The Collapse Continues

The Shrimp is back! Michael Shrimpton continues his analysis of the collapse of Theresa May's government.


It’s turned into a slow collapse, but it’s a collapse nonetheless. Make no mistake – ‘Appeaser Theresa’ is on her way out. The shameful Chequers Plan, the worst single British government policy since the surrender to our community partner Adolf Hitler at Munich, has dealt a death blow to her government. The Abwehr’s Neville Chamberlain lingered on for another 18 months after Munich. Theresa May will be lucky to see out the fall. The ‘ditch the bitch’ campaign (no offense intended) is gaining momentum.

I’m back, BTW! Apologies to those readers (reader, singular?) who were (was?) looking forward to my column over the last couple of weeks. I have been extremely busy, I’m afraid. Every time I sat down to write this column another piece of legal work seemed to come in.

I’m also battling the Forces of Evil, a.k.a. the Cabinet Office and the Bar Standards Board, no offense intended, before the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal. The BSB was set up in the wake of the English Bar’s crushing defeat in the Bar Wars of the 1990s. The Cabinet Office waged war on the Bar, desperate to destroy our independence. The BSB is believed by many in the Intelligence Community to report to the Cabinet Office.

The BSB are in a panic, BTW, which is encouraging. After I served my evidence they tried to row back on a consent order permitting me to lead evidence to challenge my convictions! The images conviction has been blown out of the water by Dell, when they gave the expert witness instructed by my solicitors the serial number of my laptop’s hard drive. That number of course bore no relation to that of the hard drive the Crown Prosecution Service produced in evidence.

That was no surprise. We already knew that Dell had tampered with their service website in order to remove data relating to my hard drive. Thames Valley Police admitted at my indecent images trial that they had arranged for fingerprint tests on my laptop and the memory stick, that those came back negative and that they withheld those negative results from the Crown Prosecution Service and myself. We also knew that Kelly Chant, the Thames Valley Police technician, failed to disclose the serial numbers of the hard drives she examined (she probably examined two different hard drives – mine and GO2’s) which with respect was highly suspicious.

Either Western Digital Corporation, which has high ethical standards, refused to tamper with their service website, or the Bad Guys forgot about WDC. Either way, they also blew a hole in the prosecution case, as their website gave the warranty data for the prosecution’s hard drive. As anyone who has ever purchased a Dell laptop knows you’re not given a separate warranty for the hard drive! Unsurprisingly, it turned out that the hard drive produced by the CPS was an aftermarket model. The Criminal Cases Review Commission, which probably reports to the Cabinet Office as well, persuaded themselves that Dell don’t warrant the hard drives in their computers and you get two warranties every time you buy one.

Conservative Party Chief Whip Michael Gove addresses delegates on the final day of the annual Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, central England, on October 1, 2014. Talk of treason cast a shadow over Britain’s Conservative party conference this week, where gossip raged over who might be next to defect to the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP). AFP PHOTO / OLI SCARFF (Photo credit should read OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

Michael Gove

Evidence has emerged this week that Michael Gove not only believes in the Chequers Plan, but backs the UK remaining trapped inside the European Economic Area (EEA). This is the position favored by the Cabinet Office, who are particularly worried by the thought of customs and immigration checks on the thousands of trucks coming in Europe. That’s how most of the cocaine, heroin and illegal immigrants get in to the UK. Remember that Britain is about as honestly run as Venezuela. (Who missed with that drone, BTW?). If a Cabinet Office official ever gives you a twenty pound note, don’t smoke it.

The European Commission and German exporters would love to keep us in the EEA. The UK is the largest single export market for German vehicle manufacturers. What’s more they can get away with charging rip-off prices to British consumers.

EEA membership of course would involve uncontroled mass immigration from the EU, one of the key reasons that the electorate rejected EU membership. Both the Tory and Labour parties ruled out EEA membership in their manifestos for the last General Election. That hasn’t stop Remoaners from pushing it, of course – they are opposed to the very concept of democracy, one reason why they felt so comfortable in the EU. They hate the thought of Britain governing herself.

Gove’s support for the Chequers Plan has killed off his leadership ambitions. The leak about him supporting EEA membership has probably cost him a seat in the new Cabinet. He was always a half-hearted Leaver. In truth Gove’s a soft Remainer, who would probably have supported staying in had Cameron been able to renegotiate the terms of our membership.

That was a strategic blunder by the Bad Guys BTW. By humiliating Cameron and insisting on ramming the entire Treaty on European Union down our throats they not only ensured that he would lose the ensuing referendum, they undermined their own political support in the UK.

Support for EU membership is now the exclusive preserve of the payroll vote, German assets, nutters, cranks and students. Remember it was the notorious German agent Sir Edward Heath who dragged us into the EU in the first place, supported by his fellow German spy and pedophile, the equally nasty (no offense intended) Lord Hunt.

Baroness Altmann, one of the silly signatories

The Letter

Fifty assorted Remoaners have written an unpleasant letter to the police and the National Crime Agency, urging a prosecution of leave campaigners for alleged ‘deception’. The letter refers to the Electoral Commission findings that Vote Leave broke electoral law, ignoring the fact that Britain’s Electoral Commission is scarcely more credible than Zimbabwe’s, no offense intended, and reports to the Cabinet Office.

The Electoral Commission had in fact cleared Vote Leave, but very obviously caved in to pressure from the Cabinet Office. The Cabinet Office, wholly improperly, backed the Remain campaign and played a key role in the distribution of Remain propaganda, in the guise of government advice, to every household in Britain.

Unable to stop Britain leaving the EU the Remoaners have turned nasty. They want to criminalise anyone who had the guts to stand up to Brussels. We saw this sort of behaviour in France during the Vichy period. No one is more vicious towards a patriot than a collaborator. That is partly because the patriot exposes the collaborator for the morally worthless piece of scum that he or she is. No human being wants to admit to being a worthless specimen of humanity.

The Remoaners are staying faithful to two of the tenets of our community partner Dr Goebbels – lie big and lie often, and always accuse your enemies of your own crimes. The Remain campaign tried to lie its way to victory in 2016 and failed. Like most liars they are unhappy that their lies were not believed, as they were convinced they would be. They’re as angry as those crooks who circulate e-mails claiming to have caught you on camera watching porn and want to you pay them in bitcoin, else they will circulate the video to your contact lists. (No doubt they get pretty angry when they monitor their bitcoin accounts.)

Not the least of their lies was the claim that 50% of British exports go to the EU. This was based on three separate lies. They knowingly conflated trade (i.e. imports plus exports) with exports, they made use of the Rotterdam/Antwerp Fraud, which treats exports to China etc. via the giant container ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp as exports to the Netherlands and Belgium respectively, and they failed to tell voters that exports to the EU are calculated using VAT returns in order to magnify their importance.

When they realised that they were losing, GO2, the German operation in London, which was backing the Remain (German) side, then tried to murder their way to victory. I am not saying that Remain leaders were consulted in advance over the German decision to assassinate Labour MP Jo Cox in the hope that Leave would be blamed. Almost by definition the Remain leaders were pretty stupid (most of them actually thought that staying in the EU was in Britain’s economic interest, after all). No intelligence officer is going to consult an idiot, let alone a politician, over an assassination tasking if he or she can avoid it.

Whether David Cameron or Theresa May were briefed in after the Cox Assassination is a different matter of course. I am not saying that they were, but MI5 keeps pretty close tabs on right-wing political extremists and would have known that Thomas Mair had no active far-right political associations at the time. Neither David Cameron nor Theresa May is terribly bright, with respect, but even they might have known to ask if Mair was on MI5’s radar.

The Cox Assassination was a desperate move on any view. With the help of the defense, the jury bought into the CPS’s false narrative that Mair was a far-right activist, but the story was pretty hollow and was always likely to be fact-checked. Indeed it has been, by me! It’s quite normal BTW for useful idiots like Mair to go along with a false narrative. It boosts their ego and they are usually offered some sort of deal. I doubt that Mair’s in a category A Plus prison, for example.

I’ll copy in some of the muppets (no offense) who wrote this silly letter, but I’m not expecting a reply. Remoaners are distinguished if nothing else by their lack of courtesy and their refusal to engage in debate.

Will Brexit happen?

The UK is still on track to withdraw from the EU at 2300 hours on Friday, March 29th 2019. Whilst ‘Appeaser Theresa’ would love to extend the deadline it would be a political impossibility. If she’s still the Prime Minister in October May will probably go for a fudge, with nothing decided and a pointless transition period – she loves pursuing pointless policies. ‘Oily’ Robbins, the UK’s chief ‘negotiator’, and Sir Jeremy ‘von’ Heywood, would obviously support her.

However the chances are that May, ‘Oily’ and ‘von’ Heywood will have gone by then. ‘Oily’ and Heywood have made the mistake of humiliating one Leave Cabinet Minister too far. They are now high-value political targets for the God-fearing Tory Right. Indeed the same goes for the Cabinet Office, who need a good smack, frankly.

There are several easy ways to hurt the Civil Service. They’re idle, lazy bu..ers, no offense intended, who currently retire at 60. We should make them work till 65 and increase their pension contributions, which would cut public expenditure. Institutions which fail the country and back the EU must be punished. It would create a moral hazard not to.

I’ve given a couple of recent interviews which cover Brexit, one on the Kerry Cassidy Show ( and one for the Bases Project ( ).

A Greek tragedy

It’s enough to make you weep. Four years after I exposed al-Qaeda’s strategy of starting forest fires, in Spyhunter, over 70 Greeks are murdered and hundreds of homes destroyed in large-scale arson attacks in Greece.

My analysis was circulated way before my book was published. I was struck by the anomaly that forest fires seem to affect the Western democracies disproportionately. The timings were also suspicious. The ’68 bushfires in Oz, for example, were clearly linked to ‘Nam. Intelligence analysts look for anomalies. We then connect the dots.

I also knew that starting a forest fire with a thrown away cigarette isn’t as easy as the authorities make out. Don’t try it at home, but if you toss a cigarette out of a car window it will usually just burn out.

Since al-Qaeda was a front for the DVD, it’s reasonable to suppose that the forest fire strategy came from Dachau. They would not have used Islamic fundamentalists in 1968 in Oz – more likely Croatians from families who had fought on the German side in World War II. Quite a number of Croatians were brought into Australia after the war, with the assistance of DVD penetration assets in Canberra.

The current policy of the Greek government is no more sophisticated, frankly, than that of the Aztecs. So far as Athens is concerned Greek citizens are basically bushfire fodder, to be sacrificed if the Germans demand it. Nothing will be done. There will be an investigation, of sorts, but it won’t be intelligence led and it won’t even mention the DVD. No one will dare tell the Greek people that documents recovered after the raid on the bin Laden family compound confirmed the forest fire strategy. Everything will be geared towards preserving the DVD’s fire-setting strategy – being able to burn Germany’s enemies at will is a powerful tool for Berlin and Dachau.

The California fires look deliberate as well. I’ve heard whispers of airborne lasers being used, which would have the advantage of avoiding the use of accelerants. A study of satellite and radar imagery of the areas just before the fires started might prove interesting.

This is one of those areas where the evidence, or at any rate knowledge of its existence, is in the public domain. The Obama Administration did nothing with it, preferring to offer up American citizens to the DVD as human torches, but there is no reason for the Trump Administration not to release the documents. The CIA would be opposed of course, since they backed Clinton and are trying to undermine the President. The agency also tends to place a low value on human life, as long as it’s not their own people, and not always even then. However the President and National Security Adviser John Bolton should be able to overcome opposition from Langley.

The LA Times ought to be feeling a sense of shame. Californians are being burnt to death under their very noses. Nothing in the world however would ever persuade the Times to connect the dots between the documents recovered after the 2011 raid and what’s happening on their own doorstep. No Times journalist would ever be permitted to quote Spyhunter, not least as the fires mostly happen in rural areas.

If I sound a little bit bitter, it’s because I am. I do the analysis, it gets verified and nobody anywhere in the world does anything with it.  In the meantime hundreds of people have burned to death and thousands of homes have been destroyed. The DVD must be laughing themselves to death. In the meantime the policy of Western governments and intelligence agencies is crispy or extra crispy. There is not a single government or intelligence official anywhere in the Western world willing to do a damn thing. They are paralyzed by fear, like hitchhikers in a zombie movie.

The Great Dictator

The Zimbabwe Elections

These were a predictable farce. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is staffed with sycophants and effectively reports to ZANU.

Mnangagwa scarcely deserves to be called ‘President’. He’s a military dictator backed by Peking, no offense intended. Zimbabwe is a Chinese client state. All that happened in November is that the ChiComs ditched Mugabe and cut a deal with Mnangagwa instead. The Zimbabwean army and police will shoot as many demonstrators as necessary in order to keep ZANU in power.

The MDC’s legal challenge will end up being listed in front of a judge reporting to ZANU, who will duly rule in favour of ZANU. The outcome of the legal case is as predictable as the outcome of the elections, frankly. Zimbabwe’s legal system is even more political than Britain’s, no offense to the judges of either intended. If the Zimbabwean people want to get rid of the “The Crocodile” they’ll just have to drag him out of his presidential mansion and necklace him, not that I’m encouraging that – it would arguably be illegal, for one thing, and would just get a whole bunch of good people shot for another.

As I predicted at the time all the talk of a new start for Zimbabwe in November was just that. Talk. There’s no chance of a bushfire threatening Harare anytime soon.

The Great All-Rounder

The Ben Stokes Trial

I have to be a bit careful, since the trial started this morning and I don’t want to be ‘Tommy Robinsoned’! The chances of a juror actually reading this are so remote they are not worth considering, but I still have to be careful in commenting on ongoing legal proceedings involving a jury.

What will not happen, sadly, is an intelligence-literate defense. I reached out to Ben’s defense team, but they couldn’t even summon the courtesy to respond. No word yet on whether or not GO2 have tampered with the jury.

One thing I will say is that the trial should never have been listed to clash with the Second Test Match at Lord’s. Dates for Test Matches are fixed well in advance. MCC have already sent out the dates for major matches at Lord’s in 2019.

It must have been known when the trial date was fixed for Monday August 6th that it would deprive England of the services of their star player, and thereby give India an advantage, in the Second Test. It’s no wonder that a responsible newspaper called the judges the enemies of the people. They can expect more headlines like that one.

This Week’s Movie Review: Mission Impossible – Fallout

2018, dir. Christopher McQuarrie

The latest entry in the MI genre is up to the usual standards. If anything, they seem to be getting better. Tom Cruise struts his stuff again and the locations are superb. The finale is quite spectacular.

The plot twists and turns. It’s all about some missing plutonium, which has found its way into some nuclear warheads. Sound familiar?

The siting of one device in a field hospital to mask its radioactive emissions definitely rang a bell with me. I suspect the producers had lunch with someone close to the CIA.

It’s the sort of movie I would like to have been a consultant on. No chance of that, of course! What Hollywood producer would ever make a movie about a nuclear weapons hunt and consult someone who had actually been on one? That would be like making a movie about aviation and consulting a pilot.

You don’t go to watch a Mission Impossible movie for sophisticated dialog or brilliant acting. You go because they’re fun and the plots are complex, with lots of action sequences. Having been on a few nuke hunts myself, I can say that they’re not quite like this. The analysts who do the thinking never get to see the nukes. They don’t usually end up hanging off cliff edges either. If the Bad Guys come after them these days it’s with bogus prosecutions, not guns. They try to wreck lives, not end them.

If given the choice I think I’d prefer Tom Cruise’s style of nuke-hunting. It looks and sounds a lot more fun, and you actually get paid.


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  1. techies ? If I am seeking tech news perhaps, but not for forest fires , I’m afraid I must report that you are desperately in love with Michael Shrimpton. It’s not a bad report, just an observation.

    Silicon valleys real estate values, the highest in the country are intact and growing, so the economic theory is washed out, and all the farmers and nearly everyone else has insurance. And of course there’s that nagging element of greedy developers conning people into building in areas commonly known to have fires as part of it’s cycle. It wouldn’t matter if people were there or not, the fires are part of it.

  2. Ludicrous. Killing certain people ? Really, by forest and brush fire ? That would be the single most inefficient and least attractive option.
    Destroy local economy ? I would like to see the numbers on that one, again, ludicrous.
    Destroy important facilities ? This is just baseless and without examples.

    The pattern is, high winds in areas where power lines are threading through bone dry evergreens. You must not be much of a camper, to be oblivious to the flammable nature of dry brush and needles. The predominant factor is dry areas, and high winds. And, irresponsible developers.

  3. Arson by the electricity providers. How easy would it be to stop the flow of electricity through the lines that are threaded through the dry trees, during a 40 mile per hour wind ? And how easy would it be to shut off the gas supply we see shooting up through the dying embers of individual houses in the aftermath ?
    The fires start primarily when trees come int to contact with power lines in high winds, and the gas is left on during the entire event ? Seems weird to me.
    California Wildfires 2017 Power Lines On Fire and Toasted Poles Compilation (Tubbs Fire Sonoma)
    PG&E Power Lines, Equipment Blamed for 12 Northern California Wildfires

  4. “We should make them work till 65…” – MS

    Why not 70, as younger workers in the USA will have to be to get full retirement benefits from Social Security?

    “She was aboard the Al-Awda sailing for Gaza with urgently needed medical supplies when the vessel was violently assaulted and hijacked in international waters a week ago and taken to an Israeli port. Passengers and crew were roughed up (some seriously injured) and abused, thrown in an Israeli jail and had their possessions and money stolen.
    This is Dr Swee’s account, word for word.”
    I have not found any other article on these crimes by Israel other than one from the Norwegian government requesting and explanation from Israel for these crimes in international waters. What do you say about this incident Mr. Shrimpton?

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