Israel: The Ultimate Racist Colony

Finally, Israel has officially dismantled the charade of “the only democracy in the Middle East”, and exposed its true face as the ultimate racist apartheid colonial state by issuing its new law: Jewish Nation-State Law.


By Dr. Elias Akleh

After 70 years of Israeli colonization of Palestine and discrimination against the Palestinians treating them as subhuman goyims, Israelis; the racist self-proclaimed holy people, light on all nations, and chosen by a racist god, have just crowned their racist ideology with a new law; Jewish Nation-State Law, that was passed last Thursday night of July 19th.

This law defines the Zionist Israeli colony in Palestine as a state that belongs exclusively to the “Jewish people”. It totally disregards and cancels the citizenship of the indigenous Palestinians numbering more than 50% of all the recent population and whose roots in the land go back thousands of years in history even before the alleged existence of ancient Israel.

This law considers the “land of Israel” (all historical Palestine) as the historical homeland of the Jewish people, where they can fulfill their alleged cultural, religious and historical right to self-determination that is unique and exclusive to the Jewish people. It stipulates that al-Quds (known as Jerusalem), complete and united, as the capital of Israel.

It grants automatic citizenship to world Jewry and encourages all Jews, and only Jews, to immigrate to Israel. To accommodate these new immigrants this law views the expansion and development of new Jewish settlements (colonies) as a national value. To make this Jewish Zionist Israel more unique and more exclusive than the rest of the world this law paints it with Hebrew language and Hebrew calendar as the official language and calendar of the state.

All these privileges for the Jews come on the expense and nullification of the rights of the indigenous Palestinians. This law violates international laws, UN resolutions, peace process and political agreements, and most importantly human morality. It totally negates the existence of Palestinians; the rightful owners of the land.

It cancels the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their own homes and towns as guaranteed by international laws. It negates their history, their language, their culture, their religion and their humanity. What is most dangerous is that it paves the way for more ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and more theft of their land to build more Jewish colonies.

In short, this law is a flagrant discrimination against Palestinians. This Jewish discrimination has a long history that started 100 years ago and gradually grew in intensity until it culminated with this Jewish National-State Law. Israel does not allow Palestinians to buy or rent any land because the Israeli government claims the whole Palestine as Jewish owned granted by divine land deed. Palestinian towns are considered contaminants on sacred Jewish land that need to be extricated.

Thus, Israeli governments pursued a policy of graduated demolition of Palestinian homes and villages. The recent demolition of Palestinian Khan el-Ahmar village last week is the latest example. Palestinian existence is tolerated as long as they are perceived as slaves; animal souls born in human bodies whose sole existence is to serve the god’s chosen people; the Jews.

Israel has finally admitted what all the world has known since the beginning of its illegal colonial establishment as the ultimate racist apartheid in the whole world. Israel is a colonial project based fundamentally on the racist religious faith of Judaism with a genocidal real estate racist god, who favors one alleged nation over the rest of his creations to be the light on nations and assigns them a promised piece of land as a homeland.

Let us remember that Judaism is a religion not a nationality, and that “Jewish people” is just a religious farce, for modern Jews came from different nationalities, and Israeli Jews are Jews, who adopted the Zionist colonial ideology.

This law openly declares that Israel is an apartheid regime that is worse even than the old South African apartheid regime. It clearly exposes the fallacy that Israel is the “only democracy” in the Middle East for in actuality Israel has been the only racist and Jewish exclusive state in the Middle East.

The region does have some Arab democratic regimes such as that of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt where government is elected in as a democratic fashion as the American elections. Unlike Israel that considers itself Jewish only, these Arab countries have citizens who are members of different religions and creeds and are from different ethnicities.

This Israeli law embodies the ugliest form of racism far worse than the Nazi’s motto of “Deutchland über alles” (Germany above all). Jews claim to be the victims of Nazi racism and hatred, yet they are the ultimate racists and haters of all goyims without any exception. An examining look at the Judaic holy books exposes their ugly racist character. Racism and hatred are not the exception in Israel but are the social and religious norm.

Racism is the most fundamental building block of Judaism/Zionism/Israel and is an intrinsic characteristic of the Zionist colony so much so that Zionist Jews do not just discriminate against all goyims; non-Jews, but they also discriminate against different factions of Jews among themselves, and segregate each faction from the others; Ashkenazim, Haredim, Sephardim, Mizrahim, and black African Jews, Oriental Jews, Russian Jews European and American Jews.

This intra-racism is so strong that white Jewish Israelis regularly commit hate crimes against black Ethiopian Jewish Israelis and refuse to have them live in the same neighborhood or shop in the same grocery stores, or work in the same office, or even buried in the same grave yards. This racism is implanted early in the minds of their children in public schools, where black Jewish Israeli children are segregated from white Jewish Israeli children.

This intra-racism is not restricted to individual Jews, Jewish gangs, or certain Jewish Israeli neighborhoods or cities, but it is also a governmental policy adopted by governmental as well as civil and private institutions.

The well-publicized cases of forcibly injecting Jewish African immigrant women with birth control on their first entry to the state, building walls isolating Ethiopian communities from white communities, the dumping in trash of donated black Jewish blood believing it is religiously unfit for white Jews, the theft of thousands of African Jewish new-born babies  from their newly immigrated mothers claiming them as born dead while giving them to white Jewish families, among other similar cases of extreme intra-racism and discrimination are examples of racist policies perpetrated by the Zionist governments.

This racism and segregation breed hatred and violence that is encouraged in the Israeli educational system since kindergarten classes. Students are taught that the Jewish race is a special race, a holy race, light upon all nations; god’s chosen people, while the Others are defiled races, who contaminate this world and needs to be eliminated (destroyed) as one of the prerequisites for the Jewish Messiah to come down to earth. Israel’s god is a genocidal god, thus there is no wonder that present day Israel is also genocidal. Their history reveals this undeniable fact.

This racist apartheid law is the major premise in the Zionist colonial ideology. The Israelis did not dare to declare it in the past for fear of global reprimand. But now with the American support at its zenith with Trump’s administration declaring al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the Israeli capital, and with the timid objections from global communities, who seem to be unwilling to hold Israel responsible for its many crimes, Israeli leaders are emboldened to despise all international laws and to pursue their brutal racist colonial project of Greater Israel in the Middle East.

Dr. Elias Akleh

It is still not clear to many nations and their political leaders that the ultimate goal of this Greater Israel Project is not just to colonize and control only Palestine, but also the whole Middle Eastern region as its second phase, and finally the whole world as its ultimate goal. If we don’t put a stop to this satanic scheme now all our future children would become slaves for this racist terrorist state in the future.

About Author:  Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab writer from a Palestinian descent, born in the town of Beit-Jala and lives in the US.

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  1. Good, someone who bothered to check some facts. Do you realise how aggravating it is to find VT’s comments section frequently resembling the sort of Jew-hating guff that should be the preserve of places like Stormfront? It undermines all the very hard work we do when commenters spout off semi-informed hate speech as it makes it all too easy for our critics to label us as just another bunch of Jew-haters.

  2. What’s so amazing is Israel’s new law is violently racist yet, it is ignored by Western media. While recently in Poland a rule was passed disallowing the use of Polish to define a Nazi POW camp. The Jews were all over the poor Poles. Hollering and crying their anti-Semite bull shit. Poland was hammered with negative MSM news for 2 weeks. Now, with this new law Israel cuts the throats of the Palestinian, and not a peep from the bastards. NEWS FLASH, the Jews will eventually do to all non-jews what they are doing to the Palestinians. If you have any doubt about what I’m saying you haven’t been paying attention to history, current and passed, and consequently (we) deserve what is coming next.

  3. It may be time for the UN to kick Israel to the curb. I mean it. Expel the racist state. They, the Jews, proclaim their chosen status, them above all others. Well let them stand alone. The US must cut off payments as should all countries which support them. BDS forever.

  4. The Jews killed Jesus…
    “Here is your king,” Pilate said to the Jews.

    15 But they shouted, “Take him away! Take him away! Crucify him!”

    “Shall I crucify your king?” Pilate asked.

    “We have no king but Caesar,” the chief priests answered.

    16 Finally Pilate handed him over to them to be crucified.

    • Jesus was not a real person. Try John G Jacksons “Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth”. printed in the 1930’s.
      The story is Egyptian mythology, regarding the Horus decan,
      If the Catholic bible is your reference, as to proof of his existence, then that is very weak. One of the consternations of Christians who blame everything on jews,… But you are the one worshipping a Jewish God ?
      This is constantly right in front, a hypocrisy of epic proportions.
      Ever wonder why there are four specific books, that tell the “true ” story of Jesus,… well that is rooted in calendrics, and is replicated in many cultures … it is not original or true. It is the four “warning or separate” decans of the 36 , they exist in nearly every system. It is ridiculous.

    • According to this legend, the “King of the Jews” was indeed crucified, and his name was THE SON OF MAN, JESUS BAR ABBAS, an Israelite Palestinian who rebelled against the Roman barbarians who occupied Palestine and were killing its people!

  5. The Romans killed Jesus. I keep telling you Jew haters, you HAVE to get your FACTS straight otherwise you’re handing the ball to the opposition and making it a lot harder for the rest of us who write proper, rational and factually accurate criticism in order to reach a wide audience and actually do some good.

  6. “AshkeNAZI Jews comprise 80% of the world Jewry”
    Jews of European descent, often called Ashkenazim, account for some 90% of the more than 13 million Jews in the world today (2013),7340,L-4339595,00.html

    The Ashkenazi Jews, which represent 95% of all Jews, are susceptible to some severe and profoundly debilitating genetic diseases

    • You’re making the error of assuming all Jews of European descent are Ashkenazi, which is far from true; many are descended from the Sephardic Jews who were kicked out of the Levant by the Romans and settled around the Mediterranean, particularly Spain and Portugal. For instance, the notorious Warburg family are not Ashkenazi, they are Sephardic; they settled in Venice and when they were kicked out of there, settled in Germany, the town of Warburg, where they changed their name from Levy to Warburg. The Rothschilds themselves are also not Ashkenazi, having a similar background to the Warburgs. You need to get these things right otherwise you sound like an unsophisticated Jew hater and can easily be dismissed by critics. For instance, it’s nonsense to claim that 95% of Jews today are Ashkenazi and making nonsense claims makes it all too easy to dismiss anything else you say, whether correct or not.

  7. The Khazars adopting Hebrew as their language (after discarding Yiddish) is like the Indonesian Muslims adopting Arabic as their native language. The Ashkenazi hates everything that belongs to him:

    a) He hates his European white skin.
    b) He hates his European DNA at 99%.
    c) He hates his Ashkenazi names of Bloomberg and Goldberg.
    d) He hates his Ashkenazi foods and now fills his stomach with Arabic foods.

  8. “It grants automatic citizenship to world Jewry and encourages all Jews, and only Jews, to immigrate to Israel.”

    The white Jew is the most racist towards all non-white Jews!

  9. “This law defines the Zionist Israeli colony in Palestine as a state that belongs exclusively to the “Jewish people”.

    As long as the “Jewish people” are not black Jews!

    1) Israel says it won’t recognize Ugandan Jewish community
    The Times of Israel-May 31, 2018

    2) Israel Rules Not to Recognize Ugandan Jewish Community
    Haaretz-May 31, 2018

    3) Battle for Recognition of Ugandan Jews to Move to Israel’s Top Court
    Haaretz-Jun 13, 2018

    4) Israel Refuses to Officially Recognize 2000 Ugandan Jews as Jewish
    Atlanta Black Star-Jun 9, 2018

    5) Ugandan Jews Face Visa Obstacles in Israel
    The Media Line-Oct 23, 2017
    Conservative rabbi claims Interior Ministry ‘doesn’t want blacks here’. .timesofisrael

    6) Kenyan Jewish leader, denied entry to Israel, can reapply for visa
    The Times of Israel-Jan 4, 2018

  10. correction: in the beginning they were deists and masons, but since the troubles began, they are christians, who advocate capitalism, and authoritarianism. Another piece of evidence AGainst government under religious influence.

  11. The history is well described. Those who lived in shtetls and ghettos the vast majority of them are loaded with low mentality. And the saying of ancients is ” do not give the power to lower than the lowest for he has no capacity to digest it. The result will be bloodshed in the land the like of which folks have never seen “.

  12. I found something disturbing. If one looks at Israel’s demographics, the population of Jews is of a quite recognisable number …

    «Israël a une population de 7 981 000 habitants au 31 décembre 2012, parmi lesquels 75.4 % de Juifs (6 017 600 habitants) et 20.6 % d’Arabes israéliens (1 644 100 habitants)» from french Wikipedia (sorry for the reference, but sometimes it can be useful.
    «Israel has a population of 7,981,000 as at 31 December 2012, of whom 75.4% are Jews (6,017,600 inhabitants) and 20.6% are Israeli Arabs (1,644,100 inhabitants)»

    From english wikipedia :
    Main article: Israeli Jews
    According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2008, of Israel’s 7.3 million people, 75.6 percent were Jews of any background.[25] Among them, 70.3 percent were Sabras (born in Israel), mostly second- or third-generation Israelis, and the rest are olim (Jewish immigrants to Israel)—20.5 percent from Europe and the Americas, and 9.2 percent from Asia and Africa, including the Arab countries.[26]

    Total 2015 : 6,276,800
    Total 2008 : 5,523,700

    Question : Is something big going to happen ?

    • So a Khazar gets a Khazar woman pregnant and the Khazar woman delivers a Khazar baby

      on Arab soil and that baby is a “Sabra”? WTH cares! I call them European migrants that were

      dumped on Arab soil as good riddance by the Christian West. I wonder what the British called

      their kids born on Kenyan soil?

  13. The pyramid’s secret inhabitants have no limit in their program (an invisible program to the eyes of ignorants) … but visible due to bibi and his politic inside and outside israel.
    Yes !!! it was time for all of us than zionists shows them “true” and vomiting face.

  14. America has never had a non-christian president, and I believe only one non-Christian or Jewish SCJ.
    This despite , my most recent calculation that less than 20% of Americans actively attend either of those “churches”. The public numbers stated regarding attendance can be verified, by counting cars in parking lots, and averaging for the populace of the area. Here it is , about 90 out 2500. and this is the heartland of the burn-out district. So, our foreign policy is not represented by the populace on this issue, except by facade.

  15. Excellent summation. The comparison with Lebanon in particular stands in stark contrast. Lebanon does not get enough respect for what it is attempting to do, and has accomplished so far.
    Perhaps the only bright side of this, is that Israel has now exposed itself, as racists do when empowered by a racist authority, and just as in the US, the tide of support is going to ebb.
    The error of small people, is when they actually think stupid ideas are good ones.
    Let’s hope this can be used as a catalyst to propel humanity past this nonsense once and for all.

  16. Every grade school teacher knows what a bully is. There is almost always at least one in every classroom. The have learned from long experience with them that they must be dealt with very strongly and immediately lest things and events become uncontrollable. Israel is obviously the bully of the world. But the world has shown cowardice in dealing with this bully who is also a psychopathic terrorist and killer of the planet. Time is running out. This bully is obviously a slow learner. They have learned nothing from history so far. Therefore the world must now teach them a hard lesson they will never forget. If the fools in the U.S. are stupid enough to continue to support them, they are part of this bully and must be taught the same hard lessons by the rest of the world lest the rest of humanity be destroyed by these unspeakable international gangsters and thugs.

    • Not only are many of the IDF murderers, they seem to enjoy it. Recall last year or so when that IDF shot the already shot Palestinian and pictures showed him laughing about it. He enjoyed it. He was given a slap on the wrist. What do you call a person who enjoys imposing suffering on other human beings? Does not this describe these unspeakable psychopaths perfectly? By the way they did the attack on the towers on 9/11/01 but in their evil manner, blamed Muslims for the horrible crime. They are beyond criminals because even in war there are rules. Obviously they can’t follow any rules. They give their middle finger to rules every day as is witnessed by everyone world wide.
      • “Larry Silverstein – is a Jewish American businessman from New York. Silverstein obtained a 99 year lease on the entire world trade center complex on 24 July, 2001. [3] The towers were in fact close to worthless, being filled with asbestos, [4] yet Silverstein “felt a compelling urge to own them”. Silverstein had breakfast in “Windows on the World” restaurant (located in North Tower 107th Floor) every morning. [5] but broke this routine on the morning of 11 September 2001. Silverstein’s two children, who also worked in the WTC, were also absent from work that day. Larry Silverstein was paid a little over $4.5 Billion in insurance money as a result of the destruction of the WTC complex. [6] Silverstein was on personal friendship terms

    • How many countries have Jews been kicked out of in the past, and how many pogroms have taken place?

      It is clear that the self-appointed elite Jewish leadership is happy to throw “rank and file” Jews under the bus when it serves their purposes.

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