What Robert Mueller Knows—and 9 Areas He’ll Pursue Next

Examining the public bread crumbs of Mueller’s investigation gives some indication about what’s left that we don’t know—the active and ongoing investigative work that Mueller’s team is pursuing that hasn’t seen the light of day.

Erik Prins, is he facing Mueller justice?

Editor’s note:  The following subheadings are the meat of this quite valuable piece from Garret Graff at The Wired:

  • 1. How do Erik Prince, the Seychelles, and the inauguration fit in?
  • 2. How do the UAE, Qatar, and Jared Kushner fit in?
  • 3. What role did Sergey Kislyak, the GOP convention, and the finances of the Russian Embassy play?
  • 4. How do Roger Stone, WikiLeaks, and other Americans and Brits fit into the GRU indictment?
  • 5. What did Mueller learn from George Papadopoulos, Rick Gates, and Michael Flynn?
  • 6. What’s in those 291,000 Michael Cohen documents?
  • 7. What’s up with that Trump Tower meeting?
  • 8. How relevant is Cambridge Analytica and was there a coordinated effort by the Trump campaign or associates to gather intelligence or untoward opposition research on Hillary Clinton?
  • 9. Do people like Carter Page and Felix Sater matter?

The piece ignores some realities.  Felix Sater is called an “intelligence asset.”  He is, in reality, a Mossad agent and mobster.

And they say Felix Sater is a vicious animal….

Black Cube is left out and its “kinetic” efforts, which may well have included targeted killings inside the US.  It certainly included blackmail.

The big fail is Wikileaks, failing to note its ties to a major troll farm of document fabricators in Tel Aviv, why Wikileaks really exists.  It also leaves out names of the Kosher/Russian financed blog/rags like InfoWars, Russia Insider and The Saker.

When you mention Erik Prins (real spelling) and leave out Sheldon Adelson, Benjamin Netanyahu or Richard DeVos and their ties to Israeli intelligence, you miss the boat also.

From The Wired:

The special counsel has collected a mountain of evidence in the Trump-Russia investigation, but so far only a tiny amount of it has been revealed in official indictments. Here are nine areas where we should expect answers as the inquiry unfolds.

When the history books are written, Rod Rosenstein might just be the most interesting figure of the Russia investigation—the beleaguered deputy attorney general whose memo in his first days on the job was used to justify the firing of James Comey.

After that he quickly appointed Robert Mueller as the special counsel and spent the following year supervising his investigation while under immense pressure from President Trump and congressional wolves seeking to undermine his credibility, even impeach him.

As congressional Republicans have sought to undermine the Justice Department’s integrity and independence, Rosenstein has made numerous short-term, tactical concessions to his critics, bending traditional rules and handing over documents to Congress about confidential sources and ongoing investigations—compromises that previous administrations would never have made.

Why would anyone put up with the abuse, vitriol, and daily haranguing from the president’s Twitter account that Rosenstein has endured? Why would Rosenstein seemingly set precedents that undermine the core principles of the Justice Department, an institution that he’s devoted nearly his entire career to serving?

I have a simple theory: In a world of hedgehogs and foxes, Rosenstein today is the ultimate hedgehog.

Rosenstein knows one very big, monumental, history-shaping thing—how Trump’s presidency will end—and he’s wagered that if he can hang on long enough, justice will be done and the good guys, in his eyes, will win. His early actions, around Comey’s firing, will be vindicated by history when seen by the light of his bravery and personal sacrifice and refusal to be bullied into quitting, a move that would almost surely lead to Mueller’s investigation being shut down or circumscribed by whichever Trump appointee takes over supervising it next.

Read more at The Wired

Editor’s note, 1:39 pm PDT, July 16, 2018: This article has been updated to reflect the indictment of Maria Butina.

Garrett M. Graff (@vermontgmg) is a contributing editor for WIRED and the author of The Threat Matrix: Inside Robert Mueller’s FBI. He can be reached at [email protected]


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  1. interesting if not mostly obvious those 9 points..which count out to about 50 or so….but again just about what anyone following the news would be asking too.

    as far as the saker being controlled….something always seemed a bit off..to me when reading it…perhaps you are correct…certainly wiki-leaks is as you claim…and yes the big untold story is always the hand that israel is playing…but i would not pretend to know what Mueller is up to…since there have been no leaks except the ones he wanted…and we find out things months after he has been investigating them…the recent arrest of the spy with NRA and GOP major connections..has been under his thumb since april..her home raided and she already having testified before the senate committee….just one example.

    will Mueller be able to pull this all together soon?….since i sense people are growing tired of it…unless shown results….or will he have to walk silently fearing isreal?

    that is my question and i asked it over a year ago…taking heat from the usual suspects.

    • I usually do a quick seach on sites that interest me. When I do a search for Israel and Gaza on the Saker, it returns a great number of articles that clearly are not in agreement with the usual bias in favour of Israeli crimes. That is not typical of Israeli funded sites.

  2. Thank You Ian, your comments and articles, are always very enlightening. I wish every American Veteran would read VeteransToday.Com every day.
    ” The Truth Shall Set Us Free,
    From The Shackles Of Fascist Tyranny”
    When We were sent to Vietnam the Brass told Us We were fighting for Democracy, I have never stopped fighting for Democracy.

  3. Well, the reporters who broke the Cambridge Analytica story have my vote for whatever. If Brexit and Trump were a coordinated international political scheme, with Russian/Israeli ties, then lot’s of guilty folks are going to be walking free. So far, lot’s of things that these schemes made up, have turned out to be the very thing they themselves are guilty of. It seems rather obvious, that 20 years in prison, vs having your family killed off is a no brainer, so it looks like it’s heading for “somebody has to go to prison”. Certainly right now, the international opinion is on Muellers side, beyond anything during the Iran-Contra scandal and probably even Watergate. Going dark for a month or two is easy, but keeping the lid on for six months…is probably impossible for nearly everyone involved, with the exception of guys like Prins. I think we may see mud slinging in many directions as the noose tightens. It’s that calm before the storm when everyone defends themselves by dishing on others.

  4. Why does the “MSM” fixate on 12 “Russian” Trolls and completely ignore the estimated 100,000 Hasbara Cyber Terrorists operating around the world?
    Are these Hasbara Cyber Terrorists funded by US Taxpayers Dollars? Does Jewlian Assange work for Hasbara?
    Is the main goal of Hasbara, censorship and deception, to sway public opinion?
    Dear Vt Editors: These might be rhetorical questions which we may never know the true answers.

    • Assange is Mossad, Wikileaks is the clearing house for all the damaging material on other countries that the US & Israel wants to put into the public domain.

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