Eran Elhaik – In Search of The True Jewish Patriarchs


[ Editor’s note: VT has known Israeli geneticist Eran Elhaik since 2013, when we spotted the Jewish genome work he was doing at Johns Hopkins. We noted right away that he was another of the many Jewish academics who does not let ideology and politics influence his scientific research, which is always a breath of fresh air in the geopolitical sewer that VT has to swim in every day.

Eran Elhaik

The work was controversial but solid, and he was able to defend it from the shills that attempted to discredit it.

In short, his work showed that Ashkenazi Jews have about as much “people of the land” DNA as Europeans have Neanderthal DNA. But Europeans have never referred to themselves as ancient Neanderthals or laid claim to Africa as the “ancient homeland” before conditions drove them into exile.

Here is my first article I wrote on his work, New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine, published in the Press TV Viewpoints commentary section in the heydays when VT writers were constantly in the top five read articles each week, sometimes three out of five.

Eventually Viewpoints was shut down overnight without a word of explanation after a management change, despite the readership that VT had helped promote into the millions.

It was a great partnership for both of us, but we suspected that the usual suspects had infiltrated Press TV to kill Viewpoints. The newsroom manager responsible was fired soon after in a public sex scandal with a staff member, and we have not seen hide or hair of him since.

Eran Elhaik continues his research work in England now, and continues to publish his Jewish genome work at The Khazar DNA project. We highly recommend it, of course. In a day when everything seems fake, this is plain old-fashioned scientific research, where you follow the evidence to wherever it takes you, without the political or ideological filtering Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published  –

… by Eran Elhaik

The quest to trace the Jewish Patriarchs has been going on for millennia. According to mythology, the Judaeans descended from three Patriarchs—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—who are buried in the Cave of the Patriarchs (Cave of Machpelah) in Hebron along with Adam and Eve and the four Matriarchs—Sara, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel.

The cave was never excavated, but on top of it is a relatively modern building, which Herod the Great built, likely to honor his Edomite ancestors. From the more scientific efforts in this quest, recent DNA analyses of Ashkenazic Jews revealed that their maternal line is European and that their autosomal DNA has only 3% ancient Levantines ancestry, similar to what Europeans share with Neanderthals. So if the remains in the cave are neither that of the Israelites’ nor modern-day Jews’ Patriarchs, where can we find the Jewish Patriarchs?

During the 6th century, the Gok-Turkic tribe of Ashina were forced to migrate westwards toward the Caucasus. Thanks to their organizational and military skills, the Ashina united the Caucasus tribes and formed the Khazar Khaganate. Offering freedom of worship and taxing trade, the Khaganate quickly rose to power, threatening the Byzantine Empire and Umayyad Caliphate.

As it turned out, uniting dozens of Eurasian tribes was a relatively small matter compared with matters beyond their borders. The Pagan Ashina realized very quickly that being situated on the Silk Roads means potentially high income but also tension with their monotheistic neighbors.

At that time, most of the world’s Jews were in Iran. They were descendants of the refugee elite of the Assyrian and Babylonian exiles, the Jews of Habayeb, but mainly converts. The DNA of Iranian and Iraqi Jews look like the DNA of the local populations.

The tolerance of the Persians encouraged the Jews to adopt Persian names, words, traditions, and religious practices, and climb up the social ladder gaining a monopoly on trade. To maintain their monopoly, they invented secret languages and converted populations along the Black Sea to expand their global network.

DNA of Yiddish speakers could have originated from four ancient villages in northwest Turkey

Among these converts were the Alans, Greeks, and Slavs who resided along the south shores of the Black Sea. Upon conversion, they translated the Bible into Greek, built synagogues, and continued expanding the Jewish trade network. Their Judaism, however, was an anomaly in the Old World. These Jews enjoyed good relationships with the Romans, had female community leaders, and rejected circumcision.

In these respects, the Jews of Asia Minor were pre-Reform. Living in the mythological land of Noah’s great-grandson and knowing the Biblical legends of their mighty Scythians neighbors, these Jews adopted the name Ashkenaz. The DNA of Ashkenazic Jews can be traced to “Ancient Ashkenaz,” an intersection of trade routes in Eastern Turkey, adjacent to four primordial villages whose name derived from the word “Ashkenaz.”

The Ashkenazic Jews began migrating to central Europe and the Caucasus, where they were disappointed to learn that the political wisdom of the Ashina outshone their financial wisdom. Like their religion, the pre-capitalistic Jewish trade was strange to the Ashina, but they were convinced that Judaism was the solution to their problems.

Indeed, following their Judaization, the Ashina (or Ansa) became legendarily rich and lived in relative peace with their neighbors. The Khazar Jews adopted Slavic practices and began developing Yiddish as a new secret language suitable to Slavic lands.

At that time, Jews acquired the Y chromosomal haplogroups Q1b-L275 (Q-Y2200) and R1a-Z94 that likely originated from the Ashina elite and other core Khazar Clans. The R1a-Z94 haplogroup is found in Jew with the priestly surname “Levi,” perhaps indicating their Shaman origin.

When the Jewish Empire began to collapse, by the 10th century, the Jews migrated to Ukraine and Italy. The global Jewish trade network collapsed, East separated from the West, and the Jews of Iran and Ashkenaz reunited only after a millennium.

Yiddish became the lingua franca of Ashkenazic Jews and absorbed German words while maintaining the Slavic grammar. The global trade moved to the hands of the Italians, Dutch, and English, and the Jews were pushed aside.

When asked to adopt surnames during the 17th and 18th centuries, many chose the surname Kohen, Khahan, Kogan, and their derivatives, which echoed their Khazarian origin and their Khagan ruler.

The Ashina and core Khazar Clans were absorbed by the Ashkenazic Jews. Browsing through the Y haplogroup of prominent Jewish figures like the Gaon of Vilna and the Banker family Oppenheim reveals that these Clans continue to hold positions of spiritual and financial leadership. Interestingly, the Israeli Prime minister noted that he is a descendant of the Gaon of Vilna.

This story could not be told without the use of genetic technology (like STRs, GPS Origins, Ancient GPS, and TPS) that track the past of modern-day people. Though they may not be able to pinpoint a burial site, these tools allow a new appreciation of the Ashina and Khazar Clans from which some of the real Jewish Patriarchs came from.


  1. If you read Arthur Koestler you will find that “Ten Arrows” came across the Dneister and Dneeiper and around the Carpathian Mountains to cross the saddle into the Hungarian Basin. Seven arrows of Huns (who came down the Volga into the Caspian fro FInland) and Three of Khazars, a bit like Master Blaster with the three calling th shots. Well the Tribe of Dan went from Gaza to near Tyre and linked up with the Phoenicians (Canaanites) in a similar fashion. Any place with the root word ‘Dan’ such as dneister, Dneiper, Danube, Sardinia, Macedonia, and later Denmark were these guys.

  2. Since this is about the three Patriarchs and the Torah is the source of the thesis then the Bible would have to be the standard of the truth. The descendants of Jacob were slaves in Egypt for 430 years according to the Torah; the book of Exodus to be exact. According to the book of Numbers over 600,000 of Jacobs descendants left with Moses and Aaron after this 430 years of slavery. Egypt had two parts an upper part and a lower part; lower Egypt was located for the most part in what is now the Sudan. The Sudan is physically located in east central Africa. So unless their was a time in history when over 600,000 Indo-Europeans were harvesting wheat, digging canals, mining copper, and making bricks in east central Africa for 430 years. Jacobs descendants were black African and were physically identical to their Egyptian overlords! It matters not what I wish the truth to be but when dissecting true history with a biblical overtone; the truth have to be what the Torah say it is. The book of Jeremiah tell us who attacked Jerusalem and when. Jeremiah also tells us the descendants of Jacob went south into Africa and not north into any part of Europe; during the invasion of Israel by the Babylonian army in 586 BC. There is on biblical record of the Hebrew’s ever going north under either the Babylonians or the Romans. Going north in 586 BC and 70 AD would have placed the descendants


    Is the imminent attack on Iran now the Ashkenazi red line to finally and completely eradicate true Jews from the face of the earth and eradicating an entire Islamic population to do it? And for what logic? The doom-laden yearnings of restive zombies?

  4. The same way DNA can provide a road map to indicate origin, so too can cultural works from many different origins be used to identify the origins of the writings of the “bible”. However, unlike the newness of DNA testing, the comparative examination of the writings have been around for millennia. The infusion of places and names is overwhelmingly obvious, and tons of the information gleaned has nothing to do with christianity or judaism, both of which are selective polytheistic choices converted into monotheistic systems specifically designed to install dogma and distort history. The crumbling of these false “worldviews” is underway and inevitable. The only ones hanging on are like trump supporters who will carry his banner even while he is proven to be something other than what they believe. Dogmatic choice, is a threat to truth.

    • Why so much attention? It’s at least partly because they represent such small % of the population and yet, they dominate global finance, trade, business, Hollywood, media, etc, etc…They control governments through their numerous lobbying groups. That’s some pretty serious influence being wielded by a comparatively insignificant % of the total population.

  5. The best read on the Jew is written by them although no one individual claims authorship it was first introduced at the First Zionist Conference in Paris 1897 , ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ‘ . That was enough for me just a lowly goyim….

    • I call it “The Protocols of The Learned Elders of The Big Bowl of Spaghetti” (Something that came out of The Middle East – The Big BOSS)

  6. Thank goodness this article was dumbed down to my level of understanding! I’m sure it could have been written academically, so I truly appreciate this.

    A good overview, but lacking. Perhaps his mea culpa tome.

    I disagree with the last paragraph, since I don’t think “converts” which the Khazars were, hold validity with claims of “patriarch” anything. The Khazar Klan was a mercenary, phallic worshiping group, which I believe root back to the Pompeian . . . the superstitious cult that made Freud’s penls envy pale. The articles I’ve read detail how their warriors rode out with phallus charms hung underneath their chariots. When they returned victories, they would take their lucky charms and hang them on . . . their kids, their babies, etc.

    The Sodom and Gomorrah tales parallel the pornographic / war culture found in Pompeii. These artifacts found in the ancient “Roman” red light district of Pompeii should not be confused with the “fertility” images of other cultures. Nope. These were aggressive . . . . dick heads.

    • There is science which is proven with DNA studies. But, there is also “social science” and how the cultures throughout time form their social contracts. I only have a B.S. in social science, but look at these things through the lens of social science . . . which include: social experiments . . . which FAIL miserably with the heavy influences of the death cultures . . . phallic worship / warship, strong patriarchal imbalances.

      At present day, the aggressive dick heads are at it again . . . and I don’t care if their roots are showing, and what true Jewish patriarchs they think they have.

    • “The Ashina and core Khazar Clans were absorbed by the Ashkenazic Jews.”

      That I believe. That’s where they pin pricked their donkey tales and got this party started. And true to form they brainwashed their hosts, the AskeNAZI who found their Babylon/Talmud/Khazar/Bolshevik/Zionist . . . with a nice “DA’ASH” of Likudist venom, appealing to their palettes, for some reason. They are currently feeding off their Evangelical hosts.

      What bullshit: “Browsing through the Y haplogroup of prominent Jewish figures like the Gaon of Vilna and the Banker family Oppenheim reveals that these Clans continue to hold positions of spiritual and financial leadership. Interestingly, the Israeli Prime minister noted that he is a descendant of the Gaon of Vilna.”

      I’m not buying Dr. Eran’s premise of “spiritual and financial” leadership being found in those chosenites . . . Khazar inbreeds. He is incorrect to think Spirituality is a “trait,” secondary to the ability of it being transferred via the gene pool. DNA can’t prove “spirituality” . . . But thanks for trying.

      The only descendants Satanyahoo can trace is Vlad the Impaler on his mother side, and the Marquis De Sade on his French Jewish father’s side.

    • Maybe while “browsing” the DNA aisle at the local bullshit store, Dr. Eran should have stumbled upon The Vilna Gaon reference manual. Seems like he was a learned man, with monk traits, and a monastic approach to his spirituality.

      If the “spiritual and financial leadership” traits are passed down . . . and Satanyahoo makes claim on The Vilna Gaon’s family jewel jizz . . . he inherited nothing. Not an ounce of spirituality. Ironically, The Vilna Gaon lived an ascetic life . . . chaste, pious, he was scholarly, abandoned pleasures, did not seek the eye of the public . . . it is contrary to the “financial leadership.”

      “The Vilna Gaon was modest; he declined to accept the office of rabbi, though it was often offered to him on the most flattering terms. In his later years he also refused to give approbations, though this was the privilege of great rabbis; he thought too humbly of himself to assume such authority. He led a retiring life, only lecturing from time to time to a few chosen pupils.”

      The Vilna Gaon is digging up his family tree . . . right about now.

    • Word Ansa is finnic (or novgorodian) female name and it also means trap. In Kalevala they spoke about northern crone, which I think was southern witch, who promised her beautiful daughter (maybe named AnsaJr) to one blacksmith (Seppo Ilmari), who could hammer a machine (Sampo) that would print money from thin air.

      Seppo wasn’t stupid, but worse, he made impossible Sampo working which caused Kalevan economy to collapse. Then Kalevans turned to their old shaman Väinö, and they decided to steal Sampo and money back. Then the southern witch showed her true nature.

    • Elhaik is not claiming spiritual and financial leadership traits are due to genetics – that the “leaders” have the same genetic traits can be explained by nepotism.

    • One funny detail to be added, the southern witches name was Louhi. It appears any now and then in fin family names, but word louhia means sector of industry, mining. That is serching for Silversteins, Goldbergs or maybe Diamond.

  7. “Gok-Turkic tribe of Ashina” were themselves a Scythian (an Iranian people, as were the Sarmatians) people that had moved East and had adopted the Turkic languages of the surrounding people. From the Gok-Turkic confederation sprang the Khazar. Which would explain the relative ease with which they were able to unite kindred people (Avars, remnants of Scythians & Sarmatians) under their banner. (Do watch the Russian movie The Scythian for an interesting perspective. NB: the knife-fighting sequences are unique & are really great!).

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