eleanor.

  7. I’m more inclined to question the American diplomatic corp’s language skills. It’s rare for an American ambassador to care to speak the language of their embassy’s country, let alone actually speak it. That goes for democratic and republican administrations, they’re in complete agreement on that point.

    • One thing has nothing to do with the other.

      If an American diplomat is saying they are FLUENT in 5 languages, then you can bring that point up as comparison.

      If they speak English, and only English and you think they should “speak the language of their embassy’s country” . . . that’s another topic all together.

  8. She waited for her husband to purge as many black employees as possible, before moving into the White House. My take, is that she is most likely more racist than her sponsor client.
    Wearing the “I don’t really care do you ? ” jacket to the border fiasco is as far as I can tell, the most obvious overtly directed fashion faux pas of any First Lady in history. Is there not one person in the entourage, who would have said, “Are you sure you want to wear that jacket ?” during what was obviously her most political appearance as First Lady at that point ? If that was a mistake (which I do not buy) then she is dumber than a bowl of soggy corn flakes.

    • Being “fluent” also means having the READING COMPREHENSION skills of that language.
      You bring up the “I don’t really care do you?” message found in her tossing FLAK jacket.

      My take: she’s either too dumb to COMPREHEND what that means, or, she did COMPREHEND what that means and choose to wear it a’la Cruella Deville, or her Humpty Trumpty narcissistic husband forced her to wear it — and it was his middle finger to US. ¿Tu comprende?

      Either way . . . she’s stoopid, in my opinion, and a disgrace to the First Lady position, which has turned into a rather flat, laying on one’s backside.

  9. Well just how many different languages can she say, “me love you long time”. She’s come a long way and though she didn’t get 7.5 sacks and 88 tackles like the last first lady, she’s done well. She’s a survivor.

    • Hallerious, Harry! Hallerious! No wonder they spent so much time and effort fitting him/it into women’s clothes. Tackle her in the sack I would not! I’m surprised it didn’t launch a new vogue fashion design à la crocheted lingerie for a cumbersome crotch. I’ll be sure to let you know if I get my hands on one but don’t hold me to it as I’d rather take my chances under the silken lure of a femme fatal.

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