NEO – Press and the Militarization of Fakery


by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor  … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

– First published … August 08, 2018

A phony war has begun, a war on the newly powerful and influential independent media, a war waged by social media and internet giants like Google and Facebook, a war of censorship and economic sanctions.

Behind the giants of social media and technology is a cabal of fraudsters from the financial community who have engineered totally fake trillion-dollar companies that, with the exception of Apple, make nothing, have no clear revenue stream and continually censor, spy, exploit and bully the world.

Then again, we all know who makes Apple’s merchandise.

To protect itself, these monstrosities are now unilaterally assuming authority for saying what is right and wrong, real and fake, what ideas live and die, they have exceeded Orwell’s worst nightmares a hundredfold.

Entering the real of what our “friends” love to call “conspiracy theory,” their actions go further, were one to track the number of mysterious deaths of investigative journalists. There are only a few dozen of those, however, the daily exercise of censorship is generally comprised of:

  • Banning media platforms from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google
  • Delisting all articles that an AI (artificial intelligence) that exists but “doesn’t exist” deems a threat to the prevailing fake narrative
  • DDOS, Stuxnet and Malware attacks, invariably tracked to US government computers at Ft. Huachuca, located in Sierra Vista, Arizona, taking down servers and attacking computers of individual journalists as well
  • Coordinated smear campaigns by the ADL and SPLC, long suspected as tied to Israeli security and espionage efforts in the US (according to sources in the Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Beyond this is a far more successful approach, loosely based on Lenin’s precept on dealing with opposition:

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Thus, for every event that needs to be controlled as to public perception and opinion, where choking of readership isn’t enough and killing a journalist isn’t possible, another solution is chosen. If one alternative theory, perhaps one that fits far better than the “fake” theory chosen by the controlled media, poses a threat, simply “drown it.”

To do this, platforms are created, mysteriously funded alternative media sites that the mainstream media mentions continually, that Google pushes traffic to, whose wild and obscene videos are protected by YouTube and whose homicidal pronouncements are ignored by authorities. To this end, Info Wars comes to mind, but so do a dozen others.

Corporate media total immersion

Anytime a real source, a real whistleblower with real information on government complicity in terrorism or large-scale corruption, comes forward, and they aren’t jailed or forced to flee the country, their revelations are overwhelmed with spin, fluff, smears and an endless stream of conspiracy theories carefully engineered.

You can easily note an engineered conspiracy theory, it will contain all relevant details and have the elements of narrative construct and tenor of a television drama. Such efforts, and they are detected with increasing regularity, follow every event that has the “smell” of a possible false flag act.

One must recognize without question the simple fact that false flag attacks are as old as war and politics itself and that, were there another brother available, Cain would certainly have seen to it that he wasn’t blamed for killing Abel.

There is little question that the world press had, for at least a generation, been put under centralized control and fed a false narrative. That narrative has become “recent history” and more is created daily, feeding the gulf between reality and fantasy, smothering not just the public.

There were always fallbacks, think tanks, esteemed academics, professional diplomats with standing and “sage” personalities of the press. In America those were Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow and Helen Thomas, all no longer with us and clearly never to be replaced.

There are other “journalists” who are “famous” but hardly “sage,” a list beginning with names like Katie Couric, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Tim Russert and Judith Miller. This is the list from which the “fake news” we hear about so often was born, fed by fake sources, tons of corporate cash and handlers from national intelligence agencies.

Any “known” individual in the modern press, anyone with a degree of fame, is likely to be easy to identify by a series of “red line” issues, foremost of all Israel.

Some of the Controlled Major Mass Media

Israel has been the litmus on which all journalism can be judged. It began so long ago, covering up the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, feeding the world a totally fake version of the 1967 War with Israel as “victim,” and decade after decade of demonization of millions of Palestinian refugees and the systematic censorship of the holocaust against the Palestinian people.

Yes, fake journalism protects companies like Monsanto, now facing ruin for half a century of salting the planet with Class I carcinogens. But, by and large, journalists, like police, see themselves as employees, tasked with what they are assigned, with “duties” to perform, too often easily pushed beyond the line, pushed into doing harm.

Many reasons are given for this, but generally it is toadying up to wealth and power in hopes of staving off a life of mediocrity and suffering that being born without talent and living without a moral compass, in a Darwinian world, would normally consign one to the human scrap heap.

We use Israel as a model, as issues involving Israel have, for generations, dominated not only controlled news but entertainment as well and, since both have melded into a newer and “higher” form of blended fakery, they have fostered the total destruction of reality as perceived by the public.

Cyber information and control

When the new device-driven fake media, dominated by Silicon Valley’s secret underbelly of hedge-fund scamsters, controls all device-driven information fed to a public addicted to instant gratification, new avenues of propaganda and control are created.

Within a few short years nothing can stand in the way, not the courts, not elected officials, not the military, all simply bow to a public lulled into fake circular controversies based on the inane and the machinations of a financial world driven by the esoteric world of IPO’s and fiat currencies.

In a world where billions, even trillions of dollars in political and military power are created through “tweets and trolldom,” through incessant collection and processing of personal data, all to no known end or value, daily events, wars, bombings, disasters, mean nothing.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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  1. Militarization of fakery, excellently said and fundamental concept too. People just never get tired to follow the great leader, with sword and homolook jewels, who will lead us to moral defeat time after time. Tshengis Khan, and what do we have 20 years from there? Alzheimer disease, shaking skeleton who feels that he’s hungry, knows the porridge, but has no idea for what was a spoon made. Facts of life that makes fake tempting.

    That may expose, if I were American, I would have voted Bernie Sanders although all those progressive idiots. After all, the best non-jew is the one who doesn’t know he’s non-jew. At least that works perfectly on the opposite direction.

  2. Good article Gordon.
    In other hand, I’d like to know why Trump banned security clearance to John Brennan and also requested do it the same with James Clapper, James Comey, Michael Hayden, Sally Yates and Susan Rice ???

  3. About fakery – where to start? Humanity 2.0 of the 20th century is gone, with 30% of the world’s population born after the year 2000. The whole landscape of human existence has changed. Humanity 3.0 (the version we are self-designing under duration, as we respond to terraforming) has to meet the challenge of the infinite data stream posed by artificial intelligence. The specifications can either be designed in controlled fashion or “In The Wild”, the latter an abomination to the self-lauding systems analysts. Wikipedia says that “information stored in DNA nucleotides was first done in 2012 when researchers achieved a rate of 1.28 petabytes per gram of DNA. In March 2017 scientists reported that a new algorithm called a DNA fountain achieved 85% of the theoretical limit, at 215 petabytes per gram of DNA.”

    Humanity is being farmed in a galaxy where the farmers aren’t overly compassionate or even wise. It seems to me that all of the human systems (were they ever “humanity’s systems”?) are being overturned. Yes, segments of humanity enjoy quasi-golden periods of short duration, but it’s merely a tease, to keep souls interested in populating this hologram filled with extreme vice and cheap thrills. There is a scarcity of noble stuff here, anymore, and little demand for it. A different timeline in the torus must have cornered the market on that. A lot of brains have rotted from New Age ascension drivel, not just from TV.

  4. I Think…
    I think I am….
    Therefore I am!
    I think…
    ” Of course you are, my bright little Star
    I’m miles and miles of files
    Pretty files of your forefather’s fruit
    And now to suit our great computer
    You magnetic ink.”

    “I’m more than that
    I know I am
    At least, I must be”

    “There you go man
    keep as cool as you can
    Face piles of trials with smiles
    It riles them to believe
    That you perceive
    the web they weave
    And keep on thinking free.

    In the beginning/ Graeme Edge.

  5. The problem is waking people up. Most do not seem to want to. They would rather live under a delusional fantasy ie: they are free, everything is just dandy.

  6. The worst of it all are the so-called fact check sites, one particularly Fact that is funded by the Atlantic Counsel which is funded by the Pentagram, CIA and numerous other governments, probably Pisrael and Fraudi Arabia.
    America has now entered into the latest phase of its destruction: the destruction of truth. Once the truth is destroyed, then all else follows: tyranny.
    It’s no coincidence that international jewry is highly involved. Zionism, discards truth for delusion and lies. They can’t help it it’s been their way of life for a thousand years or more. Whether it’s the narcissistic Mark Zuckerturd, Wolf Blitzer or Sean Scammity, the results are the same: zionist crapola.
    This is only the beginning. We saw it coming decades ago with the murders of Gary Webb, Danny Caleroso, Dorothy Kilgalen just to name a few. who’s next? Robert Fisk? Gordon Duff? Kevin Barret? How about Lew Rockwell or Ron Unz?
    And the American sheeple sit there on their fat azzes and do nothing. They deserve what’s coming.

    • About the only thing one can do is try to wake people up to reality. Unfortunately reason and logic does not work on most Americans. They live is a dream made up of malls and fake television.
      I have been trying to convince my brother to stop using Google but he won’t listen. He’s no different than most Americans.
      Boycott Google, facebook,twitter, Amazon and now Firefox is censoring people.
      Trying to convince people of the danger they are in is like talking to a wall.

    “WordPress founder finds inspiration in his hometown of Houston”
    “A product of public schools, Mullenweg is known as an innovator, collaborator”
    By Anita Hassan
    Updated 10:56 pm CDT, Wednesday, September 28, 2016

    “Mullenweg graduated from the Houston Independent School District’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in 2002. There, he studied music and jazz saxophone. In his teen years, he also began building websites. He decided to combine his love of music and tech skills.”
    “Now, millions of musicians all over the world use WordPress to publish their own websites.
    “And that’s really cool, especially when it’s folks who also went to (HS)PVA, like Robert Glasper, who’s now won a couple of Grammys,” Mullenweg said.”
    “”The vast majority of what impacts our whole life is taking something and making it better or taking two things that didn’t work together before and putting them together, like peanut butter and chocolate,” he said. It’s this view that helped him create WordPress. “I was taking many things that were out there before like open-source, publishing, blogging, everything, and putting them together.”
    The key to innovation is “relentless improvement,” he said.
    “It requires incredible dedication and perseverance and hard work and elbow grease to making innovations actually matter in the world,” he said….

    • “Otherwise, it’s just an idea, and ideas are a dime a dozen.””
      If Mullenweg is 34 years of age in 2018, he was evidently born in Houston in 1984. Yet today, at the young age of only 34, having promoted blogging or the almost unbridled act of freedom of expression as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, he has now reversed course and is in the business of CENSORSHIP! Yet the author of the article above credits his success to “a product of the public schools”. But he never graduated from any school beyond high school and it isn’t clear his high school education even provided any reading in history and government at all. Did he study the history of our own Constitution and how the Founders came to include basic freedoms like speech, freedom of assembly, freedom from unwarranted searches and seizures, the right to jury trial, freedom to own a gun, etc.? Did his limited public education lead him to now reverse course and advocate censorship of vital information instead of freedom of speech? Evidently it did because that is exactly what this powerful executive is doing today. He is promoting lying and cheating by government to citizens, as with the many fake school shootings, or false flag events, designed and planned by government, like the Sandy Hook Hoax, to promote gun control and abolish the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I say Matt Mullenweg is little different than all the other worshipers of MONEY all over the planet, especially

    • especially in Israel. He loves MONEY and doesn’t care how he earns it, even censoring the truth from internet bloggers he so vigorously supported only decades ago, but now reversed to this evil course and agenda after joining the opposition. If this is what college drop outs do, let’s don’t encourage others to do the same. Perhaps a little “higher education” is not such a bad thing after all if it leads to an understanding of the insidious effects of evil censorship which he likely never understood and does not understand today.
      There is another word he likely never learned the meaning of due to his limited public “education” Hypocrisy: Quote from Merriam Webster Dictionary: “: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not : behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel”. After all is Matt Mullenweg any different from any other garden variety college drop out con artist whose goal in life is not to reach knowledge, truth and understanding, but a five letter obscene word MONEY at any and all costs?

    • wjabbe, Public schools teach nothing about the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. it is verboten. I seriously doubt there are even a handful of high school grads who ever read the Bill of Rights and obviously there was no classes either in history or government that even mentions it and of course we know the kind of history taught in the government’s indoctrination and brainwashing centers: publik skools.
      Just consider what is happening to colleges and universities across the nation. Censorship, threats to anyone who dares to speak their mind, professors attacked and fired, look what the University Of Lethbridge did to Prof. Tony Hall all because he was viciously attacked by a scummy little jue boy who posted crap on his website. The press went right along with it……fvck ’em.

  8. In real time, the machine skulks amidst the data waiting for a trigger. Once activated, it flutters through the data and deletes links, preventing the dots from being connected. It is like hunting birds.
    10 years ago, I looked at towns building new libraries, and thought, “What a bunch of idiots”. Now, I look and say, ‘Good thing they did that”.
    The most powerful knowledge, is the one least protected, and least regarded as useful by the general public.
    Human behavior. Pink Floyd was prophetic when they wrote, ‘Welcome to The Machine”
    Your dual existence as both creature and living data stream is now complete.

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