Fake Victimization: Assange and Jones, the Stooges of the Deep State

It is no secret that both InfoWars and Wikileaks are engineered for those whose decision making occurs below the waist


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The single biggest censorship ban that covers all mainstream media and social media as well involves blocking all information tying Julian Assange and InfoWars to the Mossad.

Wikileaks and InfoWars are two major assets of the very real Deep State.  Before dishing out cash, sit back and watch them play their fake victimization into frontline prominence, better to do the bidding of the Deep State and its Tel Aviv based criminal empire.

Note:  When have Jones and Assange called out Israel?  Has Jones, as Fetzer has done, cited the Mossad as responsible for Sandy Hook?  Check it out.

Try linking this article on Facebook, see how you do.

This ban also includes the Russian media as well.

Would you buy a used war from this man?

They have edited and censored any story on Assange or even Jones for years, removing any mention of ties to Mossad operations or the Bronfman crime family in Canada that, according to Jeff Rense, underwrites both.

When VT was totally banned on Facebook, you can’t even write “Veterans Today” without getting an error, Jones said nothing.  Assange knows us well also.  In fact, we were banned from YouTube for outing Julian Assange as an Israeli agent.

Google banned us long ago when we exposed Google Jigsaw/Idea Groups as a Pentagon/State Department “kinetic” (armed) contractor involved in regime change and blaming it all on “George Soros.”

It was VT that caught them all working with unnamed foreign intelligence agencies to rig the election for Trump.  We went to Hillary’s moronic campaign head and were later repeatedly questioned by the FBI.

Yet, when we go to the Russian press, we find some strange things.  We have long had mixed relations with Sputnik and Russia Today.

Though we are friends and generally in support of the same values, “generally,” we have on may occasions voiced our objection on their tendency to kiss Netanyahu’s behind and support his disinformation agents, such as Jones and Assange.

They also are increasingly becoming “tabloidized.”

Sputnik News Headline

It is clear to us, Russian security services are either compromised by Israel or have their own agenda.  I always assumed that Russia peddled the phony Assange the hero routine simple out of Russian stupidity.

When you really deal with Moscow and Washington, not the phony internet pundits, you find people there who pay no attention, have no access to intelligence or quality analysis nor would ever be trusted with same.

Intelligence personnel, real ones, not the CIA or FSB, phony organizations today, don’t talk to their governments.  It would be a waste of time.

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  1. So, Assange is spending six years in the confinement, just to serve them?Gordon, you try it, than tell me it was worth it!

  2. Maybe the answer is just “confusion”.
    Everybody is confused, even ‘the deep state’. No monolithic deep state any more.
    Doubtless many are trying (very hard) not to appear confused. But deep down they all are.

  3. There is something I do not quite understand here.
    Well, the term “deep state” is of course not a term the deep state has given itself, but is a term that has been given by others – in order to give a name to the apparent phenomenon that “those who govern do not govern” (others do). If I recall correctly, in literature about the theme, it is frequently pointed out that the term was first made generally known by the Canadian Professor Peter Dale Scott. It is my impression that the deep state anno 1961 is identified with the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned against in that year.
    But the question is of course “Who is the deep state today?”. To me, from reading various news reports, it often seems as if there today are two deep states – covertly at war with one another. And then again, not so covertly.

    • Thanks for your comment Eduardo!
      –– “The side of lesser evil is actually the same then evil itself”.
      A coin usually has two distinct surfaces. But there is special surface that has only one side. It is called a “Möbius surface”, after August Ferdinand Möbius (1790–1868). Your statement reminds me of the principle of “supporting both sides” [in a conflict], as e.g. the war from Sept. 22, 1980 to Aug. 20, 1988. If you are an ant crawling around on the surface of a Möbius band, you will eventually end up on the other side.

      QUOTE : They brought him a denarius, and he asked them, “Whose portrait is this?”

    • Well, some people talk about the “shadow state” (CIA, FBI, etc.) and the “deep state” – the MIC and other corporations that are essentially state sponsored – FB, Goggle, etc. FB started as a CIA op, so it seems to straddle the two.

  4. Here Are 410 Movies Made Under The Direct Influence And Supervision Of The Pentagon
    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-04/heres-410-movies-made-under-direct-influence-and-supervision-department-defense The only one that kind raised my eyebrows was “Ernest Saves Christmas”
    Interesting clump, pool reporter banned from media event at White House, Assange facing imminent eviction, and Alex Jones cut off. It is certainly a win win, when you can withdraw “no longer necessary assets” while simultaneously achieving greater control over media , and raising the false equivalency of political criticism, and hate speech. Meanwhile , all 3 Abrahamic religions are having great success marching back their reforms and installing restrictive clamps on whatever body part pertains to each branch of the tree of pretend.

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