Breaking/Brilliant: Obama’s Reality Check on Democracy

Saying what no other American can or would say.


I strongly suggest that you listen to the whole thing.

Then tell me you wouldn’t put him back in office is a fat minute.

This is an ex-president telling the total and absolute truth (a few exceptions) with style and brilliance.


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  1. “… at this moment we have neither substance nor style.”

    Fair enough, Khalid, but let’s give potential false dichotomies like this a much wider berth. I would not put it past the banksters to back Trump largely so some people will support more competent puppets like Obama instead of real pro-humanity leaders and policies.

  2. “My statement does not qualify Obama’s thoughts as great or evil, just articulated coherently.”

    All right, but isn’t focusing on style over substance part of what got us in this mess in the first place? Statements from Duff to “tell me you wouldn’t put him back in office is a fat minute” do not help matters; as if, after Trump and his vapid shilling, sensible people would want a more well-spoken bankster shill as president…

  3. I only have one question for president (lower case) Obama:

    Are the American taxpayers paying for your trip to Denmark (Univ. of S. Denmark, 9/28/18), or are YOU paying for it out of your own pocket from your (secret) contract payment upwards of $300K?? Don’t be a Hillary and use a worldwide book tour where she earned an advance in $$millions during the election process…and could have easily paid for her own SS detail

    The American taxpayers pay for your trips abroad, Secret Service, staff, fuel, and similar…I want my money back, especially if you’re getting paid, and especially if you’re using it as a political forum to foment further trouble…Even the Danish Town of Kolding’s taxpayers are paying a portion (a third?) even though they’re broke, too–in the $$millions

    As a 27-yr veteran, I find the outright greed so tiring, especially when I see many Americans hurt, hungry, and needing of assistance.

    • All former presidents are awarded with Secret Service protections as they allow them. Pres. Jimmy Carter did not. Reagan did as have many others.

  4. I got Gordon a beauty with a definition of “Lorraine”. That shut him down. Ad hominem arguments don’t cut the ice and should be avoided. Stick to facts, reason and logic.

  5. Gordo, Dave Odell, etc.

    If you love the little gay Mullato so much, join your local antifa chapter were you can engage in your cross dressing fantasies and mingle with other anarchist minded sassy bottoms.

    If you think Obama and his former linebacker tranny husband are not Zionist/Jew creations then you are clearly not right in the head.

    • The man has form. He was hired out of university by Business International, later incorporated into the Economist Intelligence Unit, a Rothschild vehicle. BI had already predicted the “Browning of America” from the south and west back in the 1980s and earlier and Obama was probably one of a number of ethnically and (non?) ethically suitable persons identified and groomed for a future role. Lord Acton said that all men and their facilitators who sought and attained power were generally bad men. The Catholics try to work on the principle of the lesser evil – the best of the worst so to speak. He dated the daughter of a high ranking Australian ASIO Official, my uncle Maurice was a “handyman” at the Aussie Embassy in Djakarta, where Obama spent his adolescence. They tapped into communications from there Earlier his mother was married to Soweto, reported as a high ranked Indonesian involved with the CIA sponsored mass killings in that country. I have read that his grandmother shifted money around in Hawaii and his mother was involved with Marxist organisations, bearing in mind that Cultural Marxism has lowered USA education standards and IQ. I dont mind bum scuttlers and shit shoot divers, some like peanut butter on their toast and some like honey. I like peanut butter on my toast, but prefer the honey pot. No, it is only the LIES involved with deceiving about such realities that I resent.

    • Still Gordon, Obama and even or especially myself aren’t the same person that we were in youth. Everyone is born in time and place, subject to random upbringing. Gordon has probably reflected on his decision to go and fight in Vietnam. Gordon and Obama have experienced stuff in the raw and learned from that experience. They are not the same people that they were. Then there is the Tyranny of Logos at work within them and we hope to God that they find the Truth. The Truth shall set you free, shout it from the roof tops. Sexuality does not determine truthfullness and I was horrified to see the helicopter gun ship video released by Chelsea Manning. Obama set her free. Who knows what Bradley/Chelsea endured sexually during imprisonment and I am in no position to judge her. In fact I admire her.

  6. The title of this piece says it all: “Saying what no other American can or would say.” Seriously?

    How about this then: “Never Obama”

    Hey Obama, the sound of the phone not wringing is me calling…(oh yeah, and I’m still paying for your stupid rent)

    • How much is it going to cost us taxpayers (Secret Service, etc.) while you travel on your new election campaign trying to defeat a sitting President?????

      How can we miss you if you won’t leave?????

    • meant not “ringing” (not wringing)…

      Yea, Trump may be a symptom, but a natural evolution of your ineptitude and poor governance (along with McCain whom you had arguments with, so you say)

  7. I didn’t understand Gordon here. Who are “the true enemies of Israel?”
    That one I cannot figure out. The nazis, the muslims, China, Russia, the Greenlanders??
    Sorry. Please elucidate if you can

  8. Yeah like Barrack and his husband Michael are not Zionist creations. It’s Jews hitting Americans in the face with their circumsized parts.

  9. Yes, I was ashamed of Obama. .
    Destruction of Libya….check.
    Aiding and abetting the neo-nazis who now control the Ukraine and threaten the Donbass region….check
    Phony dog and pony show….murdering some poor schmuck and lying to the American people they killed bin Laden….check.
    Signing the NDAA…check
    Reauthorizing the Patriot Act…check.
    Doing nothing about the egregious manner in which the TSA violates the dignity of Americans.
    Drone attacks in Iraq & Pakistan , murdering innocent men, women and children….check.
    And the nation continues to slide down the slope towards tyranny.
    Under Obama I decided to become a sponsor of the Rutherford Institute whose sole purpose is to guard our freedoms and rights from government over reach and out of control cops and courts.

  10. Yeah sure Gordo, I want an 85 IQ Mullato and his Tranny husband back in the White House. On one hand Gordo, I see you critical of the J-teams power and degenerate influence on culture and society, and on the other hand you are in favor of putting their greatest creation back in as POTUS?

    I think you mistake this creatures well coached ability to read from a teleprompter as competency and intelligence. He possesses neither, in fact if he was not selected by the J-team to be advanced in college and politics he would be at best sitting in some corporate sinecure as some affirmative action hire to prove their corporate “diversity”, while some White man was paid less to actually do his job.

    I thought this site was onto something when I saw its willingness to tackle the JQ, however, Gordo is disconnected from reality and is trying to reconcile to mutually exclusive view points. He must be a master of double think.

    SFC Steve Barry if you are reading find some Tech person and start an online version of “The Resistor” for us sane Vets and WN’s.

  11. Quotes from the speech
    • Two steps forward produce one step back.
    • Endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.
    Where does the second quote come from?
    In Darwinism the law is the survival of the best adapted.
    In human society rights beyond mere Darwinism must be guaranteed and upheld by some instance.
    I recall Obama in a video slyly hinting “predator drones”.
    Some sense of humor. As far as I’m concerned, it is nothing to feel good about.

    • The President of Business International taught him that it is a “Dog Eat Dog World” and he went along with the program, otherwise he would not have become Potus44, four being the number of Death for the Asians. Obama was signing off Drone Strikes every Tuesday when he was in office, often involving women and children in “Collateral Damage”. But as Satre said: “today is the first day of the rest of my life”. Everyone has Free Will, but often limited knowledge. We shall see how things go from here. The Jury is out.

  12. There is a blind spot here to hilda helping with the honey trap…which made the NEO’s love her and promise her the presidency. While we watched the impeachment they put “a plan to attack 7 countries in 5 years” (Gen Clark) at the top of the Pentagone…a coup by you know who and her friends growing greater Israel + US NEOs. In Israel it’s the Oded Yinon plan….explains how Israel gets Jewish refugees to grow Israel in size and sharia law, Saudi’s, left in control of Israel and Saudi enemy. US is in the middle of it, contrary to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

  13. A very good speech. The drop off from Obama to Trump is a massive distance. I would absolutely take him back. In a skinny minute. The bar has been lowered tremendously by Trump and the countries reaction to Trump and his band of barbarians. This is a skilled and polished orator, setting the bar back up where it should be. Obama is highly qualified right now.

  14. I rarely listen to lengthy videos, and this was 1hr+. So I listened to the beginning and end. From the 1hr mark to the end at 1:11:18, he told young people to come out and vote this fall, that in the last midterm election, only 1/5 of young people voted. He told them to show up and participate. Fair enough. But I personally would like to see more people, young and old, READ the news and ask good questions, before voting. If not, don’t vote at all. Obama mentioned Charlottesville, VA. But Charlottesville, in case anyone remembers, was the logical outcome of previous action by political demagogues who had demanded the removal of a local statue of Robert E Lee, along with previous statues of Southern historical figures. Well, Lee and his horse still stand.

    • It’s been clear for a long time that the Deep State wants to foment another Civil War in the US. So don’t give it to them! In the Obama years, their plan was clearly based on race, mostly Black vs White scenarios. But that failed, so with the 2016 election and since, the plan has been broader and more dangerous: Radical Left vs. Radical Right. If I were giving a speech to kids, I would say: “Listen to grandma, and stay off the streets!” Coming back to Charlottesville, VA, last year, and ignoring the odd timing of the deadly helicopter crash… That operation (the running over of a protester) was on Aug 12, and there was a MIRROR operation the next day, Aug 13, in Kennewick, WA, opposite side of the US. In both cases, the dead victim’s initials were HH. And in both cases, the primary perps’ initials were JK. JK was the organizer of the Charlottesville rally. And in Kennewick, the 2 cops who killed HH… both cops, improbably, had the initials JK. A logical question might be: Is this ALL fake? You tell me. Here is 1 local news article about the Kennewick event:

    • Johnny, I notice some of those things too. In my opinion, anyone of good conscience cannot discuss Charlottesville without also discussing Kennewick. But that would give away the “game”. It gets even better. All 3 of the JK guys had short, German surnames. Both victims were named HH, for Heil Hitler. I agree with you about the sloppy scriptwriting. Yet good people get sucked into these things. Good people with good intentions (albeit all suckers) showed up in Charlottesville, on both sides, the first day. That’s when the locals showed up to protest the planned removal of their statue of Lee, and other locals showed up to support the removal. I suspect these people mostly went home after they saw the right-wing and left-wing radicals there. It was a setup, all right.

    • I wasn’t aware of those contingencies. It made me think of CL’s New year speech, where she said that “the number seven” would be extremely important that year. And then in the month of July a plane numbered 77 was shot down, creating a huge political crisis. It is almost as if those events are part of some ritual.

    • What happened in Charlottesville, needs to be fully investigated as to why the police were ordered to stand down and allow the situation to get completely out of control.
      Some one or some persons gave the order. They should be held responsible.

  15. The Osama bin Ladin capture and killing and the subsequent murder of Navy Seals to silence the truth is disturbing. They actually threatened the Sailors of the Carl Vinson with prosecution for using K2 to silence them. Obama showed Netanyahu disdain but still had to dance the dance.

    • Except that wasn’t bin Laden. Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman, died in Dec. of 2001.
      Nothing more than a dog and pony show.
      Pure fakery, only the ignorant believes that rubbish.

  16. And then we have Benghazi . . .

    So yeah, whatever he may say about democrazy, whether it’s a true statement . . . he’s still a punk. He’s being put up on the stock blocks to tap dance in the trade off.

    What? His Netflix deal didn’t pan out?

    I’m sure it’ll pan out like Gore’s Al Jazeera endeavors.

    I like Al Jazerra sometimes. They can produce some good journalist news.

  17. P.S. After O’bama bad-mouthed Assad . . . and had a hand in creating the cognitive dissonance in the “regime change” they wanted to pull off on Assad.

    Regime change?

    These fvcking Israhell schmeckle suckers need a DIAPER CHANGE!

  18. O’bama was a “robbing from Peter to pay Paul” president. His outed Goldman Sachs so the other blood suckers could continue . . . same script, different day.

  19. Veterans Today is in bed with the black kenyan criminal, muslim, war monger, drug user and gay called Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

    • Shithead calling this asshole a Muslim is an allegatrion that brings shame to Muslims name …. nope NOT at all Muslim , just another American piece of shit

    • Yes, I’m done with this website. This Duff is incapable of critical thought, and clearly is a few cans short of a 6-pack. Did he ever see the Jewish controlled press ever criticize the little gay Mullato in any way?

      Does he support the Jewish deconstruction of all normative society in favor of 31 genders, White Genocide, Jewish big tech censorship? How about Pizza Gate and Gerry Sandusky? I think Gordo knows what the jell he believes.

    • Fortunately, Redbeard, there is more than one content creator at VT, so see what some of the others are saying before you throw the baby out with the bath water.

  20. I remember when in the start of Obamas rule maybe he went to Egypt and made a reconsiliatory speech to Arabs and Muslims that set High Hopes among Muslims but soon it was Obviouds that it was only a speech and then he proceeded to destroy Muslim Countries to please his Zionist Bosses ……. Now even Jimmy carter speaks good and of Peace but During their Presidencies all Presidents do the Zionist Destruction and later under tremendoius guilt maybe they offer loads of lip service ……

  21. Obama is right as he said my kids generation has the power to make this country better if they just vote!

    Boomers and older white evangelical ones put tRump in office and the current ilk of republicans.

    They vote for policies that will kill them dumb as they are and in time they will be gone.

    Good riddance and this is my generation as they are selfish.

    As Sun Zhou said if one lives long enough one will see the bodies of ones enemies floating Dow the river.

    Thanx “G”


    • People who lack any depth of intellect or intelligence always like to trot out a quote from “Sun Zhou” [sic] . They think it makes them sound “really smart”.

      Please enlighten us with more gems from “Sun Tzu” to show us your brilliance.

  22. Let’s see here: Libya: destroyed. Ukraine: in a wreck, Syria: nearly ruined, phony bin laden killing, signed NDAA : power to arrest Americans, revoke their citizenship and detain forever without due process, the same for presidential authorized executions. Due process? who needs it. We got imperial presidents authorized to do whatever. Authorized more spying on Americans. Did nothing to stop civil asset forfeiture. persecution of Asange. How many whistle blowers did Obama send off to prison?
    Victoria Nudelman and her cookie campaign in the Ukraine. How many Syrians did Obama kill? How many Libyians died ? Not to mention the victims in Donbass region.
    U.S. continues to arm neo-nazis in Ukraine.
    America no longer exists. It has become something dark, evil and sinister. A threat even to the American people.
    The next president will be worse than the present one.
    All empires eventually collapse. All governments eventually become tyrants. Eventually there will be another revolution, what will follow is anybody’s guess but not before the American people live in a full blown dictatorship.

  23. What I remember about Obama is that he promised hope and change and gave us neither. He carried out extrajudicial drone killings and gloated about it. He sought to overthrow the government’s of Libya and Syria without the permission of the American people and showed zero remorse for the death and destruction that ensued. He claimed credit for killing Osama Bin Laden when it is highly doubtful the man had any role in 9/11. He came up with a healthcare financing solution that was a gift to the insurers and did little to stem the rising cost of healthcare. I could go on and on. Obama came into the office with a modest net worth and is now a multimillionaire living the life of luxury.

  24. Obvious you didn’t listen. You posted before he finished talking. You just made a huge mistake and wasted a change to not sound stupid.

    Avoid sounding stupid whenever possible.

    Remember, it was Obama that pulled AEGIS out of the Iron Dome.

    You are being used as the Zio tool you claim to hate. Laziness has a cost.

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