Asia Argento, Rapist, Targeted, to Be Silenced


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The new revelations, that very attractive and a bit wild by any standards, daughter of B reel Italian horror flick maker, Dario Argento, Asia Argento “raped” a very creepy then 17 year old semi-human “meme” in a hotel room.

With a president who openly admits to paying off porn stars and less openly admits to paying off kids he had sex with, not 17 but 12 (New York court records), we begin to ask questions.

Here is what we actually know:

  • Argento is a target of Black Cube, a Mossad privatization tied to blackmail and murder on behalf of Hollywood figures.  Among their targets, Bill Clinton (through Monica) and the Supreme Court, using trafficked children and varying religious groups like the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington and the Jerry Fallwell’s freak show.

As an aside, I was at a memorial in Vegas last weekend for a Spec Ops vet who died recently,  In a room full of “formers,” CIA, Special Forces, Delta, etc, the hired “local preacher” told us, not about who we were there for but his own struggle, gambling, drugs, sex, depravity and how Jesus gave him a life after he had lived like a total ass for decades.

Well, the rest of us, other than a bit of hard partying, had spent our lives giving, supporting causes, fighting stupid wars and paying taxes, raising kids and had done so all our lives.

I am friggin’ sick and tired of this crap.  Here’s a tweet from Falwell Jr, try not to get sick:

We have been duped into viewing politicians as royalty when our Founders intended them to be only temp public servants. Complaints @realDonaldTrump is not “presidential” are because he acts like one of us-exactly why our Founders fought in Rev War to win independence from royalty

He may well have grown up dipping into the till like his dad, screwing kids, drugs and debauchery but the rest of us haven’t and don’t want to be characterized as such just because “Christians” tend to be psychopaths who can’t take the heat and “turn to Jesus.”

For anyone who has worked in a prison, those seen with the bible under their arms, preaching in “the yard,” they are invariably rapists and child molesters.

A tweet from Ralf Tebako:

Jerry’s stoned
already this
I see. 🍸

Anyway, even for those of us who went to school, got good grades, went to war and have worked all our lives, the idea of being 17 and being “raped” by Asia Argento boggles the mind.

99.999% of 17 year old males would have gladly altered their daily routines to make room for more “being raped” by Asia Argento.

Why then are so many millions of American men crying their puffy little eyes out for the Hollywood freak?  After all, don’t child actors always end up in rehab and later get busted for bank robbery?

How many times have we seen it?

Then again, asking $380k because of “psychological damage?”

What we do suspect is that Anthony Bourdain, Asia’s male friend and defender, was “offed” by those pushing little pig boy to humiliate himself with his attacks on Argento.

Truth is, Bennett, who was a slightly homely and odd looking child, as so many in the entertainment industry are, grew up plain, ugly and without talent.

By those standards, he should actually be doing very well with the exception that his career lacks the “rocket” quality that membership in a noted ethnic group supplies.

How do you think Harvey Weinstein made it?  Talent?  An iota of talent?

Then again, why are we all being assaulted with this?

Could it be that as none of us have lives of our own, we choose to live in a “Trumpian sewer” of losers, malcontents and those who should have been put down at birth?

Am I unkind?




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  1. Gee what a crock this whole ‘RAPED BS. First of all the age of consent is 16 right? In my country it is. So it isn’t underage as far as our law goes. 2 it’s hebephile not pedophile. Hebephile are interested in teens not children. He was 17.pesos are for children under 12. And finally this is just classic dirt finding on Asia by Weinsteins ‘friends’. Gee uf I was ‘raped’ when i w as 17 by a female a hot as Asia man i would be so proud of myself and my friends would have been jealous. I would have oozed awesomeness and paraded and strutted Aaron’s like some make peacock. That kid deserves a high 5.

    • Sorry for the typos in my previous comment. Stupid predictive text. Pity we can’t edit our comments. The typos I made with the correct text in brackets. PESOS (pedos). UF (if). Aarons (around). MAKE (male).

  2. The only way that this could have been pedophilia was if Bennett had not yet reached puberty, which is extremely rare for 17-year olds.

    Funny (but not ha ha funny) how people misuse the definition of pedophilia when they want to smear someone (e.g. Scott Ritter for correctly claiming that Iraq had no WMDs in 2002).

  3. Black Cube may have more than one client, because the Catholics benefited more than anyone. This story got more play than the thousands of victims of systemic predation outed by the Pa AG. A perfectly timed smoke grenade.

  4. In Carroll County a High School teacher, a total hottie, had sex with a student. My neighbor, an assistant principal of the school told me they had trauma teams brought in to talk to the students. I asked him, what the hell for? He said, I don’t know, maybe to keep the kids from beating up the ones that told. Yea, a teenager has sex with a teacher. As long as the teacher is a woman and the student is a male; who the f cares.

    • Well no, the children accept homosexuality, think it’s funny. They do not accept pedophilia, male on male with under age students. My son, had a gay teacher in middle school. Thought nothing of it. Had a teacher caught with under-age porn, was terrified. Kids aren’t stupid.

  5. Mr. Duff,

    80% of white American evangelicals support Donald Trump.

    Who funded their ilk to begin with but that billionaire Scaffie klan and the Ambot creators the DeVos klan out of your home state of Michigan ?

    The evangelical talking points and now the Republican Party talking points come from them.

    FEMA re-education camps might be the only answer as the evangelical’s are bat shit crazy yet as a voting block drive policy.

    The term domestic enemy is an understatement…


  6. And they don’t like Italians anyhow. Classical Hollywood is much Italian, Sergio Leone, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Cimino, Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. What we been fed today is complete BS.

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