Newsweek exposes CIA-Saudi conspiracy to frame 9/11 “hijacker” patsies

But don't expect Newsweek to tell you about Israel's role in 9/11


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This week’s big story was Newsweek’s “Spy Talk” exposé of the CIA-Saudi conspiracy to bring the Saudi 9/11 patsies to America and hide them from the FBI. As I said on the show, the 15 Saudis falsely blamed for 9/11 came to the USA on CIA “snitch” visas—phony work visas used to reward local CIA assets. So if the official story were true, that would mean that CIA agents pulled off 9/11.

The truth, of course, is even deeper and darker than that. CIA asset Susan Lindauer has testified that her Case Officer, Richard Fuisz, knew all about the huge attacks scheduled for late August or early September 2001 in Lower Manhattan…and yet when it happened, and Fuisz saw the Towers being blown up with thousands of people inside, he started screaming: “The goddamn Israelis!”

I don’t imagine that Newsweek will publish THAT exposé any time soon.


  1. ” The murder of the families members . ” …John McCain and the U.S.S. Forestall . No mention of this morons killing and maiming of his fellow sailors EVER , at no time never mentioned in his LIFE ! Now look at the cover up of 9-11 , now do you get it ? Similar to the sooo many AHA Gotcha articles about Hillary Clinton , nothing more than brain teases .

  2. Suppose President Donald J. Trump came out in 9 days, September 11, 2018, and made a full speech to the nation, not an announcement on Twitter, that he had appointed a special commando team headed up by former U.S. Marine Gordon Duff, and had arrested all those unindicted criminals involved with the false flag attack on America on September 11, 2001, beginning with former President Bush, Vice President Cheney, the four star generals, the corrupt judge in New York who obstructed all challenges to his rulings, and on and on and on, and all are incarcerated in a special prison held without bail until a special team of prosecutors can bring all to trial?
    Would such an act by Trump atone for all his past sins and make him a true national hero? I would vote Yes it would. Here is your chance Mr. Donald J. Trump for full atonement and United States hero status forever! Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., physics

    • OMIGOSH . . . Humpty Trumpty thinks of himself as a hero already, so there’s no need for him to “atone” — he’s not done anything wrong. And this is EXACTLY how his brain works.

      Speaking of brains . . . for him to do any of your “wishful” thinking . . . he’d need to possess one, and then if he would enact your fantasies, it would be splatter in a matter of seconds. They already sacrificed the Catholic President for less than what you’re suggesting. Although Humpty Trumpty does have a Catholic wife, he’s NO JFK.

      America doesn’t understand the symbolism behind the made-for-TV Dallas shooting. Right in front of his wife . . . when the smoke, and dust settled, that heralded in the Vietnam war era, and their plant, the very Zionist mole, Dr. Henry KissMyAssigner.

      And then, in further mockery . . . they actually created a TV show “Dallas” and mocked us even more on the “Who shot JR?” tagline. Oh, nevermind. It was an inside joke.

      Act II, Scene I . . . 9/11. This lasts for decades. The event, and the cover up. Not until Tel Aviv has their script flipped will this truth surface. The players will be long gone by then. Leaving this dimension of “natural” causes, unlike all their millions of victims, who left when these creatures of the black cube lagoon played god . . . eradicating life force.

    • So many things are needed to be secured before this can happen and with all the dual citizens in all the high governmental posts, for sure, they would get wind. Ask yourself this question, is recovery from cancer possible by declaring cancer exists in a patient? I think not. Extreme conditions require extreme measures. The zios will try to bring down the financial system and fleece the US like they did in 2008. A response to this scenario might be the sixth fleet locked and loaded.
      We are living in an unfolding drama which will play itself out according to script. Humanity wanted to be left alone to its multiple “Isms” and here we are all alone, arrested and impotant. Don’t cry out know, the lesson hasn’t sunk in yet. Hang in there arrogant mankind, it will get much worse before the Light shines through your arrogant souls. Nothing befalls man except by his hands. We are all living in the bozone layer.

  3. Does anyone believe Israel lover liar con artist draft dodger…Trump will have the balls to spill the beans on September 11, 2018 on all this? What if he even had the balls to publicly admit to the Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax in the same speech? What would his friends in Israel do to him if such a speech happened?
    Israel did 9/11/01 with the aid of traitors Bush, Cheney and some four star generals who should be sitting in jail cells for life. Seventeen years and counting. America is a corrupt cesspool of fools.

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