9/11 anniversary special! Psychology of 9/11 truth denial—and our bravest survivor speaks out

Director Charles Ewing Smith on “Demolition of Truth” film; Bob McIlvaine on Bobby McIlvaine Act


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First hour: Charles Ewing Smith writes: “I am proud to present the full length version of my Award winning documentary ‘The Demolition of Truth-Psychologists Examine 9/11‘ for free on Youtube.” (Portions of the film were included in Smith’s earlier film 9/11 Explosive Evidence-Experts Speak Out with Richard Gage.) Those interested in the psychology of 9/11 truth denial should also read Fran Shure’s multi-part series “Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11?

Second hour: 9/11 survivor Bob McIlvaine joins us to discuss the Bobby McIlvaine Act. Named after his son Bobby, who was killed by an explosion in the North Tower before the first plane hit, the bill would establish a new, independent investigation of the crime of the century.


As 9/11 TAP explains:

“There is precedent for this kind of legislation such as the House Select Committee on Assassinations and the Church Committee. For example, Finding 1C of the House Select Committee on Assassinations stated, ‘The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunman or the extent of the conspiracy.’ As a result of this truth coming out of an investigation by a select committee many people are aware that such a process is available.”


    • There were no planes, a Boeing can’t even fly that low and fast, it’s wings would come off at a far lower speed at that altitude.

    • To back up what Mr. Greenhalgh is saying about “no planes”
      is this: The huge wings would have come off if the fuselage just happened by a miracle to somehow go through, the wings would have fallen to the ground!
      Plus, a long time ago, in the 40’s I think, a plane did hit a skyscraper in NY and it bounced off! You don’t have to be ex Military to realize it was a missile like a bunker buster, to go through that much steel and concrete.
      We definitely need a real investigation into 911, it is long overdue. And thank you Dr. Barrett and Mr. Greenhalgh for your perseverance and diligence.

  1. There were several witnesses that saw and filmed the 2nd plane. This argument that there were no planes, with all do respect, is ridiculous.
    And no the witnesses weren’t all Mossad agents.
    Where was the hologram that should have hit building 7…… ?
    And yes, the 3 buildings were taken down with nuclear devices, but the Israeli ‘art-students’ who lived in the towers planted the Thermite/Thermate and/or Gelignite explosives that allowed the planes to penetrate the facade.
    It’s all information that is available to all and simple logic is all that is required to figure it out.
    Witnesses described a non-commercial jet that looked like a military jet. Because it was.
    Holograms……. Gimme a break.

    • Give me $200K and I will arrange a group of 20 people to say they saw a plane hit One World Trade Center – its not difficult…
      And they’ll keep their mouths shut if I select a group of people with a distasteful kiddy hobby.

      9/11 was just paid actors/ media company people and some crappy video compositing – time to get over the plane thing.

  2. I’ve been in the engineering and construction business for over 50 years. According to local codes and international building codes, the buildings were designed to take a hit from more than one airplane. It’s obvious the buildings were brought down by pre-planted explosive devices. Instead of arguing how they were demolished, go after the who and why and the evil perpetrators controlled by the Zio-Khazar Rothschilds!

    • Indeed.
      But when you put up a bullet-proof argument and lazy, poorly researched arguments come out of the woodwork it’s pretty annoying.
      Holograms …… for f**ks sake !

  3. Here are a few more 9/11-truther-victims:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suQitX2GmTU Mysterious Deaths of 9 11 Witnesses (MUST SEE)
    Rudy Guiliani (Jooliany) made 2,000,000 tons of evidentiary-debris disappear (all the way to China) in record time, with hauling equipment standing by, since the day before 9/11/01 (September 10)!
    BTW: the plane seen above Pentagon on 9/11 was also a hologram:

  4. There was no planes on 911, no matter how fast the commercial jets went, they cannot melt into a steel framed building.
    The easiest way I can explain to people who quiz me is, imagine a giant ripping out the north tower, and as the jet arrives, he swings it like a baseball bat, what happens, after impact the jet goes flying away, doesn’t melt into the building.

    • Even if 400 fully-fueled jetliners were flown into a building like those of WTC, 100 from each side, they would all bounce back, fall, crash, and burn outside the building, without penetration! You can prove this for yourselves by throwing soda cans, which is are as fragile as aluminum-airplanes, at a wire-mesh-fence like these. The faster you throw them the better they bounce back, and possibly hit you! So, wear a helmet & other protective gear if you try it! The Bounce back is potentially dangerous!

    • There were Thermite/Thermate and/or Gelignite, also known as blasting gelatin or simply jelly, charges planted at the point of impact.
      See: http://www.methodicaldeception.com/the-artists
      also this VT article from 2015 :
      If you look at a still picture of the 2nd plane, it is not a standard issue Boeing 767-200. And it has what has been described as a ‘pod’ attached to the fuselage.
      Why would someone fake a plane and not use the correct image or hologram ?
      These people are not stupid.

    • There were no conventional charges, thermite/thermate or otherwise, it was a nuclear demolition. As well as the nukes placed in Urban Moving Systems Vans in the underground parking garages, there were smaller nukes hidden inside fake fire extinguishers placed throughout the towers, in the cores. These were remotely detonated in sequence using GSM cell phone signals.

      There was no Boeing, no pod, that is all just distraction crap.

    • NO PLANES: CGI expert shows exactly how the fake planes were made:
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rml2TL5N8ds (07 – The Key)
      Everything else you need is within my report “SOLVING 9/11 ENIGMA” (a “Salessi-WMD”), linked at my name above.
      Rebecca Roth also says planes had been flown elsewhere, where their passengers, and crew, had been murdered! A few had been forced to make staged phone calls to say they had been hijacked!
      Gelatine-Terrorists evidently engineered the blowing up of the outer columns with planted plastic explosives, in order to engrave the airplane shapes on the buildings’ facades, for filming from the outside!
      BTW: none of the nuclear-vaporized-WTC-victims, who called their families before their demise, said a word of a plane hitting their building! Thanks. K.S.

  5. ABC news yesterday talked about rare cancers for first responders in the 9/11 attacks.

    The emphasis was on the Pentagon, NOT the WTC first responders.

    The implication is that the PENTAGON dust/smoke was just as bad/the same as the WTC dust/smoke. They say it is from the burning building materials.

    My question is: Were there charges placed INSIDE the Pentagon? Is it possible they were “unconventional”?

  6. On 9/11 the airplanes were steered into the buildings by one person quite possibly a woman. Certainly no conspiracy there. One can quite truthfully state that 9/11 was not a conspiracy-a crime committed by more than one person-as long as only the flight of the doomed aircraft is considered. Is there anyone who doubts that the totally fictitious Swedish super hacker Lizbeth Salander (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) could have taken over the airplanes on 9/11 and flown them into WTC and the Pentagon? If you believe she could do it then why not a real life super hacker? Or even more likely an insider with an agenda?

    • Ian….are you saying that there were no planes involved??…..have you come to the conclusion, as many others have done, that the footage is CGI’d….albeit badly??……personally, I love how those cell phones worked a treat at high level, coz mine stops as soon as we hit 5-10k ft in altitude…..probably due to no masts at that height (sarcasm)…..but yes, being a former mast engineer for a cell phone company back in the days I was quite amazed by the cell phone calls to loved ones from the Iron Birds

    • Based on my extensive research the original planes were flown to Westover AFB in Massachusetts. The modified drones originated from Stewart AFB in New Jersey replaced them in the transponder crossover line of demarcation. Two planes made it to the twin towers, however the drone (flight 93) that was supposed to hit building 7, was shot down. All THREE trade center buildings were brought down with nuclear devices (some say DEW, I disagree). This is why building 7 “collapsed”.
      So because the flight 93 drone was shot down there was no plane to hit building 7.
      A missile did hit the Pentagon………..
      In my opinion, , just like the JFK assassination and too many other false-flags to mention, the truth of 9/11 will never be officially disclosed.
      I wouldn’t waste time and energy on even discussing it any further. Nothing will come from it except frustration.
      Best to focus on the here and now.