New Pedophile Revelations: How Much Longer Can the Catholic Church Survive?


[Editor’s note: As shocking as the huge scale of the Pennsylvania child abuse scandal i, involving thousands of children and hundreds of priests, it is only the very tippity tip of an immense iceberg that reaches all the way to the Vatican. The Catholic Church long ago institutionalised the practice of covering up the most vile and horrific abuse of children by it’s clergy to the point where they are experts at it, enabling paedophile priests to enjoy lifelong careers of abuse, sodomy, torture and even murder, often with a global scope as they are shifted around from one place to the next to avoid being exposed and brought to justice. 

If they can get away with this scale of abuse in Pennsylvania, just imagine how much worse they will have been able to get away with in less developed countries across central and south America, Africa, Asia etc. As the Philly Inquirer points out, so many Catholic priests have been exposed as abusers and paedophiles that it is reasonable to assume that the great majority of Catholic priests are abusive paedophiles and only a small minority are not involved.

All of this adds up to the inescapable conclusion that the Catholic Church is more of a club for perverts and paedophiles than a real religious institution, that it is utterly corrupt and downright evil.

Ireland has seen literally dozens of exposures of paedophile priests in the last 30 years

How much longer can this most rotten of institutions survive given that it is inevitable that more and more of the victims will start to come forward seeking justice, that other jurisdictions will be pressured to follow Pennsylvania’s example and carry out proper investigations?

It might not happen in my lifetime, but it seems inevitable that one day, the whole rotten edifice, including the pope, the Vatican and all the cardinals will be revealed to be entirely complicit and utterly guilty, not only of wholescale child abuse and paedophilia, but other awful crimes too, and that one day, mankind can free itself of what has been, for almost 2000 years, a terrible stain and great evil that has done more to oppress and abuse it’s adherents than any other organisation in history. Ian]

The Philadephia Inquirer
Pa. Catholic Church sex abuse report names hundreds of priests, accuses leaders of cover-up: ‘They hid it all.’

Top Roman Catholic leaders in Pennsylvania covered up decades of child sex abuse involving more than 1,000 victims and hundreds of priests, according to a long-awaited grand jury report released Tuesday.

Capping what may be the most comprehensive examination yet of clergy sex abuse across a single state, the nearly 900-page document accuses church officials in six Pennsylvania dioceses of routinely prioritizing their institution over the welfare of children in their care.

The allegations stretch back to the 1940s, detailing child rapes and groping that mirrored the reports that have roiled the church worldwide. But the document includes several uniquely disturbing accounts of its own — including one of a 1970s pedophile and child pornography ring in Pittsburgh among priests who whipped their victims and took photos of one boy as he posed naked as if on the cross.

One priest in Southwestern Pennsylvania is said to have sexually abused a boy in a confessional. Another, from Allentown, allegedly forced a boy to give him oral sex and then cleansed the child’s mouth with holy water. Two priests impregnated teens; one urged an abortion, the other arranged a secret marriage.

In all, more than 300 priests were singled out – though some names remain redacted amid legal wrangling over the fairness of the investigation and the public report. Dozens of church superiors — including some now in prominent posts nationally — were also named as complicit.

“All of [the victims] were brushed aside, in every part of the state, by church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers and their institutions above all,” the report says. “Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible not only did nothing: They hid it all.”

The abuse “was rampant and widespread,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said at a news conference in the state Capitol. “It touched every diocese, and it is horrifying.”

Many of those accused — including bishops implicated in alleged cover-ups — disputed the findings in responses attached to the report.

The panel’s assertions are likely to fuel long-simmering battles in Harrisburg, including debates over the fairness of the state’s grand jury system and stalled legislation that would allow childhood victims to sue their abusers and others decades after an assault.

The report also comes amid a new wave of accusations that have upended Catholic congregations worldwide and resulted in the resignation of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, formerly the archbishop of Washington.

Among those named by the Pennsylvania grand jury was McCarrick’s successor in Washington, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, a longtime Pittsburgh bishop and one of Pope Francis’ prominent U.S. advisers.

Wuerl, who took over the Western Pennsylvania diocese in 1988, was faulted by the grand jury as failing to protect children from predators and withholding key information from parishioners during his two decades there.

Wuerl denied the claims Tuesday. His spokesman, Ed McFadden, called the investigation a “flawed process” steered “unwaveringly toward a predetermined result” — a statement that echoed concerns raised by nearly two dozen other clergy members who have disputed the report’s accuracy in court and fought to have their names, at least temporarily, redacted.

“In factual ways large and small, the Attorney General’s Office was more concerned with getting this report out than getting it right,” McFadden said.

One woman, the report says, tried to commit suicide days after her testimony and later, from her hospital bed, urged grand jurors to finish their investigation.

Shapiro said he stood by the findings, the result of a two-year investigation by his office.

Despite the wide-ranging criminal behavior the attorney general outlined Tuesday, no new prosecutions are expected to emerge.

Two priests were indicted at earlier stages of the investigation. Many of the accused are either dead or long since removed from ministry, their offenses now beyond the state’s statute of limitations for sex crimes. Some had previously been prosecuted, or the accusations against them made public years ago.

Still, in its scope and breadth, the grand jury’s report was remarkable. The investigation drew upon testimony from dozens of witness and “secret archives” of priest abuse complaints obtained from the Dioceses of Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Allentown, Scranton, Erie, and Greensburg – together home to more than 1.7 million Roman Catholics.

Pennsylvania’s other dioceses – Philadelphia and Altoona-Johnstown – were not included because previous grand juries had already scrutinized their handling of clergy sex-abuse claims.

But the state’s largest city and only archdiocese weren’t completely absent. Some of the accused priests at one point in their careers made stops in Philadelphia; one allegation recounted a boy being abused at one priest’s family home in the city.

Several names fleetingly referenced in the report — including the late Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua and his former aide Bishop Edward Cullen — were church leaders in Philadelphia before or after service in other dioceses.

In many respects, the tactics described Tuesday mirrored those of the 2005 report that assailed the Philadelphia Archdiocese during their tenures here.

Priests preyed on vulnerable children, and their superiors either ignored or hid allegations while shuffling abusers from parish to parish. Lawsuits filed by accusers often ended in strict confidentiality agreements, ensuring their silence for years.

Problem priests were cycled through church-owned treatment centers — including the St. John Vianney Center in Downingtown. Tuesday’s report dismissed the therapy at such facilities, saying it largely existed to “launder accused priests” and “provide plausible deniability to the bishops and permitted hundreds of known offenders to return to ministry.”

In Allentown, grand jurors accused Msgr. Anthony Muntone of discounting a plea from a priest reporting he had molested a 12-year-old in 1982 and asking for help. Instead, the panel said, Muntone concluded “the experiences [would] not necessarily be a horrendous trauma to the victim” and allowed the priest to remain in active ministry for two decades.
response to the report’s findings, Muntone denied he ever put children at risk and said all actions he took came after consultation with the diocese legal counsel.

In Erie, grand jurors assailed Bishop Donald Trautman for lauding the Rev. Chester Gawronski for his “many acts of kindness” and “deep faith” even after he admitted to fondling at least 12 boys during what he described as “cancer checks.”

Erie Catholic Bishop Emeritus Donald Trautman, left, and Erie Catholic Bishop Lawrence T. Persico celebrate Communion during Mass at St. Peter Cathedral in Erie on Feb. 11, 2018.
Trautman, in a statement, characterized many of the accusations against him as false.

And in the Pittsburgh Diocese, the report suggests, church officials weren’t the only ones out to avoid public embarrassment. Former Beaver County District Attorney Robert Master told the grand jury that he proactively shut down an investigation into an accused priest in the 1960s, hoping to “prevent unfavorable publicity” and win support for his political career.

Response from church leaders began even before the report’s release. Bishop Ronald W. Gainer of Harrisburg and Bishop Lawrence Persico of Erie sought to blunt the impact this month by opening their own archives and releasing names of all priests against whom there were “credible claims of abuse.” Other dioceses followed suit Tuesday.

All the bishops noted that most of the accusations predated their tenures by decades and stressed steps their diocese had taken to improve, including instituting a zero-tolerance policy in investigating abuse allegations.

But their responses to specific allegations varied. Bishop David Zubik in Pittsburgh asserted that “he knew of no cover-ups in his three decades” there.

Meanwhile, Persico — the lone bishop to testify before the grand jury — insisted that “apologies and policies … are not enough.”

“We are committed to publishing the abuses of the past and to being transparent with our decisions going forward,” he said.

As church leaders were grappling with how to address their congregations, state lawmakers were gearing up for a battle over the report’s recommendations — including suspending laws barring victims from suing their abusers decades after their assaults occurred.

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R., Jefferson) reiterated his support for a bill he authored to eliminate the civil and criminal statute of limitations for child sex abuse in some cases, saying it “takes a crucial step forward to help protect victims.”

But Scarnati has been opposed to making any change to the statute retroactive, arguing that such a move would be unconstitutional and could lead to hundreds of lawsuits against the church.

House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R., Indiana) said he expects to schedule a vote on Scarnati’s bill this fall, but indicated that discussions over its provisions are ongoing.

Even with that fight ahead, accusers and their advocates described Tuesday’s win — exposing abuse kept secret over decades — as victory enough for now.

“I knew the truth would come out eventually,” said James Faluszczak, a former priest from the Erie Diocese who says he was abused by a priest as a child, and who cried as Shapiro described the report. “I thank God, like, I think, all the other victims, that we’ve had this opportunity to have our voice finally heard.”

The Philadephia Inquirer
Priests ran child porn ring in Pittsburgh diocese: state AG’s grand jury report

George said he never discussed the nude Polaroids, or the twisted, secret gifts he and the other kids had been given decades ago by the men who preyed on them. These weren’t the kinds of things you could share without feeling humiliated, especially if you grew up tough, like he did on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

But you can’t outrun your nightmares forever. So on Dec. 17 — a week before Roman Catholics around the world celebrated Christmas — George met with a Pennsylvania grand jury and told it about the Rev. George Zirwas, a friendly young priest who once took him to a rectory in Munhall, a borough about 25 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, and introduced him to some friends: The Revs. Francis Pucci, Richard Zula, and Francis Luddy.

During a conversation about religious statues, the priests told George to get onto a bed and remove his shirt, and strike a pose like Jesus on the cross. Then they instructed him to strip off his pants and underwear, according to a grand jury report released Tuesday by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

In the unnerving moments that followed, George claimed that Zula or Pucci began taking photos of him on a Polaroid camera. All of the priests giggled — and then added the photos of George to a collection of photos of other teen boys. According to the grand jury, these men and another priest, the Rev. Robert Wolk, were part of a “ring of predatory priests” who raped children, shared intelligence on potential victims, and manufactured child pornography in parishes and rectories.

“This group of priests used whips, violence, and sadism in raping their victims,” reads one line of the nearly 900-page document, which outlines horrific abuse that occurred in Pittsburgh and five other Catholic dioceses across the state.

The men gave a specific gift to children they favored, something they could wear that would mark them as prime targets for abuse. Zirwas “had told me that they, the priests, would give their boys, their altar boys, or their favorite boys these crosses,” George told the grand jury. “So he gave me a big gold cross to wear.”

He remembered the rectory photo session as a degrading experience. “It is still really hard to get it out there that you were in a room when you were 14 or 15 and getting naked pictures taken from priests,” he said.

Zirwas’ cohorts were all eventually exposed as child predators. Zula, Wolk, and Pucci were arrested in Allegheny County in 1988 on unrelated child sex-abuse charges.

According to Tuesday’s report, Zula “engaged in violent sexual activity” with a child at a rectory in the Pittsburgh Diocese. Church records further described parties Zula hosted for children that featured marijuana, alcohol, oral sex, attempted anal sex, and whips. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 1990, and died last year.

Wolk was accused of sexually assaulting two adolescent brothers over a six-year period, pleaded guilty to involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, and was sentenced to five to 10 years in prison. Charges against Pucci were dropped because a statute of limitations had expired. Both Wolk and Pucci left the priesthood, as did Luddy, who was sued by an abuse survivor in the 1990s.

Zirwas met George in the 1970s, when the priest was assigned to St. Adalbert parish, where George had been an altar boy. Zirwas was in his 20s, and seemed to George’s family like a positive influence; he took the teen on trips and even taught him to drive. But twisted motives lurked behind his helpful persona, as other families in the Pittsburgh area would learn.

In 1987, the diocese was contacted by the family of “a little boy” who claimed he’d been inappropriately touched by Zirwas, the report details. Then-Bishop Anthony J. Bevilacqua refrained from taking action, but when another abuse complaint arrived a year later, Zirwas was sent for an evaluation. Still, he served at other parishes in the state until 1994, when he was placed on a leave for “personal reasons” as additional allegations swirled.

Zirwas was returned to active ministry by Bevilacqua’s successor, Bishop Donald Wuerl, who is now a cardinal in Washington. But Zirwas was benched again after another victim told the diocese that Zirwas had performed oral sex on him when he was 15.

“Today, we would have handled the Zirwas case much differently,” an attorney for the Pittsburgh Diocese wrote in a response to the grand jury report.

After being placed on leave for a second time, Zirwas moved to Florida and then fled to Cuba. In the spring of 2001 in Havana, at a property he reportedly shared with another person, Zirwas was found strangled. He was 47.

In a statement released Thursday, Wuerl lamented clergy abuse as a “terrible tragedy,” and argued that he acted with diligence and concern for sex-abuse victims when he was a bishop.

But he had struck a different tone in 2001, when he presided over Zirwas’ funeral in Pennsylvania. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Wuerl described Zirwas as a kind man who’d preached a message of salvation through faith in Jesus.

“A priest is a priest,” Wuerl said that day. “Once he is ordained, he’s a priest forever.”

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  1. This video sees the priest scandal in Pennsylvania as an attempt to sideline the Catholic Church from defending Iran in what appears to be a likely future war pushed on the US by Israel! I just spent the last hour riveting in large part by the remarkable insights by E. Michael Jones on the ‘Usual Suspects’ undermining Catholic opposition against war in the Middle East. The pedophilia scandal is being used as cover for the Homosexual 5th Column within the Catholic Church. Of the so-called 300 cases of pedophilia only two indictments were entered as a result and both of those were homosexual and not pedophiliac in nature. It is not a defense of the Catholic Church by any stretch of the imagination, rather E. Michael Jones sees the institution as a cowering, ineffectual entity against the “Pennsylvania Scandal” which, with its moral integrity in tatters could not be expected to launch a defense of Iran in any way, shape or form among Americas Catholics. And who is to blame – apart from the Catholic Church abjuring any and all legal tact or recourse? Well, if you have some time to listen to the genius that is E. Michael Jones you will find – yet again, the inevitable and implacable enemy of the Catholic Church with title, deed and governance of the Holy Land.

  2. That’s a very dumb way of looking at it. It is very common for victims of rape, especially children, to keep it secret for decades, especially when they were raped by an authority figure like a priest.

  3. After the 9/11/01 attack by Israel, ( )
    Congress nearly unanimously passed the so called “Patriot Act” which obliterated the Constitution. Then Homeland Security was created and placed in every airport in the country, searching deep inside every passenger’s private areas looking for bombs. Why haven’t they been placed inside every Catholic Church in the country 24/7 looking and searching for Catholic Perverts, Priests? And how about the treatment, by the former ignorant Catholic Gangsters in Italy, who nearly burned the world’s greatest physicist at the stake, for holding his correct opinion, based on experiments and facts, that the Sun, not the Earth, was the center of our solar system? It took these fools nearly 4 centuries to admit they were wrong and the only amazing thing is they admitted it at all. Abolish all tax incentives for these corrupt churches. Investigate and prosecute them just like any citizen. They are nothing but lying, cheating con artists. How would you like engineers trained as Catholic Priests instead of mathematics and the laws of physics? Confiscate the valuable inner city real estate of the Catholic Church. Boot these con artists out of the country.

  4. Did I say, the bearer of the light should be something bad. Similar as someone speaking while no-one listening, that is receiving. Your problem is that You consider Yourself the bearer of the light, and the privileged one who is permitted to receive it.

  5. Photosynthesis, the receiver of the light, which is the life as we understand. All the farmers have understood it for thousands of years, which those paratiziting on the dinner table have never respected.

  6. Think JC just trust the Big G, or turn the queastion around, who You cannot trust, which is the road to paranoia until You reach Yourself and don’t trust You. The question wich one of You was You.

  7. I hope this doesn’t get lost in the comments; but there is no difference between the number of Catholic and Protestant sexual abuse cases. If you think different then you are a fool. When I worked in a treatment facility for clegy; it was the same.

  8. “Any one who denies me, I will deny before my Father.” (Matthew 10:33)

    David, your views at this stage have entered the realm of insanity. You use the spurious claim that “Catholics told me.” Which says what? You are not a Catholic! I would be careful how you choose your friends. Clearly your scatological anti-Catholic views are clearly basted and bested not least by abhorrent ignorance of your so-called “Catholic” friends. The answers you give presuppose a sick mindset awash in predetermined and mendacious bigotry. Why does it all smack of the rabid Rabbinical rantings of the Talmud, I ask myself? I suggest, with all the satire I can muster, you fly BA to Britain and throw yourself into the cleansing bathwaters of the Roman baths in Bath. They precede the Christian era and cured the British king Bladud and his herd of pigs of leprosy through wallowing in the warm mud. Echoes of the Gaddarene swine; what better recommendation could you want for exorcising those lurking demons!

  9. I’m harbouring no pedos nor homos. But if You think that pedo case is justice to kick the ass of whole Catholic church, You’ll be kicking ass of the already abused child as well. In fact that’s what took Place in Iraq, because Saddam was such an ars against his own people that USA just have bomb a little bit those people to whom Saddam already had mistreated.

    If there is a rat in my house and someone thinks, my house has to be demolished because of that rat, I consider that someone enemy. I’m not defending the rat but my house that belongs to me. It’s You who are defending pedos By this crusade, because it’s obvious that Catholics will go in defense. The problem inside the Church and outside of it is the same, that people submit to be leaseholders in their own house, and POPE or POTUS transmit the orders of Deep State.

    • I’m not aware how much justice is The US Justice department, but one might quess, that pedophilia is against the law. So, pedo priests behind the bars and there will be well paid jobs available for unemployed. That doesn’t too much help the victim, but I can’t see any other way to handle the case but ordinary justice practice.

  10. Defend the pedophiles and face your own complicity or participation,. This is not one or two priests and one or two victims, it is global and persistent. It is not in the past, it continues. It is not a passing phase, it is systemic. It is not separate from the religion it is engrained from inception. Allowing government contracts to pedophiles , for the care of vulnerable children is un acceptable. PERIOD.
    Maybe the long excuses and rationalizing works for you, but it does not for observers. This crap is right in front and center staring the world in the face. PERIOD. Pious Fraud is monetary fraud as soon as money changes hands. Chew on that. Break your teeth if you must.

    • Who cares what your beliefs are, or what your sexual preference is ? That is not the question. Do what you wish, but if you harm these children, you answer to man. God can have you later.

    • What do we have in here, Bad Theater, Bonanza featuring Officer and Gentleman, You don’t even believe that Yourself. You introduced me as a pedo and then You try to prove that with Your anger rhetoric, won’t sell. In fact I’m not that much perv, less homo and certainly not a pedo. But the question is, why do You take advantage of vulnerable children on Your mission against Catholics?

      Certainly there is need for cleaning off pedos inside many Christian organizations which affects thousands of kids and put those of quilty into justice. But I consider bigger problem the Ministry of Education that has introduced “The New Normal” LGBT sex organ research work for 8 years old. That affects millions kids in Western and it’s Jewish, not Catholic project. Russians are very religious and they will never accept that sort of LGBT crap to be fed to their children.

  11. It has always been homosexual priesthood. And no person can offer another divinity with a cup of water and a ceremony. That whole thing is a dog and pony show before the passing of the brass plate, and the pilfering of the widow, and the buggering of the youth. This has never changed. it has always been this.

  12. There was no such person as Jesus or Abraham or Moses. They did not exist. It is all made up.
    The entire myth is based on traveling through the 36 decans and the 20 days. If you knew those simple little things, you yourself would turn on the church and tear the buildings down with your bare hands. They have lied, and continue to lie. Any Bishop would say as much in private and have repeatedly. If you don’t ask questions, then you cannot get the answers,

  13. Tens of thousands of victims. Nothing that could possibly be said would be over the top. Catholics are supporting active pederast rings gangs and laundering, and child theft and murder. They are an infection that should have been wiped out hundreds of years ago, if not for their blind deaf and dumb followers.
    Tens of thousands of victims !!!!!! Millions and millions of tortured abused, funds from widows, and laundering for drug cartels. This is not worth defending, it is a cesspool worse than Trump and Hillary combined times 40. It is a global construct of control and it is time for it to go.

  14. Take it from the Catholics,..
    Episcopal Sodomy – Wuerl Defiant

    The entire thing is a made up religion by amateurs and pretenders, living a privileged tax free life surrounded by esteem and respect that has never been deserved. In Fact, in any just community, they would be arrested.
    Being a highly effective money launderer and haven for spies, has it’s perks.


      “According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are over 60 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in America today-that’s approximately 20% of our population. As many as 90% of those survivors never report their abuse to law enforcement, and more than 30% will never report their abuse to anyone (National Association to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children).”

  15. Folks also have to consider how many of these pedophiles are simply disowned by the church, but actually were created by it. Larry Nassar was a Catechist, and the entire USA gymnastics was a FBI and Catholic operation to recruit the Romanian coaches, and has been embedded in catholicism ever since. Many do not know the racism and plantation mindset used by the Catholics to manipulate the sports world. The interim GM for the Carolina Panthers was a Jesuit, and he traded Kelvin Benjamin who at the time was the number one receiver for Cam Newton, during a playoff run. It’s called breaking up the families. Doesn’t anyone wonder how Catholic schools find players, Notre Dame, Gonzaga, St Boneventure,.. etc etc,.. they run farms for children for sex , sports and skills all sold to the highest bidder.

  16. First of all, much of the credit goes to Kathleen Kane who ran for Pa AG on the platform of rooting out pedophilia in state institutions. This was in the wake of the Sandusky and Paterno scandal, and Paterno was fired rightly, but others were not. So, this has been building on cover up after cover up for decades, even with Bishop Cistone revealed as shredding documents to hide evidence in Philly. Secondly, one thousand victims and 300 priests. This number is taken from the churches own documents, which are known to be shredded or mostly kept secret. Thousands of other victims are not named, and 100’s of other priests and Bishops and cardinals are not named. The victim list from Pa, since the 1940’s would number in the tens of thousands.

    • The church has been given a very big pass in the press throughout the entire sex abuse scandal. Anyone who says there is a conspiracy to destroy the church, is an idiot. That is like saying Trump is purposely making money and acting a fool to ruin capitalism. The Church has preferred gay priests since it’s inception. I am not biased on this, and actually get some of my information from catholics themselves. The Church Militant, a catholic org out of Detroit are quite low when they say 50% of all Bishops and priests are gay. The pedophiles are a bit separate but have their own gangs as well. What other organization or corporation could have this many victims and still be allowed government contracts to take in at risk children, as they are now doing ? It has been clearly proven time after time, that at risk children are precisely what feeds the sadistic pedophile express known as Christianity. Thats why they love war. Lot’s of victims. they come like waves, and hand picked from among the unfortunate. This has been going on for millennia, and enough is enough.

    • Are You homophobic David? Doesn’t belong to me and I’m not interested about what You say, but what You don’t say. I say, anyone who says, there is no conspiracy to destroy the Church, is an idiot. The whole Catholic homopedo case is to make confusion and to cover up the fact, that US-Israeli double citizen Congress has killed hundreds of thousands Syrian Christians. Has happened before, Armenia, Russia etc.

      You should try harder to hide Your desire to bomb them Catholics all to stoneage, or “The night they drove old Dixie down” -Jacksonville aftermath, where one racist in ten is a good reason to wipe the whole Southern culture out of the map. Talmud is ready to kill the Mankind, in case they agree upon one mystical figure, Jesus from Nazareth. Your statement Catholics loves the war is simply below grading scale.

    • I am not homophobic. I am simply repeating what I have said for many years. The Catholic Church is a global organization that commits more crimes than it parishioners know about. They pay for it. As a taxpayer and a veteran, I am very strongly in favor of either taxing everything they do or touch, or disallowing them to do business here. If my company was found guilty of pederast activity to the tune of tens of thousands of victims, and covered it up , war would be declared upon me and it would be unstoppable. The book they are selling you is also not their book, and it is not history, nor any other thing they tell you it is. They lie and lie and you defend and defend, for what purpose I surely do not know. It is madness. Let me know the next time Catholics come to the anti-war protest. There is usually a couple nuns, and maybe a handful of near ex-catholics.r

    • David, the madness You mentioned is also called Justice. Collective quilt is not part of it and Truth will be the Judge. When Catholic priest tells a boy to take off his pants, it is much similar as US-Israeli Congress tell a soldier to kill a iraqi.

    • The madness I mentioned is not justice, but the need for it. You are clearly not in a state of mind where you are aware of your surroundings. A military order to kill people, is not comparable to a solitary decision by a person in position of power to rape children. That is lunacy. The priests were never told to do this, it was just known that it would occur. Some do it, due to the perverse teachings they have received, and figured out where to get energy. Raping young men is a source of energy. They own it, they did it, and it has consequences. If people support them, they put themselves into a position of perpetrator, or assister. Both are a crime,.

  17. I attended a Catholic boarding school for 3 years against my mother’s advice because of her fear of homosexuality. It proved pointless as in three years there was not as much as a rumor – good, bad or indifferent about it. The priests were ordinary human guys living a celibate life against considerable odds as for the life of me I cannot imagine how anyone – man or woman, can be expected to repress emotional urges 24/7. As I said here before, celibacy is a curse and with marriage available the Catholic Church would thrive. I read 4% pedophilia in the church is par for the course in society and that it is the same figure in religious orders boggles the mind. Many priests and nuns gave up the ghost under such a repressive regime to the great disadvantage of the church. Considering the Talmud and the tele-evangelist millionaires living a rich and hedonistic lifestyle the problems within the Catholic Church pale by comparison. That is not to say the church has a major problem to resolve … and resolve quickly. It needs to excise the canker, and quickly. Pedophilia is a crime and there is a court system in place to deal with it. Satanism .. well that is what the Catholic Church is against totally whatever criticism may be leveled against it. And then there is the Talmud (gmafb!)

  18. I like parishioners, don’t care much for the Priests, I stopped being Catholic when I studied the history of Christianity. The sexual abuse of children and their torture is beyond anything imaginable. I hope there is a Hell for them. But we can make one for them now.

  19. The bigger the firm the more evil people make it to the top espec if money is involved, It is system imminent and the fate of every corporation.

  20. JohnZ – The key question is why NOW and who is doing this Taking Down ????
    They all (religions) have this dirt under their fingernails.

  21. While all this rings true of the CC, the spotlights shadows conceal the Talmudic self chosen ones activities! Distraction, deception, or diversion, or just blackmail?

  22. I would much rather want a Catholic church highly critical of western way of doing business, western way of waging wars, NATO, and a church not so much concerned about the acres of its dioceses but rather the well being of its flock. The church obsession with sexuality fills the moral void in which all resignation has took place on the above mentioned problems. Even if church clergy are bribed with their sexuality by the men in power still the politics and economics and God economics are more important than diocese acre sizes and the number of queer in clergy. There are more concerning brutal dying problems everday with immorality of public social debt and with usury and with poverty.

  23. All valid thoughts. When you look at statistics, the catholic church spends too much emphasis on individual sexuality role in society not to be considered a moral suspect. Other more concerning essential social characteristics like someone’s political role in society or someone’s clerical or humanitarian role in society get often absorbed into political correctness by the church men and thus into moral vacuum and only for avoiding public isolation and avoiding not geting donations. Also church are not only priests but all believers, but still there are too few supported deacons (allowed to have a wife), and too few laics (also allowed to be married) and too few women in the hierarchy to be considered a moral get together like Christ’s disciples would expected to be. Often priests and other believers look down on deacons and say “ah he is not a real priest he’s only a deacon” something like medical doctors refer to dentists. There is a role for everyone in the church if you get past the double standards and superficial morality. Otherwise you never can overcome the pharisean level of faith even if you advance to the very papacy.

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