Imran Khan makes first steps towards forming alliances with Iran and Turkey


[Editor’s note: Pakistan and Iran are both powerful Islamic nations with large, well-equipped and capable militarys and in the case of Pakistan, backed by a nuclear arsenal.

Pakistan has been the victim of a great deal of outside meddling in it’s affairs for decades, primarily by the US, but also by Indian and Israeli infiltrators, in recent years the Pakistani military, which has run the country for most of the last four decades, has had a cosy relationship with Saudi Arabia.

All of this is likely to come to an end now Imran Khan is in power, or rather, he will do his level best to bring these unwanted influences to an end. One important step towards this goal is to forge new alliances in order to strengthen Pakistan’s position and bolster it’s security.

Neighbouring Iran is a natural choice for an alliance as they are bitterly opposed to the US, Israeli and Saudi influences that Pakistan seeks to free herself of. A political and military alliance between these two nations would create a formidable power bloc in the region that would be better able to resist nefarious foreign influence than either nation could alone.

As well as making the initial steps to establishing dialogue with Iran with the aim of an eventual strategic alliance, Imran Khan has been communicating with the Turkish government with similar intentions towards establishing closer ties and exploring a possible alliance.

This is all very bad news for the US, Israel and the Saudis as a Pakistan-Iran-Turkey alliance would present them with a most formidable foe; three powerful, modern and highly capable military forces that would be able to overrun any forces the US, Israel and Saudis could put into the field.

With the Syrian military reaching the level of capability and manpower it possessed a decade ago, before the ruinous war, things are not looking very good at all for the US-Israel-Saudi ‘axis of evil’ as their ISIS project has utterly failed in both Syria and Iraq and there appears to be little prospect of a renewed proxy conflict in either nation as the Kurds and Turks that were both being courted as fresh proxy forces now appear to be unwilling to become embroiled in any further conflict.

A Pakistan-Iran-Turkey alliance would likely enjoy the support of both Russia and China as the former three nations form the southern flank of the Russia-China Euro-Asian landmass and it would be in the best interests of both Russia and China to have stable, independent buffer states along their southern borders. Another factor that makes such an alliance attractive to Russia is the stabilising influence it could exert on the potentially troublesome central Asian states of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Khazakstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, all of which are vulnerable to US-Israeli-Saudi interference with the intention of carrying out regime change and fomenting conflicts similar to the Ukraine-Donbass situation and the current destabilisation efforts in Belarus remains a key concern for Russia.

From a Chinese point of view, there are two further factors that would make a Pakistan-Iran-Turkey alliance attractive. Firstly. there is the longstanding rivalry and antipathy with India, a strong and powerful Pakistan would be viewed by Beijing as highly desirable as a counterweight to India. Secondly, there is the New Silk Road project that China views as so important to it’s economic and strategic future prospects. The New Silk Road would form not only a highly valuable trade route with Russia, Central Asia and Europe, it would, to use a strategic military term, be a vital ‘interior line’ that would allow supplies and forces to move back and forth between Russia and China, which would be a crucial strategic advantage in any conflict either nation were to become embroiled in. Having Pakistan, Iran and Turkey form an alliance would add vital strategic safety to the New Silk Road route, protecting it from attack from the south, be it in the form of outright military strikes, regime change and terrorism in the Central Asian states or economic warfare in the form of sanctions.

With all of these potential geopolitical ramifications, it is clear that a Pakistan-Iran-Turkey alliance would be very much in the best interests not only of those three nations but of both Russia and China and conversely, be a bitter blow to US-Israeli-Saudi ambitions, particularly in the Middle East and Central Asia. Therefore we can only hope that Imran Khan’s tentative early steps towards forming such an alliance bear fruit; furthermore we are acutely aware that he will face trenchant opposition and can only hope that both Moscow and Beijing realise the great potential in Khan’s strategic plan and do all they reasonably can to protect Khan from US-Israeli-Saudi interference. Ian]

Express Tribune
Imran accepts Iran visit in telephonic conversation with President Rouhani

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has accepted an invitation to visit Iran extended by President Hassan Rouahni during a telephonic conversation on Wednesday.

The Iranian president congratulated the prime minister-in-waiting on winning the general elections and invited him to visit Iran which he accepted, said a statement issued by the PTI.

Both leaders exchanged best wishes and love for the people of both neighbouring countries, it added.
Imran offers to ease Tehran-Riyadh ties

Last week, Khan conveyed to Tehran’s envoy Mehdi Honardoost, who paid him a visit at his Bani Gala residence that the country wanted to play a constructive and positive role between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

There has been a longstanding rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran with both sides on opposing sides of conflicts in the Middle East.

Honardoost told the former cricket legend that Tehran was ready to work with Islamabad in regional development and wanted to foster trade with Pakistan.

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  1. As Muslims we also belive the Quran Al Karim where it says “and we have revealed portions of the (Celestial) Book unto you in the form of (don’t remember the exact words, but meaning:) Tauraith, Zuboor, Injir and the Quran. Though not too many Muslims catch that portion. I extrapolate further and include all the revelations in all lands since the advent of mankind. My logic is that Quran Al Karim states that there have 124,000 messengers sent to Earth in all lands and ages; naturally they would be carrying a portion of the Celestial Book relevant to their peoples.

  2. The awaited Mahdi (as) will not be an Arab. He will be of Arab lineage, of the Quraish tribe, from the Banu Hashem clan sub-groupsn of the Hasani or Hussaini ashraaf. The tradition narrates that he will be from the Khorasan (which are the areas encompassed by North-East Iran, Western Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Uzbekistan, South Tajikistan).

  3. It is significant that Pakistan has oil reserves estimated to be greater than that of Kuwait, right at the border with Iran. Interestingly, Imran Khan’s Alma mater, Oxford University has an unparalleled program called the Oxford Oil Certificate, covering different aspects of oil trading, transportation, distribution and marketing.

    More on the news can be found at:

  4. If Khan later would turn just like Obama did from the Promise to Satan then Khan is meant to replace MBS as the (for Western eyes) Antichrist. The latter has an equal in the Koran’s Dajjal, but he is not in control of the Arab-Muslim++ forces that in the Koran are described with “black cloths and black flags” (the NWO creation ISIS, anybody?). The Biblical Antichrist is the Koranic equal of the great Mahdi that is to lead the Arab-Muslim++ forces against the West, and MBS was designed for that role.

    Now that MBS cannot be the great Mahdi then there’s a LOT pointing towards that Erdogan is being set up by the Illuminati/NWO for that role since the coup. But now if true that Khan has these aims as the author portrays then one should be ware of that he could turn out to be an NWO asset (just like Greece’s PM Tsipras and his finance ministers have proven to be, among others…). Erdogan might only be a maverick, he is after all being 100% Turkish in his character, or both he and Khan could turn out NWO assets. If so and since Iran has managed to contain USA+Israel+GCC all at once so they should have no problem containing a rogue Khan, who albeit could provoke and cause casus belli for India.

    Conclusion, if this new trilateral partnership starts to grow then it will not be to the detriment of Humanity.

    • Please get your facts straight. This ‘dajjal’ and ‘Mahdi’ were NEVER mentioned in the Holy Quran. These were invented fables written by the scribes and pharisees in their invented Hadith, produced 150-200 years after the death of the prophet Muhammad. The contents have been propogated by Mullahs/Imams posing as Leaders. Just like how M16 created the Shia and Sunni divide After the fall of the Ottomon Empire, and the 1st Mosque was never in Mekkah or Medina, it was in Syria done by the Masons, again some 150 years after the death of the prophet. They have even bastardized the translations of the Quran and make everyone believe in the Hadith which is completely fabricated

    • Very similar things were done to Christianity centuries earlier. The bible was altered wen it was first translated from Aramaic to Greek (the Septaguint Bible) by Jewish rabbinical scholars living in Alexandria, Egypt. The Orthodox-Catholic divide was engineered to create sectarian tensions between the Holy Roman and Byzantine Empires (Zionism applying ‘divide and conquer’ to the goyim) and Christians did not build churches for the first several hundred years of the existence of the religion, rather, they prayed outside, in the full sight of God. Religions have been twisted, altered and co-opted many times to suit the will of man.

    • The one fact that we have straight is that a lot of people have demonstrated their ignorance about Islam, Quran Al Karim, Hadith Shareef, Fiqh; specially the eschatology. In Muslims this supreme ignorance is demonstrated by the Muslim Brotherhood idealogical activists, Salafis, Wahabis and other schools of thought influenced by the Mutahzila). For instance, It doesn’t say in the Quran Al Karim how to pray, yet we do it in manners described through a Chain of Transmission. Similarly the Sunan (Books of Hadith Shareef) were compiled when there was a concern that practices and teachings of the Chains of Transmission would be lost. That knowledge has been preserved best through the Sufi tariqas, foremost amongst which is the Naqshbandi tariqa.

    • Two of the most significant schism created by the rabbinical scholars have affected Christianity to this day. One was after the sack of Jerusalem when the Sanhedrin relocated to Greece. The legal pronouncements of Rabbi Gamaliel played a significant part in devising the onerous anti-pagan laws of Byzantium, which made limestone of all the marble temples and turned temples of goddesses into brothels. The other, later controversy was to discard the Unitarian faith, as proposed by the Bishop Arius and declaring it heresy. Some aspects are covered in: The Unitarian/Trinitarian Wars

  5. There is hope in these three powerful, Islamic nations forming a strategic alliance. It would be even better if Malaysia and Indonesia could also strengthen ties with these countries to broaden the anti-Saudi & anti-Zionist coalition.

    • Malaysia and Indonesia have to first get over each other before joining a Iran-Pakistan-Turkey bloc. They will have to address the aspirations of the two Muslim-Malay provinces of Thailand, as well as that of Muslim-Malay-Moro people of the Philippines.

      Afghanistan would be a great addition if they could get over their internecine warfare raging unabated regardless of a foreign presence on their soil.

    • Malaysia is utterly useless and stranded. Their necks and feet are tied to the Rothschild banking cartel. However there is hope for Indonesia. It would be nice to see Imran Khan meet with Joko Widodo

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