A Message From the Libyan People’s Resistance

Submitted to VT today


Since 2011, NATO and the entire United Nations have failed all of the citizens of Libya. Libyans have lived in fear and were terrorized constantly by the various rebel militias.

The militias were armed up by foreign interests. Now, it appears that a swell of enthusiasm and pride has developed and is spreading throughout Libya. Yesterday, many of the tribes in Libya gathered in Tarhouna and final plans have been made to unify and retake Tripoli to free the country once and for all.

Today, many demonstrators have taken to the streets in Green Square, and by tomorrow many thousands will assemble there too in support of this growing movement of freedom-thirsty Libyans. By all accounts, Libya was doing well prior to the War of 2011, no debt and ambitious projects abound in that country. No homeless people existed and there were no poor people.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton failed at foreign policy development, so their solution was to arm up people alleged to be demonstrators in Benghazi that we now know to be untrue. The arming of extreme militants and Islamists has virtually destroyed an entire country and provided armed resources to the likes of Al Qaeda that has spread in the region and caused growing security issues.

There was no real Arab Spring, it was all a unilateral justification for illegally funneling weapons to terrorists that most nations were fighting against, yet Obama and Clinton have misled the United States and the Congress. Imagine all of the missing emails and the proof of all of their complicity in violating both U.S. laws and United Nations rules. The truth will come out soon and history will correct itself regardless of the concealment of evidence by Clinton and her pundits.

Citizens of Libya should rise up today and go to Green Square and demonstrate to the world that you are tired of living in hell because NATO and its allies made huge errors and then walked away, doing nothing to feed anyone or to get rid of the armed militias.

Tomorrow, thousands of Libyans should arrive into Green Square and show the militias that you are not afraid to stand up into the face of tyranny and terrorists, Libyans will fight!

On Tuesday, the tribes of Tarhouna will arrive and so will many thousands of Libyans seeking to free their country once and for all. Libyans should rise up and fight to get rid of these armed terrorists who have pillaged and raped Libya for the last time.



  1. “… most were well off as far as Africans were concerned.” Europeans and Americans can only dream of being that well off.

  2. Hey kids, it’s test time. Take out your #2 pencils and answer the following question:

    What does this list of names have in common? There is only one correct answer.

    Kennedy x2

    Possible answers: They were all murdered, lived in the latter part of the 20th Century, had the cover of TIME, etc.

    Remember: There is only one correct answer.

    HINT: There are no STATUTES OF LIMITATIONS on that crime. Murder is always punishable. Here. Or. There.

    Unless someone can show me one jurisdiction that has a moratorium on murder. I’ll wait. Hell doesn’t count. We’re soaking in it.

    I don’t even think the Holy Roman Catholic church will take indulgence on that one. And they’re like “Mikey” — they’ll take indulgences on anything.

    Now it’s the “buy in bulk” stores method of assassination.

    To quote a lyric from Sting, “My enemies walk free”

  3. @ John Z.
    ich stimme Ihnen zu, Libyen zu erst alle Kolonialisten raus werfen, die Libyer müssen selbst entscheiden
    über ihr Land. Alles Glück für das gelingen. Meine besten Wünsche allen Libyern MfG Werner Kämtner

    • Translated:
      I agree with you, Libya first throw out all colonialists, the Libyans have to decide for themselves
      about their country. All luck to succeed. My best wishes to all Libyan

      I agree.

    • First I’d throw colonialist Angela Merkel out and Europeans were free to decide for themselves. Merkel said to Trump, part of Germany was once under Soviet occupation and now we make decisions of our own. As if Hungary wasn’t, but Merkel was the first to introduce sanctions against Hungarians, when they made decisions of their own.

    • My country was then allied with Hitler and now allied with Merkel. The big difference is, that Hitler didn’t give us directives, threats and sanctions on daily basis. Merkel may try to hide it, but instead exposes the truth, that German in fact is not a language at all, but useful means to give direct orders.

  4. When King Idris was in power ( a good king at the time), the CIA lackey Qaddafi overthrew Idris. Qaddafi’s rable used to chant in the streets Iblis (satan) and not Idris.
    When legitimacy is overthrown by illegitimacy, the pendulum swings and illegitimacy is thrown by legitimacy if the sacred rules of justice for all are followed.
    I hope the Libyan people do it right this time and make an evolutionary leap and recognize that Libya’s welfare is a higher calling than one tribe or one leader’s arrogance. Libya’s welfare is for all Libyans

    • Indeed and so should the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and as we are witnessing the people of Syria are standing as one against the west’s vile, satanic and evil acts of destruction of their societies.
      The west no longer has credibility. Countries like Pisrael, Britain, France and America have disgraced themselves to the rest of the world.
      The phony war on terror is a zionist construct, meant to be used as an excuse to get America involved in one war after another in the middle east.
      In truth, the American people should be doing this as well but….we have been deliberately divided against each other by you know who.

    • Sorry but you cannot re write history regarding the so called King Idris, the old despot king who was a put into power by the UK and was their puppet that is why it was referred to as the “United Kingdom of Libya” under this despot, the average Libyan salary was 60 dinar a year and Libya was the least developed country in Africa. The people were the slaves of the Italians and they did own land. The bloodless coup that put Ghadafi into power was made up of the biggest 11 tribes and the old despot just ran off to save his life because he had been passing Libyan oil and money to his foreign masters. Ghadafi on the other hand built Libya into the most developed country in Africa, shared the wealth of the country with the people giving the free health care, free education, cheap fuel, new homes at 10% of their salary cost, $45,000 gift when married, etc. This is a fact, I was in Libya many times before 2011 and it was a beautiful country with highly educated people. So, Khaled Talaat, you are repeating old tired lies that all the Libyan people are sick and tired of, no Libyan would ever want to return to living under the old despot puppet king. The good things Ghadafi did for Libya cannot be erased and are now a part of history, he was incredibly legitimate put into power by the Libyan people via the Libyan tribes. Whereas, the old king was the most illegitimate having been installed by England with no say from the Libyan people.

    • What lies exactly am I repeating’ Mylo? You are new here aren’t. It is not brave to insult someone from behind a keyboard. At least I have my full name note some silly handle. Instead just say what is on your mind. We try to keep the Youtube sophomoric rants to a minimum here.

    • Khalid Talaat You are right about people with handles & initials making idiotic uninformed comments. There’s a person on this platform promoting white supremacy.

      Also agree with you that Moulay Idris was a good man. And being the head of the Senussi order merits special respect from people from other orders, like myself. The kingship was imposed upon him from what I hear. He was quite content being Emir of a province & follow spiritual pursuits. He was a victim of Cold War strategy, in which Libya’s military officers (led by Qaddafi) removed him.

      Though Qaddafi did very many good things for Libya, as well as for others. He was eventually taken out by the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood (whose leaders were 33rd degree Freemasons) centered in Benghazi. He was the last of the 3 main players in the Islamic Unity Conference (Faisal, Bhutto, Qdaafi) that were taken out eventually.

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