Margaret Hodge leads Israeli plot to overthrow Corbyn


[Editor’s note: Margaret Hodge is acting in the most disgraceful, despicable and traitorous fashion by calling Labour leaders Jeremy Corbyn a “fucking anti-Semite and racist.”

Hodge of course, is Jewish, a prominent member of the pressure group ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ and is carrying on her campaign against the Labour Leader on behalf of Israel; if there were any justice in this Jewish-dominated nation, Hodge should be arrested and charged with treason as she is acting on behalf of a foreign power and attempting to undermine the British political system.

In 2016 Hodge attempted a coup within the Labour Party to overthrow Corbyn which backfired spectacularly, but this failure has not stopped the horrid woman from trying once again to fatally undermine the party she purports to be a loyal member of.

Of course, Hodge’s actions are a cynical plot to prevent anyone in the Labour Party ever daring to criticise the racist, apartheid, criminal state of Israel or supporting the Palestinian people. Hodge is typical of the bought and paid for scum that infest British politics and work not on behalf of their constituents or the British people, bur rather, they serve the Zionist criminal entity of Israel.

This disgusting case serves to highlight why successive British governments have done nothing to oppose the criminal actions of Israel and shows that the Israeli lobby is as strong in Britain as ever, to the great detriment of the nation and it’s people. Ian]

Margaret Hodge stands by anti-Semitism attack on Corbyn

Labour veteran Dame Margaret Hodge has stood by her criticism of Jeremy Corbyn – as the party prepares for a crunch meeting on anti-Semitism later.

She said she had always disagreed with those who called Mr Corbyn an anti-Semite but “people have to be judged on what they do and not what they say”.

Jewish Labour MPs will urge the party to accept a more thorough definition of anti-Semitism at a meeting later.

They say that the party’s new code of conduct does not go far enough.

The new guidelines, rubber-stamped last week, do not adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism in full.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the debate should be delayed until the autumn, when more people could attend.

Labour’s new code of conduct was approved by its National Executive Committee last week, but it was criticised by Jewish leaders and some of its own MPs.

The document says: “Anti-Semitism is racism. It is unacceptable in our party and in wider society.”

But it does not include all of the “working examples” given in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism.

Following criticism, Labour said it would “reopen development of the code” in consultation with Jewish groups.

Dame Margaret is facing Labour disciplinary action after confronting Mr Corbyn in the Commons last week, reportedly swearing at him and calling him an anti-Semite.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today she stood by her criticism of the Labour leader, saying: “What has happened over the last months – from failure to respond to anti-Semitism against Labour Party members, from failure to respond to the massive demonstration, unique demonstration by the Jewish community, culminating in the failure to adopt in full the universally used definition of anti-Semitism is just a bridge too far.”

She insisted she would not leave the party, saying: “I am going to fight within the Labour Party – and it is terrible that in 2018 I have to do that.”

Mr Corbyn has said he is “committed to eliminating anti-Semitism wherever it exists”.

“Prejudice and hatred of Jewish people has no place whatsoever in the Labour Party,” he said earlier this year.

Mr Corbyn has said he is “committed to eliminating anti-Semitism wherever it exists”

The Labour leader in the House of Lords, Baroness Smith, said there was no point agreeing a definition of anti-Semitism if it alienated the Jewish community.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour that adopting the full international definition was “the way forward”.

Jewish MPs Ruth Smeeth and Louise Ellman will submit an emergency motion at Monday’s Labour meeting calling for the party to amend its guidelines to include the IHRA definition.

Critics of the party’s new guidelines included the chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, who said Labour would be “on the wrong side” of the fight against racism unless it toughened up its stance.

What are the differences?

Labour’s code of conduct was drawn up after the 2016 Chakrabarti inquiry. It followed allegations of anti-Semitism within party ranks.

The code does reproduce the IHRA’s “working definition” of anti-Semitism and lists behaviours likely to be regarded as anti-Semitic – but critics point out that it leaves out four examples from that definition:

Accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country
Claiming that Israel’s existence as a state is a racist endeavour
Requiring higher standards of behaviour from Israel than other nations
Comparing contemporary Israeli policies to those of the Nazis

Labour have insisted that while the examples are not reproduced word for word, they are covered in the new code.

Labour’s code says it is “wrong” to accuse Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel than their own country. And it says that using Nazi comparisons in Israel-Palestine debates “carries a strong risk of being regarded as prejudicial or grossly detrimental to the party”, triggering a disciplinary investigation.

A party spokeswoman said: “The code of conduct adopts the IHRA definition and expands on and contextualises the IHRA examples to produce robust, legally sound guidelines that a political party can apply to disciplinary cases.”

Tory vice-chairman Rehman Chishti said: “Labour’s failure to adopt the IHRA definition of anti-Semitic racism in full is shameful.”

Electronic Intifada
New assault on Corbyn aims to ban criticism of Israel in Labour

A leading pro-Israel lawmaker is being investigated by the Labour Party for allegedly slandering Jeremy Corbyn as a “fucking anti-Semite,” The Electronic Intifada can reveal.

A Labour source said on Friday that following receipt of a third party complaint, a notice of investigation into “alleged abusive behavior” has been sent to Margaret Hodge.

But the source said that Hodge would not be suspended during the investigation.

Margaret Hodge’s office did not answer a call, and she did not immediately reply to emails requesting comment.

The news came as the Parliamentary Labour Party is once again in a state of near civil war over the manufactured “anti-Semitism crisis” this week.

Hodge, a former minister under Tony Blair, had on Tuesday confronted Labour leader Corbyn, reportedly attacking him as “a fucking anti-Semite and racist.”

Writing in The Guardian on Wednesday, Hodge confirmed she had “confronted” Corbyn, but did not repeat the expletives attributed to her by a fellow lawmaker.

She did, however, claim that Corbyn “is now perceived by many as an anti-Semite.”

Corbyn’s spokespeople responded that “action will be taken” against Hodge, who has reportedly violated Labour rules on acceptable behavior.

Hodge’s attack was prompted by a new Labour code of conduct against anti-Semitism, which was formally adopted by the party’s ruling national executive on Tuesday.

While the new rules adopt large parts of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s controversial definition of anti-Semitism, it removed one clause which would have barred criticism of Israel’s racist policies and Zionist state ideology.

The IHRA document includes “claiming that the State of Israel is a racist endeavor” as an example of anti-Semitism.

This could be used to ban criticism of a host of Israeli policies such as barring the return of Palestinian refugees solely because they are not Jewish, or the new “nation-state” legislation that has been widely condemned for enshrining elements of apartheid into constitutional law.

Israel lobby groups have mounted a major campaign for governments and institutions around the world to adopt the IHRA definition.

Racists accuse anti-racists of racism

Adoption of the clause barring criticism of Israeli racism into Labour’s rule book would have a serious chilling effect on Palestine solidarity activism by party members.

It is the rejection of this clause which Hodge and other right-wing and pro-Israel Labour lawmakers are up in arms about.

In effect, the party’s pro-Israel and anti-Corbyn lawmakers are arguing that it is racist to – accurately – describe Israel as racist.

Ironically, the furore comes in the same week that the Israeli parliament passed a new basic law formally enshrining Israel as a nation-state for Jews alone, removing Arabic as an official language and encouraging “Jewish settlement” on stolen Palestinian land “as a national value.”

supporter of Labour Friends of Israel, Hodge was responsible for triggering the failed 2016 coup attemptagainst Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

Hodge submitted a motion of no-confidence in Corbyn, which led to a leadership contest that Corbyn ultimately won with an increased mandate.

Corbyn’s threat to take action against Hodge for her reported verbal assault was met with fury by the right wing of the Labour Party – who backed Hodge’s attack on their own leader.

Israel lobby groups have also piled in, with the Jewish Labour Movement offering Hodge “full solidarity.”

The JLM acts in close alliance with the state of Israel and is led by a former Israeli embassy officer. Its director has privately admitted to working closely with an exposed Israeli embassy spy.

JLM has been at the forefront of attempts to portray the Labour Party under Corbyn as a hive of anti-Semitism.

JLM officer and former local councillor Adam Langleben wrote in The Times of Israel this week that Labour’s failure to fully adopt the Israel lobby’s preferred definition of anti-Semitism in its code of conduct meant that his own party was now “institutionally racist.”

Lawmaker Joan Ryan, chair of Labour Friends of Israel, said she was “appalled” by the new code of conduct, claiming it helps those who want to “demonize and delegitimize the state of Israel.”

Ryan’s own conduct however illustrates the dangers of conflating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. In 2017, an undercover Al Jazeera documentary exposed how Ryan fabricated allegations of anti-Semitism against a party member who had questioned Labour Friends of Israel’s position on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

On Thursday, Tony Blair weighed in, telling the BBC’s Newsnight program that it was a “disastrous move” for Labour not to fully adopt the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

“I’m afraid I can understand the anger of much of the Jewish community and I sympathize with it,” the former prime minister said.

Blair added that it would be “crazy” for the party to proceed with disciplinary action against Hodge.


Over the weekend, a new book by a former Labour staffer exposed details of the lengths to which Labour’s right-wing establishment has tried to sabotage Corbyn from within.

Tom Baldwin, a former director of communications, revealed that during last year’s general election, Labour campaign chiefs secretly refused to run social media adverts designed by Corbyn’s leadership team, which had been aimed at increasing voter registration.

Rather than say no to their party leader, they instead ran the messages as Facebook “targeted” advertising, so that only Corbyn and his inner circle of left-wing activists would see them.

“Labour Party officials became so good at targeting Facebook ads, they were able to deceive Jeremy Corbyn about the kind of campaign they were running,” Baldwin reportedly writes. “If it was there for them, they thought it must be there for everyone. It wasn’t. That’s how targeted ads can work.”

The Labour right and Israel lobby groups have run a sustained campaign of sabotage against Corbyn.

This included undermining the party leader during the 2017 election and suggesting to voters that Labour was not a “credible party of government.”

Corbyn’s response to such open disloyalty has often been characterized by attempts at appeasement that have only served to embolden the attacks.

Racist endeavor

On Monday, a majority of Labour MPs voted against the new code of conduct.

But the lawmakers do not have the final say, with the National Executive Committee responsible for deciding Labour’s rule book. The vote was intended to pressure the NEC to scrap the new code, but it appears not to have worked.

In a letter addressing Labour lawmakers ahead of their Monday meeting, Labour’s general secretary Jennie Formby defended the new code of conduct,

“The only one of the IHRA examples … that is not quoted or explicitly referenced in our code deals with claims about the state of Israel being a ‘racist endeavor,’” Formby wrote in the letter obtained by The Electronic Intifada.

She explained that the “the wording in the IHRA example is open to different interpretations and runs the risk of prohibiting legitimate criticism of Israel.”

“Palestinians have as much right as any other people to define the discrimination they have experienced as racism, and we cannot uphold one set of rights by infringing another,” Formby added.

Left-wing national executive member Darren Williams wrote on Facebook after the ruling body met on Tuesday that the National Executive Committee had confirmed adoption of the code of conduct but “agreed to reopen discussions with Jewish organizations regarding their concerns.”

In a Facebook discussion, Williams wrote that inclusion of the “racist endeavor” clause would have been “an unacceptable curtailment of legitimate criticism of Israel and it’s to the credit of those who drew up the party’s code of conduct that it was consciously excluded.”

Meanwhile, 40 Jewish organizations from around the world urged institutions like the Labour Party to reject the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

In an open letter, they condemned the IHRA definition as being worded to “intentionally equate legitimate criticisms of Israel and advocacy for Palestinian rights with anti-Semitism, as a means to suppress the former.”

Groups signing onto the statement include Jewish Voice for Peace, the Jewish Socialists Group and Independent Jewish Voices.

Also supporting it is Jewish Voice for Labour.

The left-wing group has cautiously welcomed the new code of conduct, while warning that the IHRA definition “has never had unanimous support” among British Jews, is “badly drafted and confusing” and has been used to prevent criticisms of Israel.

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  1. An attempted Bolshevik putsch in the Labor Party and the perpetrators hedging their bets against a deserved backlash hiding behind the Holocaust yet again. Have these ghouls any respect for their own dead? How often are Holocaust victims to be debased, disgraced and besmirched by demonic forces purporting to be Jewish dragging their names in the mire before someone stands up and says: “ENOUGH!” Hodge’s attempt to undermine the Labor Party is treasonous and the attempt to destroy Jeremy Corbyn has only succeeded in outing her and an attendant clique of shysters who cannot, in any circumstances be allowed to remain as members. May the door hit them hard on the ass on the way out.

    • Letters of the phrase “hodging their bets” give certain, yet few 11-letter words – the longest in fact, and the one that stands out is REDIGESTION, the theme of my screed against idiot Hodge, redigesting the same ol’, same ol’ till one gets sick of the Holocaust being sacrilegiously recycled, regurgitated over and over ad nauseum. And for what? To give cover for every illegal and duplicitious action the Zionists can dream up or the Knesset can muster for their fanatical ends to eulogize Oded Yinon and murder, annihiliate and lay waste the entire Middle East. If the Holocaust didn’t happen – and regretfully it did thanks mainly to Jewish bankers fomenting wars, people like Hodge might take a good hard look at Israel and Zionist politics today and realize she is caught up in a murderous mobilization of terror and war by stealth. That is what she is part of, this is Margaret Hodge. And by the way, the longest word from the letters in Margaret Hodge give us, wait for it – GOATHERDER. Who’d a thunk it.

  2. One day somebody within the Jewish community must grow a pair and publicly ask the question; Why are We are universally hated? Then form a committee to study the question. This will never happen, but it should. Hodge should move to Israel,l and take the Baroness with her.

  3. It’s so obvious who Margaret Hodge works for! Not for UK that’s for sure. She will always look out for Israeli interests rather than her English constituents. People wonder why the Jews are seen as traitors in their host / birth countries, as their hearts are not there and they always exploit them to the last penny / cent, not to mention the wars which they create and the fact that they use other people’s children to fight for the expansion of Israel.

    Abridged from the original as published by the world renowned industrial leader,

    Appearing originally in the periodical published by the Ford Motor Co.
    “The Dearborn Independent.”–s-the-funeral-of-henry-ford-in.html Look at this very long line of people, on a cold winter day in Detroit in 1947, waiting to say good bye to the single man who did so much to improve their lives. Henry Ford was a genius with little formal education born on a Farm in Michigan in 1863. Pray for more Henry Ford’s to come along and save America from the selfish thieves he sought to expose in his great newspaper the Dearborn Independent.

    • Quote:
      “…But, examine the FACTS. The Dearborn Independent articles fitted the American scene 30 years ago, they fit it now! The Jewish Question continues to mount the scale of public attention all over the civilized world, attracting ever a higher type of mind to the discussion of its significance. It cannot be encompassed within the range of a single volume.

      This edited version seeks merely to give the gist of the four volumes in which the famous series of articles were printed under the title: THE INTERNATIONAL JEW. Presenting the essential facts in easier sequence and condensed to about one-tenth of the original wordage, many contemporary illustrations have been eliminated, but the implications of the Jewish Question in America and the evidence of the impact of the Jewish Idea on the lives of ordinary American citizens have been marshalled in a form readily assimilable by new readers, providing a useful digest for the informed. The way to a just solution of “the world’s foremost problem” is clearly indicated.

      Truth is visible when honest men seek Her diligently. The reader, wherever he may be, to whatever nation he may belong, should seriously reflect upon the fact that the conditions long-operating in the United States and the conclusions which emerge from this investigation of the Jewish Question in that powerful country, can, in all probability, now be paralleled in his own land, his own…”

      G. F. Green.

  5. The anti-Semitism ruse is nothing but a con to prevent criticism of criminal, gangster activity. Since they purport to follow a particular religion, they claim you are criticizing their religion if you criticize them for committing crime! So called religious people commit crime every day. For example Catholic Priests illegally molest young kids while acting for the Catholic Church, but even they don’t have the chutzpah to claim you are attacking their religious views by criticizing their criminal activity do they? Yet even they use money raised for church purposes to hire lawyers to get them out of criminal charges and jail time. The Israelis are masters at conning folks. They seek to make you feel guilty for criticizing them while they pick your pocket. Look at how they treat Palestinians. Look at their illegal nukes. Look at how they steal land and illegally build on it. Look at how they did 9/11/01, yet they would have us believe they are religious zealots who believe in the Golden Rule while they steal and kill innocent peoples all over the planet. Thank you Ian for a great but depressing article.

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