The New “We Love Commies” NRA

Have pity, give America a second chance


by Gordon Duff,  VT Senior Editor

Watch the Dave Pakman video:

It wouldn’t take much to arrest the leadership of the NRA, which includes a dozen members of congress, for laundering a proven $21 million in Russian cash into the Trump election coffers.  

Why are they not indicted?  Why is the FBI protecting them?  How many FBI officials are NRA members?  Is the NRA a cult?

The Russian media is now in love with the National Rifle Association.  It all comes from the horribly embarrassing problem wherein the NRA got “had” by a Russian girl spy who is said to have “done” their leaders, their congressional puppets and used them to launder $21m of mob cash to Trump.  Get only some of the background here but also suspect there is much more.

Let’s take a new slant on this.  We long ago tied Trump to the Russian mob and then, we believe, proved the “Russian mob” is actually the Israeli mob.

Let’s also admit that the NRA is the heart of the Russia bashing right wing crowd in the US and has a long tradition for war mongering against Russia and finding commies under every bed.

As with the fake Christian evangelist/zionists who will blow up family planning clinics but vote for a serial “civil settlement/guilt admission” rapist for president…

What we have, quite simply put, is a “right” that is morally repugnant and for sale.  They thought they were taking $21m in illegal Russian cash, they believed it was from Russia’s intelligence services in the first place.

The real origin is probably the mob, something we think is much worse.

We don’t blame Russia for buying and bribing corrupt Americans.  That the right is so easy, so utterly ‘on the take’ has always been the case, that mix of organized crime, wall street and big haired child molesting preachers.

Russia has reason to fear America, a nation of hucksters and crazies.  We don’t blame Russia, they are doing their job.

We do blame the NRA and wish Russia would take pity on what real Americans are left and not push money into the hands of mobsters and thieves that are destroying our country, just to save theirs.

A destroyed America does help Russia and Israel, no one doubts that.  The world wants it.

Give America a second chance.

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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.


  1. science without ethics is destructive, as are spiritual practices without truth , we can see them running in parallel currently. It is very clear, the NRA relies heavily on the fear of death, loss, despair, and ties it neatly into the same fears Christianity uses, with the same result. Obedience. Loss of sovereignty. Exchange of energy and power from the individual to central authority. it produces that which it portends to prevent. the business of death is always symbolized by death

  2. It’s a bit of a tangent from the topic, except to say, the same methods used to create fear, especially unwarranted, are the same methods used to sap energy for many purposes in many directions by hundreds of agendas. And while I believe scientific instruments do exist that can measure it, it is not available, The simplest example is the camera, which the film was invented by a non-HS grad who openly advocated calendar reform globally, and the guy who invented the body, also a non tread, who sought to capture “spirits” using a light box. The more direct and harsh method known and used overtly by the Catholics, is to rape a young boy from behind. but, even the design of stages, as any performer or priest will tell you, sends the energy of the audience to the occupier of the stage. The churches use science to amplify this in a myriad of ways including burying stolen granite previously charged under the pulpits. Rose granite can be charged by human emotion and intention such that it is discernible to the touch. This is well known. So, a prayer for gratitude, is different from a prayer for help. But one can harness, and the other make use in whatever … this is not to suggest many are conscious of this, but then again, most are not conscious of much. So, that would seem to be the first order of business.

  3. Everyone should observe the deafening silence of the NRA on all these fake, phony school shootings beginning with Sandy Hook. I would bet the top dogs know all the insider dirt from which these scams originated, likely the CIA and others. Has anyone ever read a single article where the NRA discusses any of these school shootings and their relationship to gun control? Why have they clammed up? I believe the answer is they know the corrupt government is behind all of them.

    • There is also a prominent Jewish connection and participation in these school shootings, Sandy Hook and Parkland in particular. There has been little discussion of this. Perhaps it is the money which attracts them to them. Look at the millions paid to parents by Go Fund Me. Even the wealthy county in Florida used the begging scam to get others to pay large sums to the parents so lawsuits were avoided and taxpayers did not have to face up to their responsibilities. These folks are very good at getting others to pay money to them. The last place they want any of them to end up is a courtroom where lying is difficult.

    • wjabbe – Other than the VT comments section, can the actions of organized Jewry be discussed by the goyim without people closing their minds and branding the person bringing the issue up an Antisemite™?

  4. Taking the guns would instantly cost billions in losses for police and dragnets across the country. neither party wants that. We have a violent culture, and if we remove violence , then people would be lost.
    Never Really Aware

  5. The gullibility factor is off the charts and on full display. Every veteran remembers at least one supervisor who was a total inexplicable idiot, and serving under them was more frightening than going into action itself.
    We have an entire pile of these as elected officials right now, and the folks who influence them from many directions are even worse. It’s like 150, 3 year olds, who have been stealing cookies for months and months, now being allowed to investigate themselves to get to the bottom of it. It’s a classic historical shit show.

    • Only because I did not include, that christianity is the primary mechanism responsible for the gullibility. The foundation which upholds the game of pretend. The ultimate controlled opposition network and the purveyor of territorial acquisition alongside squelching the spiritual advancement of good people everywhere,
      To be in the pretend game, a person has to agree that they are born a criminal, and they are separate from the earth. And that the spirit of the creator was there, but he left saying wait here, I’ll be right back like a cruel trick to get rid of children. And then participate in the game of domination and blame, instead of the reality of responsibility,. I was once asked “Hey do you think he’s coming back?” I said,” oh, they fooled you into thinking he left ? They told you that to keep you small.” They don’t need your guns if they own your spirit and shape your reality. John Trudell on the Christian World View

    • David, no, it’s not Christianity it’s indo-europeanity. You are told that along indo languages came agriculture and civilization to Europe about 6000 years ago, but it is just the opposite. They were nomads, just like fake refugees today. Their strategy was to spread, ambush, steal and kill. Women were left alive to harems. And there is DNA -evidence about this, the bottleneck on fatherlines. That brought fallos and sword cult to Europe.

      And nothing has changed, still worshipping Young men with big guns, don’t You? At least Your contempt to the opposite, Jesus from Nazareth, suggests so.

    • The entire premise of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, is the same. They were designed by a common hand.
      Look right in front of you, and see how they support each other. I predicted 20 years ago, Saudi and Israels alliance would come into the public as accepted reality, and hardly a whisper about it. Now, christians will get to see how they are lied to, and how they are all undeniably catholics, as they all use that book, which is a manipulated text, and has nothing to do with the Christian religion. They teach, you are born into sin, …that this dude, is the Jewish son of the Creator of the universe, and women are the origin of original deceit. How women still even consider this insanity is beyond me, and beyond their own sovereign security. The entire thing is designed for mind control, territorial acquisition and soul energy theft. Domination, dominion,…learn Latin and know your master, not mine 1 Corinthians 2:14. Christians are naturalized under dominion – “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” Not taught by people, or books, “discerned”.

    • M.O.A.B, Romans well belong to that cult, they wiped away the original culture and language of Britain and Scotland and then south America for example.

      But You mentioned Teutonic woman. What is it, that a “honorable woman” would do? Are You feeding me that same indo fallos in defence mode. Why didn’t You introduce Maria Magdalena as honorable woman with all her past as the story goes.

  6. Personally i wish a good life and good changes for USA and to its good citizens. Because, what is going on now in the USA is smth.crazy: plots, investigations, tons of lie and propaganda, restrictions, etc etc etc…. Even Russians are tired of it… Yes, i love my Russia with all my soul, but American people deserve a wind of change. To live in a better country and political society. I don’t respect those russian b@stards who, once, ran away to the USA and pour tons of dirt and scorn to their former home. Americans, i want your country to get well soon and both our countries deserve to be Great Again!

    • Well, Putin was smart to stop the adoption syndicate selling children to sub par US parents. We have an illness and we need to get better before we can be trusted with parenting or handling weapons. I hope we have not made a deal to march armies into Iran.

    • Yes, David. Putin, step by step liquidated all that shame and danger, to which 2 criminals leaded. Gorby and Yeltsin. The first killed a greatest country, the second turned it into a hell. Both killed millions of destinies.

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