Coming to America: $10g Sends Terrorists to Your Neighborhood, Courtesy of Turkish Corruption

Ankara Forces Ask for $10,000 to Let Idlib Terrorists to Escape to Turkey

Ankara Forces Ask for $10,000 to Let Idlib Terrorists to Escape to Turkey


  1. Turkish corruption is the problem that USA officially contracted and paid mercenaries who are now invited to come to their new home for “work”?
    I rather would call it favored immigration, exporting Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement, 0-1 US Visa
    The Turks did it. The Saudis did it. The Russian did it! Poor USA always the victim, right?

  2. I feel sorry for those that relied on Gulen . . . he set them up, using his feeble mind. What the heck did he think would happen? Yeah, he’s a real military strategist. What Gulen got paid for was his ability to trend, and get people to do the bidding, as they follow his sock puppet lead. Pity. History is replete with “charmers” like that. Jim Jones got them all to drink the kook-aid.

    What do they need to see? 8 Heads in a Duffel bag?

    That was a great movie. Heads I would put in the duffel bag: Gulen, Satanyahoo, the FLAKKA whack who led the Toyotas into Mosul . . . I think they took him out already, but he would really round out the set, nicely! Gotta think of five more. Shouldn’t be difficult.

    Turkey is doing what they need to. And what the fvck is this: “It further said that 30,000 FSA gunmen are in regions under the occupation of the Operation Euphrates Shield and Operation Olive Branch forces, “and a sum 20,000 FSA fighters are to be transferred to Idlib to counter the Damascus forces’ upcoming operation”

    The “occupation” with the designer “operations”

    The Operation: Euphrates Shield
    Operation: Olive Branch forces.

    OMIGOSH — these Zionists will just never stop.

    They are really retarded, and their “operation” . . . loaded and coded.

  3. What if all the cars in the U.S. were pink?

    We’d have a Pink Carnation.

    That’s kidding.

    Yeah, they can spend ALL their R&D money of the “suicidal driver-less cars” . . . hope their investors are happy. Maybe they might use one for the brilliant designer and fund raiser on that project. Raise the roof . . . and it’s a convertible.

    $15 MILLION . . . DANG. I’ve got a few comments on that one, but will refrain. Hot mic.

    They use BITCOIN . . . LMGAO!

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