VT v. Google: Zio-Silicon Monstrosity Gets $5.5bn Fine from EU


Editor’s note: VT identified Google and their Ideas Group and Jigsaw regime change organizations when we investigated the murder of Press TV correspondent Serena Shim.

American journalist Serena Shim murdered for discovering shipments of Sarin gas (file photo)

She had reportedly tied a Google-run safe house to Sarin gas shipments to al Nusra and the George Clooney White Helmets inside Syria.

One such real attack had killed over 1000, but several attacks had been faked.

We asserted Google was involved in all of them and began a program against their military contracting activities that put them under increased scrutiny in the EU at least, and cost them a few dollars.

They can pay this like nothing – they only need to steal a bit more.


European regulators have hit Google with a €4.3 billion ($5 billion) antitrust fine for abusing the dominance of its Android mobile operating system. It’s the highest anti-competition penalty ever imposed on a company by the EU.

The fine was announced on Wednesday after the EU found the US company guilty of using its Android mobile operating system to block rivals.

“Today, mobile internet makes up more than half of global internet traffic. It has changed the lives of millions of Europeans. Our case is about three types of restrictions that Google has imposed on Android device manufacturers and network operators to ensure that traffic on Android devices goes to the Google search engine,” said European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager.

“In this way, Google has used Android as a vehicle to cement the dominance of its search engine. These practices have denied rivals the chance to innovate and compete on the merits. They have denied European consumers the benefits of effective competition in the important mobile sphere. This is illegal under EU antitrust rules,” she added.

Google’s Android operating system is the world’s most popular mobile software system, and is installed on more than 80 percent of smartphones globally. The EU said that Google must make competition fairer and allow smaller players to earn.

The penalty from the European Commission is the highest antitrust violation fine that has ever been imposed on a company for breaching EU competition rules. The EU ordered Google to end the illegal conduct within 90 days or face additional penalties of up to 5 percent.

The previous record was a €2.4 billion penalty on Google for manipulating search results to promote its own price comparison services over those from competitors.

The European Commission continues the investigation on a third Google antitrust case. Competition authorities have said Google could have used its AdSense advertising service to thwart rivals. Google is accused of blocking rivals in online search advertising.

Shares in Google’s parent company Alphabet slid more than one percent in US premarket trading.


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    • THE ANDROID WARS: U.S.A. journalist Serena Shim

      {The humanoid Android (GMA/GMA Transgender) genetically modified human

      Robots, stationary and mobile

      AI}: all capable of complicity

      Serena Shim was an American journalist who worked for Press TV on the ground at every major war conflict. She was killed by the Turkish government, when she uncovered the smuggling of ISIS soldiers through the Turkish and Syrian border using NGO trucks. The Turkish MIT accused her of spying and 2 days later she was dead in an suspicious accident with a cement truck.
      I talked recently with Serena Shim’s family. Her mother Judith Poe, her sister Fatemeh Shim, and her husband Abraham Shim.
      They spoke of Serena Shim’s accomplishments and life, her career as a journalist as well as letting “Sassy” live on through others and their activism — whether that’s standing up for an oppressed country or some local change — stand up and make some change to the world and let Serena Shim’s legacy live on. https://tinyurl.com/y954x2o7

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