“Screw the Troofers” Trump Closes Door on 9/11


Editor’s note:  The partnership of 9/11 terror was Mossad out of Fort Lee, New Jersey and cells in Connecticut, the Bronx and Manhattan and a very minor Saudi presence under Mohammed Atta.  The story below is from the very controlled Russian press that does little more than run cover for Israel.  What do they have on Putin?  Everyone asks little else.

Boeing 767-300

NEW YORK (Sputnik) – Tuesday marks the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, an act of terrorism which many families of the nearly 3,000 killed believe Saudi Arabia aided.

US President Donald Trump has reneged on campaign promises and has prioritized the United States’ relations with Saudi Arabia over the need to achieve justice for the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, 28Pages.org advocacy group founder Brian McGlinchey told Sputnik.

Last year, families of 9/11 victims filed a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia over its alleged support of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group and facilitation of the terrorist attacks.

In this May 21, 2017 file photo, released by the Saudi Press Agency, from left to right, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, Saudi King Salman, U.S. First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump, visit a new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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“It seems to be the case that Saudi-US relations seem to come in front of 9/11 justice and many other things in this country,” said McGlinchey, whose website 28pages.org supports efforts to declassify documents believed to link top Saudi officials to the 9/11 attacks.

McGlinchey described to Sputnik a recent conversation he had with Kenneth Williams, the former FBI agent who authored the now infamous July 2001 memo that could have prevented the 9/11 attacks, had it not gone ignored.

Even his family is fake

Williams was recently approached by victims of the attacks who wanted his guidance, according to McGlinchey’s account. As was his habit for the past 30 years of service, Williams notified the FBI of the request, and received a phone call two days later from the General Counsel’s office asking him to stand down.

The FBI, according to McGlinchey, gave Williams two reasons for not engaging with the attorneys: unspecified ongoing litigation involving the US government, and the fact that the Trump administration is “seeking a favorable relationship with Saudi Arabia.”

CC BY 2.0 / ume-y / Boeing 767-300

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“Yeah, they actually gave him that as a reason,” McGlinchey said. “It was surprising how candid they were about it.”The anecdote illustrates just how much President Trump’s stance on Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11 has changed since his time on the campaign trail, McGlinchey argued.

“On the campaign trail, he alluded to the 28 pages and even said — you may find out that the Saudis were responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center,” McGlinchey told Sputnik. “Of course, once he came into office, he immediately pursued extraordinarily close relations between the US and Saudi government.”

The 28Pages project was launched in 2014 to expose links between Saudi Arabia and the September 11 terror attacks. The project focused on declassifying 28 pages of a congressional report on the US Intelligence Community’s activities before and after the terror attacks, according to the project’s website.

A view of One World Trade Center from the North Pool, which marks the former site of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, at Ground Zero the night before the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States in New York
© AFP 2018 / Brendan Smialowski

9/11 Families Seek US Gov’t Records to Help With Saudi Arabia Lawsuit

The US government did partially declassify the 28 pages in 2016, but conducted about 90 redactions “due to national security” concerns that remain in place, according to the declassification review led by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Earlier this summer, another push for declassify the remainder of the pages was launched by the advocacy group declassify911.org, which was created by the plaintiffs in 9/11 case. Concurrently, US Senate and House lawmakers have introduced resolutions calling for broader declassification of other documents relating to the September 11 attacks.

McGlinchey expressed hope that more FBI agents, either retired or acting, would follow Williams’ lead and shed a light on the parts of the investigation that still remain unknown to the public.

“We are now approaching 17 years since the attacks, and… in some way there is an advantage to it — now that you have FBI agents retiring like Ken Williams did — they may feel more free to speak their mind about what their experience was in regards to this,” McGlinchey said.

Loud & Clear

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The partially declassified report released by Congress in July 2016 revealed that Saudi officials had direct connections to the 9/11 hijackers and possible involvement with supporting the attacks themselves.

The report also showed that the FBI inexplicably failed to communicate to the CIA information about financial ties between Saudi royals and the 9/11 hijackers.On September 11, 2011, Islamist gunmen seized four passenger planes, crashing two into the World Trade Center in New York and another into the Pentagon.

The fourth jet came down in a field in Pennsylvania after being initially directed toward Washington. Some 3,000 people lost their lives in the terrorist attack.


    • USA-RKM deceptive practice has always been blaming their own terrorist-genocide-operations onto others. Blaming 9/11 solely on Israel-RKM serves as an effective red-herring for the USA-RKM to claim that they, themselves (USA), had NOTHING to do with it!
      Mark Twain: “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”!

    • Sorry but You’re mistaken and being forgetful , there were two distant crash sites with pits and debris at Shanksville …… Fact ! …… It was in two places because a Missile chopped it up and the responsible USAF Pilot is said to have been Arrested as soon as he landed after that Mission of being Ordered to Shoot the Risky plane out of the Sky , to date that idiot is in Jail at maybe Carswell AFB ….. He Followed of Illegal Orders and knew it but maybe he thought that if he’s obidient then he might be praised but they screwed him and to date He has NO Supporter or A Lawyer ……

    • Echoes: look on youtube for “flight 93 no wreckage”

      Then google images of “flight 93 crash site aerial”.

      Also google images of major airliner crash sites — Panam 103 for example. 300 tonnes of stuff — engines, wings, seats, bodies, and 100 tonnes of burning kerosene makes a huge debris field when it crashes into a hill at hundreds of miles an hour.

      There was no debris field.

      So there was no crash.

  1. I just attended a webinar in Seguin TX about “Erase the Liberty” and one the speakers, Christopher Bollyn, presented the inclusive evidence that Israel was the main perpetrator. Some of the funds may have come from Saudi, but the satanic greedies need to throw somebody under the bus. The Liberty and 9/11 were false flags to gather the sheeple and follow the Judas Goats to the slaughter house with money changers sitting back in the shadows and laughing at them.

    • Bollyn is a Mossad agent, as exposed first by Michael Collins Piper and later by VT. Hence he pushes the nonsensical ‘nanothermite’ pixiedust theory of how the WTC was destroyed.

  2. If this doesn’t explain everything about 9/11 you have become hopelessly irretrievably zionized or zio-brainwashed;

    ICTS International N.V. is a Dutch firm that develops products and provides consulting and personnel services in the field of aviation and general security.[1][2] It was established in 1982, by former members of the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, and El Al airline security agents

    Goodby America I loved you!
    This is now ZOSA – the Zionist Occupied States of America

    • Whether You like it or not but you are being a Zionist tool since your country is on a path of destruction but since you can’t do anything about your country’s Foreign policy , so you don’t count since nobody litsens to you or 95% of the population but your country is doing it all , since you don’t count or are passive then yopure just being an opinion less tool that does nothing significant to risk getting into any trouble ……. USA been destructive Yeah You don’t agree with it and also You don’t like what USA did but you couldn’t stop it coz they don’t want to hear You ……. You Don’t Count ……..

    • I guess , to date , there has been Only ONE Officer that simply refused to be shipped out to Iraq , Lt. Erin Watada , and IF I remember correctly at his trial they didnt want hear him and just threw the charges out he was retired and I don’t know if he is on the internet like Ray McGovern …….

    • The Ultimate GateKeepers:

      ICTS has used the security system employed in Israel, whereby passengers are profiled to assess the degree to which they pose a potential threat on the basis of a number of indicators, including age, name, origin and behavior during questioning. In the late 1990s, the firm also developed a product system based on a computerized algorithm called APS (Advanced Passenger Screening) which analyzes passenger information procured by airline companies and determines the potential risks posed by a given passenger.[1][2] APS is used by most of the large airlines in the United States.[2]

      Another ICTS product is Integrated Passenger Processing Solutions or [email protected], a system that accelerates passenger flow while enhancing security. Automated TravelDoc is a system which performs automatic scans of travel documents to verify their authenticity and ensure they meet the requirements of the destination country. Another product is APIS Solution, a scanner that extracts data required by U.S. Customs automatically. ICTS International also produces a computer-based training system for X-ray operators that simulates potential workday situations.[1]

      Executive Officers of ICTS International include Menachem J. Atzmon (Chairman of the Supervisory Board since 2004), Ran Langer (Managing Director since 2004), and Alon Raich (CFO since 2008).[9] Atzmon holds controlling shares, owning more than 60% of ICTS International through a family trust.[2][8]

  3. Donald Trump is NOT New York’s only pathological liar:
    Last night PBS showed a ridiculous hour-long 9/11-aniversary-mocumentary, with a few FDNY-first-responders giving false testimonies such as:
    “I saw the second plane hit the building, its wings completely falling outside the building, but the fuselage boring a hole and going inside WTC”!

  4. Suppose the Hollywood Perverts wanted to make a movie about a plane or planes crashing into NY skyscrapers. Would they use real planes and real buildings in NY? No insurance company would provide the enormous liability insurance for such a foolish stunt. So they would fake everything, No planes struck the towers or the Pentagon, all fake. Israel did 9/11/01 some 17 years ago with the aid of traitors Bush, Cheney and the four star generals who obviously stood down and did not lift a finger to “defend” the country that day from attack. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it
    • “Larry Silverstein – is a Jewish American businessman from New York. Silverstein obtained a 99 year lease on the entire world trade center complex on 24 July, 2001. [3] The towers were in fact close to worthless, being filled with asbestos, [4] yet Silverstein “felt a compelling urge to own them”. Silverstein had breakfast in “Windows on the World” restaurant (located in North Tower 107th Floor) every morning. [5] but broke this routine on the morning of 11 September 2001. Silverstein’s two children, who also worked in the WTC, were also absent from work that day. Larry Silverstein was paid a little over $4.5 Billion in insurance money as a result of the destruction of the WTC complex. [6] Silverstein was on personal friendship terms with Zionist media-magnate Rupert Murdoch, former Israeli president Ariel Sharon, as well as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Silverstein was such good…

    • Our government must know all the Israelis and their phone numbers and addresses along with the addresses and phone numbers of Bush, Cheney and the four star generals who pulled off this con on America 17 years ago but was likely a decade or more in the planning stages. All of these international criminals should be arrested, charged, tried in a public courtroom and when found guilty jailed for life. Of course it won’t happen because the U.S. is a totally corrupt cesspool today where the whores in Congress sold out to the arrogant gangsters there. The motive was to get us into the war in Iraq for the selfish benefit of Israel and for other purposes too.

    • Why would they have to fake the planes hitting the buildings when modern fly-by-wire planes can be flown remotely as drones? Surely not too save lives.

      Filming something in a studio or simulating it on a computer is certainly possible — but banging two planes into the buildings will obviously provide better footage and generate actual eyewitnesses.

      The planes made the story believable — a studio stunt behind closed doors would not have had the same effect.

      But the planes would not have caused the buildings to collapse:

      We know that a heavy bomber returning from WW2 accidentally flew into the Empire State Building, causing a similar hole to the ones on 9-11. After this accident the Building Code in NYC was ammended to require that any new skyscraper show calculations proving it could take TWO concurrent collisions by tge biggest aircraft of the time — which would have been two 747s. The buildings were designed to take more than twice the hit they recieved.

      The planes hit the buildings but the buildings were demolished with mininukes — most likely nininukes.

      The other two major buildings that were destroyed were not even hit by a plane. WTC 6 was blown up using two large devices of some kind as can be very easily seen from aerial.photos of two great craters where its two cores used to be.

      WTC7 was brought down by a conventional commercial implosion using shaped charges — instantly apparent from yout ube videos searching for “wtc building 7 compilation”.

  5. The Saudi involvement was financial for the most part. There were not 19 hijackers. The Saudis are not intelligent enough to have pulled-off 9/11, nor would Mossad and CIA allowed them to ‘get in the way’.
    The 28 pages are a distraction from the far more important role of Zio-Israelis and CIA Zionists. Or just ‘The Deep State’ if you prefer……..
    That doesn’t mean that I don’t despise the Saudis, just not as much as I despise the Zionists.

    • And let’s not forget that the Boston Logan Airport was under contract with ICTS International, an “airport security” company based out of Amsterdam. We know that Logan was the point of entry to the high jacked planes, and the one Atta boarded. And let’s not forget that, at that time, Ezra Harel, an was 65% owner if ICTS. They found his body floating on his yacht in the Mediterranean a few years later. He had a “heart attack” — they ALL should. ICTS is run by former Mossad and Ben Shit (Shin Bet) operatives. So they either can’t do their airport security duties worth a crap . . . or . . . ICTS pulled a “Pearl – before swine – Harbor Gosh, we didn’t see them” maneuver.

    • So where was the Dolphin sub that fired the cruise missile that struck the Pentagram in exactly the place where an audit of the missing $2 trillion was taking place?
      So how do supposed airliner hijackers who couldn’t fly a light aircraft such as a Cessna 150 supposedly flew one into the Pentagram? And at speeds that are incapable at such low altitudes.
      I would arrest Chaney, Bush and Rummy, have them waterboarded until they confess to this heinous act of treason against the People of the United States of America.
      Hell, I’ll have Dick Chaney confessing to the Sharon Tate murder, Watergate break in and the October surprise.

    • JohnZ …. you I like coz You suggest interrogathing the Top Level of USA Government ….. Remember Bush signed into existance the legalization of ” Enhanced Interrogation ” ……… I crave to see Bush being ” Enhanced Interrogated “…….

    • The faked crash at the pentagram is easily proven.

      Google images of the crash site and the fire — there are plenty of images of this prominent building on fire, as you would expect, given how newsworthy this event was.

      What you don’t see in even the earliest photoes — the ones where the fire is still burning and the fire trucks are just arriving is a crashed airliner. No crashed airliner and no debris field equals no airliner crash.

      The supposed impact hole is visibly smaller than the plane that supposedly caused it.

      You can also google for images of the exit hole and discover that there were 3 distinct and identical circular exit holes — all of them smaller than the diameter of the plane we are told hit the building.

      So the official story is a large plane crashed into a building, leaving no debris as it disappeared into a smaller hole than the plane. It exited without a trace from 3 small circular holes on the other side. Sure.