War on Alex Jones Goes Nuclear

If it takes another American Revolution (or "civil war") to restore the Bill of Rights, count me in!

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

First they came for Veterans Today. Then they came for Alex Jones. When they come for you, who will be left to speak out?

When Google tweaked its search engine to hide VT stories, then FaceBook completely banned VT, I expected a call from Alex Jones. I felt sure that Alex, that ranting apostle of free speech, would bring me, Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Ian Greenhalgh, and the rest of the VT crew on his show to expose Google Jigsaw’s terrorism, blast FaceBook in the Face and tell Zuckerberg to go Zuck himself.

But the call never came. Apparently Alex was too busy in divorce court, libel court, the tennis court (fat chance!) or wherever else he hangs out these days to notice that the internet oligarchs had declared war on VT.

Or maybe Alex’s Zionist advertisers and/or handlers made it clear that VT doesn’t deserve free speech protection because we are fighting to free America from Israeli domination. Is Alex, a card-carrying Christian Zionist, tasked with obfuscating the fact that the “New World Order” he rants about is basically a Zionist project?

For whatever reason, Alex and InfoWars offered VT NO help and NO publicity—zero, zilch, nada—when the internet oligarchs nuked us. He made not even the slightest whimpering objection.

[Read James Tracy’s terrific analysis of Alex’s possible complicity in the war on free speech]

So who am I to object when the same internet oligarchs—to vast and profitable MSM fanfare—nuke Alex Jones?

I am an American Muslim. And though I detest Alex’s insane Islamophobia—and his kowtowing to the Zionists and their bought-and-paid-for traitors who have colonized and subjugated the USA—I will fight to defend Alex’s First Amendment right to hurt my feelings and get things wrong.

[“This is the modern Lexington, this is the modern Concord!” -Alex Jones]

If this is indeed “Lexington and Concord,” as Alex says, it was the nuking of VT that was Lexington. And he missed it. Nonetheless the Second American Revolution (to defend the Bill of Rights) is long overdue. So count me part of that massive potential militia out there that “leaves no options off the table” if the war on free speech goes much further.

It isn’t Alex Jones who needs to be shut down by any means necessary. Even less is it VT. It is the mainstream media traitors complicit in the 9/11 coup d’état. Those are the folks who created our current national emergency with their abominable act of mass murder and high treason and even more treasonous coverup.

We need a Constitutional Counter-Coup. We need brave American patriots in and out of uniform willing to risk their lives to take down ALL of the 9/11 criminals, including the media coverup enablers, and restore the Bill of Rights.

Those who commit treason against the Bill of Rights—including the internet oligarchs who nuked VT and later Infowars—must be brought to justice.



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  1. Don’t go around talking about IQ and threatening to ‘school’ people, especially after saying something so utterly dumb as ‘to gain a political majoroty. through mass-breeding, murder and rape so as to take over European countries’ which is pure Judeo-Zionist propaganda and makes you look stupid to have bought into it.

    • I guess the assumption is, all liberals think exactly alike, having the same identical opinions–God forbid they differ. Who will censor or permit liberal discourse then? No answers will be the same. There would be no degrees of conversation–no moderates, no ultras, just a pat definition and answers.

      It’s like when I asked ten dissidents during Occupy Wall Street—how much is enough of a wage for you? And, what should a CEO get for salaries? Of course, no one could–or would–try to agree.

      By leaving out civil discourse from ALL sides, the American people are the lesser for it–technology our Founding Fathers never anticipated, but warned against the idea nonetheless

  2. I think the coordinated de-platforming of Jones may have been orchestrated by the Rothschilds, in spite of Jones’ Zionist connections. I watched a recent interview he did with David Mayer de Rothschild, purportedly about climate change: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VN9btlrbyQ

    Rothchild remained polite, composed, and unruffled at Jones’ rude and abrasive conduct. “I’m against everything you stand for, Red Shield,” Alex bellowed out, acting like a complete asshole. It wasn’t necessary to take that approach when he could have broached the Rothschild’s reputation in a more sophisticated manner (which is probably expecting the impossible of Jones).

    I can only imagine what David Mayer de Rothschild must have said immediately upon getting off the air with Jones.

    Watch the interview and judge for yourself.

    Maybe it was all an inside show among them. Maybe it wasn’t. But it is an interesting coincidence that Alex Jones has been stripped of his platforms for expression so soon after this tirade.

    You reckon?

  3. It’s not just Jones that’s being banned it’s others like Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute, Scott Horton, Peter Van Buren have all been banned from Twitter.
    We can all make fun of Alex Jones and some here even support him being banned, it’s obvious that some of the posters here support banning him.
    What they don’t realize is that the situation is that a few powerful people are deciding what we have access to and what we can and cannot read or listen to. This is censorship. This is paramount to tyranny. This is the first step towards even worse situation where people could end up either tossed in prison or eliminated for speaking out.
    These powerful few like Zuckerturd and the owners of Apple, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are deciding what you can have access to and what you can’t…..on their own viewpoints. This is corporate censorship on a massive scale.

    • This nation has now entered into the next phase of the beginnings of totalitarianism. Censorship is the first step. Next will be the arrests, show trials, then, ……..
      Even politicians are getting into the act. A shameless leftist senator from Connecticut has called for even more banning. More proof the Democratic party has become so far left, they have left behind the very idea of freedom and liberty.
      When the right to speak one’s mind without fear of persecution no longer exists, then being silenced by force is all that remains. It is the first, initial step towards a totalitarian state.
      Orwell is rolling in his grave.
      Maybe that’s why 1984 has been banned from high school libraries.
      Prepare yourselves for what’s coming. between the ALt Right and groups like ANTIFA who are both ready, willing and eager for violence against each other, which will sooner or later erupt into a full fledged civil war where even families will be split apart and blood will once again be spilled.
      Is this where America is now headed?
      Is this what’s next?

    • It isn’t just “corporate censorship.” These “corporations” are actually monopolies. American law and tradition recognizes that monopolies are evil and illegal. When they censor political views what they are doing is vastly WORSE than if it was just the government violating the First Amendment. These people are committing treason squared, first by grabbing a monopoly over our political communications, then by smashing free speech and the free press. It is long past time for a revolution, with all that word entails.

  4. Could AJ/Infowars be targeted as way to raise his credibility among those smart enough to figure out the mainstream media mostly lies but not smart enough to realize that Infowars is also controlled media? Just another type of false flag operation, eh?

  5. They came for Trafficant and to my shame I did nothing… They came for Alex Jones and I did nothing… because he’s a deep state agent.

  6. Don’t forget all his rantings and ravings about Jade Helm. How the military was going to arrest all gun owners and lock them away in shuttered Wal-Marts for torture and mass extermination! The rail road cars built with bars to haul away all those patriots for re-education or extermination.
    Red Alert!
    Red Alert!
    Red Alert!
    The destruction of israel will bring about WWIII /Red Alert!
    “And now a report from Paul Joseph Watson about the ongoing Muslim invasion of Britain. I understand that British men are being beheaded for not wearing beards, is that correct Paul”
    “Yes, it certainly is and transgenders are also involved in this murderous conspiracy”
    Red Alert!
    Red Alert!
    Red Alert!

  7. Say, what happened to AJ growing that beard? Was he beginning to look Muslim? Or too redneck? Was it the result of taking all those male enhancement pills?

  8. The rape rate in Sweden was consistent from 1970 to 2002, only increasing a tiny amount in that time, however, in 2003 it started a rapid increase until it has now reached epidemic levels:


    One would have to delve deeper to find out whether this increase in rape cases is due to immigration or not, maybe the Swedish police has kept statistics on the ethnicity of rapists in the last 15 years?

  9. i have never seen any proof that alex jones is not exactly what he pretends to be…a guy who found a way to con the idiots…sorta like those evangelical preachers….they are both the same….it doesnt matter how much of what he says is the truth….since no one is telling the truth anyways…..i thought the guy was funny …..till i realized how many people actually believed him…..let him go start his own web…his own church..etc….and yap all he wants…..part of the price of playing in others backyards is they can always throw you out.

  10. A. J. is a distracting , government mouthpiece
    Distracting from the real corruption going down
    every day

  11. I looked into James Wesley Howell. The original information claiming he was part of the Orlando op is not very credible.

    As Ian Greenhalgh points out, the false flag perps are strewing misleading clues around their ops (and maybe around some non-false-flags as well) to confuse and discredit the truth seekers. Tricking people into making “nobody died” claims where they can be disproven and/or ridiculed, for example, would be one good way to discredit alternative media. The Howell story, like the “Rothschilds bought Charlie Hebdo” story, looks like it was created as bait to discredit us. I had to walk carefully through these minefields while putting together my False Flag Trilogy: http://falseflagtrilogy.blogspot.com

    • Well explained by Kevin. Events such as Sandy Hook, Jade Helm and the Boston Marathon Bombing were ‘trial runs’ in a way, where they tested out techniques for fooling and misleading both the public and the media. In the case of Jade Helm, it was to see how far an entirely fictional, completely baseless conspiracy theory would go, with a further goal of ‘burning’ any media types, especially in the alternative media, who were dumb enough to touch it. Boston was to try out a completely fake event, to see if they could fool the public and media with fake bombs, fake victims and fake terrorism. it was largely successful as the majority believed it, however, quite a few in the alternative media were quick to figure out it was all a hoax by spotting some of the more obvious flaws such as the wheelchair race past the cameras where the prosthetic leg fell off and the photographs clearly showing Blackwater operators with black backpacks that suspiciously matched the ones that exploded. Sandy Hook was the opposite, an entirely real slaughter of innocent children that was overlaid with many layers of distraction and strewn with red herrings, partly to confuse the public and partly to ensnare the alternative media and conspiracy theorists. It was a great success as most of the public are very confused about the whole event and the majority of those who published writings or videos after studying the event were wildly off-target with their analysis. As Kevin says, trying to study these events is a veritable minefield and unless you traverse it very carefully, employing studious and painstaking fact checking and research techniques, then you are liable to blow to smithereens any credibility you may have possessed.

  12. – Alex Jones , is a government Voice that leads some……. , where some want to go , It is All about Control of the Public Mind .
    – Different voices , Spout Different lines , to Keep the public mind off of the Crimes taking place daily in Our Government
    ——> Anything to Divert Public attention From Our Criminal Government <——-

    Pitiful actually

  13. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle….”come and get me” says the worm on the hook. It appears the commenters on VT are a “target rich environment”.

  14. “… it’s a healthy and normal reaction…”

    Which is largely fabricated from the world elites Islamophobic and Orwellian “War on Terror.” Nothing is “healthy and normal” about that.

    “I feel that religeon has once again become a cancer on the human race…”

    It says right in our Declaration of Independence that all people are “endowed _by their Creator_ with certain unalienable Rights.” In denigrating the source of our Rights, you denigrate the Rights themselves. You speak of “an Orwellian deception” yet neglect to mention that there are no religions in the Orwellian dystopia, just Big Brother and materialist selfishness. Is that the metaphysical foundation which will topple the NWO…?

  15. We allowed the KKK to march, not because we agree with the message, but because the preservation of free speech is essential to a functional democratic process. The idea, was to educate them.
    Due to the lack of transparency in government and hostile relations with the citizenry, we cannot look forward to being educated by way of information. The current wars being waged are on information shut down.
    There is a absolute regarding human behavior. If you do not tell them what is behind the curtain, they will start speculating. By increasing the amount of information that is classified, and preventing public speculation, no matter how wild, is Tyranny.

  16. We are in some BAD Times right now, even worse than right after 911, that Neo-Conned Zionist SIGMA is a masticating CANCER on the American public, its government, and its own foundation. We have no ‘Homeland’ to defend, we STOLE this one we are currently o by MASS GENOCIDE !!! Same as Apartheid State Israel is doing right now to Palestinians and EVERY other ethnic group except uncomplaining JEWS. Jews who complain get ‘disappeared’.

  17. 9.11 is an immoral flesh eating cancer left to fester in our deep state government…must have been planned for a very long time and the tops of all agencies are culpable.

    In PM 501 (public management masters) they tested us on our knowledge of corruption (from the book about 1/3 in the USA), but what was surprising was when I looked back on my failing grade and ultimate withdrawal from the gatekeeper class, I realize I failed on testing because I reasoned that 1/3 being involved in some type of corruption, would cause a business to fail and that it would our government also. Wrong answer. Honest need not apply. Putting a monkey wrench of honest services into the professional government management program at IU…was the subject of PM 501 testing. Those not willing to turn a blind eye to corruption were blocked from continuing in that masters program. That was 82 and it’s only gotten worse.

  18. What will we have left if AJ is no longer available on the internet, who will we make fun of a mock next? Besides he has male enhancement products to sell…the most powerful available over the counter!
    Nothing makes sense anymore. Black is white, 2+2=22 , freedom is slavery, truth are lies and war is peace. Facts don’t matter, only emotions and hurt feelings do and that certain people need to be silenced, prevented from speaking a colleges and universities because some poor little snow flake was triggered by micro aggression and had to spend the next three days in a safe space with crayons and coloring book. . There definitely is a war for people’s minds and a war on truth, factual evidence and reason.
    Alex Jones may be a clown but he is the canary in the coal mine.
    We are all living in interesting times.

    • And here’s something else you won’t see on Google: Nearly 60 people in Chicago shot since Aug 3,with 9 dead so far. One of Chicago’s bloodiest weekends.

    • John, we here in Bawlmer are going to beat that record. Now that the bar is set; just wait until the DA ties the hands of any enforcement of the rule of law.

    • Well, at least AJ is against “the globalists”, that much is clear. I recall seeing him with a megaphone outside the Bilderberg a couple of years ago, and so I assume he identifies Bilderberg with the globalists, and that, at least, seems pretty consistent to me. But I must be honest and say I do not really know a lot about the Bilderberg meetings, except for lots of rumors. The only thing I know is that things have to be democratic, because that’s the way we were taught in school, and I see no other way.
      That thing about Israel is a difficult thing. If I am right, then VT sees a huge contradiction between being anti-globallst, while at the same time only sparingly uttering harsh words against Israel. Unfortunately, contradictions seems to be a very common human feature. Personally, I do not watch Infowars very often, because I find it a bit long-winded. But no doubt they do take up interesting subjects from time to time.

    • Harry, Took me a minute to realize you are talking about Baltimore.
      Wouldn’t doubt it.
      Read about the nine cops brought up on charges of corruption and the one who was murdered the day before he was to testify against one of them.
      No coincidence what so ever…….

  19. It’s cause you guys cover and give credence to the crimes on Targeted Individuals.
    Democracy Now!, The Intercept, and most other “independent” media are complicit.

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