When Someone You Know Struggles with Fear, Anxiety, and Stress


Health Editor’s Note:  Here is another medically healthful article in the series of mental health related articles by Stan Popovich. Stan Popovich is the author of “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods”. Stan’s managing fear book has become very popular with over 300 positive book reviews and counting. Please read the many book reviews of Stan’s popular book by going to Stan’s website at  http://www.managingfear.com/..Carol

When Someone You Know Struggles with Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

By: Stanley Popovich

What do you do when someone you know has to deal with persistent fears, anxieties, or even depression? Well the first thing you need to do is to get the person to seek the services of a professional who can lead them in the right direction and give them the help they need. In addition, here are some other techniques you can use to help the person cope.

Learn as much as you can in managing anxiety and depression. There are many books and information that will educate you on how to deal with fear and anxiety.

Be understanding and patient with the person struggling with their fears. Dealing with depression and anxiety can be difficult for the person so do not add more problems than what is already there.

In every anxiety-related situation you experience, begin to learn what works, what doesn’t work, and what you need to improve on in managing your fears and anxieties.

When your fears and anxieties have the best of you, seek help from a professional. The key is to be patient, take it slow, and not to give up. In time, you will be able to find those resources that will help you with your problems.

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  1. A friend with Weed,
    Is a friend, Indeed!

    I’m running out of one-liners, soon here…

    Stan Popovich has some good suggestions for stress management. Exercise helps. Find an activities you like, so you don’t quit. Try to choose ones that helps you deal with danger; they should train you to run fast and punch hard. Later in life, emphasize muscle flexibility and just try to break a sweat.

    I think all of us need tips to relieve the anxiety one feels as they come to understand how the world really works.

    Being more aware of Organized Global Conquest and impending doom than the average person, and the frustration of public resistance to that awareness, has a feeling of helplessness all it’s own…

    I’ve pretty much always known governments CAN be corrupt from what my parents taught me. I began to understand secret societies and GLOBAL corruption about 22 years ago when I read this newsletter that was handed out by an “off-duty” cop working security at a small concert in Chicago:


    I’ve used quite a bit of humor and escapism to deal with the stress involved. I try to displace worry with planning and activity, but don’t forget to give your mind a rest every once in a while…

    “A little Nonsense,

    Now and Then,

    Is cherished by,

    The Wise-est Men…”

    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – (1971)

  2. A lot of the feelings of Fear, Anxiety & Depression can be contr0olled with herbs & excercise. What has been working for me is stationery cycling, light weight training & wooden sword routines. Only 45 minutes, 5-6 weekly does wonders. No more pains nor stiffness in the hips, ankles, lower back & neck either.

    Also helps immensely if one partakes of the herb. Though that solution can be evasive until one finds the right strain that works for one. A situation that has complications nowadays due to hybridized strains. The core strains of the 80s are very rare. It’s going to get worse with the possibility of GMO strains entering with large commercialization.

    • I remember the first time I tried Indoor Grown Skunk #1 in 1987, and how it just rang my bell compared to the mind numbing effect of stale, moldy, shit-brown, Mexican SuckWeed.

      A friend from High School had an Uncle living in the Puna Valley. Various sources of “Canned Hawai’ian” popped up around the same time.

      The Grateful Dead Wayfaring Hippy Carnival and Drug Bazaar did a lot to popularize Connoisseur Quality herb in the 80s as well…

      Up until then, “homegrown” usually meant unripened “late maturing” equatorial sativa strains that were mostly leaf and immature flowers. When Indica and hybrids came along, homegrown in America went from the worst quality to the best, practically overnight.

      Commercialization adds many problems. If prices are not going to drop, I’d almost rather see decriminalization with NO legal industry.

      Small batch, “hand crafted” Artisan -grown is the best, after all.

      Ahhhh, memories…

      Lunchtime. A little stress relief is in order. Now where is my two-foot glass MetaCognition Amplifier…?

    • Johnny America, thanks for trip down memory lane. I might get to like you after all. Your statement resonates with me since it is so full of wisdom for us all: “” If prices are not going to drop, I’d almost rather see decriminalization with NO legal industry. Small batch, “hand crafted” Artisan -grown is the best, after all.””

      On another note, I find it very strange that one cannot grow the available verieties in the California High Desert (Victorville) , which has near-identical weather extremes as Quetta, Baluchistan. The plants in that region grow in open-air conditions, do not require feeding of special nutrients, nor any temperature management. While we are talking about resin versus flower, the the difference is remarkably evident. The of the resin from Baluchistan or Chitral is that of spiraling upwards and looking down at oneself from another plane. It’s a root strain, though it could be the nutrient-rich, unpolluted soil that they grow on.

      Am looking into bringing in those plants for resale to the “artisans”.

    • Have you read Robert Connell Clarkes “Marijuana Botany?”

      He talks about “Land race strains” from the original growers of various regions. It gets into growing habits and euphoric effects of traditional strains. The book was written before hybridization got nutty, and traveling to various countries allowed him to meet farmers and learn from them and their strains.

      The chemical combination that yields a specific “high” or euphoric effect is 99% a factor of genetics.


      Now, before they are ruined by foreign influence. Traveling Hippies.

      One of the most sought after strains of the 2000s was the Master Kush. After all was said and done, an HEIRLOOM brought out of the Hindu-Kush mountains was more popular than the current hybridized strains.

      If the plants are grown at around the same latitude, in a similar outdoor environment, they will be exactly like Baluchistan buds.

      Rare Earth elements and unique soil may affect flavor, but as long as a vigorous plant is grown, allowed to mature to peak ripeness in a relatively stress free environment, and dried out in similar conditions, it should be the same.

      It’s all in the genetics.

      Oh, and attention to detail. Farmers from Thailand with their perfectly cultivated and manicured hermaphroditic Thai Buds taught us that.

      Altitude effects the suns spectrum and intensity, the only other environmental factor that may have a slight effect on chemical output.

      Peak potency occurs just before overfertilization. You might improve it…

    • 👍👍👍 Ian!

      Landrace heirloom strains need to be protected from hybrids right now. Soon, landrace heirloom strains AND hybrids will need protection from GMOs…ugh.

      To be absolutely 100% sure of the source, its always best to go there yourself and pick seeds out of the very buds you love to smoke.

      Not at the bottom of the bag, but OUT of the BUDS.

      And makes sure they were put there by the PLANT, and not shoved in there by a human.

      The “best” high I remember came from a 1980s Early Sativa seed grown out in the mid 90s.

      It had HUGE airy, see-through foxtail buds that were lightweight, forest green, covered with trichomes (crystals), perfectly manicured, and the resin was OILY…SLICK…GREASY…almost LIQUID…but NOT very sticky to the touch.

      The euphoric effects were immediately uplifting, but EYE-OPENING, not squinting, as the rush came on, and head CLEARING, in that it made your mind quiet DOWN rather than producing a beehive buzz in your head… It is probably perfect for ADHD… It was the “Cleanest” buzz I ever experienced.

      Although extremely intense and potent, the peak was noticeable, came quickly and then faded gently away quickly as well. When it was over an hour later or so, the mind was active, alert, and clear as if you hadn’t smoked a thing, accompanied by a feeling of contentment and well-being. It left you stimulated rather than fatigued.

      I was told it was too lightweight and therefore a low yielder for indoors and wouldn’t come around again.

  3. Fear is the ultimate enemy of all mankind and all sentient beings everywhere. There are really only two major forces acting on the personality of a sentient being. When a sentient being is near its Essence Twin (AKA TWIN FLAME) fear is blocked and Love ensues. Christ (and Buddha, Lao Tzu & Sri Kristina) was everybodies Essence Twin. Since FEAR is the basis of all diseases, suppress a person’s major fear (AKA Chief Feature) and the person’s major fear (and associated diseases) go away. A perso need not find their Essence Twin to accomplish this. Another person, possibly one of the opposite sex, can also do this albeitto a lesser degree. Here (I hope) is how to find that person.