Great Pyramid of Giza may be able to focus electromagnetic energy through its hidden chambers, physicists reveal

Revelation could have technological applications such as creating effective solar cells, say researchers


[Editor’s note: How long can the fiction be maintained that the pyramids of Giza are burial tombs of the pharoahs built by Egyptian labourers with nothing more sophisticated then copper chisels and ropes?

It is pretty obvious to anyone who has actually visited the pyramids (I have, including crawling all the way into the burial chamber at the centre of the largest) that such immense structures built from massive stones weighing hundreds of tonnes could only be the work of a technologically advanced civilization.

Furthermore, it is pretty clear that the pyramids are far older than Ancient Egypt and the Egyptians re-purposed them into tombs. 

But what was the original purpose of these immense mysterious structures? I believe they were some kind of machine and the internal passageways and chambers once contained wiring and pipework that was removed thousands of years ago so the metal could be re-used, at that time, the pyramids were already ancient and their true function was completely unknown to the Ancient Egyptians. Ian]

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Great Pyramid of Giza may be able to focus electromagnetic energy through its hidden chambers, physicists reveal

The Great Pyramid of Giza may be able to focus electromagnetic radiation into pockets of energy inside its network of internal chambers and underneath its base, a new study has suggested.

Theoretical research by a team of Russian scientists aimed to understand how the pyramid would respond to radio waves directed at it, with the goal of recreating its shape at a nanoscale.

But far from unveiling and harnessing some mystical property of the ancient structure, the scientists hope to use their findings in technological applications such as creating effective solar cells.

Speculation about the supposed function of Egypt’s pyramids has been prevalent since at least the early 20th century, and the structures have been linked with everything from aliens to the apocalypse.

As the oldest and largest of the Giza pyramids, the Great Pyramid constructed for Pharaoh Khufu thousands of years ago has drawn some of the wildest theories.

In their paper, the scientists acknowledge that “these amazing structures excite the imagination of people engendering various fables and baseless assumptions”.

This, they explain, is what makes it all the more important for scientists to use modern techniques to explore the real-life mysteries of the pyramids.

They used mathematical models to understand how light would react with a hypothetical nanoparticle shaped like the ancient wonder of the world.

“Egyptian pyramids have always attracted great attention,” said Dr Andrey Evlyukhin from ITMO University, one of the study’s authors.

“We as scientists were interested in them as well, so we decided to look at the Great Pyramid as a particle dissipating radio waves resonantly.”

Their research has been published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

The scientists first estimated that a so-called “resonant” state could be achieved in the pyramid using radio wave lengths ranging from 200m to 600m, meaning electromagnetic energy would be concentrated within and underneath the structure.

“Due to the lack of information about the physical properties of the pyramid, we had to use some assumptions,” said Dr Evlyukhin.

“For example, we assumed that there are no unknown cavities inside, and the building material with the properties of an ordinary limestone is evenly distributed in and out of the pyramid. With these assumptions made, we obtained interesting results that can find important practical applications.”

The team’s interest in the Great Pyramid was first roused while they were investigating the interaction between light and certain nanoparticles.

Light can be controlled at a nanoscale by varying the size, shape and refractive index of the nanoparticles’ source materials.

Now, the scientists want to find out if by creating nanoparticles shaped like the Great Pyramid, they can get them to interact with light in the same way it interacted with radio waves – concentrating its energy into specific areas.

“Choosing a material with suitable electromagnetic properties, we can obtain pyramidal nanoparticles with a promise for practical application in nanosensors and effective solar cells,” said Dr Polina Kapitanova, another ITMO University physicist.

This is not the first time the worlds of physics and pyramid research have collided.

In a 2017 paper published in the journal Nature, scientists used particle physics techniques to discover a new chamber inside the Great Pyramid – the first to be revealed since the 19th century.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Ian. I too believe the pyramids are far older than we’ve been taught. I don’t believe Khufu had anything to do with it’s construction. As far as I know, the myth that suggests Khufu directed the construction of the Great Pyramid started with Howard Vyse, who claims to have found a cartouche baring Khufu’s name. The thing is, Vyse was not the first to study the chamber in which he found the cartouche. Many others studied the chamber before him and none of them saw the cartouche. Some suggested the name of Khufu was spelt incorrectly, or the hieroglyphs used were from the wrong dynasty. Others have suggested the paint was still wet. I don’t believe it’s a stretch to assume that Howard Vyse forged the cartouche to get his name in the his-story books. The Great Pyramid looks nothing like the tombs found in the valley of the kings. All other known tombs are decorated floor to ceiling with elaborate and colourful artwork. Whereas, the Great Pyramid has none of that. Not to mention, no mummy has ever been found in the Pyramid. The level of sophistication involved with the design and construction suggest that it was well beyond the capabilities of the dynastic Egyptians. Every attempt to recreate anything to do with the Great Pyramid has failed, miserably.

    • Personally, I find the hypothesis which suggests the Great Pyramid functioned as a water pump/power plant/wireless energy transmitter, to be the most compelling… I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting it myself, but I have studied many aspects of it for quite a few years. IMO, it is the most amazing structure on the planet.

  2. Ian, you who has seen the chamber at the centre of the largest and you get crawling by the small opening in the corner to get inside. If you take the size referred int he bible for the Ark of the Covenant with the supossed two bars to hold it , this one it’s very close with the stone container size inside the chamber and the small opening to get in with the ark size. I’m have the theory that the “ark” was some class of energy device kept inside the pyramid chamber and what the ancient joos (or maybe others) stolen to the egytians in some time and that’s why the egypt king pursue them like is reported in the bible…

    • I don’t think so, the ark is probably a technological device, but I don’t think it came from the pyramids, the passages inside were never meant to be used for access, they are either too small for a human, and were probably conduits that had cables or pipes running inside them, or were hacked out by the Egyptians and were simply not present in the structure when it was used for it’s original purpose. The bible story may not have any basis in reality, or perhaps only the most tenuous link to reality. The Jews in Egypt were nomadic goatherds living far from the Nile in the region that is today the northern Sinai.

  3. The Great Pyramid, formerly the largest known at 220 meters height, now takes second seat to the Pyramid of the Sun discovered in 2005 in Bosnia, at 300 meters. This may soon be eclipsed by a ‘mountain’ in Crimea, with a height of about 400 meters. A possible find in California last year, after the onslaught of rain that season, can be seen on Igor Kryan’s you tube channel: World’s Largest Alien Pyramid in Extraterrestrial UFO Base in California -. I can’t vouch for it.

    • That pyramid in Bosnia is most likely natural, there is no good evidence to prove otherwise.

  4. I know a man named Larry Dean Hunter who has spent a large portion of his life investigating this structure. When he first began, at the age of 29, he went to Giza to tour the site and asked if he could stay overnight inside. No. Making friends among the locals, they told him of an entrance along the bottom of the structure. He crawled in and went for about t0 meters, until it came to a slightly larger area, where he was able to lay out. He told me that he was then ‘scanned from feet to head,and then arose – an energetic awakening.
    Larry has a patent on light focusing based on what he has observed at the structure. There are target points some way out from the structure, aligned semi’cicularly to catch the light focus as it moved with the Sun’s angle from the pyramid. Larry has had carbon dated sea shells from the Sphinx and along the tops of the hills in the area. This structure was once inundated by water. Dating showed 10 million years.
    What do we know?

  5. When taking into consideration all of the things in Egypt and Heliopolis, and the great universities of Mali, (see John Henrik Clarke) and all of the stone structure from around the world, and it is obvious they had a common knowledge and purpose. The preservation of life beyond death. The survival and health and longevity of the soul. So, imagine, if the vibratory magnetic properties of the earth herself gives life not only to the body, but also to the spirit. And a way to maximize this was found, and proven. But it was a process, in which many steps and tests had to be conducted to select the most viable ones, and it was based on many things, but not wealth or privilege. In a benevolent society every resource would be allocated to the purpose, and the process would be open to anyone from around the world.

    • In that system, with the proper checks and balances, it is feasible that leadership would come through bloodlines, the same way many families inherit the skills of their lineage. There are artisans of all types who occupy the craft of their families and continue the highest quality of work benefiting from both the inherited knowledge, and the inherent ability. But , time is a river, and the families in leadership will eventually want to assume more and more power, and seek permanence without chance of removal. The entire system turns to favoritism after that, and it all falls as the loss of knowledge causes increasingly low results. And those who plan seven generations or more ahead, will not participate in that system.

    • This is why the four basic elements and the properties thereof are not taught in our schools. The stone circles were smashed, and abandoned, and replaced with churches. The people now kneel in rows while the pulpit is occupied by an appointee, who has sworn a loyalty not to your soul, but to the accumulation of wealth and resources of a few families. So when you look at the pyramid, and you see it on the dollar, then it should be obvious, that the intention turned from long range goals, to short range goals. From the spiritual, to the physical. From the benevolent, to the malevolent. And as we head to the singularity, it will reverse course again. So, scientifically speaking, Catholicism is blatantly preventing any new souls. That is the idea. This will become obvious and it is a certainty. We are not exemplifying the maturity of our species, we are exemplifying the conception. The birth of a new being comes as sure as the sun rises tomorrow, and Catholicism will not pass through the birth canal, but rather as a hinderance. A ridiculous forgotten idea, that only lived a short time. It will be back in about 24,000 years.

  6. I read about this some days ago and downloaded the paper under:

    It’s done by theoretical physicists, specialized in advanced areas of electromagnetism. The paper is wel wirtten but hard to nderstand without profound knowledge in higher mathematics as well as theoretical electromegnetic theory.

    For those with this knowledge it is very interesting, because it uses modern methods in both areas to approach a theoretical answer to the afromentioned question.

    Russians have done a lot of more fundametal work related to pyramids, they even built there own to investigate possible usage in agriculture, medicine, therapy and more. I’m always eager to get a glimpse about their actual fields of pyramid investigations.

    If anything of this will be of practical use, the future will show. Thanks Ian, for reporting this.

    • You’re welcome. I think there is some sort of piezoelectric effect behind the pyramid’s original function, if you consider what sort of rock was used, they brought the rock from quarries a long way away, which suggests they chose it for it’s particular properties, then they clad it in a different type of rock that had a very high mica content. Apparently, similar things have been found in other pyramids around the world, such as Mayan ones that have high mica content rocks on their outer parts to. I’m no electrical engineer, but there does seem to be something about the silica and mica content of the rocks that has been specifically selected that appears to be a clue to the function of the pyramid.

    • In Tikal there is the pyramid of the moon (as it is called) and at the top a small place that fits one or two people. If a person can be there between 1 and 3 am on certain days, they can hear the “voices of the ancestors”. Nobody is allowed to do this, and even the elders of the tribes must get permits to conduct ceremonies in Tikal. There is also a flat top pyramid there with an altar some way off from the bottom. It was said that is where the “omni’s” land, but that no person has ever gotten close, because they leave immediately if anyone comes close. This from the head of the Mayan elders who at the time had an office in the Presidents palace as a direct spiritual representative of the people for the first time in 400 years or so. The reasons Central America is kept impoverished, and under UN observation is what I call, “religio-mystical domination”. The amount of knowledge in Egypt and Guatemala that has been destroyed by the Catholics, is catastrophic to the human species. Every where there were stones, and now there is churches run by the insane.

    • I’ve been to Tikal, Chichen Itza, Merida and some other Mayan sites, they are truly amazing and it was clear to me that they were built by people who were far more sophisticated and technologically advanced than conventional history admits. The Spanish destroyed so much, one monk spent 30 years gathering up every piece of writing he could find – scrolls, codexes etc. Eventually he piled them all up in the town square and burned them, they say it burned for days and there were over 100,000 documents destroyed. Then there is the case of the man made mountain that had a temple on top; in that temple was a crystal skull that glowed with an inner light. The Spanish took that skull, ground it into powder, mixed the powder with several barrels of water then poured it out and trod it into the earth so no trace remained. They then packed the temple with gunpowder, blew it to atoms and built a church in it’s place. So much knowledge destroyed forever, one of the greatest crimes ever committed.

    • The decision to destroy everything, because they couldn’t sort out what to keep. was made by the Pope himself. It is established Catholic policy. The story I was told, is part truth and part metaphor. The church forced everyone to attend mass. So the people rebelled and went to Maximon. So the churches soldiers went and hanged him in the public square. The next morning he was gone and the church was very angry, and the people kept going to him. So the church once again hung him and again he disappeared and was found alive. Then the church began to kill other people to make examples, and when the people went to maximon he said, they must go to mass, to save their lives, and he would no longer appear. So, now each village has a host house where they say Maximon is, and they all take turns. Only the wise know which one. The last time I was there, I saw UN trucks full of troops, and I asked what are they doing here ? The answer was, I do not know.

    • Johnny, you make a lot of assumptions about power and what it looks like. Tech is not power. Tech is not intelligence, and cellphones do not indicate intelligence of a species. What is the long range plan ? The thing that keeps crop circles going, is that people think people cannot do them. Ridiculous. and very short sighted.
      We could rebuild the great pyramid by the end of next year, gold cap and all.

  7. “Lies, damned lies and statistics.” Numbers can be tweaked to say what we want. The trouble with pyramid math, is that, the longer you play with it, the more mysterious it becomes. The same thing can be done with any structure, anywhere. We still marvel at the same wonders as the Ancient Greeks and are no closer than they were to understanding them.

  8. The origin of most confusion about age or even time itself, is due to adopting a few basic false notions.
    Even a cursory look at the worlds most accurate , enigmatic, ancient calendars, will show, there are no stars on them. The very basic knowledge or concept of time, is forbidden to be taught, discussed, or shown publicly.
    There is no end to speculation about long periods of time, and absolutely no discussion about how to tell what day it is. Or whether even such a thing is possible. It is like funding a trillion dollar investigation into disease, without examining the primary food source. So, the basic question is, is today different from tomorrow, and is there a way for a child with no instruments, to tell the difference that has nothing to do with astronomy ?

    • The days of the week as they are currently labeled, is designed to confuse. Take a model of the solar system, and connect a line between the days in the order of the planets they are named after. Sunday is the Sun, then ,..Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. Where is the day for Earth ? I have not been able to track any 7 day cycle, nor have I seen it anywhere in history or any results published anywhere. It is a financial decision. A work schedule, a hamster wheel for the peasants.
      The reason knowing the days is important, is firstly to understand how pervasive the subtle differences are and to identify the unique attributes of each. Once that is done, then the wholistic understanding the cycle can begin. This also ties into knowledge of other cycles, which are like layers, and each component is simultaneously represented into micro and macro, like the time of Aquarius and the age of Aquarius. If those are observations that have any substance at all, then the other cycles become visible. To have human awareness, attention to the experiment changes the result of experiment. This is proven. Thus, a common mantra among folks who know the church has corrupted time,” they keep praying and praying, and things get worse and worse”. It is both very small, and very very huge, pertaining to the implications.

    • Every calendrical decision made by the church, that I have analyzed , all lead to one constant. Finance and accumulation. This is also stated in the primary mission statement of the Catholic Church, along with the allowance of the creation of supportive denominations, like 1’s 5’s and 10’s of the same currency, and that is what christianity is comprised of. Horus walks across the sky in 12 steps. When he reaches the winter solstice, the place of death, he rises again after 3 days. The beginning of the solar year for any knowledgable people is the Spring Equinox. Most kept 360 day calendars with 5 days of no days, then the mark of the new beginning is the SE. The 365.25 time frame was known, but only used for the financial calendars, in the Maya known as the Haab calendar I believe. Nobody kept a 7 day cycle or used the moon for the 260 day calendar, which has nothing to do with the moon. The function of the 20 days correlates with the functions of the standard 20 amino acids.

  9. I had to laugh when, at the top of the article, it was asked how long the fiction that the Pyramids were burial chambers would be maintained…then further on, the article states that the Great Pyramid was built for/by Pharaoh Khufu. That is no more accurate than them being burial chambers. Especially when it is considered that they are continually pushing back the time of construction, by some researchers to 15-20 thousand years. The 5,000 YO timeline has been nearly completely abandoned (except by academia, of course). The ‘proof’ that Khufu built them is pure supposition, based of ‘writings’ many years (1,000s?) after construction. Much like most of academias approved beliefs, they are nothing more than supposition at best and status quo lies most likely. One look into the erosion debate of the Sphinx and you’ll get the idea. I first read about the generator possibility back in the 1970s, when academia was still teaching in schools that they were burial places. Academia is all about protecting their credibility and destroying anyone that argues against their versions. They are not about truth, which is being kept from us for a reason. Although not related, a great example is dinosaurs and their dragging tails…today it’s been proved that they were held erect as balance weights…but try to push that idea back in the 60s-70s and you were laughed at…by academics.

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