Brzezinski for Dummies


Paul Jay of Real News, back in 2010, interviews Zbig.  This is one part of 3, 16 minutes total, that being 15 minutes and 50 seconds beyond the average attention span of an internet troll.

For those who learned of Brz as they had of Soros or Hillary or Carter, I suggest spending a few moments getting your heads torn off and put back on correctly, even if the patient dies in the process.

I consider that little loss.

Thanks to Paul Jay for his decent questions and to Zbig for living long enough to get this out.


    • Khalid, I think it is just word play. Al Qaeda did “attack” because those puppets were placed in the approved places to make the scene look like they were executing The Plan, attacking. However the Boys at the Control Center were not Al Qaeda. To believe that one would need to abandon critical thinking completely.