Israel, This Is Not Who We Are

Orthodoxy should be respected, but we cannot allow the politics of a radical minority to alienate millions of Jews worldwide.


Editor’s note:  Read into this what you will.  We say Israel is an extremist dictatorship and a threat to global order.

If Israel would change, we believe things could be better.  Of course, we are rabid anti-Semites and hate mongers.  What do we know.

By Ronald S. Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress

For many Israelis, Jews and supporters of Israel, the last year has been a challenging one. In the summer of 2017, Israel’s government withdrew from an agreement that would have created an egalitarian prayer area at the Western Wall and proposed a strict conversion law that impinges on the rights of non-Orthodox Jews. This summer the Knesset passed a law that denies equal rights to same-sex couples. A day later came the nation-state law, which correctly reaffirms that Israel is a Jewish state, but also damages the sense of equality and belonging of Israel’s Druze, Christian and Muslim citizens.

Last month, a Conservative rabbi was detained for the alleged crime of performing a non-Orthodox wedding ceremony in Israel. In several municipalities, attempts were made to disrupt secular life by closing convenience stores on the Sabbath.

These events are creating the impression that the democratic and egalitarian dimensions of the Jewish democratic state are being tested.

Israel is a miracle. The Jews of the diaspora look up to Israel, admire its astonishing achievements and view it as their second home. However, today some wonder if the nation they cherish is losing its way.

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  1. “If Israel would change, we believe things could be better.”

    We do not want “Israel” to change. We want the fake Israelite to simply pack up and go home.

    Palestine is no DUMPING ground of Europe’s rejected and hated Jews.

  2. “Israel is a miracle. The Jews of the diaspora look up to Israel, admire its astonishing achievements and view it as their second home.”

    Does Ronald S. Lauder not look in the mirror and see a European reflected on that mirror?
    Diaspora from where? C’mon! You do not believe such utter nonsense!

    The “miracle” was erected to remove the most hated people on earth – the Jews and to DUMP
    them on Arab land. The Jew created his “miracle” by raping hundreds of Arab women, murdering
    and expelling the natives. Take your “miracle” to the area where your origin is from: Europe.

    David Pakman
    96.9% Ashkenazi
    99% European

    Bernie Sanders
    97.7% Ashkenazi
    99% European

  3. What diaspora, a bunch of poor people came from all over to the United States of America including a bunch of Jewish peoples. There is your diaspora. And btw you can’t find a decent bagel anymore; so perhaps some good Jewish bakers could please diaspore their way to Baltimore, specifically Glen Burnie. You watch, in Israel, everyone that can will be heading to the Ukraine. I bet you can find a good delicatessen there in the next couple of years. Who in the hell want to live in the desert. They should give it back to the camels and goats and let the Palestinians live in peace. And if eastern Europe isn’t your cup of tea then please come to Maryland. We have a rich Jewish tradition here; just watch the movie Diner. Lots of good schools, including Johns Hopkins, and a great need for more deli’s.

    • Yea, well those Jews aren’t exactely from where Israel is now located. So clearly I understand bull shit when I see it. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter. Wanna play poker? Center of the world is anywhere depending on your perspective. Unless you’re a flat earther. The US dollar is dependent on Oil and the hegemony fostered by our military to protect our economic dominance. That house of cards is no longer standing as strong as it used to., Russia, China, Iran, and a horde of others are standing up to the West. If we weren’t controlled by insane criminals we could make new entreaties and move forward. Instead we waste more monies on our military budget and let our infrastructure rot. Other countries don’t have their entire GNP stolen to pay fake debt to insane criminals. So we will fail; despite trying to start a new global war to prevail. The Wests navy is now useless and antiquated. It’s plain to see.

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