Colbert, Jones and the Phony War on Fakery


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

To some in the alternative media, Alex Jones is seen as a “starter drug.”  The public, such as it is, those who gave up freedom for fear, are to turn to fear porn monger Alex Jones for a dose of conspiracy theory and then turn to the “real deal,” whatever the hell that is.

The end result is that fakes and bloggers with less energy and Israeli backing than Jones will all get toadish sidekicks like Paul Josef What’s-his-Name and buy large homes which divorce lawyers invariable will take away.

We’ve all been to at least some part of that dance.  Ever step in dog crap?  If it could use a keyboard, it would write for Prison Planet/InfoWars.

Minor issues, VT was taken off Facebook some time ago.  Our staff are academics and military, though we do love a good tale from time to time.  We live in a world of intelligence sources and share the “conspiracy world” with Jones.  We hope ours are real, I certainly thing history has proven VT to have been more accurate than any other source for most of the last decade.

We long ago identified Alex Jones as a highly effective voice that was joined at the hip with Fox News, the Republican Party and the Israeli intelligence services.

Simply put, if Jones wants to use YouTube, he should buy it.  His friends certainly have enough cash for that.  After all, they do own YouTube and Facebook.

Why are they burning Jones down?  This is the question.  How much of it is real?

We see the links, Fox News, Israel, Wall Street, Jones, Assange, Murdoch, Trump, the Kosher Nostra and the Rothschilds.

Is a huge satanic pedophile ring behind it all tied to alien overlords?

Jones is an actor and has real talent.  He didn’t make people stupid, he just makes as much money off them as possible and serves his masters well.

If not him, it would be someone else, it has always been like this.

I long ago realized that VT would not rule the world.  We make a difference from time to time, but only by reaching leaders with key concepts, reminding them that they too are mortal.

Drumpf has yet to get that message.  Then again, he rules nothing.  Alex Jones is a far better version of Trump than the real one.

Make him president.  We deserve it.

Washington is now and has always been filled with worse.  

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  1. There’s an a**hole senator from Connecticut, Demoncrap of course, calling for more censorship. Typical Demoncrap party response. The Demoncraps have moved so far to the left, they make Carl Marx look like a conservative.
    Only the libruls want to censor everybody. Libruls are the festering, puss filled boil on America’s back side. Every librul progressive idea has backfired and made things worse, from welfare to Affirmative Action to desegregated schools. All the ills of American society can be laid at the feet of librul progressives.
    The tech giants are run by librul progressives, some are even Marxists. Even news papers like the N.Y.Times are Marxist rat holes of the worst vomit especially after hiring that man hating lesbo feminist Sarah Jeong. They seem to revel in her racism.
    America is nearly finished and libruls are celebrating.

  2. Colbert, Oliver , Maher, Noah, O’brien,….. all catholics.

    Of these, Colbert and Oliver have the least talent, and are the most faithful to the message they are given.

    Jones, Trump and churches, all examples of how predating on the gullible can pay off. Jones was likely the most honest of those 3 examples. He will return, rebranded. They always do. Jones missed his calling as a priest, maybe he will see the light at the end of the tunnel of easy money.

  3. Tale of Jones and Alex the Crack-Head

    Maybe Jones handlers felt the Muslim lies he wallowed in on line have finally drowned his oh-so-cumbersome rat’s ass beyond media saturation point. If he had a redeemable bone in that cankered and corrupt sleaze-bag skeleton of his he could do us all a favor and choke on it and finally succeed where all the vile anti-Muslim trash he regurgitated daily failed abysmally to plug or bung up his cowardly craw. Why am I thinking of the time Mother Jones kissed John D. Rockefeller’s ass in New York in February 1915? The only Alex I ever knew personally was – despite being a crack-head plumber, an amusing and bluntly honest guy who could pin-point a problem with a laundry dryer by just listening to it. I pin-pointed Alex Jones problem by just listening to him. And I preferred the company – brief as it was, of the crack-head because of his honesty.

  4. It is rather simple to separate the Alex Jones’s of the media world from the honest reporter, for lack of a better description. I use the same logic to explain the impossible success of the Googles and Zuckerberg’s. Imagine going from mediocrity to stardom without sleeping with the producer. It just doesn’t happen. It took state sponsorship. It is next to impossible to achieve such broad market success without a particular type of help. Imagine it’s 15 or 20 years ago, and you’re a 20 year old nobody. Now imagine walking into a bank to ask for a few hundreds of millions to back a start up business that produces nothing. Try doing it today.

    • I believe that boths, fakecook and googevil they begins as legitimate private businesses from 20 year old nobody’s, and when the elite saw his potential was coopted injecting money to make it grow up and using for his own purposes…

  5. This attack(?) against Jones start after meetings of US House of Representatives Hearing of the Justice Committee on Censorship of the Internet, maybe they want to make an example against “deviant speech” ….

  6. Any truth seeker with a modicum of knowledge knows what AJ is/was lol. … but as as Colbert asks, “why now?” why burn a major gatekeeper now? What’s coming. AJ’s greatest damage was discrediting truth. He did a great job of it bringing derision upon anyone doubting the official narrative… WHY NOW?

  7. Tossing AJ is an interesting development… WHY? He was doing what he was created to do as a gatekeeper. He was doing nothing wrong as a deep state operative. Are they burning assets, throwing him under the bus? and if so why. He worked as a pied piper leading pink pill people into the sea. What would cause the DS to frag him?

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