Azerbaijan: Putin and Aliyev concluded a secret deal?


Azerbaijani mass media are discussing the sensation leaked from diplomatic sources: official Baku is going to join the CSTO. It is also alleged that at the summit in Sochi Putin and Aliyev allegedly concluded a secret deal on this subject.


  1. Both Armenia & Azerbaijan will have to accept each other if progress for people of the region is to take place. Neither Turkey, nor Iran, nor Russia, can afford military confrontrations and tension in their midst, if they want to achieve economic greatness through trade.

  2. It is crucial for Russia/China go forward on their silk road project. Russia’s part is the military aspect, therefore they started the SCO project, which is still growing but also heavily fought against by the Westerners. Without China, the Deutsche Bank, the head of the beast in central Europe wouldn’t be there any more (see their last heavy losses). The transformation in world finance has to go as smooth as possible, says China. Rothschild already changed his main operation field to Shanghai (why didn’t Benjamin F. noticed?), Europe as a economic powerhouse is on a slow way down. Macron wants good relations now with Russia, why? France is totally bankrupt, he is asking Russia to be part of Syria’s rebulding. Trump refused France any deals with Iran, bad times. Germany is unwilling to pay out France any more. Merkel was in Azerbaijan also to enforce some old criminal pipeline project to undermine Russia. They are all loosing, which is good news.

  3. An interesting subject. Seems that CSTO resembles NATO only without colored revolutions and coups, a more head-to-head approach. Was wondering if there are any realistic prospects of Syria joining the CSTO once the war is over, or possibly Iran too? What is VeteransToday stance on this?

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