Hurray Russia! Watch Female Russian Spy Burn “Dickless GOP”

The National Rifle Association launders $21 million in Russian cash to Trump while the fake news scrambles to deflect


Introduction by the Senior Editor:

On May 19, 2016 Don Trump Jr. Met with Russian super-spy financier, Alexander Torshin.  Don Jr. was in Louisville, Kentucky with his father and now, for the time being, President of the United States.  They were there to cook a deal to launder $21 million in Russian cash into the Trump campaign through the National Rifle Association.

Russian spy, Alexander Torshin, taken in Louisville, Ky. May 20, 2016 after meeting with Trump Jr

Dickless clowns, this is the GOP, always was.  Remember, we have a president who is really an accused pedophile, if 12 and 13 year old girls count. 

He was sued and settled, but who settles charges of raping and killing kids?  New law?  America?

Mine’s bigger, noting Butrina and the 3rd rate knockoff of a VT sniper rifle she is holding

For us, Maria Butrina is a hero, a Russian spy who “pissed all over” the GOP, perhaps literally.  Watch the video, this is a clown parade led by Butrina who showed up in the US with a huge sign, “I am a Russian spy, kiss my lily white ass”…and they did, all of them.

Our sources tell us that KGB/FSB/GRU central banker, Alexander Torshin, funneled $21 million in Russian black ops cash, laundered through the National Rifle Association, into the Trump presidential campaign, the majority of the $30 million donated by that group, now exposed as a Russian front, to the orange buffoon.

Torshin’s has a long history with Trump, having laundered up to $2 billion in Kosher Nostra cash through Trump’s front companies.

All of this started as early as 2011, when Torshin began pushing mob cash into the NRA and a number of Christian Zionist fronts throughout the American south.

Add to the group Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who our sources claim runs the dry cleaning/heroin processing facilities in Helmand Province that so many Marines have died “protecting and defending…”

By 2013, Torshin and Butrina had bought Trump’s primary advisor, John Bolton, burning him in Russia:

By 2015, Torshin was controlling all finance for Russian black ops and Butrina was using the NRA to burn and roll up dickless GOP slimeballs, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Rick Santorum, the entire array of phony candidates while steering the NRA/GOP/FSB/Mossad toward a rigged election and a Trump/Netanyahu presidency.

Trump poster done for Butrina in Russia, who he now claims “Who the hell is she?”

Guardian: The Las Vegas hotel ballroom was crowded, but the Russian redhead caught Donald Trump’s eye. “Yes, ma’am,” he said, inviting a question.

It was July 2015, and Maria Butina wanted to know what Trump, then a month into his unlikely campaign for the White House, planned to do about US relations with her country. Trump had good news.

“I believe I would get along very nicely with Putin,” he said.

Butina, then 27, was asked on the sidelines of the event why she had travelled all the way to Nevada for a gathering of libertarians and conservatives. “I would like to know more, and to bring this knowledge to Russia,” she said casually. “I hope it will be useful for my country.”

According to US prosecutors, Butina’s patriotic curiosity had by then developed into the beginnings of a criminal conspiracy.

Butina was arrested last weekend and appeared in court in Washington on Monday, charged with operating as a secret agent for the Kremlin. She is accused of working to infiltrate the National Rifle Association (NRA) in an attempt to influence the Republican party and, ultimately, the US government.

Read more at UK Guardian



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  1. not here i am afraid to tell you….this woman has already testified in front of the senate committee and had her home searched….have you heard a single word pushing back from the repiglicons?..

  2. BTW, JA,

    The red hair is fake. My cosmologist relative said her hair is fake red hair.

    Don’t know about any other part of her but maybe she would look great in a porn video staring your local political hack like this jack ass:

    Who knows as one does not want to be bored….

    Political favors and sexual favors as whats the ‘effin difference?

    course, twood be amusing if Walker and this doofis were staring in said videos….

    The gun issue? Classic divide and rule!

    Rural vs city.

    urban vs non urban.

    The key motivator is fear as it shuts off all reason.

    Got to love the NRA in Mr. Duff’s pic as a fake red head with a gun she knows nothing about sleeping around with the republican establishment as Jim Dean says “you can’t make this stuff up” as what to do other than have a beer and a laugh…

    Just an opine from a member of the rabble…


    • Dyed hair, I’m shocked! In fact I volunteer to do a closer inspection on this young lady to determine her natural hair color. I’m sure most of the VT community would also like to take a look. After all, inquiring minds want to know!

    • Johnny America – So you now know all about small town cops and speed-traps (Brodhead and Brooklyn)?

  3. Well Jonny A,

    I would say this would it not be amusing to see Scott Walker in a “compromising position” with said Russian cutie as I live in Wisconsin’s first congressional district and the beer is good here!

    Remember Randy Bryce running for the seat as he is a good man.

    Trust any of them?

    He he..


  4. As Frank Zappa used to admonish, “titties and beer, titties and beer”. Of course it’s now, ‘red head spies and bags of cash’. It seems our decision makers are still in junior high school.

    • The ability to infiltrate and drastically change the direction of politics is not difficult. The idiots who win elections are not very ….. aware. If and when the creative people decide to be sneaky, they could destroy the whole bunch. Mostly, it is empathy that stops them. Deception is disgusting to them, while it is standard operating procedure for those they oppose.

  5. Big gun Mr duff!

    How many did that little red headed cutie honey trap?

    Film at eleven and get the cold beer and buttered popcorn out as the show is about to start!

    As I must remind many of the commenters here that there is a huge difference between the two parties now and it is historic!

    However, tRump supporters are the dumbest folk on the planet!

    Please keep up the good work…


    • Ciders, me too, unless you were on the East coast, before trains, almost everyone drank ciders. When farmers joined the temperance movement, they cut down their apple trees. Apples were for making booze. In fact people are now grafting the old stock that they can find to save the varietals from the past. Johnny Appleseed was a drunkard, eh! Hickup

    • Well, the original colonists were mostly from the West Country of England, which is where cider making originates.

    • Johnny America – Sprecher Brewery is in Glendale (a near north suburb of Milwaukee), not Lake Geneva Wisconsin. I used to smell the fermentation on my daily commute on the North-South Freeway.

      While the mass produced beer in Wisconsin may be bad, even Milwaukee’s Be(a)st gone flat is the nectar of the gods compared to Scott Walker – all of us who even got a brief impression of him when he was Milwaukee County Executive knew almost immediately that he was a sociopath.

    • Johnny America – While one of the five Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub locations is in Lake Geneva, the beer is brewed in Glendale at their main location. And the Jews in Lake Geneva cannot hold a candle to the Zionist UW Student organizations that infest the Library Mall area as to being obnoxious (understand why pogroms happened) – no wonder Kevin Barrett was driven out of UW.

      But the Jews I grew up around in Wisconsin back in the 1970s and 1980s were all “Ocooch Mountain News” types (made money in Chicagoland, then went out to the country as part of the “return to the land movement”). Never saw or heard anything to indicate that they Jewish or Zionist – it was until much later after I a moved away I realized from their names that they were Jews.

      No love for Spotted Cow or Fat Squirrel from New Glarus?

      Haven’t lived behind the Cheddar Curtain for some years now, but get through southern Wisconsin on Highway 11 as often as I can afford to on the way to Blackhawk Farms (done a few hundred laps there on a motorcycle).

  6. Red on the head is … like bees to flowers.

    What in the hell is that thing Torshin is holding ? It looks like a,.. I don’t know what. Paint ball ?

  7. It seems the law under which this girl was charged and arrested is used selectively. For instance let’s look at the Magnitsky Act. This legislation was promoted by Bill Browder, of Hermitage Capital fame, who is a UK citizen, and was charged with tax evasion in Russia. He is definitely a foreigner, and he certainly came into our country to influence US policy against Russia. In the same vein, the SCOTUS through Citizens United upheld a law which actually encourages foreign investors to donate money to the campaigns of our politicians, who are then supposed to remain uninfluenced when voting on pending law. It’s all rather ridiculous.

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