“White Helmets Clooney” Accuser Killed by Police, Curiouser and Curiouser

Shot for brandishing a BB gun after police broke into her home "to see if she was OK"


Editor’s note: Veterans Today teams have examined the evidence

  • Police have been unwilling to produce the BB gun they say she was holding
  • It would have been impossible for her to get a weapon, real or imaginary, while engaged in questioning by officers and alleged mental health professionals who were supposedly also there, according to mixed and contradictory accounts.

  • We believe Clooney is being groomed.  His wife’s history as a humanitarian, includes representing accused Mossad agents and fake organizations, by our assertion at least.
  • Clooney himself has backed the now exposed terrorist White Helmets, getting them an Academy Award as child killers and mass murderers.
  • The whole thing looks to us as a hit, this is our opinion.  We waited, we hoped for something to clear the police and assure us Clooney was not involved.
  • That evidence never appeared.
  • We aren’t saying Clooney ordered the hit but we are saying that when he attached himself to the Mossad, as Harvey Weinstein had done, then he shouldn’t be surprised when those who give him grief are murdered by police and he looks guilty.


Guardian UK: Marquez, who appeared on the series from 1994 to 1997, was killed during a welfare check at her home in California

Vanessa Marquez, a former actor on the television show ER, was shot and killed by police during a welfare check at her home in South Pasadena, California.

Marquez, 49, played nurse Wendy Goldman on the hit series from 1994 to 1997.

Lt Joe Mendoza of the Los Angeles county sheriff’s department told reporters Friday that officers arrived at the 1100 block of Fremont Avenue on Thursday morning, after a call from Marquez’s landlord. According to the South Pasadenan, the lieutenant said Marquez seemed “gravely disabled”. It was reportedly not the first time law enforcement had been called to Marquez’s apartment.

When South Pasadena police arrived around noon, Mendoza said Marquez “was undergoing some medical problems, some seizures”. After speaking with an LA county mental health clinician and officers for 90 minutes, “she became very uncooperative”.

Then, Mendoza said, she brandished a gun at the officers. The officers opened fire and she was shot in the torso. She later died at the hospital.

The firearm was later identified as a BB gun that resembled a semi-automatic weapon.

“It’s shocking, it’s really awful,” a neighbor, Mark Swaine, told KABC. “I’m just really saddened by the whole thing. It sounds like a horrible, horrible misunderstanding.”

Marquez, who appeared in the films Stand and Deliver and Twenty Bucks, was in the news last year after claiming on Twitter that ER co-star George Clooney played a part in blacklisting her from the industry after she and other ER cast members complained of sexism and racism on the set of the show.

“Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up about harassment on ER,” she wrote on Twitter. “Women who don’t play the game lose career. I did.”

Clooney denied the allegation.


  1. The old mental health trick was a favorite in the USSR. The MSM used to write, ” You’re lucky to live in America” propaganda pieces, pointing out the faults of countries without US approved puppet dictators. As if the police need a coverup story. Some people appear to have been killed just to see what’s in their pockets. Even police have been killed to shut them up. Contract hits by pros seem to be more frequent.

  2. Just a few years ago a real weapon would have had to be used as a ‘throw-down’ piece. Now they can toss a cheap air pistol or toy.. and even sometimes not have to produce that.

  3. Clooney’s wife is Druze, which in itself does not make her an ally of Israel. However, the Druze as a whole are closely allied with Israel in the Golan Heights area, location of Big Oil with All the Usual Suspects lining up like pigs at a trough. My Fijian mate Sale got an MM from (then) Colonel Rabuka, after he put 50 rounds of a 200 round belt, firing a GPMG from the hip, into the chest of three out of four Druze who were on the back of a jeep with a 0.5″ MG, the fourth one ran away. They had killed his fellow UN soldier. The Fijians got given heaps of ammo to stop them from getting bored atop observation towers for aircraft in The Sinai, because of their acute eye sight, so they got lots of practise. He was also first respondent to the truck bomb on the USA compound. I’ll track him down and ask him how he sees it. The First and Second Regiments of the FDF were “Firm Friends” of the 8 Brigade Group, NZ Army and my dad, during the tense time from April 1941 until August 1942 in The Pacific on Fiji.

  4. Agreed . . . if she was that out of sorts, and more than likely was allowed to spiral in that 90 minutes . . . Hmmmmmmm . . . it’s called a 72-hour police hold, and THAT’S the protocol that they should have taken, within 30 minutes. WOW — a danger to self, or others is the basic test for a 72-hold. And if withing the incident, she was allowed to spiral to the point she pulled a BB gun (from where??) that they shot her . . . who the police dept. Oh, let me guess . . . it was Israhell

    So their were grossly negligent in this, and she died as a result . . . OR . . . it was a hit.

  5. The Police were with the mentally distressed person and allowed her to acquire a BB gun then shot and killed her. I worked in inpatient mental health settings for 17 years. This is total bullshit. No one is that stupid. Even with IDF training.

  6. Wellfare teams with guns? Is that typical for California,or is it already all over the U.S.?
    Are we looking at police with a side job as assassins here? Please clarify. The article was not entirely clear on this point. maybe I misread. In that case, please excuse me.

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