Google Censors Trump Photos, Is Trump Really a Mammal?

Men and Women in America's military are supposed to give their lives on the whims of this, do we really call it a man?


By Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh, Editors

Catfishing America

We noted some time ago that the internet had been scoured of real and unretouched photos of Donald Trump.  We won’t even consider going into the photos erasing Melania’s adam’s apple.

Catfishing America: No caption whatsoever, add your own mentally. Check the “cartoon” rear haunches. This is Melania Trump in a photo untouched by US.

The photos below are courtesy of Russian archives and, with one rare exception, depict Donald Trump as less than human but also a dying man.  Medical experts who examined these photos say that the “Real Donald Trump” is a diabetic with a number of issues including congestive heart failure. Enjoy the photos, use them, see if Google can keep blocking them and covering the net with edited fakes:

Excuse this one, we couldn’t resist

Excuse this one, we couldn’t resist

another fabulous composit
The Real Donald Trump, now you see why he ducked military service
Reptile Man
Why we all hated the 80s, bad hair and a bit of inbreeding as well?

Inbreeding? With Humans?



    I know I’m going out on a limb, here…

    I think Melania and Michelle are both attractive. I find talk of them being men to be very, very, um …deflating….
    [cue sound of slide whistle in descending scale 🎶.]

    Let me tell you about Michelle’s “bulge”… I dated a female bodybuilder, an INS Agent. A statuesque beauty, black Mom, white Dad, about 9 years older than me. It was interesting dating a woman who could either punch out, or shoot people and get away with it, should any problems arise…hah ha!

    She was a former steroid user in her competitive bodybuilding days, and had side effects very common to women who have higher than normal testosterone levels; clitoral hypertrophy.

    Even if we assume Michelle’s extracurricular endowment is not a PhotoShop trick, she may simply have high T levels. Or she could have used steroids, it is WAY more common than people realize, and legal into the 70s. I knew kids on the High School wrestling team who took ’em in the mid 80s. (NEVER mess with your hormones, people, it causes irreversible changes. Try crack first…)

    But seriously, all this talk of First Ladies being men is putting a HUGE damper on my fantasy life.

    Why do you guys gotta kill the fantasy?

  2. I have always been an avid reader of VT>until recently the Qanon ‘Great Awakening’ movement gave me doubts on this website. I even got involved in the research of this phenomena that overtook the internet world. And I thought to myself, ah that vigilant has got to be Snowdens team backing up Trump, oh I’m starting to ‘like’ this Trump – plus he just met with my all time favourite hero Putin. They will all fight the big bad NWO. Not quite. During the Helsinki summit Trump stressed his allegiance to the ‘safety of Israhell’ and til today Putin does nothing to intervene or comment on the Palestine daily massacres. In fact the Trump administration created worse conditions for the Palestine People. In the end, it doesnt matter which asshole gets the main actor role- they all serve ISRAHELL

  3. Gordon is generally a sensible and well informed man of good judgement, but he seems to go ‘dilly’ whenever he writes (or portrays) anything about Trump. Hey Gordon, you can do better than this!

  4. Fun article.

    If the Lads at VT need to occasionally dabble in comic relief to keep from running amok, then so be it. Trying to understand Global politics and watching civilization as we know it, rot and decay before our very eyes is horribly depressing.

    It’s allowed under the obscure, but rigorously exercised “Boys will be Boys” clause.

  5. To me DT looks exactly like you‘d expect of a 70 year old. Overweight? Sure, at that age not unusual at all.
    Melania usually only makes a public appearance after a thorough application of makeup. Makeup can make a huge difference for how a person appears on photos. In her daily normal appearance she looks a lot more like any normal citizen would look in a haphazard snapshot :

  6. Melania has an adams apple; now thats two for two. jeezy peezy Gordon you never cease to amaze me. What’s a woman to do? And Carol, you don’t have to answer; it was a rhetorical question. LOL.

  7. While I did not vote for Trump, I approve of his peace initiative with North Korea:
    And I approve of any of his action to limit the Federal Reserve. The Fed/IRS have been transferring most of our tax dollars to our elite since 2013 or so and they (& the Rothschilds) are responsible for 130 million deaths from the wars they have instigated so they can make a massive profit.

  8. Not a mammal? Not quite human? Perhaps something else, a Ga’ould host perhaps? Did his eyes glow? Seriously Gordon, I am sure you have had to deal with reptiles in human form (speaking figuratively now, none of this “lizard people” nonsense). Anyone who has ever had to deal with a slum lord, has met one. Most people in management, the most sucessful ones are reptilian in nature. We have to survive in a world dominated by parasitic reptiles, and death is the only escape. No Klaatu around when you need him.

  9. Sorry, but is this scorched earth policy, or why do You regress VT at the same level as evening tabloids. Why to ask, is a puppet a mammel or vegetable, the same lizard they serve anyhow.

  10. No photo of “Joker” tRump?
    C’mon you guys.
    Not a bad photo of the little gold digger Melania though.
    Now, if those doctors are indeed correct regarding their analysis of tRump’s medical condition and the fact that a true medical report was stolen from a doctor’s office, means the possibility that tRump may very well, with all certainty suffer from massive heart failure or go into a diabetic coma. This scenario is frightening enough in that it allows an even worse situation with Mike Pence sitting in the Oval Office.
    tRump is horribly out of condition and in very poor physical health. The stress from being president may very well do him in. His weight problem alone is enough to cause alarm, let alone his mental acuity.

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