When They Shall Say Peace! Our Lord Warns Blessed Aiello What Is Next



When They Shall Say Peace! Our Lord Warns Blessed Aiello What Is Next
By: Eric Gajewski
Examining the message of Good Friday (April 16, 1954)

There were many revelations given to this holy woman in Italy in which coincide with the morning headlines of our times. She warned us from Jesus and Mary that the whole world seemingly had turned her back on the Son and that we would be on the verge of such cataclysms the world has never seen. In this analysis of her April 16th, 1954 message I break down into sections the varying areas Our Lord and Lady warned about. Some of the mini- messages within this revelation include war is coming, corruption of the youth, more penances needed, church is opposed due to scandals, the great persecution coming, obstinate sinners and divine chastisement.

How many people outside of the traditional catholic world truly believe we are on the verge of such punishments the world has never seen? I think it is wise to recall some of these messages from time to time to put into perspective of our salvation and the need in helping Jesus to convert others to the true Faith. I shall relay each revelation then provide some analysis beneath it.


War Is Coming (1954):
“Upon initiating the usual sufferings, about the hour of 1:00 p.m., Jesus appeared to me, covered with wounds and bleeding, saying to me:
‘Behold my child, see to what ends the sins of man have reduced me. The world has lowered itself in overflowing corruption. The governments of the peop1e have risen like demons incarnated, and, while they speak of peace they prepare for war with the most devastating implements to destroy peoples and nations. Men have become ungrateful to My Sacred Heart, and abusing My Mercy, have transformed the earth into a scene of crime’.

I have had many “conservative” pundits on my shows and virtually all of them say war will not happen. Scripture and prophecy say otherwise. The world is drowning or is drunk off of the worlds false peace program which is essentially running through the Masonic/Socialist Vatican these days. Man’s sins have reduced God to such sorrow which was even evident in the writings of Padre Pio BEFORE the Fatima message. It is hard to quantify just how bad we must look from heaven’s perspective and Jesus indicated that the governments of the people have become like demons. This is very strong language!

What country is truly not in on the game? Please don’t tell me America. We have always been Masonic/ Zionist stooges for the NOW and Trump is just another player in the game who will be dragging us into further wars.

They speak of peace and hold all of these meetings but in the end it shall be for naught. Heaven’s peace plan of getting Russia consecrated is not the same as man’s and thus when you disobey Our Lady you ultimately disobey the Son’s wishes.

Jesus says the most devastating implements will be used. The next war will be more horrific than the two major wars previous. Various nations would be annihilated Fatima indicated and Our Lord indicates this here again. When they shall say peace and safety……

Corruption of the Youth (1954):
“Numerous scandals are bringing souls to ruin particularly through the corruption of youth. Stirred up, and unrestrained in the enjoyment of the pleasures of the world, they have degraded their spirit in corruption and sin. The bad example of parents trains the family in scandal and infidelity, instead of virtue and prayer, which is almost dead on the lips of many. Stained and withered is the fountain of faith and sanctity the home’.”

Adults cannot turn the TV on these days without being scandalized in some fashion. I was up late just the other day on some major channels catching the news and indecent commercials were popping up left and right. We have to face the fact that our kids stand virtually no chance in this modern world if you attempt to try and stay attached to it. Perhaps the TV is not as important as you think?

The Pedophiles are rampant these days and who can our kids trust?

If I were a parent it would be awfully difficult to trust anyone in the public sphere given the numerous scandals we hear both locally and in the world.

The world is getting worse on a daily basis in terms of sin. The more sin the more harder it is to “work around those sins”.

Modern man is all about self and pleasing this self. The parents are bad examples for the kids and the supposed Christian parents are virtually all heretics in this world. Who is being trained right when the Vatican cant even get proper doctrine down?

Children don’t strive for virtue because their parent aren’t. Jesus says prayer is almost DEAD! That is frightening. We are a busied modern society who has no place for silence and solitude and yet as the next war commences the world will hear the screams of the dying.

The home is no longer a fountain of faith it is simply a meeting place for those who “live with each other”.

I do believe most undersell just how bad the world is because perhaps their world isn’t all that bad……just yet



  1. Years ago when the Catholic Church shortened the mass in an effort to draw people back. I had a thought, which I thought humorous. I imagined drive thru windows for the taking of the Sacraments, would be next.
    Is it true that in Russia since Putin’s rise to power, some 60,000 churches have been built?